October 16,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥶📖✍🏾🥰👑🦁🐈‍⬛🐆🤓🎬🎥🤩🤎🦉✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Freezing down to the bones. Scared to turn the heat on I’ll get too hot. I don’t need that . Hopefully it warms up outside today. ☀️🌅 one day in my next life imma stay near the coast close to the equator that has comfortable weather year round. While I’m sitting here blowing frost rings thinking about throwing some gloves on . We just might cut the heat on today. 🙄so cold got my nose running🤧 is this Alaska? You know they got Snow ❄️ Already? It’s too soon to turn the heat on today it’s gonna be 65 tomorrow in the mid 70s it sure is frosty though.

Working On WIPS: Today imma attempt to work on Shanti. My imagination is backed up with ideas I just don’t want to be in a rush to get everything out what I have in store shouldn’t all be in one book it should be spread out over time. I see atleast 3-4 books, could be more. I need to Outline my butt off though.

Menu At Ninths: Stuffed Mashed Potatoes This morning I’ve had a Tea Concoction Oolong tea Biotin powder Energy powder Honey and it was a sweet treat😋

It’s National Dictionary Day go to a online dictionary and use the word of the day in a poem or explore the site and get inspired to write a poem or create a character inspired by a word from the site. Always Have Fun 🤩

Welp imma Start my Day with Conference imma see what I can learn today I watched Book Launchers with Julie The Book Broad this morning She gave me a idea to get my future books out to the masses.LAH. I’ll be back later with Just Write Mo. Get into your Craft today HeartBeats and Friends 💗imma TTYL💗🥰

🥶The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥶

October 15,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Good afternoon 🥰🎥🎬 I watched what I could handle today of conference I’ve been cleaning today and I’m spent doing dishes and floors then getting frustrated with log ins bout pissed me off the rest of the day is a no go.and a no no. 🙄 I’m still freezing 🥶 weather is definitely changing. Great sleeping weather tomorrow imma work on Shanti hopefully I wake up in good spirits. Sometimes I just don’t know how the day gonna pan out. Hate to make plans the higher ups always step in and say you doing this instead of that today. It just is what it is.

Menu At Ninths:Tomorrow I may have stuffed mashed potatoes I have a few shrimp left. Imma add veggies maybe some peppers.

After a certain hour our street get so noisy May the Unwanteds get off the streets one night had to be 2-3am booming Bass just idling for the longest time. Pissed me off. Gotta be stiffer laws if in neighborhoods no music able to be heard outside of vehicle. Some people can’t handle it some people have serious mental health issues that can go bananas from loud or idling noises it’s not right. People have rights to be at peace in their own homes. Enough of my sidebar rant. The shenanigans already began and I hope it ends quickly. Bless it.

Tonight I’m doing nothing might be watching hauls . And this shall suffice. Have a quiet and safe evening. Get warm and do what make you happy. That’s my theme for the night. TTYL 🥰🥶🧊🧤🧦✌🏼

💜The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💜

October 15,2021 The HeartBeats#2💗💗🥰🤩✌🏼

Top of the morning again HeartBeats🥰 I’m in on Conference and imma do that today I’ve been working on getting logged in since Wednesday I have some catching up to do. So if I don’t get to Shanti today that’s why. I know y’all look forward to the progressions I share, may not have that today I don’t know 🤷🏾 we will see. Just wanted y’all to know. I’ll be back later with a Just Write Mo or maybe a Writer’s Journey.

Have a beautiful afternoon y’all. 🥰💚🐢

💜The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💜

October 15,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓👑🐈‍⬛🐆🤩☕️🤎🦉🥶☃️?✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I would of had a Writers Journey this morning BUT… I’ve been busy. Finished 2 classes Assignments and Piddling on YouTube watching my favorite hauls I’ve watched lately. Right now I’m freezing drinking my cold coffee which I’m thinking about warming up. Thinking about cutting the heat on. But it’s still too soon we getting the furnace looked at next week or so. Anybody got a heat pack ?🙄🥱🥶🧊☃️🧤🧦🧣

Working On WIPS: Today it’s Shanti I need to incorporate hidden gems in the plots so that y’all be Wowed at the end and I Know just how to Do that. Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s Gonna be a series. This is definitely a Sci Fi series I didn’t know where I was going with it but it’s gonna be interesting if I say one word I feel it would spoil it but it’s another twist. To it as well. So I’ll say it in writing this imma be playing with evolution of animals to Humans. Not that we’ve come from Apes. But from all different kinds of animals and can switch back and forth to human and animal at anytime and the origins of how this is possible will come up in the next book which is gonna blow y’all away🤯😱😳🤫

I love the Classics like Flash Gordon Planet of the Apes tv series (Newer) The Fifth Element or even (older) The Dark Crystal I’m really showing my Age🙄 BUT these movies all have something in Common. It’s the Wow I couldn’t never think of that myself? Wow that’s brand new. That’s never been thought of. And that’s hard to do these days and ages. Most stuff been thought of or has it? Coming up with something fresh is a job itself. Needle in a haystack these days. Get a idea for something new you better work it like it Gold already. Might be the next motion picture 🎥🎞🎬

Welp Friends and HeartBeats 💗 imma take a pause and comeback with Just Write Mo. Enjoy this chilly Morning Stay warm drink Some warm tea or coffee. Have some honey and toast or pastry. TTYL 🥰💗🥶👑🦁✌🏼

🎬The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🎬

October 14,2021 🤓Just Write Mo 🤓

Hello Hello I have some good news my plumbing is working again 🙏🏽Thank the Almighty . Also I signed up for too many classes they are overlapping so now as of yesterday I’m in 2 different classes I’m overwhelmed already what am I doing? 🤷🏾 I worked on Shanti a little and it’s coming along very well.

Working On WIPS: Shanti wakes up to fried potatoes and a Savanna Cat laying next to her but when she gets up the Savanna Cat go into Tomias room. And Shanti goes into the kitchen and sees her Grandmother laying next to her Grandpa so she knew the Savanna in her room was Tomias. Her heart was full but she doesn’t want to let on about it. She wants to but mature about the relationship that they share. But on the inside she squealing she’s so happy. Tomias (as a human) comes out his room like he’s been sleep in his own room all night and he hasn’t and Shanti knew. He greets everyone Shanti kept her cool by saying what’s on the agenda for the day. They need to go view the village and go to the UN to get the land/ animals protected and see if they can contact the people who’s buying out the villagers property. This is where I stopped round about.

I hope y’all are enjoying the Just Write Mo’s I’m enjoying writing the story.

I’m worried about these overlapping classes I guess I’ll continue to get up early to work on Assignments that gives me more time with Shanti.

Imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey after I do my Assignments Imma TTYL 🥰💗👑🐈‍⬛🦁🐆💚🐢🤓✌🏼

👑🦁The Ninth Poetess, LLC🦁👑

October 14,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖✍🏾☕️🤓🤎🦉👑🐈‍⬛🦁🐆💚🐢✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 what a beautiful day it is? Im kind of irritated my plumbing is in need of repair. And I’m unable to access the conference which is pissing me off.

Menu At Ninths: possibly some shrimp Poppers with seasoned fries. Water.

Working On WIPS: I need to write today. But I’m Piddling about like I have nothing to do. While Im posting this I need to get comfortable with a pen and pad instead of a pillow and a blanket. Finding my muse today no matter what. I need to write maybe I should journal today to get the juices flowing. I’m just frustrated with the plumbing hopefully it gets fixed today. That took a lot of my time. For one they started too dang late in the day and that’s not good when you need to run back and forth to the hardware store for parts. Ran out of time yesterday. I pray it’s fixed today. This is still no excuse not to write something now while it’s quiet. I need to get it together. 🙄🥱 only sleeping because I’m trying to keep my spirit happy and refreshed and sleep works. Something begins to bother me I sleep wake up it goes away. It works. Atleast this is how I’m dealing with life. What a waste of a day to sleep it away. I Know. Sometimes it be that way.

Welp a higher up contacted me about Conference and how I can access it. So imma start my day journaling then check out conference then Shanti if my quiet time don’t run out right now it’s quiet as a mouse, I want y’all to utilize y’all’s quiet time and get the most out of it. I’m TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💗 I hope y’all have a productive success-filled beautiful day🥰🤩💚🐢

🐢The Tortoise always comes in first take your time you will make it to the finish line. Inch by Inch ,Keep Pushing 🐢

💚🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢💚

October 13,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey #2📖✍🏾

Hello Hello Y’all 🥰💗 we had a mishap in our plumbing today and I didn’t get to work on Shanti. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Plumbing still not fixed so tomorrow it will be fixed hopefully. I’m having a hot flash I think burning up 🥵 air not moving can’t breathe. I be freezing my aunt out I don’t be meaning too but I be feeling like imma pass out or scream from agitation it be so warm. Cool to cold it has to be for me and the air gotta circulate. And my aunt be freezing to death like a icicle. I don’t be understanding.

I’m ready for Shanti in the morning or afternoon morning may be best to create. We will see. I tried to see if I could view the conference yet and they haven’t uploaded to the site today but imma figure it out.

Menu At Ninths: Small Pizza snack handful of roasted sunflower seeds shelled. No salt. Water. Coffee. I’m trying to lay off pop. Empty calories and sugar levels be out of wack.

Today no progression except for my school assignment. Got that done 3 am will I be up early like that tomorrow? Probably not. But we will see.

Welp Imma TTYL Enjoy your Evening Be safe and have a quiet safe relaxing evening 🥰🤓🤎🦉✌🏼

🤎🦉The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🦉🤎

October 13,2021📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 I’m up early with the birds possibly Phoenix’s or Raven’s 🦉🦅to get the good grub. I want the meat and potatoes.😋

School At Ninths: I have done my assignment already and it’s not even 5am yet. It was over Descriptive writing I have no issues with that. Pretty easy I passed my quiz 100%. 🤩🤓 now I have 2 full days to fully focus on Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s.

Going to Conference: The WritingGals conference starts today but I think imma wait to attend most of it gonna be on Facebook and I don’t deal with Facebook hopefully they put some of the content on the Site. Would be nice to do writing sprints even if it’s after they have recorded it. Looking forward to learning fresh and new info. I can’t wait 🤩🤓

Weather At Ninths: It’s storming and I’m praying 🙏🏽 that my electric don’t go out. It’s been lightning and thundering and blowing rain and hail basically Cutting Up outside. Just praying the electric stays on can’t go 4-5 days no electric again. That was a scandal🤨😕

Welp imma take a pause and come back with the HeartBeats later today either the HeartBeats or Just Write Mo will be up later we will see . I want to dive into Shanti then comeback with some content for y’all. Have a beautiful morning drink y’all’s coffee concoctions have a pastry or some toast and honey or Jam spread. Imma TTYL🥰💗⛈🌩🌧🌦🦉🦅🪱🐛💚🐢✌🏼

🤎🦉The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🦉🤎

October 12,2021 The HeartBeats #2 💗💗🥰🥶💊😷🚨🐢💚

Hello Hello Hello🥰💗, New Writing Prompts are up and running. Today I didn’t get to work on Shanti.

Medic At Ninths: I Had a Dr Appointment I’m down 4 pounds today now I need to keep it off. But I’m happy about it. Got my Flu shot. Ready to get my Booster in a few weeks. Some places giving boosters shot and gift cards away check into that. 🤩

School is tomorrow. Imma get up early and get it done out the way. I’ll post early morning too The Writers Journey hopefully I get up. I’m kind of tired. I wish I worked on Shanti today I missed working on the Story today. Tomorrow imma make up for it.

Welp I’mma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey or the HeartBeats. Have a beautiful safe quiet relaxing night. Bless y’all 🙏🏽

🪘The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🪘

October 12,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾👑🐈‍⬛🐆💚🐢🥶🙏🏽✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 I’m busy today don’t know if imma make any progress in Shanti today we will see. Right now I’m freezing 🥶. I just want a sandwich and fries. Or maybe some wings and fries that sounds good too. There’s this sports bars way out that have the best bbq and garlic Parmesan wings ever it bangs on drums🪘whatever I eat today gonna be a treat.

Imma update Go For It Tuesday Writing Prompts later I have somethings I’m doing today. Bless y’all Love Y’all Have a beautiful afternoon ☀️🥰🙏🏽💚✌🏼

😷The Ninth Poetess, LLC 😷

October 12,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 I’m up can’t believe it . I’m not feeling the greatest liable to go back to sleep. Took my pill. I can have my coffee anytime but imma wait.

I don’t know what this day holds but I will keep you all informed,

Imma keep this post short I’ll be back later with the HeartBeats 💗 that should be a little more informative, right now I feel sick I feel green🤢 I know it’s my medication 💊 I need this pill to keep my sugars down so I’ll deal with the side effects I would probably have anyways if I took the pill or not for my diabetes. Hopefully this feeling goes away, Bless It🙏🏽💊🤒🤢.

Good morning but Goodnight I’m going back to sleep imma wake up feeling better and in better spirits. That’s always a plus. imma take a pause and comeback later with the HeartBeats 💗 bless y’all have a beautiful morning 🤩☀️🌤🌅

👑🐈‍⬛The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐈‍⬛👑

October 11, 2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Hello Hello 🥰 I’ve had a relaxing day.

Menu At Ninths: I made a veggie wrap for lunch better than a restaurant full of flavor .

Working On WIPS: Today Shanti secret is out that she has fell in love with Tomias. Sir William even felt awkward from her advances towards Tomias. Tomias put her on blast said she’s the one overheating 🥵. Shanti got mad and said the conversation they were gonna have can wait till the morning basically because she decides to go to sleep after Tomias changes back into his human body after realizing Shanti wanted to groom him and hold him as he’s a Savanna Cat and she’s Human. He got up and went to his room and changed back quick. Sir William chuckled at their relationship and realizing Shanti a Adult now she can be with who she wants. How will the King react is the question? This is where I stopped today.

I hope y’all enjoying the progression. I have a strategy as long as I stick to it this story will be great.🤩

Imma take a Pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey mostly likely, hopefully if I wake up early to take my pill and drops. It just depends if I get up. Today was a grandiose day. I want y’all to have a safe quiet relaxing Evening Bless y’all.🙏🏽TTYL🥰💗👑🐈‍⬛🤩💚✌🏼

💡The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💡

October 11,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️👑🐈‍⬛🐆🤩🍿🎥🎬💚✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 I know it’s in the afternoon I was so tired yesterday. I got up around 7:30 -8am this morning. Had my coffee and fruit for breakfast. Don’t know what imma have for lunch.

Movies At Ninths: This morning I watched a Trailer on YouTube it’s a African movie or series I Don’t Know 🤷🏾 it’s called AMINA About a Woman Warrior. It’s Freaking interesting I don’t know if it’s streaming right now I guess I should check. It looks really good. Try and find it on Netflix it may or may not be streaming just yet I don’t know 🤷🏾 I just checked it’s not Streaming I don’t think as of right now. I’m on the lookout for it.👀 AMINA comes out on November 4th 2021

Working On WIPS: today imma work on Shanti. I’m on Chapter 2. Chapter2 is called “The Savanna Secret.It’s gonna get good. Imma do my best to keep the reader wanting more and more. Chapter 1 was called “Ghana Sweet Home.

Menu at Ninths: Leftovers cabbage cornbread later imma have a vegan chicken sandwich

I’m not feeling the greatest today but imma push through and work it out and hangout with Shanti. Imma TTYL everyone have a great evening if it’s a late start rock it out!!👑🐈‍⬛💚🐢

🎬The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🎬

October 10,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Hello Hello Friends and HeartBeats 💗 Today have been a great day to work on craft. I hit a goal today. And I’m happy about it. 🤩🤓

Working On WIPS: the progression of the story went without a hitch today. Shanti and her Grandmother (An Onyx Savanna cat) is getting acquainted. Her grandmother is getting her bathing supplies ready for Shanti. Including a African print light weight rayan muumuu. That use to be hers in her human body ( past life) Shanti gets undressed opens the window blinds because she feels closed in and sees a Pride of Lion’s she tensed up with fear and her Grandmother came to her aid telepathically. She Asked Shanti what she was afraid of told her no need to be afraid that they were Tomias family and that he’s probably out there with them. Close the blinds my child you showing all your business. Shanti covered herself with a towel and hurried to shut the blind. Tomias grandmother (a lioness) said turn your head Tomias that’s the Princess, Tomias grandfather ( male lion leader of the Pride) huffed and said listen to your grandmother son let the Princess have her Privacy. Tomias said she’s a beauty. He explains what the Princess put him through with the come ons she was throwing at him. And that he held himself back from jumping her bones on the plane. Tomias Grandfather said I know you Tomias it wasn’t hard at all you are Professional you do your job to Tee. No matter what’s thrown at you don’t budge. She’s Not Ready, Tomias grandmother told him to morph into a Savanna and so he did glowing in the moonlight and after the glow went away he was the biggest Onyx Savanna’s Cat with black on black spots Sir William or Shanti have ever Seen. He enters the house and Sir William ask with an attitude using his Telepathy Who’s is this freely walking through my home? Dearest William It’s me Tomias Shanti almost dropped the food she was eating on the kitchen floor. She Thought Tomias was the most beautiful Savanna she seen outside of seeing her parents long ago. She’s forgot a lot even forgot herself that she can morph. But into what? Tomias you keep your paws off my Grandbaby she’s not ready yet. The Queen hissed at Tomias ( Shanti Grandmother aka Onyx Savanna) Tomias explains He wants to show her how she can morph like them. That’s up to her who she wants to help her. Shanti said stop fussing over me and takes Tomias into the sitting area to talk about how he morphed and he’s still alive. She was confused and thats more power than she can even imagine.

This is where I stopped the story. Tomias just morphed twice Shanti Ancestor Grandmother Father and Uncle mother Highly Over Protective. Shanti is curious about morphing and she’s falling deeper for Tomias as the second goes by. and they haven’t been in Ghana 24 hours yet and Shanti mind is blown 🤯.

Tomorrow on Chapter 2 of Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s Get Ready!!!!🤩

I hope you guys and gals enjoy my 🤓Just Write Mo’s🤓 I’m trying to keep it fresh and new. imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey or the HeartBeats 💗 depends how early I get up. Imma TTYL enjoy y’all evening.🥰🤓🤩💚🐢

🐈‍⬛🐆The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐆🐈‍⬛

October 10,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️👑🐈‍⬛🐟🐢

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 y’all see the turtle is eating protein today it’s time to work . Yesterday I talked a good game said I would work on Shanti I wasted a whole day and slept . I’m just depressed I need to get it together. Shanti needs me. No more Ying Yang , just work.

Menu at Ninths: Chicken and cabbage imma freeze the rest of it because it’s a lot. Probably should have gotten that done sooner. If it has any hint of going bad being sour smell, the trash is where is gonna be.

Working on WIPS: no more talk (ying/yang) I need action I need Show. So maybe my story get turned into a show?🤷🏾🤩 my dream if anyone paying attention to my work out there I do wonder?🤷🏾🤔 wouldn’t that be nice, a movie or screenplay?🥰🤓🤩

I love it. ❤️💚💛🖤🐈‍⬛🐆

Haven’t been watching the entirety of the news lately but it’s been a lot of car accidents lately all over the city and Road Rage is spreading. Today is the 3 rd time I’ve heard of the road rage this year it’s probably more incidents out there. Everyone be safe. I’ve been victim to road rage myself I’m just happy I lived to survive it. It was scary. It happened maybe 20 years ago. I’m showing my age🙄😆. I Thank my Arch Angels I could have died that day or anything.

Last night around midnight my aunt wakes me up. I’m sleeping hard calling the wolves 🐺. She wakes me up because they letting off fireworks again because it sounded like Gun shots at first. So we both hit the floor peeking out the windows 🪟 it’s a scandal. They let off fireworks in the dead of winter 🥶 they don’t care could be -40 below zero Bang Zoom Pop!!!! 🧨🧨🧨 Anxiety goes sky high.

Welp my dearest Friends and HeartBeats 💗 imma sit here and drink thy coffee concoction and see how I can pick back up in Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s I love this story so much maybe just as much as Enaji-O and Bossie. I’m Excited For It🤩🤓 when I finish I’ll get the cover done and ebook ready for y’all to view. That’s my favorite thing to do setting that up. Writing my favorite too but getting it ready for the masses pumps me up. 🤓🤩🥰 well imma TTYL I should be back today with 🤓Just Write Mo 🤓 if not I’m slacking. I apologize so much about not posting a evening post I just slept my day away and slacked off imma try not to do that today. Bless y’all Day on this Sacred Day. I’m working today only because yesterday wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Take it easy today Read a Good Book. Work on those WIP Ideas 💡 Keep it On Craft. TTYL Everyone 🥰🤓💗🤩✌🏼

🐺The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐺

October 9,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓👑🐈‍⬛💚🐢✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 yesterday I was out like a light didn’t get a chance to do a Writers Journey. I hope y’all enjoying these post everyday.

Working on WIPS: imma be working on Shanti of course. The Story is coming along very well. I’m having a ball writing it.🤓

Menu at Ninth’s: today imma have a cheap pizza 🍕 and a soda. I don’t need the soda nor the pizza but that’s what’s on hand today I feel like cooking 👩🏽‍🍳

Medic At Ninths: Paging Dr. Pimple Popper I have a bump behind my ear that hurts tried squeezing it. It got angry and hurt worse. 😭 I think it’s a cyst but it could be a lipoma. I don’t know 🤷🏾 I need help.🙏🏼

Welp friends and HeartBeats 💗 I want y’all to have a beautiful weekend hit up those Fall Craftshows support your local talent it’s that time of year🤩 bless y’all Stay warm and Always Have Fun I’ll be back later with the Just Write Mo segment to tell y’all about my progression in the story Shanti. Gotta go drink thy coffee concoction.

See y’all later Kings 👑and Queens 👑✌🏼

☕️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ☕️

October 8,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Good evening 🥰💗 I have a little bit to say this evening on Shanti.

Working On WIPS: the cabbie 🚕 gets Tomias and Shanti to Sir Willie Beautiful Compound. They pull up and it’s 10 Savanna Cats outside waiting. Tomias told the cabbie to stay in the vehicle while he gets their luggage out the trunk. The cabbie freaks out when one of the Savanna’s Shanti Paternal mother comes inside the car to greet Shanti her grandmother asking her is she in heat have she been mating says she’s too young to be a great grandmother . She’s in animal form speaking Telepathically. Shanti uncomfortable about talking about her personal body functions. Tells her ancestors to stop sniffing her backside. And screams no she’s not in heat. Her grandmother said you will be my child . That’s as far as I’ve gone today

Today I finished my class early this morning no The HeartBeats today. May be a early early post for The Writers Journey. We Will See.

Imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💗. Have a beautiful quiet safe evening. 🥰👑🐈‍⬛🤓💚🐢✌🏼

👑🐈‍⬛The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐈‍⬛👑

October 8,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning my Friends and HeartBeats Family🥰💗 I’ve been up since 12:30 or maybe 1:00am I wasn’t really paying attention. Today is a school day I might work on some Assignments and then work on Shanti. Actually I just finished my Assignments and I have3-4 days just hanging out with my Shanti and Tomias and Sir Willie.

When do I get a Off day? I probably won’t get one if I do it may be Sunday.

Today imma work on Shanti outline which starting to look a lot like a manuscript which is okay. Less work for me when putting everything together . I just need to finish the Outline this month so I can work next month piecing it together.

Events Happening: Comic Con NYC / October 7-10,2021

I love Comics and I miss my Group members I had a member who created comics all by himself he drew and gave characters timeless, meaningful dialogue. His work is LIT as Heck. Meeting at my local Library was so fun each week. Covid and Life stopped all that. But I’m happy with my platforms I have more members than I Ever dreamed on this website and Twitter put together. The NOW Group is growing and it makes me feel official 🤓🤩.

Welp imma trying an decide whether I go back to sleep or stay up waiting on the lights to come on outside. The Arch Angels still sleep. Why am I Up bright eyed? That’s the question? 🙄

Imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💗 I hope y’all enjoyed this post have a fantastic morning The HeartBeats may be later on today Bless y’all TTYL🙏🏼🤓💚🐢✌🏼

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October 7,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Hello🥰 today I didn’t think I would work on Craft today but I did. I got them on the way to William’s compound the cabbie is from the same village and he treats Shanti like the royalty she is. But he did try them. He tried to get a 10 dollar ride for 40 dollars until Shanti revealed who she was. He insisted on being their transportation while they are in Ghana. They fictional village is called RaVoux Village this is a little back story. But needs to be said lots of business and local government talk in the near future. Right now they almost made it to Sir William’s Compound. And it’s gotten dark and it’s pitch black in the middle of the Savanna’s. That’s where I left Off.

To Be Continued…….

You have to excuse me with my shortness tonight. I’m agitated I just need to sleep it off. Bless It. May it quiet down soon. Amen 🙏🏼 . Welp . Imma Talk To y’all early morning with the Writers Journey early early morning I’ll take my pill and speak to y’all waiting till I have my coffee concoction tomorrow. We will see how it goes. TTYL 🥰💗🤓💚🐢✌🏼

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October 7,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️🐈‍⬛🐆💚🐢✌🏼

Good afternoon friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰. I started over on Twitters today. I haven’t started working on Shanti yet today I will even if I write a small section of dialogue.

The Writing Gals Vlog on YouTube is gonna be posted in 30 minutes give or take. It’s gonna be about this years conference.

HeartBreathings Sarra Cannon Channel has a new one out on “how to choose the best story idea for Nanowrimo”. Check it out on YouTube.

Been watching Dollar Tree Hauls. Which soon won’t be a dollar anymore maybe. I just hope they add items that cost more rather than raise everything up. Everything isn’t worth a 1.25-1.50. I hope this change doesn’t last a lifetime. We need the dollar tree to stay a dollar more than ever if this inflation take over. We need more workers to get these products off those carrier ships off the coast. We probably paying for these people salaries who are getting the inventory off the ships🚢 from the price hike. Covid jacking everything up for people. People Scared to work. And I don’t blame them.

I’m dealing with booming bass all day long lately has my anxiety up something awful. 😭😭😭😭

Welp imma TTYL. I may come back with Just Write Mo. I’m not rushing Shanti if I get To it Today or if I don’t I’m not gonna beat myself up about it.🤷🏾🙄

Bless y’all have a relaxing day watch some Hauls. Switch it up a littleTTYL my HeartBeats 💗🤓💚🐢✌🏼

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October 6,2021 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day🐪🐫/ 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Good Evening everyone 🥰💗 Today have been a productive day. This Afternoon went without a hitch. Had a banging lunch.

Menu At Ninths: if y’all done had Popeyes chicken sandwich y’all better get into KFC for a minute they both delicious but the moisture and softness on that KFC hit different that’s just my preference.

🤓Just Write Mo🤓: Today I worked on Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s. Today I got Shanti and Tomias in Accra, Ghana. Yay! They made it!!!! I bring up so much on the plane to Ghana. Shanti busy trying to flirt and be nosey with Tomias. Since they all half animal/creature Tomias figured Shanti was in heat, and she don’t know it it’s not registering to her. Tomias asked her if she still can use her metallic gem from the secret place to harness her telepathy. She says yes So here’s where the plot thickens. Tomias whole heartedly tells her how he feels through telepathy but he tells her to chill out and it embarrassed the heck out of Shanti but she got her answer in knowing how Tomias feels for her. So she Takes a nap for 6 hours and wakes up 45 mins to land and Tomias gets the flight attendant to bring them 2 coffees and 2 cocoa packets coffee mocha better than the name branded cafes they drink their coffee then the plane lands that’s where I am of course Shanti and Tomias need to inform the King and Sir Willie for short that they made it to Ghana haven’t got that far yet. That’s tomorrow goal and meeting the ancestor Savanna Cats tomorrow speaking telepathically to them and all of them gonna be a hoot.🤣😂 the Savanna’s goes back 7 generation it’s crowded in Williams compound he built for him and the Savanna’s it’s Wild Kingdom literally every inch of his home and land he claim Animals know they safe if it’s a Savanna Cat around This is a little back story that needs to be in the story. Imma stop 🛑 Just Write Mo right here and pick it up Tomorrow. I’m having a ball with this story. I’m taking my time outlining it so I can have bomb dialogue and good bones. I will Return.🤓

Welp imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey if I’m up early early morning we will see. I’mma TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💗🐈‍⬛🐆🤓💚🐢✌🏼

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October 6,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️🐈‍⬛🐆✈️🥶🐻‍❄️💚🐢🤩✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗

School At Ninths: My morning has been mighty productive. I’ve already done my studies for the day. They wanted me to read articles and I’ve saved some pages to my device I thought the information was fresh and dope🤩. They wanted me to upload some of my dialogue from Shanti I’m trying to keep y’all in the loop of the story. I hope y’all enjoying it. Since my Studies done I have a full48 hours to work on Shanti and I’m Happy about it🤩🤓

Menu At Ninths: Plenty of leftovers available Imma have to figure out how to freeze some of it. Got enough to feed the NFL and they can come back for seconds🙄 😂. 2 small heads of cabbage and Four large potatoes two onions and a handful of sliced peppers makes a heck of a lot🙄 imma have to scale the recipe back some in the cook book.

Working on WIPS : imma start early on Shanti. I’m Tired of News programs so imma substitute the time with writing and working on Craft. The Arch Angels turned on a couple lights up there waiting on them to turn them all on. Sitting here drinking my coffee concoction talking with y’all. Thinking about if I should get on Twitter today. We will see. I might have something interesting to say I don’t know 🤷🏾

Welp imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💗 Crank out those dope WIPS. Don’t get hung up on News Programs it’s all depressing and unsettling. Create a new world and escape the Heaven/Hell’s Waiting Room we are all in. Make it how it’s supposed to go. Go to your Heaven here on Earth. Be it Blogging Journaling Writing Poetry and or Fiction make it how you want it on Hump Day The Happenings on Hump Day will be up later in place of Just Write Mo I may still call it Just Write Mo I don’t know we will see how it looks. Welp imma comeback later with content from Shanti Studies Already done Go Me!!!!🤩🤓See ya later HeartBeats 💗

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October 5,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Hello Hello everyone 🥰💗 Today has been beautiful. I want to know have y’all ever ate something that brings back a flood of childhood memories and I feel like I’m back to adolescence now knowing I’m grown. My Cabbage potato dish taste like my mother made it. I’ve been cooking all day. My aunt loved it made some Cornbread too. dish so good make you tap your foot 😁 I ain’t slapping my momma she been gone 2 years I still won’t joke and say that. She’ll still find a way to beat me down LOL 😂 but it was really delicious 😋

Working on WIPS: Still don’t have Shanti and Tomias out of JFK just yet they just boarded the plane and sitting in First Class. The King Spared no cost. They have 9-10 hour flight straight to Accra,Ghana no stops. Such a big plane for very few people on the flight. But while waiting for the plane they had to switch Gates and they were in a heated discussion Shanti was trying to come on to Tomias asking him personal questions about his love life Tomias got frustrated with her and told her he missed the announcement on their Gate and stormed off without answering her questions which left him confused.Shanti thinking to herself, “what will I have to do to get him to notice me?” Tomias boards the aircraft with Shanti and their carry ons and he’s not as naive as He leads on to be he knows exactly what Shanti is trying to do. And he’s trying to keep his distance because the King would have him fed to the Savanna’s while he’s in Ghana. So he has to be cool 😎. But he cares for Princess Shanti too. * This is as far as I got* Hope y’all are enjoying the Progression of the story. They still at JFK Tomorrow they will be in the air on their way. Shanti won’t know how to fight back her lustful thinking and Tomias trying hold back his urges not to give in to Shanti and her Beauty. We will see their conversations tomorrow.

School at Ninths: Tomorrow is a school day I hope the assignment is work on WIPS I wish this outline wasn’t taking me forever and a day but that is okay Just means it’s gonna have a sturdy foundation.

Welp imma TTYL Family and Friends 💗 I hope you enjoyed Just Write Mo Tonight. I may be back early early morning with The Writer’s Journey we will see. enjoy the writing prompts enjoy your night💚🐢✌🏼

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October 5, 2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🐈‍⬛🐆✈️🤩💚🐢✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗 I have a daily to do in about 20 minutes so imma keep it short this morning.

Menu At Ninths: Cabbage w/ Potatoes Peppers & seasoned with Ham Cornbread Lemonade made with stevia it’s gonna take all day to cook. This is a Sunday Meal but imma make it work on a Tuesday.

While my meal is cooking imma be working on Shanti today I’m having a ball . I feel like I’m tagging along on their adventures and it’s real. I hope y’all are enjoying the Journey with me. Just catch a snippet in Just Write Mo or Go For It Tuesdays that reminds me we have new Writing Prompts today after my daily. I gotta go. TTYL🥰

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October 4,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello,Hello There🥰🤩 Earlier I Mentioned JIVA! I ended up watching all five episodes today and it was Fire 🔥. I can’t wait till the new shows ready for view👀😁 And I Worked On Shanti. I just need to Start Earlier tomorrow will be ideal I just have one daily to do then Shanti better Get Ready For Me!!!!🤩🤓

Working On WIPS: Today when writing I tried to be as realistic as possible so Shanti and Tomias made it on the plane after Shanti claustrophobia episode after she’s on the plane awhile she starts to get over her fears. Tomias is happy because he was worried he may have to carry her on his back when they land in Ghana. Shanti jokes and says she’s not going to climb on to his old bones. Tomias gets upset and reminds Shanti they only 10 years apart and he’s demanding a apology. Shanti laughs and refuses. They fly into JFK and it’s a Big Storm . The flight attendants informed them if they were flying back out it will be a layover. Now I have Shanti and Tomias on a layover at JFK eating Chinese Take Out at there Gate waiting to board ✈️. And that’s where I left off round about.

I wanted to make it to Ghana but ran out of time y’all know I shuts things down after a certain hour. I need to start earlier my daylights are shorter. Not happy about it. 😕Dear Heaven Let’s Negotiate Earths Electric we need our Lights On. 🙄🤔☀️.

Welp I may be back early morning with the Writers Journey. So get ready. Don’t know what’s on that agenda but we will see what happens. Imma TTYL my Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰🔥✈️🤓✍🏾🐢💚✌🏼

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October 4,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️🌍🐈‍⬛🐆✈️🤩☀️🥶🧤🧦 🤩💃🏾🕺🏾✌🏼

Good Day Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗Hope your staying warm. I’ve got hooked on this South African Netflix Series lots of beautiful dancing I think it’s called JIVA! Totally LIT To Death Fire🔥 I’ve only watched one episode it has Five. Watched a YouTube Vlog the other day they talked about they show and the craft of dancing and successes I found it was interesting. I’ll watch more after I work on thy WIP. I’m on my second cup of Java. Imma be up for 3 days in a row. I don’t care as long as I’m up for right now Yesterday I slept all day. I’m trying not to sleep today. Got work to do. My dream is to have my novel made into something showing on Netflix maybe 🤔 one day?

*Today is National Taco Day Taco Bell giving away a free taco. Enjoy. it’s also National Vodka Day Drink Responsibly. *

Menu At Ninths: I had leftovers Shrimp Stirfry. Tomorrow I’m cooking my cabbage dish.Recipe in Ninth’s Legacy Cookbook. I’m still working on it.

Working On WIPS: Today I’m working on Shanti:Princess Of The Savanna’s on Oct 2,2021 JustWriteMo is where I left off on The outlined story. It’s a fun start to a serious storyline. Most of the classics ( Films,books )have that aspect. I’m having a ball with it.

Have a beautiful day Crank Out Those WIPS I’ll be back later TTYL 🥰✌🏼

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October 3,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️💚🐈‍⬛🐆?🐢✌🏼

Top of the morning🥰💗 I’m undecided on whether I should write today or take a off day. We will see what the day holds. Might be a late slow start again today I don’t know then again if I don’t start early I might as well wait till tomorrow I hate when my time is limited. How are y’all liking Shanti so far? I’m trying to do the story justice. So imma take my time. I absolutely love where it’s at now. I’m trying not to make it a ROM-COM It’s just seems that it’s building that way. It’s so much more. But it may have those qualities. I think of the classics like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or even Werewolf in London the newer version or even even some Horror movies have Comedy some sci-fi have comedy too and plenty romance. I feel if it doesn’t have these bones What am I Doing then? I Ain’t Writing.

Menu At Ninths: Sautéed Shrimp in butter sauce with seasoned veggies leftover fried rice. This my last day with the rice it’s affecting my sugars. The only starch that don’t turn to sugar in my body and I lose weight is Potato Starch. I Did the potato diet and lost almost 20 pounds. I love Potatoes you have to be a potato lover to do the diet.(way of life) it’s a book called “The Starch Solution” very good book changed my thinking on a lot of things. But just like anything you feel like switching it up just go back to the diet after you fulfilled your tastebuds cravings. But imma tell you something those potatoes will fill you up in a pinch and it’s about cheap as you gonna get for a heart meal. And you can change up the toppings to help you not get tired of it so quick. Get the book , Think about it.

Welp imma wait till the lights get cut on. Fall is definitely here. I guess that’s okay 🤷🏾 have a Beautiful day today and I’m gonna TTYL with Just Write Mo or The Writers Journey I’ll be back.🥰🤓💚🐢✌🏼

October 2,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Good evening everyone 🥰💛🥱🐢✍🏾💚 I started Late Today But I’ve been brainstorming all day how imma start Shanti:Princess of the Savanna’s off. And it’s entertaining how I’m starting it off.

Working On WIPS:First off Tomias is fussing in his thick Ghanaian accent about the cost of Parking at the airport. Shanti is busy telling him to stop being so cheap it’s expected. He’s starts fussing under his breath. Tomias and Shanti gets all the way to the plane to board it Shanti starts melting down into heavy panic attacks. She’s claustrophobic. So Tomias had to take her and the carry ons on the plane in a wheelchair. Tomias gets Shanti on the Plane ✈️ barely. Tomias tells Shanti they have a long way to go and that she’s gonna have to get over it. Shanti insist that she can walk back to Ghana from Omaha. Tomias looked confused and told Shanti go ahead he’ll meet her at the port in Ghana. And started smiling and laughing at her.

This is as far as I’ve got today in the Outline like I said I started late. Tomorrow is gonna be a thrill. 🤓 I’m having fun with developing their personalities.

Menu at Ninths: Tomorrow imma have leftover veggie fried rice and sautéed Shrimp that I whip up. With onions. They were skimpy with the onions. Why is that? Like the onions expensive or something . I’ll make my cabbage dish during the week.

Welp I hope you enjoyed today’s 🤓Just Write Mo🤓 I’ll try and keep y’all in the loop with the story progression. Imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey if I’m up this early early morning. Bless y’all night. May our nights be quiet and safe and peaceful always. Amen 🙏🏾 TTYL🥰💚🐢✌🏼

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October 2,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾☕️🤓🐈‍⬛🐆🌍🙏🏾💚✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰⛈ I hope it rains all day.Took my pill kind of late imma be able to drink coffee in 36 minutes. Just got done washing dishes I hate doing dishes. But they must get done.

Menu at Ninths: I’m having leftover Chinese I had plenty left over and it’s always better the second day. Sunday I’m making Cabbage potato and peppers and smoked turkey leg cornbread my aunts and older cousins would make hot water cornbread I’m getting mines out a box 🙄😂 still gonna be good

Working On WIPS: I’m gonna be Outlining Shanti the best way I know how I just dive in and go for it. I wish the class I’m in had more structured teachings instead of all the readings but it’s okay I guess 🤓.

Perfecting Preptober: this is a new segment that make no sense🙄 there’s no perfect way to perfect Preptober . 📖✍🏾 You just have to jump in and do. Do what ever it is you need to do to be comfortable to be creative. That’s the main rule. Outlining Shanti would make my Nanowrimo Perfect this would make me a happy camper. This class I’m in just broke my Spirit a little for not going over Outlining but I guess I can’t complain too much the classes are free they can teach what ever and how ever they want too. I’m just here for the ride. 🙄🤓💛

I have 8 minutes till I get my cup of Java concoction. I woke up at 4:30 am to my aunts phone alarm she’s sleeping through I hurried and shut it off took my pill a little late for my fashion. didn’t take my eye drops but I will sometime today

I want y’all to enjoy y’all’s day head over to Dollar Tree get your Preptober Tools to write ✍🏾. Are y’all hearing their gonna be raising prices at some Dollar Tree stores I hope it skips where I am. And they have Dollar Tree Plus 5 dollar items I saw this on a Dollar Tree Haul someone Vlogged. Mind Blown 🤯 here’s the Vlog clip Ive seen with Dollar Tree Plus and some of its items https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exI3lALBLf0 Always have fun

Welp imma wait here till the arch angels to cut on the lights I can get my coffee ☕️ now. Have a blessed Saturday crank out those ideas for your WIPS Have Fun Be Safe Stay Warm Keep Writing ✍🏾🤓💚✌🏼

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October 1,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️💛🤩🐈‍⬛🐆🌍🌦⛈🌦⛈✌🏼

Hello,Hello Friends and HeartBeats 💗 my Studies are done for the day. I have 4 days off. I think imma spend it outlining I doubt I finish the outline in that time BUT I Finished The Black Lagoon Crew Outline in 2-3 days will Shanti give me that satisfaction? I don’t know 🤷🏾.

It’s been raining all day it’s kind of soothing my spirit. I love the rain and storming I just don’t like when I cuts off my electric.

Menu At Ninths: I’m eating Chinese tonight. Why do Chinese restaurants have the biggest/best chicken wings ? Can’t even find the same size in grocery stores can’t make the same recipe anyways. The Scandal.

Welp I have a job to do the next 4 days With plotting Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s imma have fun with it. y’all enjoy your evening everyone. This weekend gonna be a thrill🤩. TTYL 💛✌🏼

🐈‍⬛🐆The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐆🐈‍⬛

October 1,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 Happy Preptober What a inspirational and motivational time of year. Yesterday Didn’t Go the way I planned. I didn’t write. But I read my preface many times, I think I built a great foundation for a classic story. I’ve had a classmate read over the preface they said they loved it but she asked the question is it gonna be like Black Panther I can see where she could say that, but I hope Not Savanna’s and Panthers different the magic and ancestral ways after they die maybe similar but Black Panther Heaven was what we all think of Heaven in my story Heaven is Earth and the transformation of nature using magical Earth Resources to live for ever. They use telepathy with animals. Which this is a spoiler they physically turn into different animals not just Savanna’s Cats as well. The Savanna Cat is just their Dominant transformation. This story is different than Black Panther definitely . But I can see similarities just like all horror movies suppose to scary you and all comedies make you laugh and all Romance has a couple who kiss and a good ending. And I feel my story not even that similar to Black Panther. That comment kind of hurt my feelings but she gave me a honest positive critique.

Preptober Chronicles: Yesterday I didn’t work on the WIPS. Im trying to decide if I should Pants the Story or outline it, it’s a difficult decision.

🤓Sarra Cannon on HeartBreathings on YouTube is leading the masses in Preptober. She has a notebook she’s giving people if your signed up to her Newsletter. So signup and utilize her tools, she is so informative. 🤓

Welp imma go back to sleep I got the nods like I’m Narcoleptic.🙄🥱bless your day I have school today so that’s my highlight, enjoy today Sleep good Bask in the quietness. Brainstorm how your gonna finish Preptober strong. Imma be back later on with the HeartBeats 💗🥰🤓 TTYL✌🏼

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September 30,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓☕️⛈⛈⛈🤩🌍💚✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today it’s storming this morning. My electric stayed on thank goodness. I have coffee this morning yesterday I had coffee too but I made and paid for my own at home. Just as good as a cafe .

Working on WIPS: Today imma be working on Chapter 1 which will be about Shanti and Tomias going back to Ghana for the first time in almost 9 years they both have their own missions to be on. They gonna be each other’s support. They gonna need it.

Menu At Ninths: I still don’t feel like cooking. Plus imma be busy so imma have a little pizza again I may make some poppers I don’t know 🤷🏾. I need to eat something different in my life I may have fast food tonight I need to figure it out.

Welp imma sit here and wait till the Arch Angels to cut on the lights. I want y’all to have a beautiful day today. Eat good. Work On That Fantastic WIP You Have, Stay Safe Stay Warm& Keep Writing ✍🏾 TTYL🤩🥰✌🏼

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September 29,2021🤓 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🤓

Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s/ Preface


Daddy came and woke me up one late night. He was very angry, but not at me. Soldiers were in our home, telling us we needed to leave immediately. All my parents were saying, “But why?” “ But why Officier?” They never gave them an answer. We ended up becoming refugees and fled to the United States. Lots of us from our Village ended up in the Middle of the Map, Omaha. My parents became interpreters for those who didnt speak English.  This is how they both made a living for the family. They thought it would be good to start a Non-Profit for refugees and unemployed people.  But mainly they started the Non-Profit to be a safe place for our Villagers to gather and speak upon our grievances.  As we all did every Monday, after hours and Mondays the Office was closed to the public anyways. They would have to turn people away. Dad’s name is  Komi and Mom name is Ama. But everyone out of respect called them Dada Komi and Moma Ama. They are the rulers over the Village back home in Ghana. Our home isnt like what we use to. We had a gated  Mansion  and drivers Not now. We live in a small flat on the Northside of the O. I’ve been getting Home schooled by my mother or maybe we both in school learning something and Im teaching my mom something. Both will suffice. We did studies early morning and she reminded me we need to go to the office for the meeting so she told me to wear something comfortable its going to be a long day.  Every meeting starts off with Prayer to the Almighty. Then the cussing and the confusion comes. Dad stays on the phone with William who is his brother but he’s not an heir to the throne. He says he doesnt want that responsibility all the time to my father and my father jokes with him and says he doesnt want it either and they laugh about it. They talk about the Ghanian government and whats happening to the land and the animals on the land my father wants the Village to be protected by government. But now, developers that want to come in and buy the land and have their way slaughtering the animals and people of the village community. And finding and taking the village magical resources.Yes thats right, I said magical. Its a metal that acts as a battery and charges your body and gives you powers to change into animals that chose you. Your bones becomes the metal and the metal becomes your shield.  And when your human body dies you change into the animal that chose you and live forever. So far our family, “ the Royal Family”  we turn into the Savannas cats . And Uncle William has our ancestors as Savannas Cats living with him in Ghana. So when he calls he talks alot about the Savannas. He says, “THEY TAKING OVER!!” Dada tell him all the time, “Take care of them like they took care of us when they could and still will” I heard Dada ask Uncle, “Is it safe to come back home?”  Uncle must of said the Gangs done took over the home we left behind and the government not thinking about the village right now they thinking about eradicating the gangs and power groups. And so far that he knows no one have found our magical secret cavern. Dada was horrified. Asking who are are these people that stay in my home?  They must leave. All Dada protection, and security became refugees as well. Uncle is one in a few that stayed behind when all spoiled around them. 

Uncle told  him, “ calm down and just take note and tell the villagers whats happening. Focus on what you have now and be happy you are safe and established there. If it gets too bad I may have to leave our ancestors to protect the cavern and come to the Americas.” 

Dear brother, please do not say that. Our ancestors need you.

“Dear brother, I need Me. Thats the whole issue. I want to only think about myself for a change. Our ancestors more than capable of protecting and taking care of themselves they eating better than I am and I aint feeding them  nothing. It’s a scandal.”

Shanti go get your shoes and your jacket our ride will be here in 10 minutes.

Do I have to go? I want to stay home Moma!!

No you too young and the villagers will be asking for you, Princess Shanti.You have a role to play just like your dad and I and its time you realize that. You want to be grown step up and be your royal self then. Now fix your face and get that box of pamphlets we passing out tonight. 

I grab the box and follow behind my mom and my dad behind me.

Shanti fix your shoes and stop walking on the heels . those shoes aren’t for free. As he Locked up our flat.

Yes Dada.

I feel like Im getting chewed out left and right today.

I got in the back of the Big Black SUV, Dada sat up front with Tomias, my Dada’s right hand. 

`Chale, King Komi I’m ready to hear tonight’s news. I’m worried about my house and land. 

Tomias you not gonna like what Imma say tonight. Just hold out asking me questions and wait  for our session tonight. 

Come on Komi, you can say something I’m curious as well,The Queen asked hoping to get some answers. How’s William?

Just be patient, my precious Queen. Let’s just ride in silence till we get to the office.

The four of us were quiet as a field mouse in the SUV riding to Midtown to the Office When the King says be quiet, it’s as good as done yesterday. Now let me fix my shoes  before I get out of this Shuttle or my dada gonna have my tail.

We finally make it to the office the Villagers were waiting outside for us like we was late. We was 30 minutes early, like every Monday, to setup the room with chairs. As my parents greet the villagers coming into the Office I’m setting up chairs, and as fast I’m setting them out they are filling up. I have never seen it so full on a Monday afternoon. What is Dada gonna talk about tonight?  Even though I am only 13 years old I comprehend a lot and I’m waiting with everyone else to find out what’s going on in Ghana. It’s been a year since we’ve been gone. People still don’t know what happened. We woke up in Ghana one Thursday Morning By Friday afternoon we were on an airplane coming to America. Thanks to the UN. Tomias started helping sit chairs up and asked me,

“Princess Shanti, Do you have a clue as to what’s the King’s gonna say tonight? Im worried for my ancestors ?”

“Tomias I don’t know? You have to wait just like the rest of us. He hasn’t told me or my Mother either.”

The clock striked 4 pm and the blinds were shut and the doors  were guarded  for protection like we were still in Ghana just in case the war followed us to America.Dada still had a few foot soldiers that followed us here. On request to the UN.  The UN basically gave my father anything he asked for. Wish they gave him all the riches and land he lost. Yet we in a 2 story flat that we have our security living nextdoor sharing the same roof. How convenient?  

I grabbed a chair and sat myself down with everyone else. My Dada got up to the podium and my Mum watching from the front row in confusion with everyone else hoping  just maybe we can go back home to our luxuries. She will soon be let down with the rest of us.

“`Chale My people. Today I have some not so great news on this great day today. The King’s brother, my William informed of me some very bad news.  He says the gangs have taken over the entire Village and the only reason why he’s not affected by the gangs is that he stay outside of the Village in the Savannas  . They are living in our homes taken over our possessions. Ive heard the leader is staying in my mansion on my land. And they are doing the same to your homes and land as well.  Where do these gangs come from? Are they Ghanaian? I do not know? The UN knows and they are handling it. But let me tell you something, my dear people. The UN would rather we stay here and seek out a life  here. They do not want to fight if they do not have too. But, they have to. Its our lineage and ancestors at stake. We are Africa to the fullest! This foreign land  is temporary.  Africa is forever!”

The Villagers got up and started chanting the King’s Name. Like, they all going to war. And maybe they should.  But they can’t do no more than what the UN gonna do to get the gangs off the land and they have do some tearing up and wrecking the Village first to get the blasted bastards out. Will it be a Village left to go back too is the Honest Question? 

Shanti has never seen her Dada so astound and masculine and also shown himself as vulnerable at the same time. And saw that her mother was a emotional wreck hearing the news with everyone else. She worried about the Secret Place and our Ancestors she just couldn’t take anymore. Shanti looked over and saw her Mum losing it she hurried over to her with tissues off the receptionist desk and held her mum.

“Mum, its gonna be okay. I promise they won’t find it.”

Shanti grew up 7 years  just from the gesture. Her Dada Stood at the podium shaking the hands of the villagers and hugging them and he looked over to his wife wishing he could console her and proud of his 13 year old daughter that stepped up to aid his Queen. 

“Princess Shanti, gonna be the strongest Queen the World  have ever seen,” the King recorded in his mental bank.

He ‘s gonna have to include her more in the happenings of the kingdom. 

Eight years passed and the war in our Ghanaian Village left it unlivable and Majority of us decided to stay in the Americas. Some left America and moved to the U.K. But the government that was on our side won and we could go back to our land if we wanted too. They burned our home and blew up our vehicles  trying to get the leader of the Gang out and capture him. He ends up killing himself once he knew they had him.  They never found the Secret Place just like I promised Moma. Rest her beautiful Soul. She died of Sickle Cell Anemia. Dada still blaming the American cuisine and saying,

 “ If we was home in Africa your Mum would be alive with the ancestors.” 

Im Twenty-One years old now and Dada wants me to make a business trip back to Ghana. Uncle William say he’s been propositioned to sell the Village and other Villagers that went back to the Village sold their land to leave the country again and go to the U.K.  The Villagers Hated the States in how they were treated by outsiders, the locals. Dada tried to smooth things over the best he could with different programs and having meetings every Monday to vent frustrations and get the help they needed through out the week. Its about 25 of us that show up faithfully to Monday Meetings and that’s including me and Dada. Tonight we talking about my trip that I’m leaving on Thursday Morning and getting there Friday afternoon.  I hate planes. Thats all thats on my mind. Dada going over what Uncle Will told him last week. How the Villagers sold their land and Jump ship to the UK. 

“ King Komi, What do you mean they sold their land? To whom? Who is stealing our property?” one of the security asked in confusion.

“ Don’t fret, Princess Shanti is going to resolve this issue very soon.” 

I’ve spent my life protecting the Secret/ Hidden Place. And I’m not going to let some Slime Ball come in and put the Squeeze on our people. Probably not giving the villagers what the land is worth in the first place. They take it because it’s easy money. And they want to leave in the first place. 

“ Shanti, do you have something to tell the people tonight?” the King asked, wiping his brow.

“ Yes Dada, When I get there Imma inspect the land and see the damage that has been done over the years first and then Imma arrange a meeting with the developers and see exactly why they are so interested in the land. Then Imma go to the UN and see if we can get our village protected under government for people and animals and land because all 3 are one.  The only thing is our secret won’t be secret no more. But we will be protected. Any Questions?

The villagers erupted with questions and spoke over each other. The security was louder than everyone.

“ That’s dangerous, they will definitely slaughter our ancestors and take our secrets and have their way with it! No way that can happen!!”

“I’m sorry to tell you, it’s already happening with or without me saying something. If I stand up for all of us just maybe, we will save our Secret from being exploited amongst the masses.”

“I must go with you,” Tomias insisted and looked to the King for permission.   

It was set. The King made a way for Tomias to join Shanti on the trip. Shanti was happy about it. She liked Tomias. They always got along and they were kind of close in age. Ten years apart. Close enough to be peers.  But far enough for Tomias to watch Shanti grow up into the woman she is today.  

💚🐢The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐢💚

September 29,2021 📖✍🏾 The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰Happy National Coffee Day go get your free cups of Java. Most coffee establishments are participating today.

School At Ninths: Today I’m ready for anything the course gonna give. I can’t get anymore lost than I am now. I don’t know how I feel about pantsing the novel. I just don’t want to lose the spark and voices of the characters in fluff. The story needs structure. What I’ve Learned thus far in these courses not gonna cut it. Imma pants it till I can’t then imma do what I need too to finish the project hopefully the assignments is just to write write write. I don’t like the reading assignments too much it’s too much. But this course is up there with 4 year colleges. I don’t think I’ve ever had a class where you have read so much. It’s a lot.🙄 it’s a awesome class just wished it taught a little on outlining structure I guess you can’t teach too much on that you just have to do it to learn.

Menu At Ninths: I’m having a little Pizza I don’t feel like cooking yesterday I actually had a little pizza too. The cheaper the better. This early morning I had seafood seasoned in butter it was supposed to be for my stir fry but I couldn’t wait and didn’t feel like cooking. I’ve had my Java this morning So I’m up up. But I may go back to sleep in a minute. I have a long day.

If any of you prayed for my mentor and best friend thank you. She reached out to me Yesterday she is okay thank the Almighty. 🙏🏾 She is my Go Too. I can’t have anything happening to her. Everyone has that one person that’s a Go Too. That’s what she is to me.

Working On WIPS: I plan on having another Epic Day and crank out 1000 plus words. The trick Kate and Abbie Emmons say do is this. Don’t write till you can’t write no more. Stop writing at a point where you know you have ideas and great energy to write when you come back to the story. I don’t know if that makes sense how I’m saying it. Try and stop writing on a high note in the storyline so you feel energized coming back to it. 🤓

Welp imma lay here watch the early early news and wait till the Arch Angels cut on the lights. Get ready For Possibly Poetry Or Short Story today Shanti: Princess of the Savannas Preface will be up shortly. Let me get my studies in. I’ll post it before I Start my WIP today.

Imma take a pause have a beautiful day friends and family. Crank out them Dope WIPS Have your Free Cup of Java on Coffee Day ☕️ TTYL🤩🥰🤓💛✌🏼

💚🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢💚

September 28,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings🥰 Today was another Epic day. I Exceeded my goal. I wrote 1400 words today just about. I have a little under 2400 words. And I think that I’ve finished the Preface today ready to start the story outline. Even though I feel I could Pants the whole thing. That’s how the course wants you to write I think. 🙄😳🤓 I feel like I’m in it by myself and not a class at this point if I start outlining to the best of my ability. Because the instructor haven’t gone over outlining just Mapping. And that’s no outline. The Mapping did give me ideas for the Preface. Which I know y’all gonna love. Imma showcase it Tomorrow on Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. It gonna be a raw first draft so don’t judge too much. I have a Ghanaian greeting in the Preface “ ‘Chale” it’s like saying Hello to a friend I Think. This word means different things in different countries BUT in Ghana it’s a Greeting to a Friend. So Don’t Be surprised if you see the word. Probably only Ghanaian word I’ll use in the Story to keep it simple.

Welp everyone imma take a pause and come back later on with the Writers Journey if I’m up early early morning . Get ready for a treat tomorrow Shanti: Princess of the Savannas Preface will be up to view on the Authors Page and Blog Post/&Post Archive if it can hold the 5-6 pages I have.

Welp imma TTYL have a Beautiful Evening the Sandman Calling me. Hope y’all cranked out a Banger (Great WIP) Bless Y’all 🙏🥰🤓✌🏼

PS Remember I was Looking for A location to showcase in the story of Shanti: Princess of the Savannas and Ghana just spoke to me heavily like in my Spirit and my bones. It’s a Right Fit. Wouldn’t that be something if I have Ghanaian ancestry it would go full circle 🤷🏾. This Story is in Homage to Ghanaians and Africa’s beauty and sense of Community and Family. 💛🌍

💚🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢💚

September 28,2021 📖✍🏾 The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 it’s a beautiful wonderful quiet morning . I’m basking in it. I’ve been up since 1am after sleeping the evening away. I never got a chance to watch the new K A Emmons Vlog yesterday I’ll watch it this morning it’s about prepping for Nanowrimo . signup for Abbie Emmons Newsletter check the description link on YouTube if she has a link to signup or http://abbiee.com she’s so informative and encouraging to have by your side. Go For It Tuesday Weekly Writing Prompts. They will be updated as soon as the Arch Angels cut on the lights☀️🌅 right now I’m drinking my coffee concoction and it’s delicious its made with Oatmilk. Yummy 😋 ☕️

School At Ninths: Today I plan on Writing 1000 words or more today but I settle for whatever I crank out. Today I have to go to the class and check if I have any messages. I might or might not have any. I’m questioning if I’m doing my schooling right I’ve been doing great on the Quizzes it’s lots of reading assignments learning a lot that is for sure

Menu At Ninths: I plan on making Shrimp/Veggie stir fry mix with couscous .Lemonade concoction too.Maybe work on the cookbook today that’s been put by the wayside for sometime. One day imma have to take pictures of my dishes I make so I can insert them in the book.

Welp let me wait here till the lights get cut on . Stomach tore up this morning from my medication. Gotta take the dang gone pills. Maybe one day I can get off some of the stuff I’m on. That would be nice I’m working on my weight little by little I’m losing just watching what I eat. I just need to leave the soda alone. And I’ve been indulging in Cola’s. I’ve got better choices zero calorie lemonade and water will suffice. Welp Imma TTYL my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💗 enjoy y’all’s morning check out the Kate and Abbie Show on YouTube the new one came out yesterday. Bless y’all✌🏼

PS New Weekly Writing Prompts will be up Shortly

💚🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC🐢💚

September 27,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello,🥰🤩📖✍🏾🤓 Today was EPIC !!! I wrote over 1000 words today and I stopped writing at a great point in the story I’m ready for tomorrow to get here. I exceeded the 300-500 word count the assignment asking for imma try and do the same tomorrow .

Not feeling well I’ll be back on this post later to finish it🥱 I’m sleepy and nodding off I need to take a pause and take a nap.

YouTube Finds: K.A. Emmons have a new one out today Imma take a pause and take my nap then watch their Vlog tonight, Bless y’all🙏🥰Stay Safe stay warm and keep writing ✌🏼🤓🥱

💚🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢💚


September 27,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓💛🐢✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 yesterday I took off . And did very little I finished Blood&Water and it’s blowing my mind Totally next season gonna be Top Notch🤩. Been up since 2 am stomach been hurting one reason I haven’t been up to writing not feeling the greatest physically and emotionally watching Blood& Water took my mind off things I was itching to write yesterday but the Sandman had other plans. I’m writing today journaling and working on a WIP. I’m talking myself into a writing day headspace. This month has flew by like a millisecond what do I have done for myself this Month? Am I happy with progress in my Craft this Month truth be told barely. Maybe I shouldn’t be hard on myself . But I gotta do better. And that holding me to my goals. I’m trying not to compare my progress with influencers but they cranking out finished product like it’s easy as pie. Writing is complexed and will have you perplexed in every sense of the word. That’s why I’m taking these courses trying to learn a little something. I went to school for the wrong things. But don’t most of us scholars? End up not even using the degree in life. So these free writing courses is a real treat.

My aunt is cranking out some crochet fingerless gloves in all kinds of colors they are really cute. She’s making matching hats to go with on some of them. She does craft fairs every year. They were canceled last year she was upset about it. She has so much inventory she have made. And still cranking out ideas and WIPS.

Menu At Ninths: imma have 1.25 pizza and I got Pepsi that I need to get off of .I be nursing a bottle of Pepsi all dang day. I have better things to drink like my zero calorie lemonade concoction.

Welp let me start this beautiful day I have somethings to do today. No more Piddling. Time to work today. 🤓 🥰 have a beautiful Monday Stay Safe, Stay Warm, & Keep Writing ✍🏾✌🏼

🐢The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🐢

September 26,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤩💛🤓☕️🥞🍳🍤🍟✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 Happy Pancake Day. 🥞 Yesterday I didn’t do as much as I hope I’d do. I only wrote a little over 300 words. Atleast I wrote. I just want to get to the point I’m outlining the rest of the story. Unfortunately the class isn’t teaching us to outline. Maybe the mapping map was the outlining portion. I need a actual outline🙄. But maybe it will go over that later I’m unsure. Yesterday I slept the dang Sandman came and visited me once again. That sucked I ended up watching another episode of my show. Don’t judge me . Just like imma binge the rest of them today because I’m addicted 😳

Menu At Ninths:Fried shrimp hot mustard sauce or maybe some sweet chili sauce I think that would bang hard too and some veggies spring roll bangs and fries🍟 meal better than restaurants 😋

Today I’m taking off day. Yes I know yesterday was a semi off day. I need to figure it out🙄

Welp imma Take a pause and start this bright sunny Sunday Morning ☀️🌅 y’all crank out those WIPS today or take that much needed break . Binge watch your favorite series on Netflix or YouTube I may do both I have some on YouTube I have yet to see. I want y’all to be safe stay warm & keep writing ✍🏾 TTYL🤓✌🏼

☕️🥞The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🥞☕️

September 25,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤩💛🤓🐢😷🦠✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 I’m worried about my friend and mentor she has Covid. I just hope she pulls through. She’s the dopest friend I’ve ever had I can’t lose her. 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

School At Ninths: well yesterday I went through all the readings and the Assignment was to Work on your WIPS 300-500 words but I think I can write more over the weekend and the beginning of the week. I have until the 1st of Oct. to work on WIPS only I think don’t quote me. My goal is to write 3,000-4000 words so I gotta get to work today. No more off days and I gotta work through my frustrations and not sleep. But sleeping seems to work.

🎥Movies at Ninths: Blood & Water is really dope this season I’m not giving any spoilers if y’all get a minute watch this series from the beginning it’s super dope. 🤩🥰🎥 not watching this until I have some major progress in my WIP. Watching this show is a treat (Reward) to self. So I guess I better get to work, huh? I only watched 3 episodes. I have 4 more I have yet to see.

Imma take a pause I’ve been working on this post since 4:30am I have some work to do when the Arch Angels cut on the lights today seems like it stays darker longer these days. Gotta get it (the sunlight) when you can be there when it comes up savor every second. Imma TTYL🥰🤩🙏💗🤓💛✌🏼

🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻

September 24,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings🥰🤓💛 ✌🏼

School At Ninths: Today was productive and I Even watched my shows 3 episodes. Then I worked on studies and even spoke up in the discussion section. I plan on taking the next 4-5 days to work on craft and dive into Shanti . I feel good about this I should have 3000 words by the time of next lessons start. That’s my goal. I finished the readings my activities were WIP related so imma spend the weekend working that .

Imma take a pause and go to sleep my nerves bad I have little to no patience left in my bones. But I’m trying hard.

Bless y’all. Be safe. Stay Warm & Keep Writing TTYL 🥰💛🤓🤩✌🏼

🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢

September 24,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖✍🏾🤩💛🤓🍤🍟🎥🎞✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 today is a semi off day Blood&Water is on Netflix today the new season is here!!!!!!! Gotta whip up my snack poppers.

Work On WIPS: imma try and get to Shanti today. That’s my goal imma try and stay up too Dang Sandman need to go on somewhere. He keeps attacking me. Having me sleep through great working hours. What a waste Imma get something done today. I may even look over my Studies.

school at ninths: I may look over today’s assignments it’s a lot because it’s giving me 4-5 days to finish the assignments before they give us new lessons I’m see what heck they giving. Hopefully it’s not too much I know it is hopefully it’s just to work on the WIP . I can do that. 🤓🤩

Everyone enjoy this Friday make today Count. Plan out your weekend and work on that dope WIP you’ve been putting on the wayside. Imma take a pause and come back later with Just Write Mo y’all stay safe stay warm & Keep Writing 📖✍🏾TTYL Have Fun on the Site 🥰💗🤓💛✌🏼

🍂🎃🍂The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🍂🎃🍂

September 23,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤩💛🤓👩🏽‍🍳🥔🍤🥦🥕🧅🌶🧄🏫🧑🏽‍🏫🤓💛✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family 🥰💗 ☀️🥶 Today is gonna be productive I hope. Lately I’ve been so tired 🥱 I slept through the night was up around 3am took my pill and eye drops Tweeted

menu at ninth’s: Stuffed Mashed Potatoes mixed veggies and Sautéed buttery shrimp 🍤 . I had my bowl of cereal already, you don’t eat sugary cereals, I don’t trust you they fill you up in a pinch.

why do every time someone talk about a show they like or gonna watch they say “ my show” I’m gonna watch my show or my show coming on in a few. Etc….” No it’s not “my show” but my show gonna come on tomorrow 🤩 and I can’t wait Imma make some shrimp poppers and hot mustard dip possibly some Aldis seasoned fries bangs. Studies may have to wait till Saturday off days gonna rotate because I’m already stressed out as it is.

School At Ninth’s: I hope y’all been enjoying this little section. Today I’ll be in Chapter 2 they give you so many activities and readings this is up there with 4 year colleges text work. I’m not ready for what they are throwing at me. Geesh😬🙄🤔🤯 brain gonna be overloaded by the end of the year. I still need to do the discussions activities I think. we will see.

Work On WIPS (W.O.W’s): Today imma try and get to my Preface for Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s. I’m also redoing my mapping map. Since I know what it should look like now. My map was long winded with dialogue like I was starting a first draft or something 🙄 (What am I doingPeople?)🙄😬😜🤣 it’s serious business being in these courses but it’s all fun too🤓. When I’m done with the preface to shanti imma do a Possibly Poetry or Story post. The story not gonna be short. Atleast I don’t think it will.

I’ve been working on this post for 3 hours Imma take a pause everyone and come back with Just Write Mo later today hopefully 🙏 we will see. Imma TTYL everyone be safe🚓👮🏽‍♂️😷 🦠and keep writing 📖✍🏾and stay warm🥶 Have a wonderful day today.🤩💛🤓✌🏼

🙏The Ninth Poetess,LLC🙏

September 22,2021 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day🐪🐫

Yellow Everyone Not Hello Yellow🥰💛LOL🤣🤣🤣 I had a friend who always said that greeting people and answering the phone. I would crack up laughing every time.

Dinner was 2.75 thin crust pizza 🍕 a few slices zero calorie lemonade 🍋

School At Ninths: Today I just did reading and barely did that but I found out the the Devices they were speaking of wasn’t electrical devices devices on how your using your words. Like Similes metaphor repetition Etc………. I got schooled today. I’m trying to figure out how to do the discussion section with the class. I need to upload my mapping map I came up with and actually I need to redo mines from looking at everybody else’s. But I asked the question do I need to do every discussion activity to get certified sometimes you just have to read through the lesson and that’s it but we will see. Because now I’m behind and I was trying not to get behind in studies . But that’s my dilemma today.

Today I slept most the day still did my studying though. The day wasn’t totally wasted. 🤓

Imma take a pause and get back to sleep 😴🥱 I feel narcoleptic and my nerves been stepped on today I need to sleep it off.

TTYL Friends and HeartBeats Family 🥰🥱😴💛🤓✌🏼

🐪🐫the Ninth Poetess,LLC🐪🐫

September 22,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🐢🍳🥔🌶👩🏽‍🍳💛🤩✌🏼

Top of the morning HeartBeats and Friends 🥰.How are y’all this morning? Happy First Day of Fall. Where did the summer go? Even though summer seemed to be here a long time because of the uptick in violent crime and natural disasters across the nation, Heck maybe the world. Maybe things will get better for the people across the world. Today imma have a bowl of berry crunch mix knock off brand, I don’t even know the real name of it, I guess I should look🙄 I was super drained and tired last night did not get up to write ✍🏾 I wish I did though. I have knew lessons today. If they don’t take too long I’ll go back and do my exercise I missed yesterday . I cooked firecracker potatoes yesterday and eggs 🍳 it banged I have leftovers imma whip up at lunch maybe I can find some Vegan Sausage to go with.

Imma Journal before School today. It helps my spirit to not hold in my frustrations. I don’t talk to many at home. But I talk to the World. Y’all are my listening ear when no one else there and I thank y’all Bless y’all.

School At Ninths: Today it’s literary devices we going over I hope it’s not too many sections so I can work on yesterdays Activity. Had a activity that asked you to go on a road trip to get inspired to write that’s a no go 🙅 in these Covid Days and Ages.

Imma get up and go make my bowl of cereal can’t think straight I’m so hungry. It is Hump Day so 🐪🐫The Happenings of Hump Day 🐪🐫will be posted later for the Most Part I’m jam packed with things to do today🤓🤩.

Bless y’all. Have a beautiful day today💛☀️Crank out some dope WIPS Have Fun on The Site I’ll TTYL 🥰💛✌🏼

🐪 The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐪

September 21,2021 📖✍🏾Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening friends and HeartBeats family 💗🥰

School At Ninths: Today I passed my quiz 100% ✅ I still have that activity to do that I may work on later tonight maybe after I sleep a little while. I’m Drained mentally and emotionally

I’m Having a bad day even though I should be happy with it. I deleted what I said about the situation I do not want no more issues or retaliation. 🙏 only beautiful and blessed days I want to see. How I feel about it ain’t doing nothing for the situation.

🙏Praying For my Security Safety and Peace🙏

😷Mask On Fo Life😷

🐈‍⬛🐆The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐆🐈‍⬛

September 21,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🥶🍁🐢👨🏽‍🏫✅☕️💛🙏✌🏼

Top of the Afternoon Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 ok I have some Outrageous info to Share this Afternoon 🤩 . If your in a pinch and want to save money on video equipment go to http://fivebelow.com or store in your town. They have the desktop mics, they have lighting equipment. And Headphones these items cost between 5-10 bucks you can’t beat it if your in a pinch and wanting to start a platform and think equipment too pricey fivebelow is where it’s at.🤩

Updated and archived writing prompts this morning Check it out it’s dope this week. 🤓

Before Class Today: I will be Journaling it’s needed today. I just hate how much it consumes my time.

School At Ninth’s: Today I’m on Section 2 Lesson 3 activity today is to write 300-500 words in the Main Characters Voice and give Descriptive Dialogue Which is perfect because what I’ve written seems to be first chapter material and I think I can start further back with more history of the main character-background. So imma be working on that today,

After Studies: I’m gonna be watching Conference taking notes. (Last Night I Went to sleep Early didn’t watch Conference last night. and got up at 6 am today Im well rested today. 🤩🤓)

What’s on the menu?: Stuffed Mashed Potatoes w/sautéed Mixed Veggies and Seasoned Shrimp

Welp let me start my day. Enjoy this beautiful breezy Tuesday make today count Crank out some dope WIPS Jump into Craft and or School work enjoy the site TTYL🥰🤩💗🤓📖✍🏾✅

🎙The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🎙

September 20,2021 🤓 Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings🥰 this afternoon was fun I worked on my studies, activities was to do Mapping and vision boards for your Topic in my case my Title/ Shanti: Princess Of The Savannas So I mapped the story today it helped me out with my Preface. Then i made a vision board for the four main characters in the story so I have Pictures of my characters just need to come up with Characters Profiles.

This information is probably for The Writers Journey but I need some prayers to go up for my mentor and best friend and her family she caught Covid. The Dang Unwanted got to my friend. 🤬I hate this Covid Ish. 🤬

Tomorrow I’m on section 2 lesson 3 then Wednesday Section 3 Lesson 1 Wednesday the start of Fall 🍁🍂🍁🍂 starting to get colder and seems like it’s dark 24/24. Also Blood& Water new series hits the streets this Friday I can’t wait I’m gonna get nothing done I may have to wait and watch it Sunday the Agony, I might not make till then if section 3 is Short I’ll be watching Friday or Saturday eyeballs glued to TV set , I’m binging Shadow and Bone I want to feel the fantasy world and the special effects in this series is awesome 🤩 and it’s a timeless historical piece. Perfection.

Welp imma start my evening I had a long day I may get up later and listen to some influencers on craft depends how I feel right now my anxiety is up sky high I just need to detox my surroundings the few hour I get each day ain’t enough. Thank Goodness for headphones (they don’t always work) I need a pill that cancels noise that would be nice 🥰 so imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💗 🥰🥱🍂

🎙The Ninth Poetess, LLC🎙

September 20,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🍳☕️😋👨🏽‍🏫📖🐆🐈‍⬛✅✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 had my breakfast already fried eggs vegan sausage coffee. Yesterday I rested right on through the night and early morning so no Just Write Mo or The Writers Journey yesterday I apologize. I may not be as consistent with post these coming days but imma try. I have a lot on my plate . School and Preptober and Conference and Nanowrimo but y’all will be informed my every step round about eventually. I think I’m taking on too much. I just don’t want to miss out on nothing. Like my eyeballs bigger than my stomach . Taking on too much. But don’t we all do that sometimes.🙄

*This morning my nerves bad but only for a little while it will get quiet in a hour. I need the break I get through out the week just wish it was longer maybe it will happen soon who knows? 🤷🏽Bless It*

School At Ninth’s: I will be working on Lesson 2 today 3 activities and readings then I’ll work on craft but first I have to Post on Twitter then Journal vent my frustrations with craft and life if I have any frustrations (And I do) I’m not gonna spend the whole day venting though but imma cleanse my aura today if that is possible Bless It.

Nanowrimo and School: I will be combining these two as I’m doing now it will be one of the same in November I think I’m working on either Mystery Writing or Editing Skills. This will be a treat🤓.

Today I’m cooking stuffed mashed Potatoes with mixed veggies and shrimp 🍤 depends if I feel like cooking today and cleaning . Or I’ll just have a can of Soup appetite not the greatest these days. Did have a decent sized breakfast though yesterday I ate very little had stomach pains yesterday. It was the medication I’m on. It always is.🙄

Welp let me start my day I gotta scoot on over to Twitter and say hello. Then Journal, ThenSchool/Craft. Then clean kitchen possibly eat. Maybe back on craft looking at old conference videos A Full Fun Filled Day🤓🤩TTYL Dearest Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰🤓💛✌🏼

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September 19,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🤯💛🏝🌻✌🏼

Top of the Afternoon 🥰 Yesterday evening was eye opening . I know speaking of or slightly believing in Folklore is Taboo but it’s spot on for these moments . Kind of shocking. I’m on a off day today wishing I was on a island cove at a beautiful Hotel eating fat shrimp and fruit 😋

Craft/Studies: Yesterday I did a exercise where before u write anything toward your story you vent on a page about all that may hinder your creativity. Then after you vent you start your craft. I think that’s a great habit to do. Today I’m off but imma still journal today. I’ve been laxed on doing journal entries lately. Got to get back on the ball. 🤓

I’ve been up since 5 am might be nap time. This morning I felt sick like I had a stomach bug and I’m scared to eat. I may have a bowl of tomato soup. I don’t even want grilled cheese with it. Had a bowl of Cereal hopefully it doesn’t tear my stomach in pieces. I know it’s mostly my medication. I did get my zero calorie sweetener it’s the best guilt free sweetener drink lemonade all I want, Been binging Blood&Water today September 24,2021 new season will be here. So get ready to binge have your snacks in hand🤩😍

I have a lot on my plate but imma get to all the things I’m planning on doing the rest of the year.

My nerves bad imma take a nap maybe I’ll wake up to a better space. Having your nerves stepped on all the time is a personal thing and I just need to figure it out. Its my problem (issue) I need to deal with and redirect the energy and I’m trying. Everyday. Imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats the yawns 🥱 just hit me like a sack of potatoes 🥔. Love y’all. I hope this nap don’t have me out all day. But it’s needed. I’ve been working on this post since 10:30 AM . Having a hard time with my thought I’m sleepy I’ll get back with y’all later with Just Write Mo. TTYL 🥰🤩🤓💛🥱✌🏼

💛The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💛

September 18,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings🥰 my day has been refreshing. And I’ve learned how to mesh my new novel I’m working on into the activities and assignment.

First To Hear It Here: New novel Title is: ( Shanti: Princess of the Savannas) As you know this new story is set in Africa. And I think I want it Set in either Ghana or Togo. I’m trying to decided I haven’t been to either country and I don’t know what would be determining factors. I guess which ever still have savannas or had savannas Im talking about land and animal 🐆🐈‍⬛🐆🐈‍⬛ I just have more research to do🤓 this is a Shape Shifter Novel and there’s folklore that’s shape shifters in Africa is Gigantic Spiders. My story shapeshifters turn into Savanna Cats and All Animals and the Protagonist is Princess of the village and land that they all own and they all in this village can Shapeshift its a interesting story I’ll post one day the Preface on Possibly Poetry Or Short Story later.🤓🥰

I’ve been googling Shapeshifter /Africa and came up with Anansi the god All of Stories and he takes the image of a Spider 🕷 I looked it all the way up because some folklore is scary. ain’t that something if he’s my Muse Fairy. They say to call your Muse your Fairy WOW that Deep Rooted in my Spirit and I’m scared of spiders in real life I can’t…. 🙄But I must🥺📖✍🏾🤓🕷? Anansi is a Two edge sword⚔️ . Some say he’s problematic and some say he A Teacher. If he Visiting me in spirit I hope he stays my teacher 👨🏽‍🏫🕷 im sensitive to spirit like I’ve said before. So this awareness all of the sudden could actually be ancestors trying to guide my imagination for my craft. Who know what’s going on. It’s too close for comfort to be afraid now. Whatever it is imma have to take it for what it is🙄🥺😬 while bracing myself Protect me and my aunt Almighty🙏🏾 Hopefully it’s nothing to be afraid of.

My nerves Bad ASH tonight taking me 4-5 hours to finish this post. Imma call it a night I’ve gotten sleepy I may be up early early morning and I’ll fill y’all in to what my day will bring. My off day tomorrow but I may work through it🤓 imma take a pause and TTYL Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰💛🤩✌🏼

🐈‍⬛🐆The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐆🐈‍⬛

September 18,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🙏🏾🐻🤎🤩🍁🥬🐴💛🌻🍔✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 Happy Cheese Burger Day including Vegan Versions Soy burgers the best remember in school the burgers they served the soy burgers BANGED on Bongos 😋 don’t know what they did to them burgers but it was perfection try and do it at home in your kitchen VOIDED You will come up short. They had all the fixings too. Even them Strong a** Onions 🧅 that set it off. Was I the only one Brushing my teeth after lunch? 😂

Welp I’m in school now and today imma have a BBQ Vegan Chicken Burger better than the opps. Homemade always better isn’t it?

School At Ninths: Today I have Three Sections of Assignments to do that imma spread over the next few days I don’t have new studies till the 22nd. So I have plenty time I have a feeling it’s gonna be full of writing Sprints that have nothing to do with my shapeshifter novel I’m working on. But I think it’s just training me to do writing sprints and that’s okay ✅ This may be a new segment for the Blog School At Ninths that’s pretty dope🤩 .

Craft: I’m going to get to this Shapeshifter novel that I have yet to name(No Title Yet) It is set over in Africa and I’ve never been there That’s a bucket list destination Dakar,Senegal has the museum I want to see. I feel if I see it in person I may faint from being in awe. It’s so beautiful. Then I want to go to Togo and Ghana. Talking about this got me wanting to watch this YouTuber named Wode Maya . He’s freaking Dope. High Energy Positive Travel Vlogger. Check him out🤩 I don’t know where in Africa I want to showcase I have to go by others or imagination. I have a family friend from Ghana he may be ideal to talk to. I also had a friend from Togo I lost touch with her. She told me a little bit about her family and her dreams of owning her own land and home she said you can buy acres and have your home built and it be gated that’s all anybody wants in life . She said it wouldn’t cost that much either but this was 16years ago.

Sorry I sent this before I was finished subconsciously finished my thought not writing this blog. But maybe I am. Let me get up and start my day I have to get on Twitter for a second today, then work on my studies and craft. Y’all have a Great Saturday 🤩💛🌻✌🏼I’ll be back later

💛The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💛

September 17,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🐻🥱🤎✌🏼

Greetings🥰 I’m spent I’ve only gotten through a piece of my assignments. I’m so sleepy. My fave coming on in a few Sarra Cannons Coffee Chat YouTube she’s needed today. imma keep it short you can go on over to my Twitter and check me out. Imma take a nap TTYL 🥰💗🤩🤎✌🏼

🥱The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥱

September 17,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 I’m up up when I should be sleep this morning I haven’t slept at all normally I’ve been to sleep and woke up by now, not tonight. Some things are bothering me thats why I’m up. I care not to vent I’m just praying and grieving 🙏🏾 that’s it. While I’m up I had my pill waited had the end of my coffee and some fruit. Today I have a class and assignment and preface and outlining to do. It says I could be finished with a novel by the time class is over. Not how I write But I guess it’s a deadline for me to stop my Procrastination 🤷🏽 heard that on a Writing Gals Vlog and it make a whole lot of sense. Its Fri What You Saaaayyyyyyy?????!!!!!!😂 How y’all doing? What y’all have planned this weekend I know imma have to change my schedule for working on craft I need new off days I might not have a off day maybe Sunday I don’t know 🤷🏽 I feel comfort and safety in sharing tonight. I don’t always feel safe at night it’s one of those nights. May it stay quiet Dear Almighty 🙏🏾 this month going too fast. Dont even have time to sleep people just up up everyday maintaining life no rest I get sick if I don’t sleep I can’t go without for too long. But my Anxiety up that’s why I’m up the way I am. Right now its perfect . I pray it stay this way. Because my nerves be popping through the pores of my skin. Bad like.

Welp let me watch the early early news. Like it’s not enough news programs in a day I’m watching the stuff before it even hits the streets good. A mess. 🙄😂welp let me get to it I be back with the HeartBeats later maybe after I do my classes have a wonderful morning have a pastry or eggs 🍳 and toast coffee. Love y’all 💗🥰🤎✌🏼TTYL

🐻‍❄️some things is better left unsaid just pray 🙏🏾🐻‍❄️

🐻The Ninth Poetess , LLC 🐻

September 16,2021 🚨The Writing Gals Conference Update🚨

Hello I found information on conference the link is https://the-writing-gals.teachable.com 🚨October 13-16 2021🚨 they are allowing you to view last years videos from the virtual conference before they upload this year .Have Fun.

🤓The Ninth Poetess, LLC🤓

September 16,2021 🤓Just WriteMo🤓

Greetings🥰 I actually finished a assignment and tomorrow I’ll have another one Imma start my with my preface and Outline to the Shapeshifter novel tomorrow I should finish Enaji-O but I’ll get to it eventually.🙄 it just seems right to start from scratch in this project assignment.

I spent time Talking about The Writing Gals on Twitter and they have been having some awesome segments on the craft of writing. YouTube: September 2,2021 When To Reset spoke to my spirit I feel I have been working on my Reset for 2-3 days but I’ve been ready for months. Writing Gals Conference October 13-16 2021Virtual Right now I’m trying to figure out what’s the link to the conference when I find out I’ll post.

Welp imma take a pause and talk with some People and see if I can find out when the conference link gonna be released. Bless y’all tonight Don’t be Afraid to Reset everyone it’s like shedding skin. It’s okay. Welp Imma TTYL I might be back later with the Writers Journey. TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

🥬🐴The Ninth Poetess , LLC 🥬🐴

September 16, 2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🥬🐴☕️🍳 ☀️🙏🏾🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 yesterday was refreshing to be back in the classroom.🤓 and this morning has been a blessing I know my mission and purpose is vital to people lives and I must not take that for granted and we help each other in the processes which is dope like a (tribe)family. I love y’all🥰💗🤗 . Now I’m trying to uphold my school assignment and it hasn’t necessarily got to where we can write write yet. But I want to start and I don’t know if I should wait or go for it. Then it says on the other hand to write everyday to keep up with class. But I haven’t got to a assignment yet to write write. I don’t know🤷🏽

I’ve had coffee and my 2.75 thin crust frozen pizza just a few slices my appetite is stunted these days. ( *Medication) Had my lemonade that I don’t need but I had to get off the Pepsi. I was drinking it like water. I need to get sugar substitute because of my diabetes so that’s on my list of to do’s. Some say it’s worst than the real thing. Imma take my chances.

To all my new Subbies and followers thank you for joining the HeartBeats family 💗 y’all are my HeartBeat.You keep me going.🥰

I’ll be back later possibly Enjoy your day my HeartBeats and Friends 💗

🥬🐴The Ninth Poetess🥬🐴

September 15,2021 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🐪🐫

Greetings .🥰 I’m taking The Beginners Writers Course First I’m signed up for the editing course in December The course is long just like your college class you would take at any campus USA. Learned a lot on what I already know and what I need to know too. Can’t wait on what I am gonna learn. I’ve already started the beginnings to the shapeshifter fantasy/ mystery novel I’m trying to rebuild from scratch. Signed up for mystery writing in November Ive been working all day and up since before 2 am ive gotten sleepy so I may come back later Bless Y’all if y’all are New to the Website today Welcome Have Fun keep coming back. I will TTYL 🥰💗🤎✌🏼

🐪The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐪

September 15,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🍏🐴📰🗞☀️🌇?☕️🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning HeartBeats and Friends 💗 🥰 where is my sun ☀️. It’s getting later and later the Arch Angels decide to cut the lights on. We didn’t get the memo . I guess it’s coming Fall will be here. Beautiful time of year🍁🍂🍁🍂 I didn’t want nothing on here. 📖✍🏾The Writer Journey 📖✍🏾has all the info for the day in it till 🐪🐫 The happenings of hump day🐪🐫 gets posted today. Imma take a pause and comeback later TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

🥬🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥬🐴

September 15,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 💗🥰 I got a new carrot in front of me maybe a Apple 🍏🐴 Today is the beginnings of me starting free online classes on the writing craft. something that will motivate and move me I feel stagnant. These classes are apart of the Resources Offered Through My Local Library. I Had To wait for this day to Start. Still don’t know what imma take but I’ll let all of you know this afternoon. This is something I can report about. 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🐪🐫gonna be fresh today🤩 I think I forgot to post Writing Prompts yesterday may post today yesterday I just took a breather. And I think that’s okay it shows we human. I think I’m doing pretty dang awesome to have some sort of content everyday whether it’s a writing day for me or not. And now including a school day🤩📖✍🏾 I took some of these classes before and received certificates after completion I think now they charging you for the certificate I may have to invest considering the course is absolutely free. You can’t beat it with a bat.

Welp imma start my day I’ve been up a while. imma try and stay up. Today gonna be a quiet day. Bless It Almighty🙏🏾 got a new activity to share on here Gonna have fun today. I love Creative Writing Courses. Imma get my certificate in it so I can be Certified and that’s alright with me.🥰🤩🤓

Welp Imma TTYL let me get my coffee may have eggs vegan breakfast sausage firecracker potatoes if I feel like cooking today if not a bowl of crunch berries mix not quite name brand cereals will suffice 🙄 🥣 TTYL Everyone 💗🥰

🍏🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🍏🐴

September 14,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Greetings again. They released my family from the hospital tonight they was just dehydrated tomorrow may be agitating or it may be quiet. I’m praying for quiet please Almighty. My nerves can’t take it I’ll hold in my scream and say some stuff I don’t mean under my breath I’m just frustrated with life I just need to live on my own away from others. I can’t live in a basement or middle apartment walking above my head is a no go. The pacing drives me out my skin. Love my family I need my space though. And I’m not Particularly ready for the move neither are they so it’s just hard right now. I haven’t even mentioned my plans. I’m just hoping each day gets bearable don’t make me love them less it’s just time to separate. Can’t live next to a loud individual actually I’m scared to move circumstances could be worse than it already is I’m just praying everyday is peaceful it hasn’t been too bad but then again I’m sleeping through my days which isn’t healthy but maybe it is🤔🙄🥱 this is the Journey of this Writer. Not sugar coating it. Just trying to live. And when I Write I Live Life. Can’t live if I’m sleeping my frustrations away to avoid my real intentions ( Moving) and moving needs to be prolonged so imma be sleeping a lot. (Not Okay) but I’ll be okay. As long as I keep my mouth shut.

Welp that’s life for now I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone stuck or Ground Hogs Day ( the Movie) but sleeping through it.

Imma TTYL imma try and make The HeartBeats 💗 light hearted and on Craft today and not life trials. I need to get over it. 🙄😭😤🤧😭🙄

🥕🐴 Always have something Positive to lead you away from the Unwanted things in life and may it nourish you and be everything you need🥕🐴

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess , LLC 🙏🏾

September 14,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 😭 I apologize I’m crying today I have a relative close to me in the hospital I praying 🙏🏾 for their healing. I’m praying it’s not Covid and I’m praying they don’t catch Covid while in there if they don’t have it. It’s scary.

Tomorrow it’s gonna be me and Enaji-O tonight while I’m up going to get supercharged on encouraging influencers. Welp let me get into my early morning already took my sugar pill 💊 and eye drops 💦😳😵‍💫 welp imma TTYL 💗🥰🤎🙏🏾✌🏼

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥕🐴

September 13,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🤩📖✍🏾🤓🚪🪟👟🥕🐴🎳🤘🏽🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 Happy Monday I did something today that I’m at peace with. It’s a good feeling🥰🤩🤘🏽

Today I may work on Enaji-O even though I feel under the weather imma try and press through today and my nerves is bad my day has gotta away from me its dang near over this morning I had eggs and firecracker potatoes for breakfast

I feel like I vented my guts out yesterday I barely feel like I have something to say today. I would love a plethora of followers and likes and downloads for the freebies. But in a way Ive been blessed just to be free to create on my own terms with no pressure of having such a following. At the same time not good for business. My platform is a Writing Resource and Entertainment . And I hope All that explore my the site enjoys and get something from it. Follow and like the site let me know what your working on I did have a group that did weekly meetups before Covid. Called the NOW Group and we had a ball. That’s what I want for the site. I want it to be a place to speak freely on your writing journey good days bad days I need for this site to be a special place because the group and site was created for a special person (mother) in my life that’s no longer with me anymore(died from breast/brain cancer). But having this platform is comfort. 🥰 I want everyone to enjoy their time spent on the site and let me know they had a great time. Say hello nice site some kind of positive reassurance. Would be nice but I’m not trying to beg.

Welp let me start my day Enaji-O is calling me 🤩TTYL have Fun Today On My Site. 💗🤎🤘🏽🤓✌🏼

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🥕🐴

September 12,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 you have to check out http://twitter.com get you a Twitter and look me up and follow . I said a lot today . Basically I was saying anything I publish will be freebie. I came up with this conclusion because I haven’t been getting many downloads and when I started my journey I was happy with NOW GROUP and my Craft without making a Penny and I started everything for reasons to heal my heart and soul from a ailing mother who passed fighting her behind off. I’m winning just from beginning everyday. Coming on my platforms sharing how I feel and what I’m doing. And knowing someone is enjoying my pieces everyday. Check out Smashwords Or Barnes &Nobles for Freebie on The Ninth Poetess Presents: Check me Out.🤩

I’ve been sitting here figuring out I need to scale back and come at this a different way. I figured H*** I’m giving away content for free they ain’t taking it they not gonna buy a thing from me. How discouraging? But I’m not gonna give up writing. I’m not gonna give up sharing I just need to change somethings and I’m okay with it. I’ll keep plugging away.

🚪don’t get too comfortable to not leap out the window if need be Have your sneakers 👟 on for Impact🪟

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥕🐴

September 12,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤎🤩🥕🐴🚪🪟🤘🏽🤓💛✌🏼

Greetings🥰 I have something’s to check up on this coming week. Most likely Monday. I need to figure out somethings and need to reach out to some higher ups to feel official.

Today is a off day and I don’t have a right to be bored with so much to do. Actually I’m more agitated than bored 😑. I just need my own space I think. Nerves getting bad as time go by.

Imma have to go to influencer channels today timelines for new content slowed down this weekend on YouTube imma have to look at some older content. That’s okay .

Welp dearest Friends and HeartBeats 💗 let me get to my afternoon enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody🥰🤩🤓 if this a work day for you rock it out🤘🏽📖✍🏾🤓take care loves TTYL 🥰💗🤓🤘🏽🤎✌🏼

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥕🐴

September 11,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings Everyone 🥰 Today wasn’t the greatest. I slept all day in hopes to get quiet. Nerves bad as h***. I need to figure it out . A medium. Something to balance everything out.

I had a 1.50 pizza in hopes it puts me back to sleep.

Now I’m dealing with bass booming cars it’s nerve wrecking they wrecking my nerves and probably my neighbors. Normally I sleep through it but I’ve been sleep all day. Everyday the booming bass and Cars idling gets on my last nerve.

I wish I could figure the concept out to work through your frustrations instead I’m wasting a day and venting about it. What a waste.😭imma sit back and see if I can find one of my favorite shows on YouTube tonight tomorrow might be a better day I can only hope. Bless y’all tonight. Love Y’all 💗🥰🤎🤩✌🏼

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥕🐴

September 11,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖✍🏾🤩🤎🚪🪟🥕🐴🤘🏽🤓✌🏼

Greetings. My nerves getting stepped on and I may sleep my frustrations away today I’m agitated today I had firecracker potatoes and eggs wish I had sausages welp my skin feels like it want to run off my bones my nerves so bad. I’ll be back on this post or Just Write Mo later on . TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

😵‍💫The Ninth Poetess, LLC 😵‍💫

September 11,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 I’m not gonna keep y’all tonight too long. Just want to say yesterday was a great day. Watched Sarra Cannon Coffee Chat got inspired. Read Author Level Ups post and he’s cranking out WIPS Left and Right so motivational and inspiring I also listened to a Alexa Donne Vlog. She was talking about having a team in so many words. Speaking life into my craft. Everyone I have watched or read tonight resuscitated me especially Sarra Cannon Statement today when she said do what’s right for you and your situation I felt that and that’s exactly what imma do. It’s about getting back up and being happy again in your craft. So today was Mind Blowing Eye Opening Awesomeness of a Day.🤩🤓 welp imma take a pause and comeback later with the HeartBeats 💗 TTYL🥰🤩🤎✌🏼

🎳 Strike down the Unwanted vibes and Have Fun on this Writing Journey 🎳

🚪The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🪟

September 10,2021 The HeartBeats 💗 🥰📖✍🏾🤩🥕🐴🤓🤘🏽🌻🤎✌🏼

Greetings🥰, Today I’m spent Last night was rough I was up late venting on my let down. But today I’m not even gonna front I’m spent. I need a minute or two or three to recharge. So if you Rocking with me you’ll see my shakes and moves so we can move and groove. 💃🕺 Gotta shake Off the Funk( Bad JuJu like my mentor said) I’m get the Juju off and do it by the books. I have a Attorney I’ve used in the past Imma consult and hopefully they can steer me in the right direction but I’m not ready I want a few books ready to be edited before I consult the Higher Ups. Because they are the Higher Ups. Sarra Cannon a Higher Up all the Influencers are. Sarra Cannon Got a New Coffee Chat Today imma go check out when I’m done posting and tweeting. I ended up tweeting within this post Dont go looking for Lifted Moon It’s Sites out there saying it’s for sale and it hasn’t even been published the site is fraudulent I don’t want y’all going to the site so don’t go looking for Lifted Moon If you want to see Poems check out my Author’s Page. Front page to the Site Possibly Poetry Or Short Story will be coming back. With poems from Lifted Moon. I’m okay with that. Welp let me head on over to YouTube and see if I can catch Sarra Cannons Vlog it may be over already. I Don’t Know🤷🏽 I feel good with my decision with Lifted Moon. It’s Gonna Be Released But not Traditionally. Hand picked poems will be showcased. Welp let me start my day and try to get out my funk. Absolutely Love Y’all💗

🚪when a door closes a window opens, don’t be afraid to make the leap🪟

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥕🐴

September 10,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 We not gonna talk about yesterday let downs. Today brand new. So what is on the agenda today . It very well could be Preptember 🤔😏🤩 Sarra Cannon started a vibe for me. I’m grocery shopping for the same carrot 🥕 she got and putting it in front of me to finally finish that WIP and She’s Finished plenty a WIP. Love Sarra Cannon🥰 it’s okay to prep before the prepping to make sure you all the way together and ready for November. Heck even practice in October writing sprints if you have never done a full writing sprint before find you a Pomodoro on YouTube and practice to finish it out. Use this time to build you a Whole Team of educated and experienced people behind you that support your writing journey agents lawyers editors formatters Beta Readers etc. get your armor for the publishing war out there. That publishing world out there has piranhas and barbed wire and infested waters have a ship or a bridge to pass through . Make it easy for yourself. Have help. Especially if beginner publisher don’t even need to be first time could be tenth time I think seasoned writers are writers on there 19-20th books they know the ropes blind folded got somebody on speed dial if they run into a snagfuse to get them out a jam. Imma be on that myself ( getting my team together) not just a formatter you need much more than that. Although my FormatterRocks I need more than they can not offer. And seeking Legal Advice is exactly what imma do. They will steer you in the right direction to a agent maybe even local . Or near by. I’m praying I find a agent local. I said I wanted a agent before I published once before what made me rush was 🚨I saw that a site had my book Lifted Moon and description maybe even price points hell it knew more than I did and I wrote the book and it had the Release day today well yesterday I did not sign up for that exposure hopefully they take it down. 🚨Don’t Go Searching for the Book It’s Says It’s Published yesterday then when you click on it to view or buy computer jargon pops up like it’s a virus don’t click or search for my book I did not set that up I think I know who it is but I’m not saying because I don’t want lawsuits I clicked on the doggone link and I better not get a virus on my device real talk. Might have to change the name of the daggone book WOW that’s why people change book names. Like a friend said to me today Bad JuJu. 😵‍💫😳😬🚨

Welp imma take a pause and comeback later with the HeartBeats 💗. Imma talk with y’all later today bless y’all morning . 🥰🤩

🥕🐴The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🥕🐴

September 9,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

🚨Dont Know When Lifted Moon Gonna To Be Published😭🚨 I’m so sorry everyone I really thought it was a few minor things it’s a ish storm like one of them Hurricanes brewing full of problems I’m trying not to have nothing that’s been copyrighted and trademarked in the book. I ain’t trying to be sued before I even make a single penny and it’s some sharks out there I bet. Truthfully I rather it be A freebie but how much I’m spending fixing mistakes and the different formats im needing I might not even break even on books sold. I’m afraid and I’ve attempted to publish today was stopped by copyright rules and regulations. No one thinks about that when they creating a masterpiece Heck I’m Small Potatoes 🥔 it would be me someone or thing would make a example of. Welp I guess I’ll face the music on Twitter They Gonna Be Upset I Bet not more upset than me . I’m Pissed and on A Special Day the Ninth Day in The Ninth Month and I’m Ninth How embarrassing ? gonna have to wait till next year to publish and I would be Happy with that. I’m not Perfect by a long shot anyways though no matter how much I try or what this site might look like The site might look perfect I ain’t. At times I wish I was and that could be the problem, who knows? But, What a daggone let down today. Welp let me inform the masses Family everyone is family today friends too. It’s been a hard day. 😭😵‍💫😭😵‍💫

TTYL 💗🥰🙏🏾😭😵‍💫😭✌🏼

🙏🏾😭The Ninth Poetess,LLC 😭🙏🏾

September 9,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🙏🏾🤓🤩✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 💗 sorry I’m on here a little late I’ve been conversing with my formatter hopefully today is publishing day. We will see. Lots of stuff happening today. I’m just happy I’m up up today🥱😳 There’s over 5 different Hurricanes Brewing soon y’all be safe please the world seems to be in a uproar between rising Covid cases wild fires mud slides flooding hurricanes and Tornadoes and earthquakes and Gun violence and drunk drivers don’t know what’s gonna take you out first. It’s a mess. I’m praying for us all to be in a safe place these next several days Bless all of us.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Welp imma head on over to Twitter and explain what’s going on today I’m waiting on Formatter and I’ll possibly work on Enaji-O too. I feel good today very rested in good spirits🤩imma rock it out. 🤘🏽🤩🤓

Welp imma take a pause friends and family I’ll be back with Just Write Mo in a few. TTYL🤩💛✌🏼

🎉The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🎉

September 8,2021 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day🐫🐪

Didn’t too much happen today 😒😟😞 probably because I was up late last night my sleep is all over the place. I did reach out to my formatter again no reply yet. I hope she be able to finish on time I’m so worried and it all my fault I’m rushing her. I hope she’s able to respond soon. I want some Honey Nut Cheerios or Some Captain Crunch with Berries don’t even need to be name brand or some Frosted Flakes. Or some Raisin Bran. If you don’t eat cereals I don’t trust you. It’ll fill you up in a pinch. I even eat Oatmeal w butter and brown sugar and raisins .

Today I spent sleep from depression and frustration from getting the interior of the book done. Hopefully tomorrow is better. It’s a pretty special day tomorrow for me. Im just trying to mosey over this Hump trying to save face and I don’t think it’s working today. I feel defeated today. Like I gained all my weight back I lost. ( I didn’t) I just feel let down family. I should have got up today. Instead I checked out of my reality. I’m sure everyone can relate. I realize I probably check out more than most and that’s gonna have to be okay because I can’t deal with anymore( it really ain’t okay but I ain’t gonna deal with it now) 🥱😵‍💫🤔 I feel like I wasted a day. I want to know why I feel so bad on days I don’t write because I know Im far from perfect today just wasn’t a writing day for me that’s all.

Welp I now we have some Oatmeal’s I’m go make a bowl. I need that comfort meal I had a small 1.50 pizza today it did the trick but that was hours ago. Maybe I can find a dried fruit mix for my dish Don’t know 🤷🏽

🐪🐫I hope y’all got over the hump today. Bless y’all🙏🏾🐪🐫

Imma take a pause TTYL my Dearest Friends and HeartBeats Family Love Y’all💛🥰✌🏼

🐫💛The Ninth Poetess , LLC 💛🐫

September 8,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I had to do some adjustments to Lifted Moon. I Had to take out majority of my morbid poems. I definitely not ready to leave the earth just yet but I have my days sometimes where it just better out than in and that may not be the best thing for y’all’s eyeballs. So I removed some and added some. Y’all not gonna know the difference well I hope not🤓. I put a big snagfoo on my Formatter plate I hope she can fix it by Thursday. or the book will be pushed back till it’s perfect.

Today is The Happenings On Hump Day 🐪 let’s see what all can get done today Friends and Family make today special there will not be a Just Write Mo today the happenings on hump day will take its place. 🐪 do what makes you happy today in craft. Stay in a good mood today. Get over the hump and take someone over the hump with you y’all both winning today, tag team today. Don’t let it get away from you. Because it will be gone before the race even start, bless y’all this morning Start Anew.

🐪Get over the Humps stay away from the Dumps🐪

🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎

September 7,2021 🚨Possibly Poetry Or Short Story Updated🚨

The poem is called Sugarfree it will be in Lifted Moon. This is the last peeksee from Lifted Moon. I hope you enjoy.

🚨Reading back over Lifted Moon I know some of y’all may not approve or dislike a couple of my poems. And I have to be okay with that. It’s different strokes for different folks. And none of us is perfect. And some is personal to me like mentioning that I want to be cremated when I pass away and transition is personal that’s in a poem of mines that’s far off into my future on my dying day by a crematorium. Free me of a sick tired body when the time comes not now I’m vibrant and very much alive. So I don’t need extremist trying to fulfill some crazy dream or destiny to see how they can set Little Ninth on Fire because it’s in a poem and it’s mentioned. Poetry is NonFiction based on realness but don’t act out my poems please not like that it’s gonna get you jail time and I ain’t trying to get hurt or die no kind of way. 🚨

I might take that particular poem out I don’t know. It’s kind of risky.

With The Deepest Regards,

🚔The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🚔

September 7,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Good evening everyone 🥰💗 Today has been an Epic day I have I used a Holiday Pomodoro that got me in the Spirit. It was nice and tranquil to me and my Muse I started late but I finished on a high note. I worked on Enaji-O for 1.5 hours that’s writing and research. The Baecation their on is really a big business trip for the men in the story now and the women just tagged along in hopes they have some fun. Y’all will never Guess where they are in the world. It’s off the beaten path don’t hear too much about this place. It’s kind of pricey this country too. I’m having a ball creating. 🤩🤓

Guess what ladies and gentlemen the Library of Congress: National Book Festival starts September 17,2021 -September 26,2021 you can search YouTube under Library of Congress or PBS Books to see what’s the Festival is all about. 🤩Always Have Fun💗

Sarra Cannon over on her HeartBreathings channel posted a reminder to all of us. Next month is Preptober for the Original Nanowrimo 🤓📖✍🏾 1. Prep month March /*April: Camp Nanowrimo. 2. Prep Month October /*November: Nanowrimo She’s Prepping already which may be a great idea while it’s fresh on the brain.

Ways to Prep for Nanowrimo:

1.Get Your Writing Utensils(pens markers pens laptop typewriter tablet notebooks post it index cards etc)

2. Read books on the writing craft get a writing prompt book. Get books that teaches fictional genre writing like romance or urban fiction Etc…get books that teaches screen writing etc.

3. Watch and subscribe to AuthorTube Influencers learn what they know about the craft.

4. Find Pomodoros that fits your speed and Timeframes.

5. Find which program your gonna be using to write on and in. Like: a. Milanote b. Google Drive c. Microsoft Word d. Scrivener e. Story Lattice etc…..

6. Get a Journal and a Daily Planner to write your journey out and to keep you oiled and running with a carrot in front of you Leading you on.

This is a few things to do not everything you’ll still need to find a place in your home or out in the community that’s quiet you can write. And you still need to find a special time to write. And I’m sure I’m forgetting somethings.🙄 🚨Do your own Researching Too Please…🚨

Today I ate my 3 dollar frozen pizza the best it was thin crust and yummy 😋 I may have fruit for a sweet treat tonight or save it for breakfast we will see.

To be honest I forget if I tweeted this morning or not imma check if I did I’ll wait to tweet tomorrow . Imma take a pause and comeback much later when I take my sugar pill in the morning or late night with the Writers Journey TTYL🥰💗🤩🤎✌🏼

🗓there’s always a tomorrow if you there for it or not its a must you show up for it and show out it’s your blessing on the line.🗓

🔗The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🔗

September 7,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾⏳🌼☀️☕️💛✌🏼

Top of the morning 🥰🤩☀️ I’m pumped and Ready for the day. 📖✍🏾🤎🤓 I’m watching this travel destination show on Netflix it’s mind blowing. But imma get up and start my craft in a minute the house is quiet I have no excuses yesterday I posted New Weekly Writing Prompts early so I would have all day to work on craft. I’ve been up since 7am was woken up thankfully I needed to start my morning.

Start your day Friends and HeartBeats Family. Break out a Timer or Pomodoro and dive into your Protagonist world. Make today count. Need motivation watch a few KA Emmons Vlog / Podcast. I watched one this morning so I’m ready no excuses my Muse is ready and set. Imma eat some fruit for breakfast so I don’t starve while writing. I’ll have a 3 dollar frozen pizza later. Just as good as fast food but cheaper might be more healthy too. Who knows🤷🏽

Welp I’m about to tweet for the day follow me on over there. These few little hours go so fast. I need to be ready right at 8:30am time going fast as a jet plane this morning/afternoon. I got a couple dailys to do too . So let me start my day. I’ll be back later TTYL🥰🤎🤩✌🏼

🌼The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌼

September 6,2021 🤓Just Write Mo 🤓

Good evening 🥰 I’m dealing with hot rods tonight. I swear sometimes my block be the Indy 500 it’s nerve wrecking my anxiety goes up to the stratosphere .

Today I posted the new writing prompts and archived them you can check out Go For It Tuesdays early I hope ya’ll enjoy them🤩

Go on over to Twitters and get filled in . The Ninth imma attempt to publish Lifted Moon we will see what happens I have a second Poetry Collection called The Mind of a Deep Ocean. This collection is more complete than Star Gazes . So I may wait a minute for Star Gazes to be published.

If you don’t eat green and black olives 🫒 I can’t trust you. Snacked on a few with some pepper jack cheese slices yummo I had my shrimp popper some seasoned fries 🍟 soda 🥤 excited for my weight loss I haven’t been over indulging myself or eating fast food all the time. I’m gonna continue to be mindful because it can easily get packed back on and I ain’t down with that.

I spent the day searching for my shapeshifter novel and came up empty handed . Found some other wonderful things like my family wedding pictures. Pictures of my mom and grandma who ain’t here with us no more. They were so happy and so proud that day. My mom was still in remission she had hair. Not her Sisterlocks she had when the cancer came back she had beautiful hair long and thick and had to cut it all off. So that tell me a lot about the timeframe the picture was taken.

Welp imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey Maybe or the HeartBeats 💗 TTYL 🥰🤩🙏🏾🤎✌🏼

🫒The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🫒

September 6,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🤩🌻☕️🍤🍟🥤🤎🙏🏾✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰🤩 I got some interesting news 📰 this morning. I’ve been informed http://poetry.com is back to stay. The new owners even said they may be able to retrieve old poems today I will be checking to see if I can retrieve some poems I had on there. I was so upset they left how they did. I wish I could upload the email they sent go check out the site I will be doing the same.

I’ve been getting motivated watching influencers imma dive into something today if I can I may wait till Tuesday it will be quieter. I’m gonna work on Enaji-O today. If my nerves don’t get stepped on and I resort to slumber for quiet I may be able to work through the Unwanteds

Imma be making my Fried Shrimp Poppers and mustard dipping sauce so delicious 😋 my aunt love my shrimp dish, I may fry up some Aldis Seasoned Fries too not too many though. Moderation is key,

What a perfect day to write ✍🏾 today. If you can get peace and quiet take advantage of it. If not enjoy your family and the holiday and write tomorrow. Eat good and have a ball with family. Maybe even see if family would read some of your work. If they are avid readers. Let your family know your a Writer/ Author. If you feel comfortable let them know.

Welp let me sit here and wait till the Arch Angel’s to cut on the Lights. Speaking of the Lights I have a Novel I’ve Started called The Lights it’s a Sci-Fi it’s freaking dope🤩 I have so many WIPS that need Attention not enough hours in the day not enough days in the year. Imma plug along though. Welp imma TTYL 🤎🤩🙏🏾✌🏼

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

September 5,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🤩📖✍🏾⏳🤓🤎🏋️💪✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰🤩✌🏼 Got Some Fantastic News I am down 19 pounds Bless It.🙏🏾🥰 I’m working on it I’m praying these pounds stay off it’s been so long I feel like I’ve been losing the same 30-40 pounds for 10 years. It time to lose more and keep it off. I’m so happy🤩

Let’s get into craft: Last night I watched KA Emmons and they gave me life 3 am this morning you gotta go watch their most recent video on YouTube. Refreshingly needed/ I read some more last night and did my eye drops took my pill then went to sleep fairly early woke up at 3 am ate something 3 dollar imitation crab meat in butter. really flake Fish SSH!!!! Don’t tell nobody….🤫😳🤣 what am I gonna eat today I want some shrimp Poppers I just don’t feel like cooking. My aunt made vegan meatball potato roll hoagies I might indulge. I believe my change from eating ground beef and beef period has stopped the gaining plus I don’t even eat pork or chicken that often if I do it’s a special treat Take Out Food most likely. Popeyes or Chinese or Ribs and no Ribs for the Holiday I don’t think It’s up to my Aunt. She’ll break her vegetarian state for Ribs once in a blue moon but we both doing good on our weight loss journey might be some vegan tacos in the near future.

Today my day off most likely I’ll watch AuthorTube on YouTube get my motivation up for the week Chris Fox got some I’ve been itching to watch also Jenna Moreci and Reedsy.

Last week I forgot Go For It Tuesdays. Forgot to Update the Prompts. Figured it out Friday too late. Y’all gotta be interactive with me let me know these things. 🤷🏽🤎

Welp let me start my day I’m gonna tweet on Twitter in a few after I figure out what imma eat with the less dishes I can mess up. Tired of doing Dishes. Bless it. Most likely the vegan meatball concoction my aunt cooked. Most likely without the bun add kettle bbq chips Dollar tree ones bangs save a dollar or two and buy a extra bag with that 3 bucks a bags on a grocery store brand. Get two bags and pocket a dollar or buy a liter bottle of Pepsi. Dollar Tree is the real deal see what specials your Dollar Store Have and stock up and save a dollar or two.

Welp imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey or maybe Just Write Mo depends how much I do today. TTYL 🥰🤎🙏🏾✌🏼

🌻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌻

September 4,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖😳🤩🍔🥤🍍🤎🙏🏾✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 💗🥰 hello I’ve been reading Linette King book and I’m having the time of my life. It’s really good got me engaged had to tear myself away to eat and post. I had a vegan burger soda and a sweet treat fresh pineapple hope y’all having a great day. Imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats it’s a off day enjoy y’all’s day today.🥰🤎TTYL 💗🤩✌🏼

I may watch one of my favorites programs today it has horses in it. If you don’t like horses 🐴 I can’t Trust you.

🤠The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤠

September 3,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Good Evening Friends and HeartBeats Family 🥰💗 I read part of the book I’ve been reading it’s pretty interesting. I love it. 🤩🥰 tomorrow imma try and stay up long enough to work on craft. Tonight I’m spent. Get into a novel take yourself a trip and enjoy yourself. Bless y’all enjoy y’all’s evening. Get Ready for tomorrow🤩 TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎

September 3,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello, today my off day so I’m not upset nothing got done. I’m upset I could have worked more this week. Maybe next week will be more productive. I need to rewrite my contract to myself . I’ve had my cheap pizza 🍕 today I’ve slept most the evening because I like quiet It gets quiet when I sleep . Watched a movie this morning it was really good a love story maybe I’ll write tomorrow morning instead watching programs. Imma take a pause I haven’t done much today. Imma take my eye drops and wait till it’s time for the sugar pill bless y’all I hope your day has been more productive my day went by like a blur. I’ll be back tomorrow with the HeartBeats or Writers Journey later tonight if I get in to something on writing tonight. Bless y’all have a safe night have a quiet night TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🙏🏾

September 3,2021 The HeartBeats 💗😍📖✍🏾⏳🙏🏾☕️😬😵‍💫🥊✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 this morning went without a hitch.☺️ I’m thankful I’m still praying for my family and her husband they out on holiday to renew their vows and celebrate their anniversary. What a Beautiful Event?🥰🤎

Today is a off day anything I do today is gravy on my vegan patty with onions and homemade mashed potatoes stuffed mashed potatoes today maybe I don’t know🤷🏽 I had a sweet treat this morning fruit a nectarine it was pretty good too. And had thy coffee concoction. Handled some daily’s that’s why this.post is late and I got caught up in a movie this morning too. Wonderful love story about a painter ultimately finding his Love and his Muse. Loved it. Yes I’m a Netflix Junkie got my fix today😬😵‍💫😳😂🤣. Now I got to go to work the movie inspired me so much it was a lovely love story . I’m enjoying this morning afternoon wish it could stay this way. 🤫ssh … nice and quiet. 🥰 I need a get away just me a writing retreat I would love one but right now I need to start utilizing my time better and write at a drop of a dime before I go on a Holiday 🙄 I’m not quite there yet. And that’s okay. Welp let me start my afternoon. I may be on Twitter today I may not depend if I work on Craft today.

Imma take a pause and comeback later with Just Write Mo Or The Writers Journey start your Journey today take yourself on a imaginary trip this trip is free and you can create friends to join you from Writing a new WIP. Have Fun this weekend🤩🥰 TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

🚨Today is Do it Anyways Fridays. Don’t Feel like doing something today, Do it Anyways. It’s blessing yourself or someone else. Good is Good Always🥰🤩🙏🏾🚨

🥊The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🥊

September 2, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

It’s kinds of too late for Just Write Mo . I Did Write Mo Though thankfully. I’m up late today praying like the Higher Ups my family needs safety this morning. They need to stop making cars out of tissue paper card board and rubber cement all cars need to be bullet proof and shatter proof vehicles it’s more traffic than usual tonight which has my anxiety up but I might know why . My Uncle and his blasted new car pulled up yesterday. Gave a change in the atmosphere wish he never came over here in his car. God should have made us humans harm proof it’s just scary and makes me worry 😬😵‍💫

Today I worked on 2 poems 1. Say Goodbye To The Sandman 2. Armageddon I wrote these two because that’s what’s going on . Seems like the end of the world happening and the Sandman want me to sleep through it. Bless It.

I like when it storms but not so bad my electric goes off. 🌨🌧🌦☁️☀️

Welp I’ve Tweeted tonight go check it out everyone at Twitter http://twitter.comStill learning Twitters. That’s okay. Search for TheNinthPoetess😌

Welp imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats and Just Write Mo. TTYL Love Y’all 🥰🤎✌🏼

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🙏🏾

September 2,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾☕️🙄💦😳😣🥺🙏🏾🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 💗🥰 yesterday was a high stressor day I slept it off. I did journal how I felt yesterday was terrible I still feel the same today. Can’t shake of these bad vibes it’s awful!!!

Enjoy y’all’s day I’m not feeling well this morning and I not in good spirits today and I feel like crap. I’ll add to this post later I feel narcoleptic .

I will update this post later or I may leave it how it is and start a new. TTYL Enjoy y’all’s day be productive more than me. Imma get it together one day hopefully don’t count me out I still have some day left I may not Tweet today I don’t know then again I may tweet something it don’t take much to tweet a line or two. ( probably be more than that) enjoy this beautiful day TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

🥊Dont Count Me Out🥊

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

September 1, 2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🐫🤎☕️⏳⏲ 💦🙄😣😳🤧🍤🍟✌🏼🤎

Top of the morning everyone 💗 It’s Hump Day Everyone 🐫🐪🐫 what a way to start September ? I love it 🥰. I’ve had my coffee Tweeted extra early this morning. Check out Twitters. I plan on using a pomodoro today. I have work today and I’m up up finally. My Muse gave me the tools this morning to start. I have no excuses. Imma start with journaling then Star Gazes then start outlines for the two new WIPS.topics 1. Spirits 2. Sandman . I have some work to do today so imma get started. Imma take a pause and start my day Friends and HeartBeats. Start the month off Strong. TTYL🥰🤎✌🏼

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

September 1,2021 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🐫🐪

Top of the morning Friends And HeartBeats💗🥰 what a day to start off the month of September 🥳🎉🎊 imma try and stay up and work on Star Gazes hopefully the Sandman leave me alone today. I feel like I’m sleeping like a newborn baby maybe I’m working out my grieving by sleeping I don’t know. I feel my moms spirit with me always maybe it’s draining my life feeling spirit all the time. 🤷🏽I don’t know🤷🏽 just speculating. This would be a wonderful horror or sci-fi or Spiritual Novel what if the spirit I feel isn’t my mother but another entity unknown beknownst to me. That guides me to a dark or a light( good) destiny. Could make a series that have good /evil variations of this story plot. See how your Muses will show up you just have to roll with it now I have a new project to definitely get down and out of me but instead of new WIPS I want to finish the ones I’ve started. My procrastination is getting under my skin and I wish it would leave my being. Instead it getting deeper while I’m digging for it to get out. Today imma make some shrimp poppers with hot mustard dipping sauce. If you don’t like mustard or hot mustard sauces I can’t trust you. You gotta try it mix it with some honey if it’s not already a sweet sauce. Lit 🔥 ASH😋 What do you have on the agenda today? Im working on 1. Write in Star Gazes 2. Write a novel seriesOutline around my experience of having spirit following me but make it Fictional .3. Give the series a name. I have plenty to do today that’s not even including Tweeting for the day. Which I may do that after I post this post. Welp imma take a pause I’ll come back later with the HeartBeats bless y’all have a beautiful morning get your coffee and your breakfast so you have energy for your day. TTYL 🥰🤎✌🏼

🐫🐪The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐪🐫

August 31, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

❌No Just Write Mo tonight because I need to Write Mo!!!❌

Good evening Friend’s and Family 💗🥰 Tomorrow is the 1st of September 🤎🗓 what y’all gonna do for it? Is there any September babies out there? Happy Birthday my September babies. 🎂🧁🎊🥳🎉 try to work on craft that includes reading and editing do what makes you happy. I’ve been sleep all day. I checked out and I might do it again . I think I’m overwhelmed with my craft and I keep checking out(sleeping) with the sight of it. 🤷🏽I don’t know🤷🏽 I’m just trying to figure me out these days. Well imma start my night. Y’all have a beautiful quiet evening Be safe and I’ll TTYL🤎🥰✌🏼

🐢go at your own pace at your own time the cosmos set for you go when your Muse shows up and that could be any time and be okay with that there of. it’s no race and it’s only you you need to impress. Bless your pen( mind spirit Muse) TTYL 🙏🏾🤎✌🏼🐢

🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎

August 31,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾💦🙄😩🤧😳🥺🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning in the afternoon🥰💗 I’m gonna have anxiety all day on Friday. I’m not gonna worry till then because I’ll be a wreck all week. Wish it could be avoided . I feel like I’m voiceless can’t change decisions for others they gonna do what they gonna do. It’s just dangerous and selfish I’m not happy about it. I don’t feel so good today nothing getting done today. I guess that’s okay, it’s gonna have to be. If you haven’t felt very productive in your WIPS and ventures you not alone it is awful. I wish everyday was productive I have no serious reason not to write more. The world is my oyster 🦪 each and every day. Better yet my Scallop I don’t eat oysters ive heard smoked oysters are tasty 😋 I’ve never tried them. I may read tonight get into this story I started weeks ago take my mind off of Friday I fear for my family safety. So imma be praying all week🙏🏾 welp imma try and enjoy today last day of August and I feel like the weakest link🙄 hence my Don’t Break The Chain Contracts To Self not Fullfilled Fully. I might need to upgrade my contract again why is it if I’m not writing everyday or if I’m not writing when I tell myself to write in a contract to self I feel defeated and or bad or guilty about not writing? It has to be a better way without feeling forced. Muses come when they come just have to be welcoming. And working through emotional or mental stressors is easier said than done unless your working on a book ( poetry,memoir) venting and unafraid to be raw and unfiltered. Welp imma get into my evening Be safe have a quiet beautiful evening. Don’t worry about Today start all over Tomorrow and try again and repeat. Love y’all 🥰💗🙏🏾🤎✌🏼

🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻

August 31,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

What a Rainy Quiet night. Love it as long as our electric stays on. Our weatherman man done took his jacket off and rolled his sleeves up like he going to war. It’s starting to rain heavy now maybe even hail. Been up an hour or so took my pill 💊 waiting to talk to my formatter then again I may just go with who I wanted to go with in the beginning I don’t know Amazon like to lock you out of your own page. I don’t need that that sleep did me some justice. I knew I would be up late right now it’s storming I thought I’ll let y’all know. Scared for my electric.

It’s the last day of August what do you have planned? It should be EPIC. Finish strong. My eyes dealing my a fit. These drops get on my nerves😢😬💦🙄😳🤧😣😫😩🥺 feels like my eyes swollen I know they aren’t it’s the daggone drops.sorry off topic.

Imma try and work on craft today imma stay focussed if my eyes not dealing me a fit I’m sleep it off with that being said I hope y’all enjoy your early early morning bless y’all stay safe work on Craft .TTYL 🥰🤎✌🏼

🤷🏽Might stay up don’t wanna have my sleep crazy again I don’t know 🤷🏽. I’m back on track.

💦The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💦

August 30,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello , Hello I have a change in plans I think. I may be publishing through Amazon if I do this Lifted Moon May or may not Be FREE Ebook or 99 cents but you’ll get just the print book no extras for 9.99 if you buy through me it will still be 29.99 plus shipping/tax but your getting metal/brass feather bookmarks and Book signing personalized with my thanks and appreciation just for you. I’m so sleepy now I feel like I’m narcoleptic.🥱🙄 trying to listen to the news. But I think imma miss it today I get the news later if I’m up. Most likely It will be a storm coming tonight. Makes me nervous. Because they way our electric source is made up you blow on it the wrong way we be in a black out for 3-4 days. Been there. Welp imma take a pause and comeback late tonight hopefully after the storms pass us. Today I was in process of setting up publishing at Amazon I have to talk to my formatter we will see what happens. I feel like I’m playing leap frog where imma land next thats the best place to publish I’m spent and need help like anybody else imma talk to my mentor more about it. Just nervous welp imma TTYL Family and Friends 💗🤎🐻🙏🏾🥱✌🏼

🌦The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌦

August 30,2021 The HeartBeats 💗 🥰📖✍🏾🤩🥱🙏🏾🌇🌦🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning 🥰💗 I’ve been up up since yesterday I thought I might be able to get some winks Nada said the Almighty. but imma lay it down after this post I feel my anxiety rising. I Tweeted first today and you gotta check it out. I mentioned the cost of Lifted Moon like I told Twitter Lifted Moon Ebook is FREE and Print copies gonna be pricey 29.99 plus shipping and tax And you have to request a print directly with me through my contacts us page on the website. Most likely the page for Lifted Moon will look like the Freebie page . But it will be a request a personalized print version contact us and download free ebook version

Today imma go through my notebooks and see what needs to be added to files I see where I began writing dialogue where I’m at in the outline of Enaji-O the story most likely gonna change some from the outline. it was refreshing finding old WIPS this morning I have yet to find my shape shifter story imma keep looking.

This sun light has me up up like I’ve had 8 hours of sleep like something came over me I guess that’s okay it’s super bright out. my anxiety is up this morning I just need to stay in my bubble and don’t worry about the outside world. Can’t control any of it no ways. Soon as I get curious and start looking out windows my nerves get bad and my anxiety goes up. I just need to sit my nosey self down somewhere. And stop looking out the window

Welp let me start my day I have some notebooks to go through. Busy day today have a beautiful day today y’all make today count because it does. Plan out your September these last 2 days get acquainted with your Muse and Rock out . TTYL🥰🤩🥱✌🏼

🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻

August 30,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗🤩 my nose is draining and I know it’s from the eye drops getting into my glands. I don’t feel sick it’s irritating and uncomfortable. I feel better as I posting this post though. 😢😫😩🤧 I counted how many WIPS I got going on and I’ve got a few. Imma name them. Enaji-O The Adventures of Enaji, The Dragon Gang:The Dealings of Monster & The Big Man Book 2 of Enaji-O Series, Bossie: An Omaha Love Story, Nola Dupree : A Crime Story, Star Gazes:Poems of The Ninth Poetess, The Brothel :Story of the Precious Gems 💎, Ninth’s Family Legacy Cookbook, Changed the name of The Black Lagoon Crew to:The Onyx Star Crew, From The Fire To The Sky, The Merry Go Round, Tackle My Heart, The Lights, Sugar ( Cleaning House) and it one I lost along the way but I have two places to look for it. It’s actually my Shape Shifter Novel I started Don’t remember the name of it just remember how it goes. I got more than a handful I’ve started unfinished WIPS and more than this because Some are Series I need to finish a novel after Lifted Moon I’m thinking Enaji-O will be the next book published but it’s gonna take some time. I’m nervous about Beta Readers I’ve had some experiences and got my anxiety up higher than the price of meat in the meat department at the grocery store. We will see what happens. I was gonna post on Twitter tonight but I may post in the morning first so check for me in the AM on Twitters. I think Twitter is fly and dope. When I got on Twitter years ago it was nothing how it is now . I have a reason to be on Twitter for one For two I kind of understand the concept of Twitter before I was Clueless. It’s dope.

🚨Sorry for the uniformity of the words I couldn’t stop the bold lettering.🚨

🚨Spoiler Alert: the story I lost I need to find. The backdrop is in Africa and I was saving for a special time to do my research on where in Africa I wanted to Showcase and be Authentic in writing for the reading experience. I have a Aunt and Cousin who went to Africa for their Bucket List I want to go to see the tall family statue museum there I forget the name. Most people want to see where they kept captured Africans in the Slave Trade I Can’t do it I feel spirit too much. I feel my mom is with me I feel my ancestors with me going there will have me out of commission. I’m sure it’s once in a lifetime experience too. Don’t know if I could handle it. Bless it. 🚨

🚨Also I’m no medium nothing of the sort so imma leave that right there🚨

I feel like I’m getting personal which I probably am y’all know my mom is with me near by I always talk about my Mama Bear 🐻 Im guessing this apart of my healing and grieving processes. I talk about her often so I can function and I be thinking she wants me to mention her so she knows I haven’t forgottten her. I’ll never ever ever do that. I know something lifted off my spirit tonight I’m praying it stays away it was probably the Sandman why he came to visit I do not know? This month went too daggone fast for me to even to enjoy it where the Heck did August go? It went faster than a Air Force Jet. Fast enough to be in the Future and the present same dang time. A mess.

Finish August Strong and carry it over to the month of the Virgos💗 The month of love. Start scheduling time to write on next months calendar and write a contract to yourself to hold you accountable. You have a couple days to start.

Welp imma start my night watching thy news everyone be safe Mother Nature having her way . Please get to safety. 🙏🏾Everyone stay safe from Mother Nature and the Unwanteds. Have a beautiful morning have a beautiful day🌇🌅☀️🌦TTYL💗🤎🥰✌🏼

🌍The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌍

August 29,2021 🤓 Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Again Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 Me and my Muse been busy with a new WIP. It’s a Fantasy Adventure with strange creatures that’s half human half animal or insect in far off distant lands. Right now imma possibly work on the cast of characters then build from there. This is actually my second fantasy I’ve come up with. I have one that has Shape shifters in it. I need to find it and put it upfront in my file. I have so many WIPS that needs Attention imma start atleast outlining a lot of them giving them bones and structure I would feel better about my Craft if I do that. I’ll be working on that this coming week.

Lifted Moon: The Poems Of The Ninth Poetess I will be attempting to publish on September 9 th . On Smashwords FREE EBOOK . I will also be figuring out how to do my physical copy with bookmarks very soon. I’ve already have my bookmarks for it. These books gonna be pricey because I’m paying for print copies and shipping’s twice and bookmarks that make them special. I need to figure some things out. And I need to come up with another paper bookmark or something other than metal for those who may be allergic to different metals. The bookmarks I have are beautiful metal feathers. Different color Angel wing feathers. They one solid color but I have different colors of them like Gold Rose Gold and Silver but it’s just plain metal not the real deal . Most likely imma try and get some service to help me with the money transaction I’m not gonna name it yet until I’m ready to go. Each book will be signed individually and you will have contact with me before it’s signed / sent out. I definitely will be hands on with your purchase. To tell the truth I may be making all of this hard on myself but we will see how it goes.😳 kind of scared about it🙏🏾

Get Ready for the week it’s gonna be time to Work Work Work like imma get to work after this post my eyes not bothering me today yesterday was horrible everything was on the table bothering me very uncomfortable. Set up your times to work on craft this coming week. In a minute imma have my cheap little thin crusted pizza. They the Best the cheaper you get make sure they on sale.

Welp let me start my Day when it almost over. Today done went too daggone fast. I may be back later with The Writers Journey tonight or early morning. Have a beautiful quiet relaxing and Safe night. Bless y’all. Work on this coming weeks Agendas, TTYL🥰✌🏼

🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎

August 29,2021 The HeartBeats 💗 🥰✈️🥔🌶🥞🤩⏳📖✍🏾🥱🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 I’m back my dearest friends and family🥰 yesterday I slept my frustrations away I didn’t even take my sugar pill till 10:30am today so y’all know I’m off schedule somewhere . I slept right through my news my scheduled time to take my pill 💊 then I ate some Firecracker Potatoes and a Pancake with coffee. Didn’t take the blasted eye Drops 💦 👀 😖😫☹️😩😢😭They make my eyes irritated and feel a certain way. Imma take them today though not giving up. All morning my eyes watered up and itched I’m just now feeling myself. That discouraged me yesterday along with other things so I slept right on through Saturday. I be having good intentions to work on craft but the Almighty have other plans today if I post again today with Just Write Mo or The Writers Journey I’m doing something anything extra is Sausage N Gravy and Buttered Biscuits in which Just Write Mo may be Lit 🔥today doing all that sleep didn’t go unnoticed to my Muse. I came up with a new WIP Idea it’s Fantastic.

Off topic who have seen the Gremlin mountains dew commercial? Hilarious. That’s how I feel with my medication I take. Sometimes I just can’t follow instructions maybe I’ll start popping out furry little mischievous magwueyes better yet Gremlins🤪☹️. Don’t remember this morning if I waited a hour after my pill to eat. Dammit to Hell. Excuse my French. Speaking of french I need to start back my lessons. I didn’t know this until I started teaching myself French that it’s different variations of french in the different French speaking Countries do they all understand each other is the question I Have? I’m learning the European Version of French but it gets complicated going into the different variations. With all the sleep I had I did come up with a new WIP idea 💡 I will let y’all into Me & my Muses world 🌎 🌍 in Just Write Mo today. I may even work on Craft today who knows? If the distractions don’t consume me today. Welp let me get on over to Just Write Mo today I have a little bit to say today bless y’all this evening 🙏🏾🥰 TTYL✌🏼

🌎🌍The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌍🌎

August 28,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🙏🏾✈️⏳🤩🤎🥱✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 go on over to my Twitter and check me out when this post is done please . I started the day with Twitter today. Please Don’t be mad at me. If you don’t have a Twitter Get one it’s freaking Dope 🤩 Wonderful way to meet new like minded people. This morning I’m not feeling the greatest. But hopefully it passes . I have plans on writing today but The Sandman has done his thing again. My eyes are heavy hopefully I crank out a few poems today, maybe ? Welp this morning is short on the blog today go to the Twitter page to get more of me, TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰😩😢🥱✌🏼

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

August 28,2021 🤩Just Write Mo🤩

Good Evening even though I’m digging some unwanted feelings from under my skin and my spirit. I’m still fighting harder not to be bothered by what was sent to my email. But to be honest I’m Plainly hurt by it. This Platform my group my Twitter was to help make lasting relationships fill a void of a sick mom who in the end suffered great pain on her transition she died from Brain Cancer that started in her breast moved to the rest of her organs. I deal with a lot I can’t unsee. And that I feel. But when I come to my platforms it’s another world. I can’t have a place I created be a spot of negativity that’s a no go . This platform is more than my Passion it’s a extension to where my mom left off it’s keeping me here . Not to be morbid. And I love Y’all you keep me going my HeartBeats and Friends. And I sure do want the friends to join.🥰💗

Today I worked on Star Gazes wrote a poem called (The Juggler) could have done more today but it will suffice.

Tomorrow I want it to be Epic No problems hopefully I stay up too right now I have insomnia too worried to sleep I need to tell it like everything else that worries me get in line take a number. People have so much they go through on a daily it be down to the minutes and seconds you be asking what’s nexts to worry about. If you have experience living in the inner city you praying no one bother you and hurt you getting your trash can back and forth to the curb or get the mail can’t even do simple stuff and my Anxiety runs higher than a car payment. I got anxiety riding in cars going anywhere. And talking to someone about it ain’t gonna help. H*** I got anxiety about these people who left this nasty email as if they could harm me . And I’m praying 🙏🏾 it don’t go that far. I just want people to like the site use the site Enjoy the blogs become my friends HeartBeats family. That’s it

Bless y’all have a safe quiet relaxing night. I’ll be back with the HeartBeats in the morning hopefully a beautiful day is in my cosmos tomorrow 🙏🏾TTYL 🥰💗✌🏼

💊taking this pill is a drag it keeping me alive though Bless it.💊

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🙏🏾

August 27,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Greetings this Evening 🥰💗 I wanted to do Just Write Mo which will be my very next Post but I’ve been itching to say this since early this afternoon. Now, I was either Spammed or Someone out there is flat out want me to know they a nasty individual 🤮🤢 and I don’t appreciate either one because this site and blog not going to tolerate these acts. I’m positive and will continue to be positive. It looks like they may have used someone else’s email and website and I could be wrong. Only the angels in Heaven know. 🚨They better not use me in a spam. I don’t play Games like that people got way too much time on they hands I have a positive site promoting positive stuff Period🚨 Can’t even get mad at who I think it is because it may be someone using their identity. Who knows? Has me perplexed. Hopefully they don’t comeback. So this has been my day a day of speaking to the Higher Ups. I did work on craft I’ll talk about that in Just Write Mo. Check out my Twitter I Tweeted about this today. The whole thing hurt my little feelings Y’all know I Don’t mess with nobody on here I’m y’all’s Cheerleader and want the best for all of you. I just find it discouraging for someone to be so hate filled to vomit and spew wickedness on someone’s site nothing but good on the site too. I just don’t want anything like that on this site/blog anymore. If someone that hate filled got no business viewing my site Period. Or commenting on none of mine my friends or HeartBeats post Period. We Handle site business so we can move on. So Bless the Almighty. Welp imma move on over to Just Write Mo. have a blessed night Friends and HeartBeats 💗

🐻. REST IN Power Momma 🐻

🤎All of y’all fill my chocolate heart🤎

🤎The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🤎

August 27,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾✈️⏳🌅🤩☀️💊🥱🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning my Friends and HeartBeats 💗 I do apologize for not doing my evening blogs yesterday . Yesterday I was very much avoiding life and checked out I’m very much unhappy. But really that’s no excuse because all of you make me happy I should have got up. I’ve been up since 5 am going over what my plan is today. I’m glad I cooked yesterday I’ll have leftovers later. Made my coffee concoction that’s my breakfast. I woke up this morning and my muse suggested I go back to school. Now I have 2 degrees none in writing. And that’s what my muse want me to go to school for. It’s been on my heart. Imma take these free creative writing classes from the library and see if that’s enough. But it’s nothing Like a Liberal Arts Degree 📜. I would love to go back but I would be paying for it out of pocket. That would be difficult for me. And I would have to decide whether it would be my Masters degree or Associates. The Associates would be cheaper and more convenient Masters would be Pricey and make me Official. As long as I get the information I’ll be happy. If the Library offers everything I need for free that will suffice. Today I shouldnt have a problem staying up. I plan on working on my Craft. For Real this time. Any Plans if it’s not Okayed by the Almighty can be changed at any moment and it comedy to him. He Sent the Sandman to my house and made me sleep all day when I could have been writing. I just needed peace and calm in my spirit yesterday and I escaped and checked out with sleep. And it may not be the last time I do that. My advice: Do whatever you need to do to give you peace in your spirit and mind without hurting others. Sleep always works. Meditation. Writing. If I could write in my sleep I would. Welp my Friends and HeartBeats family 💗🥰🤩🤎✈️☀️ choose a destination you physically want to be and mentally take yourself there and stay there all day and dive into your craft be it Theatre, screenplay writing, fiction, poetry, non-fiction writing, journaling, reading , editing etc. Escape Reality today and deal with (it) at a later date. Whatever (It) is will be there or maybe it will fade away. But enjoy your today. Write a contract to yourself for the weekend-start with today whats on the agenda? What do you want to accomplish? Imma tell y’all right now if I accomplish staying up and working on my WIPS today or anytime the weekend imma be a happy camper . Plus today and Saturday Sunday’s my off day. But I’ve been distracted most the week so imma try to pull make up days. We will see what today and this weekend brings🤩🤎. Let me getta moving. Love y’all start the day off strong and end Strong. Go For It!!!!!!🤩TTYL🥰🤎✈️✌🏼

🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎

August 26,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾⏳🤩☕️✈️☃️☀️🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 I’m up for the time being. My coffee concoction was mighty strong. Hoping it wakes me all the way up. My eyeballs haven’t processed daylight yet. It has me feeling like crap. So far the taste buds is up everything else is on snooze WTH…. I’m broken. 🤷🏽 my sugars was down this morning to 115 I was happy about that . 🤩I took my sugars in the dark. Light? dark ? Does it make a difference? No for me. Numbers still comes out the same ain’t gonna change either way. Today I plan on working on one of my WIPS. Hopefully not so late like last night. Bless y’all today I want y’all to crank out some dope projects if y’all can pray for me not to go back to sleep till bedtime tonight. I need to be up up like now now. Sleepy time is over. At least it should be for now. I hope y’all not on my schedule I’m all over the place. If your sleep is backwards just write whenever the feeling comes over you. That’s your Muse with You. Embrace Her/Him. My Muse have got me through some hard times. Welp let me get started with my day. Crank out some dope Content Today. Make today Count Make Today Special If It Ain’t. Go For It Friends and HeartBeats 💗 You Got It, Get To It. But have your Coffee First☕️ Love y’all 🥰🤎✌🏼

☃️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ☃️

August 26,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 🥰💗 yesterday was a blur I slept most of the day away I didn’t want too but it happened that way. I did work on craft late last night so I saved face a little. I wrote a poem on what I’m going through with my health on Possibly Poetry Or Short Story called The Patience of the Patients . And yesterday maybe days and months before I ran out of my patience. I just need to get it together I’m tired though. Hence : sleeping my life away sleep is off because the hours I take my medication. It works for me kind of. Late hours are super Peaceful for me to be up. I get my news in still up for breakfast lunch, sometimes dinner. My sleep is definitely off some. That’s ok for now. But I feel my sleeping the hours I do is a hinderance of my work(The Craft) so I need to get my life together some how. I take this dang pill so late or so early because it has so many restrictions and stipulations. I hate to stop taking it . It regulates my levels. So yesterday wasn’t all wasted spending it with the Sandman I did work but I could have gotten more done if I would have stayed up. It’s okay though. I’m a WIP . Today will be better than yesterday hopefully if not it’s Tomorrow. I’m always working on me. And that’s okay. If not I know how to checkout and comeback when I’m ready to tackle life again. Like I checked out yesterday sleeping all day I checked back in writing the poem though. And I’m back for awhile. Welp my Dearest Friends and HeartBeats I want to take a pause and comeback later with the HeartBeats 💗 Bless y’all have a beautiful morning ☀️🌅 get ready and make your day count.TTYL🥰🤩💗✌🏼

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August 25,2021 🐪🐫 The Happenings On Hump Day 🐫🐪

I wrote a poem for Possibly Poetry Or Short Story today from Star Gazes today I’ve slept my life away but these physicians have kind of got under my skin and the more I try to dig them out they get deeper. I’m just discouraged with the program I’m under and tired. So the poem is some exaggeration some truth , I hope y’all enjoy it. I’m hurrying to post this because it’s for Hump Day so I’ll see y’all for the Writers Journey in a second have a blessed night y’all

🐪The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐪

August 25,2021 🎉Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🎉

The Patience Of The Patients😷🤧🤕💉💊👩🏼‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

Pricking and Poking

Sugar Numbers better stay down

Watching what I eat

Love to eat and and drink

Love to get down

Taking the nasty pills

Saving sugar numbers

What a thrill not to be ill

Want a break from all communication

This program Im surely hating

Horrible past from dating

These doctors pump you full of drugs

None of them relating

How much can one take. 

Taking 50 different pills

Guinea Pig on the new sh** that they make.

At the Clinic ten times out of Seven days a week

I swear they love probing me

Taking away my sweet treats

Knock me over my head

They killing me

I’m the Patient and I got no patience

 I want to be Normal

Tired of waiting

I say I’m Cheap

Doctors  say your high maintenance 

Can’t keep up with my day

Trying to get away

Don’t want to die

Live Life

Do what you can

In your own way

🤎The Ninth Poetess🤎

August25,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰✈️☃️🏝🤎📖✍🏾⏳🥊🤛🏽✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’m still sleepy about to eat my cheap little pizza 🍕 haven’t ate all day. I’m not with it today I almost didn’t post. Fighting to stay up in the land of the living. I’m just tired but if I start sleeping too much I get migraines and I hate that and nothing gets done yesterday journaled and that was enough. Right now I’m trying to get cool feel like I’m having a hot flash. I’m showing my age right now🙄 just uncomfortable. I’m probably get on YouTube and check out Sarra Cannon or KA Emmons my phone charge is super low so imma be fast. Stay focussed today make today Count.

I’ll be back soon stay tuned……..

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August 24,2021 🤩Go For It Tuesdays🤩

Evening Everybody 🥰🤩 I plan on writing later tonight when its quieter . No interruptions I feel like my whole day be a interruption it’s tiring instead of basking in the quietness of the night imma work on something right now imma go to sleep while it early to get up at 4am I’m trying a new normal I can work with. My nerves bad right now I have to sleep this ish off till the house get quiet. Anxiety is back too. Feel like I can’t maintain all of a sudden. Bless it I just need to cope with how my life is and hang it up. My feelings everything ain’t my mom hurting me lots of it is how I’m dealing with life in the present tense. Anxiety. Annoyed. Just need a change. Today I did journal. Journaling always help. I don’t get everything out because of others eyeballs but I vent enough to release stressors. Can’t say what I want might hurt feelings or might disrespect and I’m not trying to do that. I just want peace and quiet want the noise to stop to help my anxiety. Bless it. Years ago I’ve heard someone say you only get peace and quiet when you Die. Why does it have to be so viciously dramatic and final? I ain’t trying to wait till I’m Dead to enjoy life. I’m getting my enjoyment now! 🧐 when you dead it’s too late God may not have enjoyment on your agenda in the afterlife. Enjoy life Now the best you know how. I’m not giving up writing today imma write but it’ll be late night early morning Writers Journey you’ll hear how my writing session went. I need a big change like pruning back shrubs and bushes , Trees. To grow again. I wanna grow but I feel held back many ways. It’s gonna get better ❤️‍🩹 I know it will. If you feel stuck or held back in a way in your. Craft or life or both change is coming. Time heals all wounds. Just be patient it’s coming. Take all the steps to make change and it’s in your grasps. You can have it. Welp imma take a nap or go to sleep if I go to sleep now I’ll wake up at4 am that’s perfect let me start my night everyone and take this eye drops. Have a beautiful quiet safe night end it by reading a dope book. Take care TTYL💗✌🏼🤎

✈️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ✈️

August 24,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰☕️📖✍🏾🤎✈️🏝⏳🤩🔥🥊

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 have y’all ever ate something and forgot you ate 30 minutes after. I had me some Castles and just that quick I’m thinking about eating something else like I haven’t ate a thing I’m full had my coffee concoction that filled me up too. might have my peaches later. Did my dailys. I woke up today to a loud bang like a gun shot. But I could be having nightmares of that unwanted night.Bless It. I’m at my witts end with shootings and death 💀. We trying to live peacefully. Today seems forced and I’m trying to get out of that feeling and go to my imaginary writing resort ( the igloos☃️❄️) I’ll have Go For It Tuesdays up in a few. Then I’ll post on Twitter what going on in my day. Gotta check out the Twitter Pages if you haven’t already. Twitter is dope🤩. I have a growing following it’s encouraging. They my HeartBeats too💗 imma get up and find a KA Emmons Clip to watch and then find a pomodoro to use and dive into these WIPS welp let me start getting Go For It Tuesday up I’ll be back in a few I’ll TTYL 🥰💗✌🏼

✈️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ✈️

August 24,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 💗🥰 I’m up like it’s the afternoon my sleep is off. I’ve been up since early this morning I should be ready to call the Hogs(Snore loudly while sleep). Decided not to get a sweet treat tonight I’ll save it for the morning. Thinking about making it Vegan Taco Tuesday tomorrow for lunch and dinner. Also it’s Go For It Tuesday new writing prompts and ideas gonna be posted. Plus I have to make time to write. Hopefully not to late. Tomorrow gonna be jam packed no time to sleep in. Head over to the Twitter page check me out there as well sometimes I Tweet different stuff there, welp my dearest Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 imma take a pause and comeback later with the HeartBeats and Just Write Mo and Updated Weekly Writing Prompts and Ideas for Go For It Tuesdays get y’all some rest don’t be up like me. I need to figure it out I really do, my sleep is off and it’s probably the times I take my medication for my diabetes that got me off. I just need to find and be happy with my new normal. We will see how this pans out. Welp Imma TTYL💗🥰✌🏼

✈️Check Out of Reality that is and Check into Paradise from the comforts of your home. You have to use your imagination for your destination mines gonna be the igloo resort that’s where I want to go to see the Northern Lights and 24 hr daylight. Imma be scared of the wildlife though. 🐻🐺🦌🐻‍❄️🐋🐳 I’m sure I’m missing some animals all of them can kill u. I rather be inside snuggling under blankets staying warm writing safely than be on a excursion to see any of the wildlife rather use my imagination of them much safer. So I’m already there in my mind very much real real as much as I can handle. And that’s okay. welp Imma TTYL🥰💗✌🏼✈️

🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎

August 23,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greeting Friends and HeartBeats 💗 I Wrote Mo tonight 🤓. I didn’t use Pomodoro but I didn’t write but for about 45 minutes. If that. I started too late in the day I need to start early morning but my brain 🧠 ain’t processing ish before 9-10am I feel like I’ve been distracted all day. Phone been giving me the Unwanteds since this upgrade. Been trying to fix it today atleast I attempted a whole day of writing. Every little bit adds up. I got a couple dailys to do early tomorrow if my phone not giving me the Unwanteds. I may be a little late with The HeartBeats tomorrow. Please excuse me. Have you seen KA Emmons new one on YouTube imma dive into it tonight. It’s on how to take a writing retreat at home. Freaking dope info I need tonight to start my day tomorrow. I need to savor the flavors of this Vlog Podcast Almighty Bless them for this one if I can pull it off and make a writing resort out of my home literally I’m never coming back to reality. I’m gone.✈️🏝 welp imma comeback later when I take my sugar pill and eye drops. Bless y’all. Stay Cool Stay Safe & Keep Writing everyone💗🥰✌🏼

✈️🏝The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🏝✈️

August 23,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥱🥰📖✍🏾⏳☕️🤓🔥✈️🤩🤎✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 still sleepy I might be depressed wanting to sleep all the time. By my emojis it says I’m gonna write with pomodoro but drink my coffee and it gonna be fire 🔥 then I wanna take a destination in my imagination and y’all are filled in my chocolate heart and I want peace. Writing this post I’m fighting back sleep. I’m depressed or something . I don’t know don’t know why the sleepies want to take over. Bless y’all have a beautiful day stay dry stay cool stay safe. Have Fun Make today count. TTYL🤎✌🏼

🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎

August 22,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🤩📺🤩🌪⛈🌩 ☕️✌🏼☠️

Greetings everyone I’m taking my day off today so I’m watching the second season of too hot to handle. Waiting on this storm to hit. Hopefully it don’t take our electric my aunt made vegan chili with cornbread made with a banana instead of egg it was delicious

Have a beautiful night HeartBeats and Friends 💗 it’s a off day don’t be hard on yourself enjoy it.🥰 bless y’all TTYL💗✌🏼

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August 22,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’m still sleepy 🥱 this weekend done came and went fast as Hell. haven’t done half of what I wanted to do bless it. I’m not feeling the greatest this weekend either but I won’t complain welp imma be back later TTYL 🥰💗✌🏼

PS they just did a segment on Good Morning America news about Dollar Stores and I just mentioned Dollar Stores are Lit as Hell yesterday I feel like I’m with it.🤩

Also one of my favorite Rappers Don Toliver and Justin Bieber got a new one out GMA mentioned y’all know I’ve mentioned Don Toliver in my past post. He jams.💃🕺🤩

I love Justin Bieber too listening to a H.E.R song it sounds like he’s singing with her in a song I love that song too I forget the song name I love everything H.E.R sings . Is it classified information that they did a collab together? I can not find the song anymore on YouTube that sucks I loved that song tried scanning through all her songs to see if it’s the one that beiber on. Welp so much for that. It sounds like Beiber was on the song I could be wrong too. Who knows 🤷🏽

I found it it’s called Take You There it’s a Beautiful song like poetry I could have sworn it wasn’t on there it’s there now y’all be the judge if you think think beiber on the track.🤔💭

Justin Bieber on Peaches My new favorite by Him too he always Jams.

🍑The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🍑

August 21,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Evening Everyone 🥰💗 I Wrote Mo today in Nola Dupree I’m brainstorming the twist and turns trying to seal the Ins and Outs of the mystery of the crime and trying not to rush it to the end Right now Nola Clueless of the Danger she would have been in. But For How Long? And what will she do when she Finds out the truth? It seems like I’m not writing as fast as I can think it up. So I’m backed up with Content of multiple WIPS. All the time. Tonight I got my eye drops to put in I’m just praying it works and don’t blind me. My Fear. Momma I need my eyes 👀. For real. Welp imma take a pause tonight. Imma comeback with the Writers Journey later on or early in the morning tomorrow when I take my sugar pill. I hope y’all had a great writing day and stayed in the zone with your Muse. bless y’all my Friends and HeartBeats family 💗 have a beautiful quiet safe night.🥰✌🏼

🌪The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🌪

August 21,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖✍🏾🤩✈️🤓🍕🍑🍐🍍🍇😋✌🏼

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 I’m up this beautiful morning waiting to meet with my muse which will be a little later. my beautiful relatives came and visited today they getting their outfits tailored and hemmed by my aunt my aunts daughter and husband going on a anniversary destination to renew they vows. How beautiful 😍🤩 I’m thinking about starting some sisterlocs my hair is still too short I’ll look a pin cushion a little crazy I’m afraid of that right now I’m fighting with tight tight curls. Love my curly top. 🥰 my family all got locs but me and a couple of us I want to join the club. Welp imma start my day and wait for my Muse have a beautiful day work on y’all’s WIPS embrace your Muse. TTYL 🥰✌🏼

✈️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ✈️

August 20,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Friends andHeatBeats 🥰💗 I Wrote Mo Today🤩📖✍🏾. I worked on a Poem called Escaped Maniac. It’s about how I escaped a maniac. Felt good to work on Craft today. And get that poem out of me. I Reached out to my Mentor and told her about the Library Resources Courses they have. It’s pretty Dope. You gotta take advantage of stuff like this especially when it’s FREE. You gotta find the time to take the courses . My day went so fast these days imma try to get my sleep back on schedule or my day will be gone. I got stuff to do.

Check out the Twitter page Friends and HeartBeats sometimes I post different stuff on Twitter follow me over there too. Twitter is lit 🔥.

Today was a blur I hope this weekend don’t go so fast. Imma take a pause I’ll come back tomorrow with the HeartBeats or the Writers Journey depends how I’m feeling in a few hours I’ll be up taking this Sugar Pill in a few. TTYL 💗🥰✌🏼

✈️ Take flight this weekend in your WIP don’t let your feet touch the ground. And take your Muse with you✈️

🌪The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌪

August 20,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾⏳🤩☕️🍕🥳🎊🎉🎊🎉🥳💛

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’m starting my day late I missed my morning meeting on accident slept in I was up late adjusting my blog post. I was too personal on one of my post. I deleted and finally decided to talk about classes the library resources may offer . I’m interested in taking a couple. Today is my day off anything I do extra today is gravy. I want to dive into Star Gazes today. I might not watch the news this evening I need too but I don’t. It depressing. My muse is like it’s a no go. Welp let me start my day. Whatever that means I’m still tired from last night 🥱 Doctors contacted me back and agreed I don’t need to meet so often. So I’m a happy camper. It just wasn’t making sense to me. Welp imma TTYL I let y’all know what my evening entailed, bless y’all Fire Up this weekend on your Craft. 🤩🔥🧯🚒 put it down on a page.📖✍🏾 start yall new WIP or dive back into a old one.Let’s Go!!!!! TTYL Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰✌🏼

🐌Any time is a good time to begin working on your dreams . Go at your own pace you’ll make it there 🐌

PS: Don’t forget to check out the Twitter page. Always have Fun 🤩

💛The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💛

August 19,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Good Evening Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗 today the day went so fast it got away from me. I was only able to Journal today I wanted so badly to work on Star Gazes. Storms coming again tomorrow has me on edge. Trying to keep us safe period from all Unwanteds even unwanted weather. Just want it safe and peaceful. I got a phone meeting I don’t want it’s with a doctor. I’m tired of these meetings and connections can I just live my life? Every week I’m reporting to doctors like I’m in Hospice. I’m very much alive and fairly well ( With medication) they need to just give me my meds and let me reach out when I need help. I’m worn thin. Annoying as Hell. I’m too young for this. And the Doctors don’t care they just continue to get paid. And I don’t got it like that. So I’m nipping it in the bud tomorrow. Got me twisted. I’m freaking Tired. Got me depressed about that. Worried about some other ish on my mind I don’t want to give light or energy too. I’m praying for wellness for family and myself. I have a uncle with a pacemaker having issues right now so I’m worried about him. Prayer 🙏🏾 changes things. I’m praying they fix what wrong Bless Him Bless his surgeons. Amen. This post was Just Write Mo then I switched it to The Writers Journey it just made more sense . Just Write Mo is more about the craft stuff and WIPS. Welp imma get my night started Get ready for Tomorrow make this entire Weekend count Friday Saturday and Sunday start a whole brand new WIP. I would start a new one with y’all but I have many unfinished WIPS that need attention imma work on so I’ll still be in the trenches with y’all this weekend pomodoro gonna be utilized I get more done using pomodoro than just writing not paying attention to time it’s weird. But this weekend gonna be EPIC if we survive the Storm Mother Nature giving and the Unwanteds, may they stay away and not hinder Amen. Imma TTYL 🥰💗✌🏼

🐻Moma Bear will forever be with me I feel her spirit is near🐻

💛The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💛

August 19, 2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🤩🐌☕️🍕🐻🙏🏾✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 beautiful morning and afternoon quiet an peaceful I’m basking trying to slow down time but I think it’s actually speeding up🙄⏳ Thankful the night was safe and quiet. I’m praying for patience tonight the evenings get unbearable I have enjoyed my quietness today I have about 30-40 minutes left of peace and quiet. Today I may work on Nola I don’t Know I’m kind of upset my day got away from me. Can we rewind and go back to 4 am please? Tomorrow I have a meeting I don’t want to go to. What a drag? Imma nip it in the bud because we don’t need to meet so often. Wish I was in better spirits and I actually should be. Pray for my City prayer changes things. It’s so much happening in my spirit and my heart 💜 I feel I should write about how I feel and put it in Star Gazes. I’m trying to work on one thing at a time and I’m all over the place I feel. I have so many WIPS I’m working on I’m In Love with. I think I will Journal and Actually work on Star Gazes today I’m full of emotional 😭 opinions today. What is really going on these days For the Love of God? That’s the Question. 🙏🏾💜🐻 my mom would be an absolute wreck. I know because I’m a wreck trying to hold on she’s not here but she’s still holding me together. That’s Power from the Grave. Welp let me begin my day. I had my 1.50 pizza 🍕 filled me up more than enough. Had my coffee concoction ☕️ on chill. Now imma post on Twitter how I feel today and what imma be up too. Bless y’all stay safe from the Unwanteds Get creative with your voice today figure out what your doing for the whole weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday make this weekend count Friends and HeartBeats 💗 Imma TTYL Love y’all.

🐻Momma Bear Been gone 2 years and she is still very much in control of my life and my safety that’s Power beyond the tombs from Heaven. Unwanteds don’t want to mess with the Army of God. Real Spit. And she’s a General up there I bet. Ready to kick some butt🐻

📓The Ninth Poetess, LLC 📓

August 18,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

I took down my previous post because too personal and I want my family to view one day. Today the library classes started I may have to start next session I have my eyes on a couple classes I want to take. All free. Free is Very Good. Only free with Library Card. See what resources and services offered by your local library. I’m not gonna say what my library offers your library will have something different from the rest of the world/states/Providences/countries/cities. Welp imma TTYL this is a short post please excuse it. TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💗

🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻

August 18,2021 🤓🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🐫🤓

Hello HeartBeats and Friends. This is something new imma do on Wednesdays I need to talk fast because I got the Yawns I’ve done a lot today. Washed my hair and on the phone with customer service and worked on Nola took my medicine now I’m sleepy I had a 1.50 pizza today they the best. 🍕 washed dishes I’m spent . In Nola I’m killing people off. They deserve it they got to go, got to go. Then it’s all about protecting the Vigilantes. Without Nola finding out what happened. It’s gonna be a dope story. Welp I’m a sleepy camper. I didn’t use a pomodoro but I wrote for about an hour or so. Maybe tomorrow I’ll use a pomodoro Bless y’all tonight be safe have a quiet night . 🥰💗 TTYL 🥰✌🏼

🐌The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐌

August 18,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🥱📖✍🏾⏳🤓🤩☕️🐌🌻🐫🐪🐫✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today is Hump Day🐫🐪🐫 How Are You Gonna Get Over The Hump? I have plans to meet my Muse today. We Will See what the Day Holds. It should be a Grandiose Day🤩 I’m in need of some coffee. Allergies flaring up. They said Ragweed was high yesterday eyes 👀 itching watering and tender bless it. Oh! I researched about Carnival it was cancelled this year but next year it should happen. Hopefully Covid-19 is gone or controlled. I’m sure coverage will be on YouTube I would love to see it. I’ve been up since 4 am waiting on this pill to absorb, my eye 👁 feels better after I rinsed it I need some allergy drops but it’s so pricey for a small bottle of eye drops.dang near 20 bucks for less than a ounce. I’m in the wrong business🤯🙄😭😩 I’ve had trauma on my eyes from a old ex boyfriend I wish I would have opened my mouth and said something to somebody because now I have life long affects from it. He’s a maniac. Ladies stay away from Bad Boys. Get you a Square they’ll treat you right and you’ll have no regrets. Bless It. Welp imma sit here and drink thy coffee concoction I have a list of things to do today some of it I don’t want to do well see what today will produce. What Goals have you set for the Week? If you have no goals set some and see where your at next Wednesday on Hump Day 🐪🐫🐪🤓📖✍🏾🤩 might start a new segment called The Happenings On Hump Day Instead of Just Write Mo on Wednesday’s I think that would be Dope.🤩

Welp imma comeback later with The Happenings On Hump Day . Y’all set your goals this beautiful morning make them reachable. Whether you want to set a time to write 2-3 times a week or more or just finish a WIP by next week make it Reachable. When you reach your goal reward yourself by buying yourself stationary/ office supplies or a book that will help your writing journey welp imma TTYL🥰🤓🐪🤩✌🏼

Here’s a favorite place I like getting my books from http://thriftbooks.com they have used and New books great deals and your doing good for the planet Buying used.

🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻

August 17,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Good Evening Friends and HeartBeats Family💗🥰 Today was Epic. I changed my Authors Plan a little I still have yet to type it up it may change again in that process. I’ve worked on Nola thought about skipping on over to Enaji-O but I might work on both Tomorrow if it’s a good day for my Muse. I’m happy my Muse showed up today. Washed Dishes. Tomorrow I may wash my Curly Top. It’s getting so long I’m still debating if I want my hair long or not. I’ve been enjoying it short. Plus it’s in need of a cut again anyways it still have unhealthy straight relaxed ends that I don’t want. I would have shaved it down to the scalp but I’m a chicken.😆😩. Nola coming along . On Twitter I spoke a little about my journey writing Nola Dupree:A Crime Story today go on over and check out my Tweets. I absolutely love Twitter now that I know how to work it a little better. Nola is not like anything I’ve ever written before I just want to stick to the outline once I start writing my dialogue. Right now I’m trying to get out the plots. Nola may be a longer book. I don’t know🤷🏽‍♀️ . I’m taking my time with Enaji because it’s my Special Baby. The Black Lagoon Crew gave me that experience that yes you can finish a Outline for a novel. A good outline too. So I know I can do it. Which is encouraging welp imma take a pause and come back late or early with the Writers Journey. I hope y’all enjoyed the Go For It Tuesday’s Prompts. I hope y’all enjoying the prompts archives period. Welp imma TTYL imma get into this book tonight. Enjoy y’all’s Evening everyone.🤩🥰✌🏼

🌻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌻

August 17,2021 🚨Go For It Tuesday Writing Prompts/Ideas are up you can check this weeks Weekly Prompts/and Archives Always Have Fun Friends and HeartBeats Family💗🚨

August 17,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🤓📖✍🏾🌻💛☕️⏳📚🐻🤩✌🏼🙏🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 🥰 Bless y’all this morning 🙏🏾 today gonna be different if I can stay awake today I can get a lot done but I be feeling narcoleptic passing out middle of the day in the middle of something. 🥱 so far I’m Up Up. Spent time praying this morning Always talk to your Higher Power . I felt like Basking in the feeling of it. Today is Go For It Tuesday for Writing Prompts and Ideas. Are You Ready? Get your favorite Pen and Pad and let’s start a new WIP!!!!🤓🤩 it will be up real soon give me a minute or two. Imma TTYL ✌🏼🥰

Just Write Mo Will be Later On. Have A Beautiful Afternoon I’ll be Back.

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August 16,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings From The Tombs🪦🙄😭 today was good for daylight once dusk hit ish went down hill. Why I decided to handle business after hours I don’t know. I get Anxiety from everything and anyone. I got off the phone with someone who told me to be safe I don’t like being told be safe because I don’t know if you mean it and your true intentions could say be safe and send people to hurt me. Do I have something I need to be safe from that your sending ? I don’t put nothing pass no one. Now me saying be safe have a safe night just know it genuine love being sent to y’all. But customer service people have too much of your information as it is then to tell you be safe . I wanted to ask Be safe from what? But I’m not that quick. And maybe I’m looking too deep into it. I don’t know. But I spent the evening handling dailys that could’ve waited till I spoke to a Local Agent. Now my Anxiety up. And didn’t get a Name I forgot if she told me just a location. I hate doing business over the phone too many peoples eyes on your information. I may get into Nola Tomorrow if no distractions hinder me. I’m praying it won’t. I wish my street was quieter than it is. The other night hot rods in close proximity racing amongst other things. You could probably put me on the moon by myself it still wouldn’t be quiet enough or I’ll find something wrong I would say it’s too bright because of the sun. Or too cold. Something would be wrong. 🙄 I’m just trying to get comfortable to welcome my Muse. Today was a No Go😫. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Bless it🙏🏾💛🌻 may all unwanted issues stay in the pits of the Tombs in Hell and turn to Ashes. I feel like I’m in the tombs myself. Dang Devil always try to put his hands on my life. Imma Shake his miserable tail off of me. I deal with enough throughout my day. I’m trying to be dedicated to the Craft to my friends and HeartBeats on both of my platforms and the Unwanteds shows it’s annoying head. A whole wasted day of not writing. But worrying about my life. Something I need to Give Totally to my Higher Power. Something always stirs up my anxiety it never fails. Imma start telling these Unwanteds get in line. So I can stop worrying about everything in general. Easier said than done😭🙄. Frustrating. If I write in the week it’s celebratory that means my spirit is happy and at peace to where my Muse feels safe to join me. No bad vibes bothering me. I’m Good. I’m yearning for those days. Welp imma TTYL comeback later with the Writers Journey Bless you. I Love y’all Be Safe Enjoy your Evening💗🥰❌🪦 No Tombs Tomorrow. We will be in the Happy Place, a must everyday for me to be in the Happy Place 🙏🏾

Wish Mama Bear Was Here She Takes No Mess. Rest In Paradise I miss her so much😭🙏🏾

🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻

August 16,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🥡🥢📖✍🏾⏳🐌☕️🧊🤓🤩💛📚

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 my seafood dish turned out top notch I could Sell plates for 12 bucks a pop. LOL 😆 it’s delicious.😋🥰 my aunt even enjoyed it. Today imma meet my muse and get to work and imagine I’m on a writing resort, I’ve been checking out this show set in Brazil now this show is something like love island but they have to give up sex to win 100,000 dollars I’m invested says it came out in 2020. 19 episodes it’s freaking dope it’s All controlled by AI no host just AI. It’s interesting. It’s called Too Hot To Handle. Maybe I can pretend Im in Brazil today it’s hot enough the Lord knows it.speaking of Brazil are they having Carnival this Year? Covid been stopping a lot of Big Events. Carnival the biggest there is,. I had a Writing Prompt that asked y’all to research Carnival. And even some links to look inside the Festival it’s on Blog 2 I think Don’t Quote me I wanted y’all to write a novel that had a festival as a backdrop in it. Welp let me drink thy coffee concoction and sail to Brazil just me and my Muse. Have some Extra Fun today. Who said Monday’s had to Be A HumDrum drag? Oh washed all thy dishes put my food up just time to write. Welp imma TTYL. Bless y’all Be Safe Always Have Fun Write Write Write ✍🏾🥰.

🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻

August 16,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖 ✍🏾💗🥰💛☕️🧊🐝📚🤓⏳🙏🏾🍤🥦🧅🌶🌽🥕🥡🥢

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today Monday Meal is Seafood Stirfry I wish I had some scallops they so dang gone pricey but it will have Shrimp and imitation crab we gonna pretend. My aunt loves my stir fry dish so I’m making dinner for both of us tonight🥰 it’s hella healthy low carb. When I’m being naughty I make ramen bowls out of my stir fry. But I don’t need the noodles I swell up and gain weight if I have noodles.My stir fry dish will be in my Cookbook Stay Tuned ….. imma work on Nola today if my day is not consumed but cooking/cleaning . Welp let me come back in a few with the HeartBeats 💗 Im trying to wake up fullyhad to get up and take this pill 💊 so it can absorb my sugars have gotten a lot better since this pill I’m taking it just got some difficult rules don’t drink no more than 4 ounces don’t eat nothing when taking it take it in the morning when you wake up wait a hour after taking it before you eat and drink I feel like imma turn into a daggone gremlin if I mess up following the Rules and stipulations. Geesh 😔🙄😫😭 welp imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats Family💗🥰🤓

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

August 15, 2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾📚💛🐌🥱🙏🏾✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 on my day off watching dramas I probably shouldn’t I’m watching a cooking show now that has a secret ingredient(Cannabis )Kelis and Ricki Lake Elle King and other stars on here. Pretty Dope Uplifting show. Winner gets 10 grand. I don’t use drugs . But it’s a good show. Last night I started a Romance novel that off the bat turns into a urban fiction I was kind of confused as to what was going on until the end of Chapter 1 . It’s craziness. I’m invested it’s not the typical Romance but now I gotta read it just to see what happens to the characters. Main character lost her mom to breast cancer right there I knew I was invested. It’s a mental rollercoaster ride. It’s by Linette King I’m invested🤓👀😍 welp I’m find me a sweet treat and get into my show I already had my 3 dollar frozen pizza slices🍕 the ones on sale the best imma Talk with y’all later. It’s a off day so I don’t know if Just Write Mo gonna be today I may just comeback with The Writer Journey bless y’all this beautiful Sunday. Stay Safe Have Fun Today🤩💛

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August 14,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Friends & HeartBeats 💗🥰 Today I’ve been Detoxing my feelings in my Journal. I feel like this. You can take a lot of things from me . Just don’t take my pen. Your pen can feed you and pay a bill or two if you work it right. There have been somethings in my life that have hurt my feelings having a pen have been everything from a therapist to a tool for my Muse. I just appreciate my Craft and everything that comes with it. I want to get away from everything. I need a vacay or a permanent new safe quiet place that positive for my Muse. I’m just tired my Anxiety stays on 1000. It’s draining to do anything. I’m probably won’t get into a novel today I’m trying to detox the Unwanteds maybe I can sleep it off stuff just hurts my spirit . I’m Praying for a positive shift(change) for the future. I got awhile to bask in the goodness. Such a blessing the future can bring if we just hold on and don’t give up and Give it to the Most High. Once God Takes it leave it be he didn’t want you to have it it’s not for you. I’m sure it’s scripture on that but I’m not that savvy🙄☺️ welp imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey 🥱 I’m getting the yawns. I may look for a romance masterpiece to get into . Nola is still heavy on me. I may work on that tomorrow but most definitely Monday. When the house is quiet and me and my Muse go to work. I gotta uphold this contract it’s a must. No excuse. Welp imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰🤩✌🏼

🚨Figure of speech just making a point Dont take ish from me 🚨

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🙏🏾

August 14, 2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🤓🥱🧊☕️💪🦉💛☀️🥵🔥✌🏼

Top of the morning friends and HeartBeats family 🥰 I’m up but I feel kind of narcoleptic I fall asleep at a drop of a dime these days. Imma get up in a second to make my coffee. I feel like some firecracker potatoes 🥔 🌶 I may have some today or just have leftovers from yesterday’s meal stuffed mashed potatoes I don’t know what I’m doing today I’m doing what I’m doing maybe nothing today it’s my off day today so it’s all good. Welp imma take a pause and comeback later with Just Write Mo Stay Tuned… have a blessed quiet safe day. Crank out your dope WIPS share your project with a friend or loved one see what they think about it. It don’t have to be finished let them read a poem or a chapter it will give you that fuel you need to keep writing well imma TTYL 🥰✌🏼

☕️The Ninth Poetess, LLC ☕️

August 13,2021 🤓Just Write Mo 🤓

Good Evening 🥰🤩🤓⏳📖✍🏾I’ve been hard at work today. Me and my muse put in work in that Craft . Half way done with section 2 I know when writing actual dialogue for this one it’s gonna make it a longer Novel right now Nola is prepping for Her Fashion Week it’s going in detail of how she finds her fabrics and jewelry pieces she repurpose a lot of thrifted clothing from thrift stores and hand me downs from her family. Everyone knows to give Nola the clothes they don’t want or can’t wear anymore. They even go as far to ask her to make new clothing from there old clothes. They know Nola a Fashionista and will have them looking Fly. She charge by piece and Hour she’s always been a business woman and about her bread. As of now in the story the reader should know one of her siblings is out to kill her for her fortune from her biological parents murder by the police and it’s not the sibling that raised her. Her dad which is also her brother is hot on the trail of this killer sibling that’s what nobody knows. The love interest is the nemesis turned good guy gets caught anyways in the end it’s a dope story about Greed, Family, Trust,Loyalty, and Raw Love when you gotta kill your own kin to save your daughter / sister it gets real hectic. Imma try and keep the story energetic as possible. I love it already I’m invested.🤓🤩🐝💗

I hope y’all’s WIPS been coming along Dope. 🤩🥰🤓I hope you like the beginnings of the story. Have a beautiful quiet evening friends and HeartBeats Family 💗 imma TTYL

🐝The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐝

August 13,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🤩🥱📖✍🏾🤓⏳🐝💪✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 my nerves been stepped on today, what’s new? What do I want to eat today? I may eat Stuffed Mashed Potatoes I have Pizza Puffs but no Ranch sauce I don’t think. I just woke up I’m lazy bones today but imma try and work on something . My sleep is off been off for some months now. Might be my new norm. Imma get up and eat something and start my day friends and HeartBeats family 💗 I’m kind of discombobulated today what ever I do today is guided my my Muse and or My Heavenly Father because I’m spent and I haven’t done a thing today. Welp imma TTYL everyone 🤩🥰📖✍🏾✌🏼

🐌The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐌

August 12,2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings🥰 imma be truthful today ain’t the greatest of days. I miss my mother who passed 2 years ago that seems like it happened yesterday. I plan on reading a fun loving romance tonight to get this feeling off of me. I wanted to write so badly today. But like I tell y’all when you plan on doing something it’s Comedy to God he will have you on another path. You can head over to my Twitter and see how I’ve been feeling today I kind of vented. #Vomited on Twitter. It just came out. What can I say? Only that I apologize for having my feelings today. I’ve been high stressed along time I’ve been hiding a lot of negative days from y’all only because my platform is my happy place. Tomorrow will be better.I know it will. Prayer 🙏🏾 changes things. And prayer 🙏🏾 have gotten me this far I shouldn’t doubt my Higher Power can fix it. Tomorrow me and my Muse gonna link up and take my Craft to a whole new galaxy. Imma pretend I’m at Kakslauttanen Artic Resort I love the snow just not -20- -50 Below zero. Would love to go one day. My imagination is enough for now. Hella expensive I bet getting there, staying and coming back home. Welp imma lay here and jump into a great Romance. I will TTYL💗🥰👓📚🥱🥱🥱

🐌The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐌

August 12,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🤩🤓🐢🐌🦉📖✍🏾🐝👓😳✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 to my ex that pushed my eyeballs to the back of my head I hope you go blind in your good eye you Abusive Maniac. Now I’m forced to take eye drops to lower my eye pressure in each of my eyes. I’m scared to take the damn drops because I think it gonna make my situation worser. Do I trust my gut and don’t take them or take them and gamble with modern day science? Bless It. I have my turtle and snail up to remind me there’s no rushing it today. I may even continue the Outline for “Nola A Crime Novel” my stomach been upset this morning I know it’s my medication I’m on. Imma fight through the pain and attempt to work on my Craft today. I wish the classes were ready today on the Library Resource page. So I’ll be working on Nola today. Early. No news . Just me and my Muse. I hope y’all are enjoying the time spent writing and working with your Muses. I hope your getting far into your pieces. I hope your enjoying these Daily Blog Post. Stay Focussed on your dreams and goals. Review your Author Plans or Business Plans make Sure it hasn’t changed if it has changed update your plan today. Make sure your on the right path. Kimberly Grabas has a wonderful Author Plan to follow on YouTube. Write all the information she has down for your Authors Plan pause the clip and follow her Outlined PowerPoint at your own pace. Welp my dearest Friends and HeartBeats 💗 imma take a pause and comeback later with Just Write Mo. I hope y’all enjoy this beautiful Thursday🥰🤩💛☀️

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

August 12, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’ve been up for 45 minutes and I’ve watched Jenna Moreci she talked about writers wanting to write everyday what I’ve been talking about this week she’s dope.🤩 I’ve got a daily I want y’all to be on today. I’m hoping everybody on here has access to a Local Library 📚 and I hope your library has a website with all kinds of stuff to offer if you just have a Library Card . My Library offer many free resources as long as you have a library card you can use the services of these resources They offer Writing/Publishing Online Classes but you need to sign in using your library card. Many classes that’s starting August 18th all free. You have to explore the Resource page on your local library Website. They have so much to offer. Get acquainted with your local library and librarians they the GateKeepers to your free vacay destinations. They will also walk you through finding those free Writing/Publishing classes if your library offers that Resource .

Welp imma take a pause imma come back with The HeartBeats 💗 I hope you enjoyed this post and gave you some ideas.TTYL💛🤩🥰✌🏼

📚Always Grease and Service your Brain With New Information It keeps you Young and Healthy💪📚

🐌The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐌

August 11, 2021 🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Hello Everyone🥰I’ve started on a Crime Thriller called “Nola A Crime Novel” It’s about a young lady that was raised by her siblings and came into a inheritance from her parents death, that the police had apart in her parents death. Her older brother and his wife raised Nola like their own from the age of 2. He’s 20 years her senior. She has other siblings that ran through their own inheritance and they are itching to get their hands on Nola’s. Her DAD / Brother set it up she doesn’t get a lump sum hoping she will be able to sustain a realistic lifestyle and live within her means. Her Dad/ Brother has a Towing Company and his wife a shop owner of her own salon. They want Nola to make a living instead of spending. Nolas interest is Fashion. She’s been selling TShirts and matching Hood Fabulous couples outfits She draws up and creates. Accessories to boot. She’s a excellent seamstress her mother’s Sister taught her and Her Dad/Brother got her top of the line industrial/ commercial sewing machine. And she’s been burning rubber ever since. She has plans on winning Fashion Week in the Fall. But she’s going to do that as cheap as possible buying fabric on consignment and even thrifting she plans on saving a dollar or two Nola and her best friend Paris throw an audition for models 200 people shows up. Including a male model named Byron and from there all his problems seem to bleed into her world literally and for Nola it’s a fight for her Life. Will she Survive it ? Will her new found inheritance dwindle away like her careless siblings?Will Nolas Dad/Brother have to come out of Retirement on some fools?

I’m just in the beginnings of the Outline it felt good getting my story out can’t wait for tomorrow 🤓 me and my muse Rocked Out today now maybe if I can start early ?

🐢 I may be slow as a turtle or a snail 🐌 But me and my Muse Gives em Hell🐢

🐌The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐌

August 11,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🤩💛☀️🐪🐫🐪📖✍🏾🤓🐝🥳🎉✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💛☀️ it’s Hump Day what’s on the agenda today? I’m planning on working on a outline for a crime novel I want to start. I know I’m starting late in the day. But better late than never. Imma be busy as a busy bee 🐝. I hope y’all been cranking out some Dope WIPS . I’ve been on break far too long it’s time to bust down some content. Welp imma take a pause and start my day Friends and HeartBeats 💗 Welcome your Muse and hang out awhile. Crank out some Dope Content while the getting good. TTYL 🥰✌🏼

💛🐝The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐝💛

August 11,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 💗🥰🤓🤩 I’ve spent my night reading my billionaire romance and I’m invested I need to get the whole series. It’s addictive. I’m so ready to start my own WIPS but I’m exhausted now. Imma TTYL

🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢

August 10,2021 The HeartBeats 💗 🥰🤓📖✍🏾🤩🙏🏾🤷🏽‍♀️🪦😳💛🦉✌🏼

Good Evening Friends & HeartBeats 💗 Sorry for late post. Ive been dealing with Dailys and people all day. I’m finally settled down no writing today maybe Tomorrow. I be feeling like my days be wasted if I don’t write. But I handled business my stress levels are above and beyond the norm. I just need to detox from everything and everyone. I need a writing retreat maybe I can take my mind there tomorrow. what destination should I go too? Somewhere safe Cool in temps maybe Alaska or where they have the Igloo Resorts. Wonder if they open this time of year? I really need to detox my life. Not from y’all. All of you keep my passion pumping. Y’all keep me going my HeartBeats 💗 I’m going to sleep early tonight might get a late Writers Journey I don’t know. Go For It Tuesdays has Been Posted. Go and check it out. It’s actual post from last year. I’m posting it again to archive it for y’all Creative Enjoyment. Welp imma get ready for my news program of the day probably shouldn’t watch it always have my anxiety up. Tomorrow imma shut down everything and pray 🙏🏾my muse shows up I’m sure she/ he will. Early morning news will have you hooked all day imma shut it off at 7 am imma try the latest 8 am welp imma TTYL 🥰💛🤓 I have an Alert 🚨 imma post Stay Tuned…

When I don’t write and it’s one of “those days” I’m basically in the Tombs and I’m getting out the tombs tomorrow because I’m working on my Craft tomorrow. I hate the Tombs but imma make the best of it tomorrow. I will be vacaying somewhere I’ll let y’all know my Mental Destination in my Just Write Mo post Tomorrow Where ever I go it’s free. No need to pack a bag. Or leave your home. Just a pen and pad📖✍🏾 No Stressors just writing.Amen🙏🏾

🤷🏽‍♀️The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤷🏽‍♀️

August 9,2021🤓Just Write Mo🤓

Greetings 🥰 I haven’t woke all the way up I’m struggling was up last night late Today is Celebration 🥳 it’s National Book Lovers Day🥳🎉🎊🎉🎊🍾 who and what you gonna read today ? Imma work on Outlines I got a couple books eating me up inside. Everyone take advantage of the Freebie under The Ninth Poetess Presents: on the menu it’s Litty. You missing out if you haven’t seen it. Welp let me start my day Friends and HeartBeats. Get in to it and hang out with your Muse. Rock out y’all all are Rockstars. 🤩💛🎉🎊🥳 don’t forget to work on the craft or read today it’s Special it’s National Book Lovers Day show out today. And check your book stores today may catch some deals today on books. Never know.🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🤔welp imma TTYL Bless Y’all🙏🏾✌🏼

🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢

August 9,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰📖✍🏾🐻☯️🤓💛🙏🏾🐝📗🖊✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today imma write write write. This morning I miss my moma bear. I know she’s still here with me I just want a hug. My aunt daughter gives the best hugs that reminds me of my mom. Can’t wait till she comes to visit🤗 I need to get up but I got the yawns I hope y’all are wide awake. I feel defeated already today I can’t wake up fully. Ying and Yang come do your thang please. Yellow heart 💛 because I have sunshine in my heart always . Bless y’all busy bee 🐝 because I want to write today. Welp I’m gonna start my day. Try to anyways TTYL💗✌🏼🤩

🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢