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March 22,2021 1 year Anniversary on WordPress!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Stay Tuned Exciting New Things Happening 😁

*All views expressed on this site is of my own and do not represent opinions of any entity whatsoever I have been, am now, or will be affiliated with. I am not being endorsed by any of my mentions. I will be promoting my own creations and Author’s Home Page soon. Stay tuned in…. *

March 24,2021 W.O.W Wednesday’s🥳

Topic: Poets&Writers Magazine and Website

Poets & Writers is everything you need for your writers journey toolbox. Its more than a magazine. Its a literary community that has every resource that you may need on your journey. Check out this link. Explore and subscribe to the magazine and learn something new.

Always Have Fun 🥳

National Poetry PREP Month🥳

Topic: ARDOR

🚨Disclaimer: This information is not only for Poets its for everyone.🚨

I so happened to stumble across this gem of a resource the other day. Check these links out and you’ll have over 100 Literary agencies to choose from. Explore these two links and see if its a fit for you.

Always Have Fun 🥳

🌺The Ninth Poetess🌺

March 25,2021 It’s ThursYay!!!!!🥳🥳🥳

YouTube Finds: Bethany Atazadeh

Bethany Atazadeh is a writer’s resource all of us needs. She does it all. from building your Authors Home Page, Formatting, Editing, Marketing she does all of it step by step. Check her out and learn something new.

What’s On The Radar?: Beverly Jenkins

Beverly Jenkins is an Award winning prolific Author who writes in the genre of Romance. Check these links out to view her long list of novels. Dive in and escape.

Always Have Fun🥳

*Don’t forget to checkout her New Releases.

Always Have Fun🥳

Coming to the Stage: ScriptMag

ScriptMag has a Amazing FREE Resource Menu on their page to get Advice, Tips, and Downloads that would be helpful tools for your screenwriting journey. Dive in and see if this site is a great fit for you.

Fantastic Fiction Finds: Lisa Renee Jones

Book: The Poet(Samantha Jazz Book#1)

Release Date: March 9,2021

Kindle, Audio, Paperback

Genre: Mystery

* Do checkout all her New Releases

Always Have Fun🥳

🌼The Ninth Poetess🌼

March 31, 2021

W.O.W Wednesday’s 🥳

Topic: Poet Sonia Sanchez👑

👑Queen Sonia Sanchez has a new one coming out next month(National Poetry Month) and it’s a collection of all her works from over the years. This is your time to check out her creations and get to know Queen Sonia. Dive into her works and be enlightened.

Always Have Fun

-The Ninth Poetess-

April 3,2021 Weekly Blog Updates

What’s On The Radar?:AlTonya Washington


Altonya Washington is a dynamic author who writes many different genres. She been writing for 15 years and she has 64 books underneath her belt. SHes Amazing. Check out her site and find a new escape to get into. Always Have Fun.

Coming To The Stage:  Concrete Cowboy


This movie was amazing and very creative. It’s a must see. Unbelievable scenes that will make your mouth drop. I need say no more. Check it out for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

Always Have Fun

Fantastic Fiction Finds: Linden Lewis


New Releases:

February 2021

The First Sister, Trilogy Book#1

August 2021

The Second Rebel, Trilogy Book #2

Genre: Science Fiction

The Ninth Poetess

April 10,2021 Happy Saturday !!!

YouTube Finds: Gillian Perkins

Anything you want to know about business and having a platform Gillian Perkins is the go to. Dive in and learn something new.

What’s On The Radar?: Unbound Book Festival

When: April 6-23, 2021

* Unbound Book Festival is completely free to attend.*

Coming To The Stage: Martin Roth

Martin Roth is a Author and Screenwriter for some of your favorite shows. His books are writer’s guides to enhance and sharpen your craft and knowledge to different items, topics and situations.

* Here’s a list of some of his books that can be purchased anywhere books are sold.*

1. The Writer’s Partner:1001 Breakthrough Ideas to Stimulate your Imagination

2. The Writers Complete Crime Reference Book

3. The Fiction Writers: Silent Partner for Fiction, Television & Screen

Learn Something New and Always Have Fun

Fantastic Fiction Finds: Angeline Boulley

Book: The Fire Keepers Daughter

Release: March 16,2021

Forms: Hardcover, Audio, Kindle

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

The Ninth Poetess

April 14,2021 W.O.W Wednesday’s 🙂

Topic: Milanote & What it means to World Build. (10 Best Tips for World Building with Jenna Moreci)



Listen to Jenna Moreci explain the goodness of this website (Milanote) Milanote will help you get your thoughts together and keep you organized in your writing ventures plus more. This is a great tool to sharpen your craft. Dive in and explore these sites. Milanote is FREE to try.

Always Have Fun

🟢The Ninth Poetess🟢

April 17,2021 It’s SaturYay!!!! 🙂

YouTube Finds: Dimitri Reyes Poet

Topic: National Poetry Month/ Why is Poetry Important: 30 Poets Answers

Listen to why poetry is important to people. Write in your journals and memoirs why Poetry is important to you.

Always Have Fun

What’s on the Radar?: Book Launchers

If your in the process of publishing or thinking about writing a book in the future, this is a gook link to check out. Get your pen and pad and learn something fresh and new.

Always Have Fun

Coming to the Stage: Script Pipeline

Script Pipeline has competitions and workshops to showcase your craft. it also has the latest news and articles in script writing. Check this link out and see if its a great fit for you.

Always Have Fun

Fantastic Fiction Finds: Sarah Penner

New Author

Book: The Lost Apothecary

Forms: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, Kindle

Genre: Historical

The Ninth Poetess

April 21, 2021 WOW Wednesday’s 🙂

Topic: Chris Fox

Chris Fox is a dynamic author and teacher of the writing craft with his many books on writing. His books will absolutely change your life and get you on the path to success. When reading his books on writing take notes and see how you can apply his knowledge to your life. Explore the links above and get to know him.

Always Have Fun

☀️The Ninth Poetess☀️

April 25, 2021 It’s Sunday HeartBeats!!!🥳🥳🥳

YouTube Finds: Pinterest 4 Business Marketing

Did you know you can promote your book and or business on Pinterest? Check out this link and get the ins and outs of the process?

Always Have Fun

Coming To The Stage/Fantastic Fiction Finds:

Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo is a prolific New York Times Bestselling Author and Screenwriter. Her Novel Shadow and Bone made it to Netflix in a 8 part series. Get your Snacks and Binge Watch her Masterpiece Or dive into one of her novels and escape awhile.

Always Have Fun

What’s On the Radar?: Canva

Your going to need canva to build and make your pins for your business. Check out this weeks YouTube Finds to learn how to use Canva for Pinterest Pins.

Always Have Fun

🥊The Ninth Poetess🥊

April 27,2021 A Early WOW Wednesday’s🥳🥳🥳

Topic: Udemy Courses: Social Media Marketing

I found a real inexpensive class online through Good thing about this class you’ll have lifetime access to information. Thats one of the perks. Dive in and get this knowledge. Always Have Fun.

🐝The Ninth Poetess🐝

April 28,2021 WOW Wednesday’s #2🥳🥳🥳

Topic: Trailblazing Women Writers Series: PBS Books

Poet: Joy Harjo

Poet: Sonia Sanchez

Always have fun.

🟣The Ninth Poetess🟣

May 12,2021 WOW Wednesday’s🥳🥳🥳

Book: So You Wanna Write Urban Fiction

Author: Monica Lavelle

Here is an introduction to the Urban Fiction Genre. Dive in and learn something new. Crank out some new projects that will have all of us on the edge of our seats clutching our invisible pearls.

🧡Enjoy and Always Have Fun🧡

📙The Ninth Poetess📙

May 22,2021 The Writers Journey #1

Topic: The Writer’s Tools Guru’s

The Authorprenuers :

Kimberly Grabas 

Molly Greene:

First off I found Kimberly Grabas looking for a template or an example of an Author’s Business Plan aka Authors Plan and I found her site by doing a search. She’s absolutely Amazeballs. So knowledgeable and she also has a free guide to a business plan on Teachable i think If I’m not mistaken. I haven’t gone through the course yet to see. But I will. I’m so busy as it is and it seems Im adding more on my plate and I haven’t finished what I have already. Then I found a page on her site and found Molly Greene’s Page for instructions how to use WattPad for Writers/ Authors. I was just wondering how to use Watt Pad and Found this gem. And Kimberly Grabas is also on her page as well. And they both have so much Jewel worthy info I can take and use the rest of my life. . Now I’ve been watching Kimberly’s YouTube channel. She has changed my overall life. Literally. She goes step by step giving all details on how to use different writers tools. Mind Blowing. Enjoy and have your pen and pad handy. She’s a wonderful teacher Easy to follow.

Always Have Fun

The Ninth Poetess

May 27,2021 🤩🎉🖤🎉🖤🎉🖤

YouTube Finds: Sarra Cannon

Topic: How To Be A Successful Indie Author

What’s On The Radar?: Kerri Maniscalco

Genre:Young Adult Fantasy

Coming To The Stage: Zero (TV Series)

This TV Series is addicting and I plan to binge watch the remainder of the series this weekend on my day off. Dive in and check out Zero.

Always Have Fun

Fantastic Fiction Finds:Elzbieta Cherezinska

New Author

Book: The Widow Queen Book #1 The Bold Series

Genre: Historical

🖤The Ninth Poetess, LLC🖤

June 2,2021 WOW Wednesday’s

Topic: Having Self Doubt In Your Writing Craft

Sarra Cannon has a great YouTube clip on Self Doubt and she breaks down what your feeling and gives Tips on overcoming what your feeling(Self Doubt). You could probably use this info to carry you through your writing journey in your craft and other things in your life. Take notes and Enjoy Sarra Cannon’s Heartbreathings.

Always Have Fun

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

June 9,2021 WOW Wednesday’s

Topic: Vanessa Lau

Here’s a link to all of Vanessa Lau’s videos. She’s very informative. have a pen and pad ready. Learn something Fresh and New

Always Have Fun

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

What’s On The Radar?

Topic: Mailerlite

I’ve read and heard nothing but greatness about Mailerlite. I plan on using them when ready. Check them out and see if their a great fit for you.

Always Have Fun

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

July 21,2021 Fantastic Fiction Finds

Author: Vanessa Riley

New Release: Island Queen (July 2021)

Genre: Romance, Historical Suspense,Historical

Have your go to snacks ready for these treats. Dive into these Historical Gems and get away for awhile.

Always Have Fun

The Ninth Poetess

January 28,2022

Weekend Writing Workshop: New Exercises🤓

Character Building: Think about the genre you want to write in. There’s many think about possible names physical descriptions what type of personality traits your giving your character. Describe them down to there birthday and zodiac sign. Work the zodiac sign into the personality. Will this person be a lead character or someone in the background? What type of stories could this character fit Him/Herself in? Come up with many characters. Make your own catalog you can reference to when you in need to spruce up a WIP. Or When you flat out Need to Write A New WIP you can refer back to your Catalogue of Treasures. Because that’s what’s your making Treasures waiting to be seen and loved.

Tools to Building Characters: Give your character a Name. I Do this well I try to do this from the very beginning. So they grow into there name. If this isn’t your speed you can always insert later(More Work to think about🙄) Where do you get the names from? They actually have baby name sites you can look up meanings to the name to work into the story and dialogue make it mysterious and with meaning. You can buy baby name books or get one from a Library if they have them. Baby name books is an investment that will pay for itself over and over. You might wear the book out if your a prolific writer.🤩🙄🤓

🌟Next Weekend will be World Building Stay Tuned…..🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰

August 19,2022

I’m Back In Full Color and Bringing Back

Friday’s Fantastic Fiction Finds:

Adrianne Byrd


Adrianne Byrd is the Business and Ive Personally read her House of Kings Series/ Collection and it’s Hot like a Volcano. But she she has written so much more. Pick up whatever you fancy she has so much to choose from that will not disappoint. Explore her page and Dive into one of her Magnetic Romantic Worlds.

Always Have Fun

Ninth/ Ennea Ennea

August 26,2022

Fantastic Fiction Finds

Author: Roy Glenn


New Releases:

August 2022:

About Her(Street Soldiers, Book 1)

December 2022:

Cold-Blooded(Mike Black Saga, Book 39)

Roy Glen is one of my favorites in Crime Fiction Get into All of his Worlds. They will leave you in Suspense Heaven. That’s a great place to be.( Inside one of Roy Glenn’s Worlds)

Ninth/ Ennea Ennea

May 20,2023

What’s on the Radar:

Black Writers Collective


The Black Writers Collective followed us back over on The Ninth Poetess Twitter page and I’m Bugging Out!!! This is a Big Deal for us as a Group/ Website. We are getting recogonized left and right. This is a Grand site that supports Black Writers and Authors. The big thing that Im Bug Eyed about is that they have access to beta reader groups And thats been a hard thing to access and find for most who’s starting out. Check the site out/ Explore see if it will work for you.

Always be Inspired

Stay in the Mix

Ennea Ennea/ Ninth

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