Weekly Writer’s Workshop

Top of the Morning Friends and HeartBeats This is a New Segment I plan on showcasing. It will have the latest tips and tricks I can find or come up with on my own displayed. I hope you enjoy and I hope to keep this page fresh and new. Stay Tuned every Friday for Updates on Post. 🙂 2/2022

February 4,2022

Weekend Writers Workshop: New Exercises🤓

Character Building: Think about the genre you want to write in. There’s many think about possible names physical descriptions what type of personality traits your giving your character. Describe them down to there birthday and zodiac sign. Work the zodiac sign into the personality. Will this person be a lead character or someone in the background? What type of stories could this character fit Him/Herself in? Come up with many characters. Make your own catalog you can reference to when you in need to spruce up a WIP. Or When you flat out Need to Write A New WIP you can refer back to your Catalogue of Treasures. Because that’s what’s your making Treasures waiting to be seen and loved. 

Tools to Building Characters: Give your character a Name. I Do this well I try to do this from the very beginning. So they grow into there name. If this isn’t your speed you can always insert later(More Work to think about🙄) Where do you get the names from?  They actually have baby name sites you can look up meanings to the name to work into the story and dialogue make it mysterious and with meaning.(babynames.com )This is one site you can check into. You can buy baby name books or get one from a Library if they have them. Baby name books is an investment that will pay for itself over and over. You might wear the book out if your a prolific writer.🤩🙄🤓

World Building: How to World Build When you have writer’s block or even when you just starting outing you need to find and stir up your Muse.

Starting something fresh and new you want to:

  1. Look at Free images/stock photos to spark a flame. https://www.freeimages.com Look at pictures of people or maybe Animals doing anything. Write what you love. When looking at this free images download the ones you like Because just maybe you have found a new book cover for your new WIP.
  2. Check out at the library or thrift and buy a Crime Reference Book. There are many different types out there. Crime Forensics, Crime Law, Crime Reference etc….Why? Books with Bad guys are goooood and they sell. Martin Roth Crime Reference Book is Top Notch. Goodreads.com has it. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1610365.The_Writer_s_Complete_Crime_Reference_Book?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=ZGdVR02qoj&rank=1 Check into it . However much money you spend will be the best dang investment you ever make, As long as you continue to use the books. Type in Crime Reference in the search engine on Good Reads and many books will pop up. Martin Roth is the one I have And know about though. Get Print or Ebook. Ebook may be a game changer on saving on cost. I don’t know what ever you do check it out and do your research.
  3. If your a hungry information machine on craft like I am. I know you will enjoy this Gigantic TidBit of information. Ive been knowing this info for a while and I don’t know if I shared this on the site yet. writershelpingwriters.net is doper than a scope but what’s doper than that is the Bookstorehttps://writershelpingwriters.net/bookstore/ If you can invest in their collection of Thesauruses . These books will help you out when your in a pinch.

Do Enjoy this journey you are on and don’t get overwhelmed. Go at your own pace. Stay encouraged and Inspired.

Ninth 🙂

February 11,2022

Exercises:Categorize your genre and titles or Poems , Fiction and Screenplays.


Ex. Inspirational  Death   Love   Places  Objects   Holidays

  1.                    1.          1.       1.          1.            1.
  2.                    2            2       2           2             2

 Write as many names of titles of poems  as you can. The more names the more poems you’ll have for critiquing.

(Remember 25 poems or less can make a Chapbook for publishing/marketing) After you have your Genres and Titles you can choose one and start writing your poems.


Ex. Romance  Thriller   Horror Western Fantasy   Urban

  1.                 1.           1.       1.           1.            1.
  2.                 2            2        2            2             2
  3.                 3            3        3            3             3

Write as many title name as you can to your genres you chose. There are many genre this is just a few for example. After you have your list of titles choose a title and come up with characters for your novel/screenplay You can start working on your new WIP.

Have fun and if you have any questions please email me back. Also this exercise is on the website.

Talk To You All Later

Stay Safe, Stay Alive,Stay Warm, Stay Dope & Keep Writing 

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

February 12,2022

I want to add to yesterday’s Weekend Writers Workshop. I left out a helpful step thinking I could post it next week but this weekend you would appreciate it more.🥰🤩

Title Tips: what and where ever your storing your Documents on your computer / internet should give you different documents and formats to choose from. Imma tell you a little secret ssh❣️ Tell everybody and have them view the exercise from Friday then get them to join the HeartBeats Family 🥰🥰🥰

Every writing Engine has different documents Writing, Charting,Slide making etc… Today I’m talking about Charting your Titles and you can chart everything from word counts to Characters profiles most of all, All your Book TitlesFrom Novellas,Series, Chapbooks/Poems , Non Fiction, Memoirs etc…You put together your charting form how you want too something easy for you to use and go too. Have Fun putting this together It’s rewarding seeing all your ideas in one place all you have to do is pick the first one your burning on the inside for like a inferno to start on.🤩🥵🔥🧯🚒 you might not want to put the fire out. It will consume you for sure. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Bedtime so get ready😳🙄🤩🥰

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

February 18,2022

New App and Site I want to showcase today its called :

storylattice.com / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZhWg7MRHA

This is Author Level Up Channel on YouTube. He’s gonna show you the ins and outs of the program. Its so Dope to get into this because it makes it fun the more you complete each section. And each section you’re getting your WIP in order.

Memoirs: Found a Dope site that Give you 7 Steps to Writing a Powerful Memoir. Imma let the site page do all the talking I found the information pretty Educational and Motivational.

Have fun this weekend. Embrace your Muse And Rock Out. Rock On Friends and HeartBeats. Crank out that Dope ish!!!!! 🙂

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

February 25,2022

Are you having issues writing your fight scenes or want to polish your fight scenes? I have found a website called: fightwrite.net They are also on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7ark6P0x4qPQZhXAVGILw

They also have classes you can take on the website to polish up your craft. I find this information extraordinary. Every book is better with a little action packed Adventure. So check this information out and explore these sites. You will be enthralled.

Are you having a hard time finding that “Write” word I have the website/tools for you it’s “:https://www.thesaurus.com/list/a and https://www.dictionary.com/list/a and even take the word of the day and use it in a poem get creative and use the site to your advantage. Always have fun. 🙂

Are you looking for a literary agent I have the place for you to start : http://www.litrejections.com dont be intimidated by the name. They have known agents on the site. And we all know how hard it is to find agents to trust. I think Lit Rejections is a big start on looking for an Agent. I really Like their site. and they have agents worldwide. And I thought that was really dope.

Screenwriting is on the rise these winter months and people are doing so much getting content and these day “the extremes” and I think thats dope Here’s a site I’ve known about for years that will be a Golden carrot infront of you leading you to the end of that WIP and maybe win a Prize from the Ultimate Contest and be connected to the elite in the business : https://screencraft.org/screenwriting-contests/ Always Have Fun 🙂

– Ninth-

March 4,2022


Find a poem that you resonate with be it from your favorite poet or a new poet you find on a poem database like poetry.com then re-write the poem you have in mind the way you see fit. Let the Poem be your Muse.


Read a new genre that you always wanted to get into. Then after you read that novel determine whether you see yourself writing in that genre yourself. If you say yes, you want to start a new WIP in the genre you just finished reading, Write a Prologue to your new WIP idea then start on an outline for your new WIP and become one with your new creative piece and dive into coming up with your manuscript.

Always Have Fun 🙂


Share some of your resources on how you’ve made moves in building your empire. Talk about some of the conversations and things that may have worried you that your Mentors may have helped you put out of that negative fire that brewed. Dont leave nothing out be detailed.

Always Have Fun 🙂


Turn one of the Fiction Novels you’ve finished or working on or your Memoir into a screenplay. Before you start you should read some Books on Screenwriting. Some Authors(Giants in screenwriting) are Syd Field and Lew Hunter Books on screenwriting. Invest in some of their direction. And use the terms from Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts on movieoutline.com to help you along your way.

Always Have Fun 🙂

March 11,2022

Poetry: Use the http://dictionary.com site to be your Muse. Make a Chapbook (10-30 poems) using letters from the alphabet Give it a theme and do your best to go in order. Like Cars/Vehicles/ Transportation, Animals/ Insects, Wonders of the World, Gems, Professions, Food, Colors, Planets, All Plants Etc….

Always Have Fun

Fiction: Dooms Day

Go to YouTube. Search Dooms Day Preppers. Watch a documentary to get inspired, let it be your Muse on a Short Story Collection or a Novel Series .

Always Have Fun

Screen Plays:Legal Humble Professions/and Illegal Professions

Write a Script based on Humble beginnings/ and or Jobs. Jobs like Sanitation professionals, Nurses, Retail, and Fast food workers. Cashiers. Farmworkers/ Drug Dealers, Shooters, Hitmen, Getaway Car Drivers, Robbers, Extorters etc….

Always have fun

Non-Fiction: Give your reasons why you decided to work in the area you work in. What inspired you? Who inspired you? What did you have to start out with?


March 18,2022


Notion For That Potion

Write 2 poems with a Magic Spell in mind. Becareful what you Conjure up your spell may be power filled whether you believe in Divination or not. Then write a Antidote to the Magic Spell you just finished, spell and antidotes are in 2 separate Poems. This a easy way to make a spell book. Get a book on medicinal plants or plants period. Also get a book on crystals and stones and learn about the properties healing and otherwise. Mix and match plants with stones and plants and other elements of the earth.

Always Have Fun


Where The Cure At?

Write a fiction Novel Series that has Epedemic and Panedemic Diseases in mind. Like Sams, Corona, Plague, Flu, Biological Warfare etc…. This can be any genre. more so Thriller, Horror, Crime fiction, But every book wouldn’t be a book without a little ROMANCE. That right ROMANCE. Make sure you have a damsel in distress you gotta save. Keep it twisting and turning like the pages of the book. Like I said make a Series each book being different ailments.

Keep It Fresh and New

Always Have Fun

Screen Play:

What Lies Below?

Create a World that lies Underground with it’s own civilization and new creatures and explain how old world meets new world and what is the conflict This can be a love story a adventure thriller Horror or even Fantasy.

Always Have Fun


Gotta Move Fast, Fast, Fast

Write about a time you had to rush your task at hand. Maybe rush ship an order, Drive fast, Cook fast, Talk fast, Leave fast, etc….. Don’t leave out any details

Always Have Fun


March 25,2022


Cleansing The Air(Situation At Hand)

Write a Poem/ Letter to the Higher Ups( God, Leaders of the Nation) Venting How you feel about the World and Life Today as we know it. Keep it colorful and be descriptive.

Always Have Fun

Fiction: NO MORE WAR

Write a war story it could be Realistic or Fantasy. Keep it different and New This could have any sub-genre. I have so many Ideas for this prompt I just might Start today a new WIP with this prompt. Its pretty dope. Develop your characters first then work your way into Narrative and Dialogue.

Always Have Fun

Screen Play:

NO MORE WAR (The Movie Version)

Using the same instruction as the Fiction just add your action terms from https://www.movieoutline.com/articles/a-glossary-of-screenwriting-terms-and-filmmaking-definitions.html before each narration and scene. Make sure you check out sample movie scripts to help you on your writing journey. https://www.nfi.edu/examples-of-movie-script/. Not all movies are available. Keep checking and scrolling to find a script available.

Always Have Fun


Best Advice Given & Received

Write in your Memoir the best advice you have given someone and the best advice you have received from someone. Don’t leave out any details.

Always Have Fun


April 1, 2022 

Weekend Writers Workshop

🎉Happy Camp Nanowrimo & National Poetry Month Friends & HeartBeats Family Lets Stay In The Mix this Month🎉

Poetry: Favorite Vacation

Write about taking a Grand Vacation. If you haven’t been on a Vacation Plan one or dream and make a goal to go on one. Go to expedia.com and explore destinations Expedia has everything flights, hotels, Cruises Etc… Keep your poem Action-Packed and full of life. 

Always Have Fun.

Fiction: Roller-Coaster From Hell

Write about a Roller-Coaster That can travel between space and time and Heaven and Hell. Any story with Angels and Demons in it Gotta be Good Right? Keep your Protagonist fighting through twist and turns. 

Always Have Fun

Screenplay: Switching Places

Imagine switching lives with someone. Is their life better or is it worse? How are they switching their life? Who are they switching their life with? Keep it twisting and turning.

Always Have Fun

Non-Fiction: Delicate and Fragile

Write in your Memoir what you consider Fragile and Delicate Is it an object or is it a person or maybe a relationship with someone Disclose everything don’t leave anything out.

Always Have Fun


April 8,2022


Rainbows, Metals & Elements

Write a Poems for all the colors of the rainbow. add metals and elements in the poem. Or write multiple poems mixing and matching different colors, metals, and elements.

Always Have Fun



Snowy Little Place

Write a story about being stuck in the snow and you cant go anywhere . Let the snow be the location as to which you are. Its the Dilemma. It’s a character. Make it a big part of the storyline. This could be any Genre. A Horror or Fantasy would be interesting… Give the story Pizazz Keep the Characters Colorful.

Always Have Fun



Old Dark Scary Alley

Write a story about going into a scary alley. Make the alley a backdrop for the story. What’s the issue/ significance with the alley that has the Protagonist in and characters in an uproar?

ALways Have Fun



What/Who are your Favorites?

Let your readers know who you love and what you love. What do you love using while you work? Who is your favorite employee? Those are examples but it could be anything. you love Anything you deem to be your favorites do share and give background ask to why its your favorite.

Always Have Fun


April 15,2022

Poetry: Ancient Civilization

Write in the perspective of someone thats Living in the times Before Christ. Explain your living situation. What part of the country are you living in? What Race do you think you would be? Do you Come from Royalty? Or a Peasant? Or Slave? How old would you be telling your story? Who would you be praying too? Explain Jobs people may have. Like Blacksmith, Healers, Fisherman Etc…. This poem can be an EPIC poem that rhymes or Not. Rhyme is Ideal though. It would make the story Official if it rhymed. Keep it descriptive and colorful.

Always Have Fun

Fiction/ ScreenPlay:

Reedsy- Character Profiles Templates

Reedsy Website: https://blog.reedsy.com/character-profile/

Start charting your WIPS Characters on Reedsy Character Profile Templates. Save them and always have them to lean on when you find yourself lost in the story and and need a twist or etc… Come up with New Character Profiles for unwritten undiscovered Creations.

Always Have Fun


Time Of Day

Write in your Memoir Your Favorite Time of Day and why? Be descriptive dont leave anything out.

Always Have Fun


April 22,2022


Wildlife Wonderland

Write a poem about the Wildlife of your choosing that you find beauty or symbolism in. Keep it descriptive Fresh and New.

Any Style

And Form

Always Have Fun


Cruise Ship Dilemmas

Write a story about being on a cruise ship. Whether your protagonist is a patron or part of the crew build a story with the backdrop being the cruise ship and all of it’s moving parts. This could be any genre but a Mystery or Horror/Thriller would be interesting. 

Be Descriptive and Always Have Fun


Bucket List

Share with your readers Things you absolutely need to do before you leave this planet. Be descriptive and dont leave anything out.

Always Have Fun


April 29,2022

⭐️A Throwback from Wayback ⭐️


💋The Hardest Game Spitted💋

Write the most romantic poem for your significant other or your future boo thang. Let this person know your inner feelings and thoughts put your heart on your sleeve. Let them see who you are.

This can be any length

This can be any style

You can make more than one

Always have fun 🤩

Just Write The Series Already

Come up with a series in every genre you want to write in, pick a genre let’s say Romance/ Erotica and you can play with tropes and wordplay on the titles of the books to let people know all the books you’ve written is apart of that series. Maybe use the main character/protagonist name in the title. Or a location as the backdrop your using for the series. Something that may stand out and people can say oh that’s such an such new book out it goes to their series. 

Keep it Dope whatever you come up with keep the reader on the edge of their seat

Any genre

Any length

Always Have Fun 🤩 


Your City Block

Write a story about a city block that’s fictional or documentary on a area in the city you like or it’s most talked about. Have the name of the street in the name of the production this could be fictional or documentary any genre. Be descriptive and have fun writing y’all🤩🥰🤓

Non- Fiction:


Write the tips and tricks you have used to get your career jumpstarted in your memoir. We’re their people that helped you along your way?who were they? What did they contribute to your success? Etc…

Always Have Fun 🤩 

Stay In The Mix …,


May 6,2022


Write a Pantoum based on nature that may have some reflections or similarities to your life. Use nature as metaphors in your poem. Have an open mind like (places in natural landmarks(places –>wonders of the world in nature), animals, gems, insects, the galaxy, plants, Volcanoes, Geysers, Seasons, Elements, etc…)

Example of Pantoums 

*On a sheet fill in the blanks with your poem*

Stanza 1





Stanza 2

(Repeat B)


D (Repeat D)


Stanza 3

(Repeat E)


F (Repeat F)


Stanza 4

G (Repeat G)

I (use A or C)

H (Repeat H)

J (use A or C)

Fiction/ Screenplay

This Relationship Is…..

Write a novel based on Loving Relationships, Toxic Relationships, Friendly Relationships Make the lead characters lives intertwine. This can be any genre. This could be a series. A sci-fi👾 or a Horror 😈series would be interesting.

Always Have Fun


  1. In 3 pages, describe a story of how you got started in your line of business. Ask yourself: Is it only one story or can it be broken down into several smaller stories? Give thick details in your descriptions. Several small stories may be there.
  2. Pick one of those smaller stories and repeat the listed above
  3. When you’re satisfied and you have your small stories finished, develop one of your smaller pictures in two hundred words, maximum, writing very descriptive content.
  4. Write other small stories, too, then string all together into a seamless tale.

(Fiction based on True Events)

Have Fun

Email me if you have Questions.


May 13, 2022

Happy May Writing Madness

Poetry, Fiction & Non-Fiction

I have a treat for those wanting to Go Traditional Publishing. What may I have for your eyeballs and Writing Worlds? Heres the link:https://www.pw.org/literary_agents Poets& Writers. Their website is so beneficial for Poets, Fiction, Non-fiction Writers check out their database when the time is right


I wouldnt forget the screenwriters this week. I have a great resource for you guys and gals Here’s the link : https://screencraft.org I want to let yall know they have a Writers Summit 2022 Pay- what- you- can June 25-26, 2022 Check out their Writing Competition and their categories they have. You might not be ready this year but next year they will possibly have the same categories give or take. 

Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry, Screenplay:

Writers Digest Conference 2022 will be July 28-31 Here’s the Link:https://writersdigestconference.com/schedule/ Check out the the Workshops and Keynote Speakers. I believe this year is gonna be doper than a scope. They Have some of my favorite people thats gonna be there. That’s the spill ya’ll !!!

I felt this week was a good week to put a apple or carrot or Golden Nugget in the forefront to keep you pushing along this Writers Journey we call Life Because Writing and Reading to us all is Absolutely Our Lives. And we have to take care of our gifts by giving it time and knowledge. And this conference is gonna give you just that. 


May 20,2022

Weekend Writers Workshop 

Poetry: Stick To The Weather

Write a poem Where the weather made you feel like you was in Heaven or Hell. Talk about Mother Nature and all her wonders and glory. Don’t leave Anything out Don’t Count your Pen( Mind) Out. Keep it fresh and new. Any style. Any form 

Always Have Fun


The Urban Fiction Destination

Read a Urban Fiction Novel not Urban Fantasy But, Hardcore Urban Fiction by Authors such as Sista Souljah “ The Coldest Winter Ever,”  Teri Woods “ True To The Game,”  Kwan“Animal,” Joy Deja King “ Mafia Princess,” Ashley & Jaqauvis “The Cartel” Any and all of these and more I haven’t mentioned will suffice . After reading decide whether or not you want to try writing Urban Fiction or at the very least a Crime Fiction or Thriller. These type of books will have you hooked so read a few but be ready to write when the time is right and you will know when that is. To help you on your writing journey there’s a book called “The Writers Complete Crime Reference Book by Martin Roth” this book is essential to have in your collection of books on craft. You can find this book anywhere books being sold New/Used . Attempt to start your WIP when you feel your Muse go into overdrive then your ready. 

Screenwriting: Study The Screen& Attempt to Start a WIP or Two.

Get a sample script from http://scriptpdf.com and study it use the Script Terms from movie outline link I have on the Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts page also read Syd Field’s book Screenplay : The Foundations of Screenwriting. You can find this book anywhere books being sold New/Used


Not This Week: Under Construction 


May 27,2022

Poetry:Power Up Professions/Politicking At Ninths

Police &Security Roles& Armed Forces& Politicians, Machine Guns

Write what comes to mind when you think of Police, Security Roles & The Armed Forces(Government& Politicians). Give the Good Bad and the Indifferent. As us writers say, ” Vomit” your thoughts and beliefs in Poem form. Do alot of word play. Dedicate it to the Holiday (Memorial Day) and Your Ancestors.

This is a hard Exercise to do in these trying times and all the Exercises is meant for fun and enjoyment. Maybe treat this exercise as therapy somehow if it could really help. I pray that it’s the balm to mend hearts and souls on both sides of the fences. We all need a common ground and if the children isnt reason enough to be on the same wave length and playing field for care and saftey I dont know what to say. Republicans & Democrats need to stop acting like there in a brutal divorce(Its been like this since their states been states) and work together to make it make sense all the way down to the city/state/ county Goverments everybody need the same memo and follow through. And stop allowing people to kill us. Mass Murderers, People that are out of their minds Young-Old and the Police for no reason. Got me scared to leave the house Im Anxiety filled and as yall know it dont take much. This is my Rant and I should put it in a poem. Maybe I will.

#Be Safe With Love and Kindness will Follow

Fiction: The Government’s Secret/ Politicking At Ninths

As if these days wasnt real, try writing fictional story that may be something out of a Dooms Day Thriller where the Goverment Collapse Hence… Their fighting for position wanting a collapse. Like something out of a Scifi Futuristic Thriller Adventure. And possibly allegedly be based on true events. What will your Protagonist do to survive. Let your imagination run dont try to catch it. Get as creative as you like.

Always Have Fun

Screenwriting & Non-Fiction is Under Construction this Week Next Week will be Dope Stay in the Mixx…


June 3,2022

Power Up Professions: Scientist

(Those who are inclined to know more than us regular folk)

Poetry: Write a series of poems as if your the scientist and you the one that know more. What are we supposed to do with your information as a civilization?

Fiction: Write a Novel where our civilizations last hope was on your Protagonist shoulders “The Scientist” This could be scientist of anything. Scientist of Politics, War, Biological, Internal Medicine, Zoologist, a Economist, Astrologist,Etc….. All the people that know the most on the subject. The ones who advise the Higher Ups on what goes on have your Protagonist take that role and let your imagination run free. Don’t hold back. Take off on your WIP or WIPS.Make a series of the different specialist. That would be doper than a scope.

Screen Play: Have your lead Character be the Mad Scientist or Fight off the Mad Scientist. Pick Which ever side that suits your fancy. You can make it any genre you want even Comedy or Romance the ideas are endless.

Non-fiction: Have you ever been to the doctor and you feel like your apart of a experiment only your doctor know about and wants you to submit to the conditions But it got you feeling like you a Gremlin (I love Gremlins by the way) Write about your experience and let people know what ailment it was they was treating you for. You dont have to say what medication it was to protect you. Say sugar pill or Thyroid pill or Pain pill. Say it where you can still say it.

I want yall to have Fun This is My Fun Friday. That’s catchy. Might be new segment I dont know. Dont let nothing stop what you hold dear. Encourage those around you in a positive manner. Spread love. And surround yourself with like minded people that can resonate with you. Build you a team of supports. We all need them. Im open to encourage people always. Stay In The Mixxx…..


June 10,2022


Colors of the Rainbow Lets Start With Yellow

Yellow could be the color ofGolden Stars and Sunflowers or it could be sour and tart from a lemon From one spectrum to the other write a wild abstract poem with the color yellow in mind.


Story Lattice



This is a great fun way to outline and start a story. Dive in and check it out BUT first watch Author Level Up explain how to use the story lattice system.

Screenplay and NON-Fiction

( Under Construction) Will be back next week……..Stay In the Mix

Hello We are Back in Full Color With new Content!!!!! Next week turned into a couple months I appologize. Life happens. I’m still here I hope you enjoy the new Content.

August 19,2022

Friday’s Weekend Writer’s Workshop

Research, It Works

Weekend Writer’s Workshop gonna consist of Research this week. I want y’all to go to the Bookstore or Library and check out Tourism books and history books you chose for the Region you want to write about. Basically act like your doing a essay. Get all the materials you need at library or bookstore to Story Build. Come up with a dope Fiction story based in the places you picked.

Ninth/ Ennea Ennea

August 26,2022

A Picture That’s Perfect For Novels,Comics&Screens

Take a picture of something Interesting or out of the Ordinary. Maybe even get on http://pixabay.com or any free image site and see whats out there that sparks your Muse. Maybe even watch a interesting movie and take a scene and make it your own in your WIP you’ve been working on. Dont be surprised if you change the genre of your WIP half way through it. Keep it jumping and thumping. The Wilder the better for Dialogue.

Stay Inspired. Follow your Muse or Drag your Muse with you.

Ninth/ Ennea Ennea

September 7,2022

Prospecting Your Agent & Doing Your Research


If your ready and or curious or just need support and have questions Look for you a Agent. My Grandmother told me once to get a agent. And at the time I was like I dont know if I could trust someone with my creations. But now I think a Agent is ideal. They push your product and support it to get paid from it. If your book dont make money they dont either. So they gonna push that thang for all it has to give. But it dont stop there you still have work to do. Keep doing your Snail Mail Marketing Project. Keep coming up with Marketing ideas to get the word out for your book. Your Agent only does so much. And they can get you in bookstores all over but some can get overlooked. Its our job to communicate with those bookstores and build relationships. They are the last ones to see and communicate with our fans and readers.

Snail Mail Marketing Project

The Snail Mail Marketing Project is Taking Every and any Bookstore/ or Library and Making them a Friend to you and your Brand.

  1. Get you a PO Box
  2. Have some Platforms established. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, your own Author Page Sites.
  3. Make you some inexpensive swag that introduces you to a bookstore/ or library Patron (Business cards, bookmarks, etc…)
  4. Purchase you a roll of postage stamps and some envelopes
  5. Go state by state, city by city and research all bookstores/ or library they may have in their City or State.
  6. Write them a nice letter introducing yourself letting them know your story and why you’ve contacted them.Ask them to Display your Swag and in return Showcase them on your platforms.
  7. Add 10-12 Swag cards/ book marks in one envelope for the cost of one stamp to send off in the mail.
  8. Go to the library/ bookstore website look for a contact us or a contact marketing. Email them the letter your trying to send and see if you get a okay response to send your swag. after while you dont hear from them you can try your luck by sending your letter and swag to them anyways.
  9. Keep track of those that you have spoke too and made relationships with. you can possibly have the Bookstores / Libraries sell or push your book to the masses/ patrons

💌Ninth/ Ennea Ennea💌

September 12,2022

👩🏾‍🍳Creating a Legacy Cookbook 👩🏾‍🍳

A Legacy Cookbook is a Cookbook that holds more than recipes. Some of y’all now have cookbooks or notebook/cookbooks that have your thoughts for the day and more.. Create a poem to go along with the recipe dish it doesn’t have to be food related it could be about anything. What triggered your thoughts on what your writing your poem about each poem in the book. It could be themed. That would be ideal. Journal pages is also something that would go inside a Legacy Cookbook.

1. Your own Legacy recipes/or Families Legacy Recipes

2. Your own poems/ or families poems

3. Your own journal pages/ or families journal pages

4.Get pictures of your dishes done.

Make it interesting make it stand out. Keep it dope.

👩🏾‍🍳Ninth/ Ennea Ennea 👩🏾‍🍳

September 25,2022

⭐️World Leader Literature⭐️: Poems

Write poems around World/Nation leaders and there works among the Masses. you can get political as you want you can vent to make yourself feel better if you want. You can do what you want. After or even before you write, draw a picture that resonates with the poem you have in store. Your picture or sketch should be on the verge of poetic realism. Even think of a Comic Sketch for a Zine. This would be considered taking this workshop to another level.

Everyone have fun with this one in these hardened days

🌸Ninth/ Ennea Ennea🌸

🚀Preptober 1,2022🚀

Names Starting With The Letter “A”= The 26 Alphabetic Letter’s Series Jam

Make a entire Novel where all the characters names start with the letter A. You can explain the reasons why the significance to the letter A is important you or you can just have everyone that way without the characters being aware. Its your call. This week is A. Keep your WIP interesting and original. Here a Baby Name Website to give ideas on names.


Always Have Fun

💛🌸Ninth/ Ennea Ennea🌸💛

Preptober 12,2022

Names Starting With The Letter “B”= The 26 Alphabetic Letter’s Series Jam

Make a entire Novel where all the characters names start with the letter B. You can explain the reasons why the significance to the letter B is important you or you can just have everyone that way without the characters being aware. Its your call. This week is B Keep your WIP interesting and original. Here a Baby Name Website to give ideas on names.


Always Have Fun

Ninth/ Ennea Ennea

Names Starting With The Letter “C”= The 26 Alphabetic Letter’s Series Jam

Make a entire Novel where all the characters names start with the letter C You can explain the reasons why the significance to the letter C is important you or you can just have everyone that way without the characters being aware. Its your call. This week is C Keep your WIP interesting and original. Here a Baby Name Website to give ideas on names.


Always Have Fun

Ninth/ Ennea Ennea

Nanowrimo Day 5, 2022

Poetry=Fiction=Screenplay Imaginations


Explore Wikipedia and come up with ideas for your WIPS. Have fun diving in and capturing the day. Stay Safe Stay Careful Stay Dope.

P. S. Example: A great topic is The Dark Ages to write on. Shake it up write about Extraordinary Times in the history of the world.

Always Have fun

Ninth/ Ennea Ennea

Nanowrimo 13,2022

Names Starting With The Letter “D”= The 26 Alphabetic Letter’s Series Jam


Make a entire Novel where all the characters names start with the letter D You can explain the reasons why the significance to the letter D is important you or you can just have everyone that way without the characters being aware. Its your call. This week is D Keep your WIP interesting and original. Here a Baby Name Website to give ideas on names.

Ninth/Ennea Ennea

NanoWrimo 19,2022

Names Starting With The Letter “E”= The 26 Alphabetic Letter’s Series Jam


Make a entire Novel where all the characters names start with the letter E You can explain the reasons why the significance to the letter E is important you or you can just have everyone that way without the characters being aware. Its your call. This week is E Keep your WIP interesting and original. Here a Baby Name Website to give ideas on names.

Ninth/Ennea Ennea

NanoWrimo 26,2022

Names Starting With The Letter “F”= The 26 Alphabetic Letter’s Series Jam


Make a entire Novel where all the characters names start with the letter F You can explain the reasons why the significance to the letter F is important you or you can just have everyone that way without the characters being aware. Its your call. This week is F Keep your WIP interesting and original. Here a Baby Name Website to give ideas on names.

Ninth/Ennea Ennea

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