June18,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Sorry everyone I’m having a hard night😭 I can not cope. Bless it please and make it better. I’m up missing my mom but I don’t want to see her I ain’t ready to go I have hundreds of books to write places to go wonderful people to meet if I ever get the courage. I wish I had a fraction of my moms strength and guts and power. She played no games and took no stuff from no one. She handled things differently than I ever could. She made me safe it was no question about that. None. And I feel when she passed that strength and sense of safety went with her and Im left to cope with I feel is some difficult times in this world. Because everyone experience it in some form what I’m going through. Just some rough days. That’s a nice way of putting it. And it has to stop. I need a positive sense of normalcy to help me grieve anything else is terroristic to me and abuse and I can’t cope like that. Where I’m from is not the ideal place for murder and mayhem and terror. It’s a disconnect and somewhere our safe city of the past have forgotten where the roots are. It’s a must that change happens changes in the right places with the right programs and right funding. I feel the inner city get left overs in every state just about . My city should be up there one of the safest cities in the nation but it’s been a disconnect somewhere and we need self care in the right places. If I say what I really want people would not like me at all. I like people to like me I can’t be a politician and let the words /water roll off my back like a duck. I’m fragile and sensitive. Real talk. I always wasn’t I had spunk and guts to take on the world. Right now I’m just learning a new me. And that’s gonna have to be okay because it’s all I got. I’m spilling my soul out on to this post tonight y’all. I scared speechless of my night. Bless it and I may be late with the HeartBeats 💗 it’s a shame within myself that we have freedoms of speech to say whatever we want but that freedom ain’t free if it cost you your life. I took a few poems down before because of that reason very risky and I read some blogs I be in awe I be like they are pushing the bar and can’t believe they posted this one such powerful pieces but is a poem worth more than the air in your chest? Like the last couple days I’ve been having chest pains I know it’s stress. I’m praying it goes away. But imma T TY L I’m praying for safety Amen Amen Amen Bless y’all have a wonderful night💗

🧱make sure a unwanted wasn’t with you while you built your foundation they will take your kingdom apart brick by brick be skilled to cut the unwanted go and be open enough to make friends with people that want to help you on building your nation, stay focused don’t get caught up and don’t give up🧱

💗The Ninth Poetess,LLC💗💗💗💗💗💗

June 17,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I’m emotionally exhausted but I got some things done in the midst of craziness. Hopefully things get better in the coming days. Because I’ve been tired of everything negative going on in my world . My world has been violated and on top of that not once but three times in less than a year. It’s actually more if you count the shooting. Its not fair and I didn’t ask for it. I thank Goodness for this platform to be able to vent my frustrations maybe someone can relate. Not only violated but still grieving my mothers death from 2 years ago. These several months in this year have felt like hell times purgatory compounded. Then can’t sleep in a normal bed out of fear and to be near my aunt how I’m sleeping is wearing me out. It’s frustrating and I don’t want to see my breaking point. I’m holding on with everything I got. I almost didn’t post tonight but what is this platform for? The Writers Journey . This platform is keeping me going along with the Higher Ups in Heaven. You stopping by and checking on me means everything to me right now. Thank you. Today I added a poem to the freebie and I edited a chapter of Enaji-O that’s going in the freebie I ended early enough to write in Star Gazes but I got overwhelmed with stressors again I just need to sleep it off if I can. It’s all a mess over Facebook Ads. Be sure you find your Facebook Ads icon it’s says Ads or Facebook Ads check in one of two of your menus check to see if your restricted if your restricted from using them someone is using them and probably haven’t reached the threshold to be billed yet that’s why you don’t know yet. The threshold is probably 50,000VND or 50.00 US I do not know the rationale. I hope no one has violated your platform or your life it’s a horrible feeling the Fourth of July and it’s fireworks 🎆 is gonna have me jumping and shaking out my skin a long time. I can’t deal since the real life shooting I’ve been through. It is too close for comfort for sure thanking God me and my family still here. It soul shaken and it will change your life strangely and negatively if you can’t cope I’m cut different it’s super hard for me to bounce back I give things deeper thought than most. Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💗 before I bore y’all with my soapbox imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💗 TTYL ✌🏼

🪙Tackle the Page, and get your Quarterback 🪙

🎆 The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🎆

June17,2021 The HeartBeats💗🥰📖✍🏾☕️🚀🧱☀️🕶🥵🔥

Top of the morning everyone🥰 when I say it’s too hot in the dang morning I mean it. Somebody left the gate open downstairs letting the heat up and the Unwanteds. D*** Demonic spirits jumping in and out of these babies that never lived life to get the full conception of what it is to live and enjoy it. Everyone are all on the pursuit of happiness the Forefathers spoke of and they d*** sure didn’t include murder and mayhem to get it. I think the school systems should be longer than Twelve grades before they let them go off into the wilderness. Let them learn a trade before college not everyone is capable of going to college. They should keep them in school till they turn 21 because they will be grown and they can make they own decisions as to what they want to do with their life. I think this will raise a generation of focused more successful better economy for the nation. The funding will pay for itself. I really do think they let these kids go too soon. And I think each kids need a counselor or social worker that follows there’s progress and stay in there life. I can count on one hand how many times I had a conversation with a counselor and doubt they actually knew who I was. These counselors need small caseloads maybe 3-4 kids so they can focus on them. It takes a village to raise these kids these days because it’s a disconnect somewhere when you talk about the inner city youth. We need someone there to reel them back in and be like uh where you going and not give up on them. And I think if they stayed in program/school till 21 those bad choices in life would be voids. The crime would be lowered employment high. Safer cities. Well enough of my thoughts this morning I have a lot of dreams and one of my dreams was opening a school that did just that. That specialized in Liberal Arts. Well enough of that. 🙄 Today gonna be edits for the freebie and possibly working on Star Gazes . Last night was quiet and peaceful and safe. Gotta recognize and savor the moments like that. Well, dear friends and HeartBeats imma finish my coffee concoction and start my Journaling and then Work on my WIPS. Bless y’all today. I’ll be back later with the Writers Journey TTYL✌🏼

Stay Cool 👒🕶 gonna be hotter than the floors of Hell today. Be Safe friends and HeartBeats 💗

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

💛The Ninth Poetess, LLC 💛

June 16,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone🥰 I have a 🚨Disclaimer 🚨 I put up a poem called Inner City Blues Part #2 now this poem is very detailed on my experiences and thoughts on the uptick of violence in my community. I took it down because of safety purposes. I may still put it in Star Gazes . I don’t know. It was a difficult decision on taking down the poem. To those who liked the poem today or read it I apologize I took it down bless y’all I appreciate y’all. 🚨Today , I started late my mind and my spirit was just trying to cope. I’ve been trying to cope for the last several years I’ve come to the conclusion coping is my new norm . Coping is a way of life. And it’s just more things added to the things to cope from everyday. I did journal that is one thing I did. My day got away from me seem like that’s starting to be a thing. I published this post before I was finished on accident I must be sleepy. I hope y’all day was a blessing and safe and positive and productive. Bless y’all imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💗 TTYL✌🏼

☀️I pray our tomorrow’s brings days of bliss and happiness. ☀️

🧱The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🧱

June 16,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰☕️📖💊🍤🌎🌍🌏☀️🙏🏾✌🏼

Top of the morning everybody 🥰 back to having my AM schedule but this Pill I take every morning is getting on my last nerve also taking my levels getting on my last nerve it keeping me alive to have a nerve so I guess I can’t complain too much. I went to bed at a decent hour last night felt great to get some rest. Bless it I’m beginning to feel like my old self. Very little anxiety this morning that’s blessing hopefully that goes away so I can enjoy the day fully. Today gonna be a productive day if I can get pass the groggy feeling in my life🥱 scared to lay back down it’ll be migraine city. Bless it. But imma sit here wait till this this pill absorb I’m deathly thirsty. Drink a ocean of water and start the beautiful day. enjoy y’all’s day crank out some Wonderful WIPS 🥰 imma talk to you later on today with WOW Wednesday’s and the Writers Journey . TTYL ✌🏼

🧱 When everything seems to be falling and crumbling down around you and you feel defeated. If you got breath in your body that same breath could build a new nation never lose sight on your vision. Never give up.🧱

💗The Ninth Poetess,LLC 💗

June 15,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everybody🥰 Today was beautiful but it sure went fast. I just need to start my days early I would get so much done. I’ve finished the poems for the freebie now it’s edits for one chapter out of each book. Allergies kicking my tail. It is definitely dry out. Praying for a quiet safe night last night was difficult for me. Tomorrow gonna be epic. Got edits and possibly work on Star Gazes the second collection of poems. Also come up with WOW Wednesday’s. This week going fast. Gotta savor every second just to enjoy the day or you’ll miss it. Well imma enjoy my night may it be peaceful and safe tonight for us all. Bless y’all. Imma comeback in the morning with The HeartBeats 💗 TTYL ✌🏼

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🕸The Ninth Poetess,LLC🕸

June 15,2021 The HeartBeats 💗🥰🎢📖✍🏾🤓🌎🌍🌏☀️☕️🥪

Top of the morning everyone🥰 I’ve been trying to cope this morning that why I’m on here afternoon. Plus I had a vegan chicken sandwich and my daily coffee, my version of brunch. Its already the 15th half way into the month. And it’s almost summer. This year has flown by. Heck next month might as well be Christmas for real. Not just Christmas in July. I have 2 new poems to work on today for the freebie and I need to find images for both. Speaking of that imma take a pause and jump right into it while I’m energized. Time is getting away from me for sure.Bless y’all beautiful day make today count. I’ll be back later with the Writers Journey TTYL my friends and HeartBeats 💗

🎢Get in the front of that Roller Coaster and ride it like you ready for every twist and turns ups an downs Ins and outs because that’s your ride until we can’t ride no more🎢

🤓The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🤓

June 14,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone🥰 Today has been epic I did a lot it was personal care day so I started late I journaled, tried to something new today and I learned a couple tips today I feel nerdy and that’s alright with me🤓 worked on the freebie , searched for a platform safe enough to get my family and friends to join me there. I want my career and personal separate and it’s a lot out there to research on. Close to 100 or more. I’m done with anything Facebook. I’ve lost all trust. I’m thinking about going to The Godfather of all social media and calling it a day and it will be a safe place. That’s right My Space. It’s entertaining safe i need to learn more about it before I switch but it’s my first choice. How somebody gonna get on My dang Facebook and use my Ads before I get a chance to use them for myself and while they using them it’s restricting me from using mines when I’m ready. I probably wouldn’t be so upset if I wasn’t publishing a book and need to get ads out for Lifted Moon. It Pissed me smooth off. Only God Knows what the heck they doing behind the scenes. Sorry for the late and early post. It’s been a productive and trying day. I’m just trying to deal. I’m praying this Tuesday is peaceful and quiet. Right now I’m in knots. Hopeful that pass. I feel like one thing after another is just happening scared to see what’s next gotta brace myself. Bless it. Feel like I’m holding on by a thread today. But who ain’t these days. I would say more as to what has bothered me knowing I should give explanation to why this post so late but that would tell a tale that would spill all the beans and things. Some of my life have to be discreet. For security. The flood gates must be open that’s all I got to say the heat coming up going through the Unwanteds more. What is the deal? Well imma try to settle myself down and rest. It’s a shame someone has to tell themselves before they sleep I pray I’m still alive in the morning not because God took you naturally but by the hands of humans imma get off my rant. It’s been a long day. Please have a safe peaceful night bless y’all I’ll be back in the morning with The HeartBeats 💓 may not be too early Imma probably sleep in. Possibly. We’ll see what happens imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats Family.🥰

🙏🏾In times when you think prayer isn’t enough. Don’t give up and trust that he’s working on your behalf. It’s bound to be better. Don’t look back walk in your new found destiny and get comfortable because it’s all yours Amen Amen Amen🙏🏾

🕸The Ninth Poetess,LLC🕸

I apologize for my lateness again Just going through a lot. Hopefully things will change for the better. I pray🙏🏾 see ya in the AM✌🏼

June 14,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰🙏🏾📖☀️🕶🕸🚀🌎🌍🌏🗑

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 my night was safe and quiet if you thought about me or prayed thank you so much y’all are my Hearts 💗💗💗 me and my aunt just need to move from the area we in. But it was extra quiet last night and I’m thankful. Yesterday before the Unwanteds invaded me, I was in the zone. Y’all know what I’m talking about. That special place we all want to be in all day long. Like being high on something healthy and beneficial to u and it’s okay that you high on it. That’s what the writing craft is to me. It’s everything. A therapist a friend a escape a safe place a prescription and most of all a right. Today I’ll be working on the freebie and probably get into edits or tomorrow I’ll get into edits. Depends if I come up with enough poems. I feel so blessed to have breath in my body. I feel overly appreciatively of life a lot these days just by living in the area I’m in. And losing my mom. It’s been a rollercoaster. I hope y’all’s night have been quiet and safe and peaceful. Well imma start my day HeartBeats 💓 and friends. 🥰 Tackle the Page today and get your Quarterback and sell millions of your creations.😁 Tell a Unwanted they wanted in the pits of Hell 🔥. Go there. What type of project you gonna crank out this week? Have y’all finished any projects recently? Are you planning to publish soon? Y’all know I’m nosy Rosie. 🤣 well imma take a pause everyone TTYL ✌🏼 Bless y’all today stay safe.

☀️Allow the sun to shine in your life when you are going through dark days it will brighten you up in so many ways☀️

🚀The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🚀

June 13,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone 🥰 my anxiety is high tonight because of inner city living. I’m praying the night is quiet and safe. Living like this is stressful to the max. I haven’t drove my car in over a year because it’s not safe. Not safe in your vehicle or your home. What do you do but pray. It’s tragic. I can’t say much else but prayer changes things. Case of mistaken identity at its finest. So if I don’t post in a day something happened to me. I post everyday atleast once or twice so if there begins to be a change and I’m not posting something is wrong. Y’all my HeartBeats y’all keep me going I’ll be here as long as I’m living. My anxiety is through the roof and I’m afraid. But what’s new? I’ve been feeling this way since my mother passed away she was the strongest person I have ever known and many other people can say the same. Other than my fear and anxiety right now Today wasn’t wasted. I worked on a new project and started to file the freebie and I posted the writing prompts. I’ve been a busy bee 🐝 in the hive. May the Almighty keep my hive safe tonight and safe for as long as we are in this hive. Bless it. As many times I’ve felt this way and it’s been safe I shouldn’t worry. But I still do. Well imma take a pause before I say too much of what I’m unsure about that’s why I take it to the Almighty first Amen. Y’all stay safe tonight I mean that from my soul. And have a peaceful and quiet night Bless y’all. TTYL ✌🏼

🍋I’m sweet enough for my lemon water try it without sugar it’ll change your tastebuds for the better. Add cayenne pepper and you have a detox. Great summer drink Drink it by the jugs. 🍋

PS I wrote five poems already for the freebie I may add 4 more to have 9 for Ninth we will see or I’ll add 2 more and have my two chapters to equal nine we will see. Seven poems and two chapters would be plenty . I have some work to do.

🐝The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐝

June 13,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰🍋📖✍🏾🗑🌎🌍🌏☀️🕶🔋💛

Top of the morning 🥰 I’m in better spirits today😁 nothing perfect but imma take it and run 🏃🏽‍♀️ first imma journal today to get what’s negative in my spirit all the way out. Basically vomiting 🤮 the ugly Unwanteds up and out just apart of my self care. These days are good for cherishing those loved ones you have left. Those you talk to on the regular your ride or dies. That include friends that might as well be in your family tree. They just as loyal and loving probably more than kin. After the Pandemic being cooped up with family got you agitated and aggravated and need a recharge Just be thankful and grateful y’all made it through and everything else is livable as long as y’all keep living. Is anything in life easy? Even to get some peace at the end of the day you feel like you ran a marathon. The older I get this reigns true to me. Today it’s journaling but not for long I have some content in me I need to get out for my second collection of poems Called “Star Gazes”I have a poem called Inner City Blues in Lifted Moon . I will be writing Inner City Blues Part#2 today to go into Star Gazes I’m trying to comeback with a vengeance.😆I have so much going on in my head and the positive stuff I think about is protecting me from the elements. Bless it. I’ll also be working on the freebie. No naps on a Sunday. Sounds good but I’m behind if I had a schedule. I would be behind. And that’s a no go. But sometimes waking up and having a heartbeat is all that’s asked and that will suffice. Tell yourself on those days it is okay you are okay do self care. Well imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey 🥰 TTYL✌🏼

PS Possibly Poetry Or Short Story is on pause this week only because I’m still trying to figure out which chapter of Bossie imma Showcase in the freebie I will Update the Writing Prompts before the end of the day sorry about the snagfuse.

🍯Capture the day,Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🍯

🐝The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐝

June 12,2021 📖✍🏾 Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening my friends and HeartBeats 💓 today has been very relaxing. I came up with a name for the freebie. It’s gonna be called “ The Ninth Poetess Presents: The Writers/Readers Web” it’s still in the makings. All day I’ve been trying my best to shake off the funk but I feel my day has been wasted. In the mornings I talk good and mean well but the cosmos say otherwise. I’ve been feeling a certain way all week. And Facebook tipped me over the edge. I feel terrorized. And targeted. I feel violated and thought of less than pennies. And I am better than that to be getting messed with on a constant bases. I’m just happy I felt comfortable enough to delete my account. These 15-20 people the Admins on my Facebook why are they on my Facebook? My friend said they could of been doing illegal dealings behind the scenes. Why is this even possible? How is this even possible? One time I was locked out of Facebook and actually googled in how to get in the back door way. Why is this even possible? People can steal your site set up shop do God knows what and you’ll never know. What other info these people have on me? It’s terrible. All week I’ve been dealing with Unwanteds and the days I’ve rested I’ve been trying to cope. Bless it. 🙏🏾 I interacted more on this platform than my Facebook anyways it was no biggie letting it go. It’s just the principle of someone violating your space and personals. Enough of my rant. I need to get over this so I can move on to better things. Oh fireworks going off already since the shooting I’m not going to be able to deal. Plus it’s been shootings and violence in my city all year and it’s getting worse since the weather got hotter. Life means something. Period. Imma stop my rant. Not much was attempted except coming up with the name of the freebie. That will suffice. ☺️ what have y’all been doing? I hope your bustin out fabulous WIPS and Projects . Well imma take a pause my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 Enjoy your evening be safe and have a quiet peaceful night. 🥰🥱✌🏼

🚀Always takeoff like a rocket using your creative minds. Go past the farthest planet looking for your success for your dreams and never come back. 🚀

PS Do Facebook even care about it’s Patrons? By actions I would think they don’t. They don’t have a working live customer service support to call when you have issues. It’s discouraging. It’s scary. It’s bullying. It’s violating. I can go on and on. It’s terrible. They need to revamp Facebook shut it down and force everyone to signup to a safer and better platform with customer service support . But that’s asking too much. Bless it Revamp It. They can send a human to space to explore the far off edges of the universe but they can’t stop internet predators I just don’t believe that. Bless it and Make it Better Amen.

🟡The Ninth Poetess,LLC🟡

June 12,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰🥱📖✍🏾🚀🔋☀️🕶🌎🌍🌏

Top of the morning 🥰 now I’ve been trying to shake it shake it shake it off this morning so I can start my day today I plan on working on the freebie. Imma try to switch up my spot where I normally work maybe I’ll be more productive. I was up early then went back to sleep. Missed the news 📰 and everything woke up at 9 thank goodness I don’t have a migraine. Today imma make shrimp poppers and dip in sweet chili sauce yummo. There’s a Chinese Restaurant I go to and they have the biggest butterfly shrimp they cut them and it looks like a ring or bracelet nice and golden brown eat them with sweet chili sauce or sweet and sour sauce and they give u 6-8 of them bomb. Today imma have my version I don’t go to that place too much it’s far from where I reside so when I do get back there it’s a special treat. I love accenting meals with different sauces and dressings. I would eat my shrimp and fries with ranch it bangs. But today imma switch it up. And I chicken fry my shrimp no egg though and they still delicious that way. Well my dearest loves imma get started with my day while it’s still day left and imma try to capture it before it slips away.TTYL ✌🏼🖤

May work on learning my French today too if I’m up for it. I’m trying to get the old me back. All positive Only Happiness Enters

🗑Wake up, Get up,Shake off the Funk, Let the Unwanteds get collected with the Junk🗑

🌶🍤The Ninth Poetess,LLC🍤🌶

June 11,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today was relaxing it rained and I’ve napped some of the day. I’ve been depressed a few days I woke up and ate something. Then I went on the search of poem images. I found a couple interesting ones to write a poem about. My sugars were normal this morning I was pretty shocked. They have been elevated a couple days. Tonight imma watch YouTube clips my watch later list. Tomorrow is gonna be Epic imma start early I’ve been feeling under the weather lately depressed and just needed to sleep it off. I need to snap out of it. Tomorrow I’m try to stay on track. But as you know it’s not always in the cosmos. The freebie is my saving grace these days to keep me focused. I hope y’all’s day been wonderful. 🥰 Imma shut it down I’mma comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 bless y’all night to be quiet peaceful and safe. TTYL✌🏼

📓Write on Writers📓

🖤The Ninth Poetess,LLC🖤

June 11,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰☕️✈️🌏🌍🌎🥱⛈🌧☔️📖✍🏾🥶

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’m running on fumes and most likely going to sleep when this post is done I had a rough night sleeping. Sleep is a escape it’s how I vacay. I’ve drank coffee this morning nothing has worked I’m cold sleeping helps regulate my temperature hope I can focus on the freebie today. Still haven’t came up with a name for it. I will. Well imma get off of here everything getting heavy. Imma TTYL dear friends and HeartBeats 💓

🥱make sure you get rested it will help you be present🥱

🌸The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🌸

June 10,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening everyone. 🥰 today has been brand new I’ve been worried about this Facebook Ads predator all dang day and haven’t worked on a thing. Spoke to a friend and my aunt and came up with the conclusion to delete my Facebook. Just to keep me safe. if I can’t get into my other accounts after a month I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. But I’m thinking I signed up to these sites through email not Facebook log in. Atleast I hope so. It would mess up my marketing plan. I don’t need that. But although I haven’t attempted working on the freebie today I plan to dive in tonight. I’m trying to keep my spirits up I’ve been a victim too many times this year in many different ways. People need to lay off of me. It’s too much. But I have the best thing on the planet to focus on tonight imma be in the zone. I hope your day was fantastic. I hope y’all are not experiencing what I’m going through today. I’m barely making it emotionally and mentally right now. I’m tired of the mishaps in my day. Just want happiness. That’s my motivation and hope to experience that for the rest of my days on this planet. And to avoid the Unwanteds. It should of never been an option on Facebook to be able to Take over someone else’s Facebook Ads had over 12 Facebook Admins people I didn’t know never seen or heard of how they get on my page. What else do they know about me then they wanted my new number to claim the page it’s a no go. I just deleted it. And they’ve been using it for months. I didn’t know. It’s too much. Should never be options like that on a page. There’s no protection either. Well enough of my rant for the night my loves things has settled down in my world it’s one less thing to worry about. Thankful this platform is protected there is a person behind these words. And she needs reassurance of safety. Well imma comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 imma get into the zone while I have energy. It’s either energy or anxiety I feel could be both. Take care my loves stay safe have a blessed quiet night. TTYL ✌🏼

🔋Recharge your spirit with the positive people in your life don’t let the negative keep you down for long 🔋

🚀The Ninth Poetess,LLC🚀

This to shall pass It’s a Blessing to try again for happiness. Never give up,

June 10,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🥶☯️🤫🦉🔋✈️🌎🌍🌏

Top of the morning everyone 🥰it’s a beautiful hot hot hot 🥵 day. I need a mental and physical vacation. Maybe even relocation. If you relocate to a paradise can it still be paradise after? Every destination has its ups and downs I guess it’s what’s your willing to live with. I’m just wishing I could relocate I have no money. Isn’t that the story of us all though? Inner City Blues. Finding ways to cope and stay in my bubble praying I stay safe. Bless everyone in my city. We all need Prayer. Had a hard time sleeping last night my spirit was worked up. Slept into the late morning hours. Today I’m working on the freebie haven’t decided on how many poems I want for the project I’m having so much fun creating the freebie can’t wait for my next one. Imma also develop a pin for Pinterest as well if I can. Thinking about deleting my Facebook someone has taken over my Facebook Ads I feel hacked. Im wondering what info they got on me. And to claim it I have to put more personal info into the system and I’m not giving up my phone number. It’s a mess I wish people would leave people alone. I’m barely on my personal Facebook account. Bless it. Then if I delete the account it locks me out of other platforms. It’s a mess. And you can’t talk to a person ( customer service) about it. It’s terrible. They really do need live people in those positions. Too many people have their businesses on Facebook not to have that extra security. Enough of my rant. Bless it and bless today🥰😁. I need a recharge I feel drained. Running on fumes. Sometimes the coffee don’t do it. Imma take a pause dearest family. Don’t let nothing steal your joy and don’t let no one steal from you. That’s a no go. Imma be back later with the Writers Journey . Bless y’all enjoy your day.

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Check your Facebook Ads make sure no one has taken them over. It will restrict you from doing your own ads if and when you need too.

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June 9,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening everyone🥰 sorry I’m coming on here later than usual . Someone mentioned a twisted evil movie on Netflix to watch and I got caught up an watched the whole thing and now I wish I hadn’t because now I’m in my feelings about life. Movie pissed me off. But other than that I had a good day I’m getting ahead with the freebie I’m working on. I’m having fun looking for photos. I worked on 3 poems today and found photos for them. Finding the right photo is just as important as the content is. I have one poem I’m questioning to put in the freebie. I think it’s too personal but it may not be. We will see if I include it. The personal ones sometimes be the best to share. Want to say the names to my post are just names for AM PM post for the blog. Check out both The HeartBeats and The Writers Journey they both are valid. I may even come up with something new to call a post. I’m thinking about starting one and calling it The Pen Ninja and let you all into my ideas for poems and projects like diving deeper into my processes. Right now I can’t disclose too much of the freebie I want it Top Secret. I’m glad I waited to post because it actually made me feel better after that aweful twisted movie. I will not disclose the name. To each it’s own. It’s just not for my spirit. I’m terribly sensitive I don’t know how I sat through the whole thing. Bless it. Bless y’all. Don’t go finding twisted movies either to watch it’ll get you in your feelings. Watch positive stuff documentaries or sitcoms funny stuff no drama killings or stuff like that. Watch Educational YouTube clips. Positive stuff. Now I’m stuck trying to reprogram myself and cleanse my mind and eyeballs from the wickedness. Bless it. I hope y’all enjoyed the Updates and WOW Wednesday’s it’s stuff I’ve talked about over the week. I hope it’s helpful to you guys and gals. I try to keep it on topic and Fresh and New. Imma try and top my number of poems today tomorrow and finish 4-5 we will see. This freebie gonna be a treat. And it’s gonna have a full un published un talked about chapter of Enaji-O and Bossie in it. And a sneak peek of the covers for both. That’s enough to sign up your email right there to get the inside scoop on that. But it will also have never seen before poems with images to boot. I think it’s gonna be fire 🔥. As the kids say. Stay tuned for some new stuff happening. Bless y’all tonight I hope y’all’s night is quiet and safe and peaceful. Imma comeback in the morning with the HeartBeats 💓

🦉 Knowledge is Power always use your mind over matter and Love conquers everything The Almighty is Love and I stand in Him, not this Twisted movie I seen this evening. May it go back to the pits of you know where.Amen🦉

🚀The Ninth Poetess,LLC🚀

Flying far away from todays Unwanteds

June 9,2021 Updates and WOW Wednesday’s🥳🥳🥳

WOW Wednesday’s

Topic: Vanessa Lau

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/VanessaLau/videos

Here’s a link to all of Vanessa Lau’s videos. She’s very informative. have a pen and pad ready. Learn something Fresh and New

Always Have Fun

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

What’s On The Radar?

Topic: Mailerlite


I’ve read and heard nothing but greatness about Mailerlite. I plan on using them when ready. Check them out and see if their a great fit for you.

Always Have Fun

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

🌸Hope ya’ll enjoy🌸

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June 9,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 🥰📖🖊🥷🏼✍🏾🎉☯️⏳☕️🌎🌏🌍

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 imma start early today even though this post is later than usual. I’m cold 🥶 and feeling under the weather but imma push through today🥰 today imma be working on the freebie and it has been a treat. 🥰 I’m excited on what’s next in my writing task. I can’t tell y’all about the poems they are Top Secret.🤫🤐 still haven’t came up with a name for the project.(freebie). But I’m thinking 🤔. Whatever you do today do it BIG😁 Be Creative and Have Fun on this beautiful day.☀️. Oh I’m using free images from Pixabay.com in the freebie. Pixabay is awesome.🥰 imma take a pause and start my day bless y’all enjoy your WIPS today.

🚀Take off like a Rocket and soar into your Blessings and never come down🚀

💛The Ninth Poetess,LLC💛

June 8,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 Today I journaled and I worked on content for the Freebie for the Emailing List. I’m hoping I can have pictures to go along with the poems I’m showcasing. We will see. And I need to find book covers for Enaji-O and one for Bossie . This is gonna be an experience all in itself. But my focus is to get through these new poems for the freebie I need to come up with a catchy name for the freebie too. Something to think about tonight. As you know I shuts it down by 4 or 5 pm but I need to get started sooner in my day. The News will have you wasting your whole day so imma try not to watch it after 7am. Maybe even after6 am. I’ve enjoyed this day I wrote 2 poems found 3 free pix images for the poems only wrote two today I have to write one to go with the image I have left then find more images to be my muse. Today was fun I’m back writing doing my most favorite out of the writing craft to do. I feel refreshed and out my funk. Feel brand new☀️🔥🥷🏼 📓🖊☯️ finally got my Ying and Yang today. Bless it. It was very Productive even communicated with Drs. Today. The Higher Ups. Trying to keep me and my sugars together. What I’ve been eating lately ain’t helping but I gotta eat. This too shall pass. Bless it. My mindset has shifted in a whole new territory for the good. I feel exceptionally good today.😁. And what a wonderful warm day it is?☀️ blessings to everyone today. I hope your evening is quiet and peaceful and relaxing. Tomorrow is GO Time! 😁🎉 and I’m ready for it. Well imma take a pause friends and HeartBeats imma TTYL🥰

📓Write On Writers📓

🥷🏼The Ninth Poetess,LLC🥷🏼

June 8,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥷🏼📖✍🏾🥰🥱📒🖊☯️💜

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 this morning I’m really thirsty and hungry. This medication I take has me dehydrated longer I go without eating my appetite comes back stronger I eat more don’t know if that is better or worst. Today I have a project to start had to talk to my Higher Ups yesterday ( formatter) she gonna format my freebie it’s gonna be fire 🔥 as the kids say. It’s still early yet imma go back to sleep I hope y’all’s early morning has been quiet and safe blessings y’all imma TTYL ✌🏼

🥷🏼Every pen stroke bleeds soul bending knowledge to hold you on the insides of you. Never let it go🥷🏼

📓 The Ninth Poetess,LLC📓

June 7,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 loved my day even though I napped half of it. I’m going to sleep early so I can feel rested tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m working on my freebie content. Spoke to my formatter she’s going to format my freebie which is gonna be fun to write. What a task tomorrow gonna bring? I scanned over Vanessa Lau freebiesi need to sit down and study them all info is a help but I think imma just have to cross the bridge and trek it all by myself. Which may be in good interest I can help others if I gain success. But so far imma be on the right path imma be working on a newsletter and freebie . Maybe once I learn how to get more subbies I can do that as a service and monetize that way as well. Word Ads is gonna have to work once I figuring all the ins and outs. Well imma take a pause dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 I’m pretty sleepy I’m not even going make it through the news I don’t know why I’m so sleepy these days I just want my schedule back. Had I banana today it was delicious 🍌 wanted one yesterday but we didn’t have any. I didn’t have coffee today tomorrow I will because I need it . Well imma take a pause TTYL✌🏼

I hope your enjoying Possibly Poetry Or Short Story it’s more to come from Bossie “ A Omaha Love Story”

⏳Savor every second make it count can’t get that time back once it gone so work it before it fads away. ⏳

Today was hard to sleep through knowing I had task . Tomorrow hopefully better outcome. It’s a blessing to try again.

🥷🏼The Ninth Poetess,LLC🥷🏼

-The Pen Ninja-

June 7,2021 The HeartBeats #1💓🥰🥱🔥🙏🏾🥾📒🎉🍊🧡✌🏼

Top of the morning everyone🥰imma at a late start today. Bless y’all for listening this late last night early morning post I’ve been holding that in a while .and I shouldn’t it’s the story of my life at the present time. Why be afraid to share? I have some work to do today right now I’m trying to regulate my body temperature I’m cold. But it’s gonna be hot today. I still feel sleepy imma try to stay awake today. 🥱 my progression gonna be fire 🔥 today I need to do a lot. I’ll let y’all know my schedule when I comeback today. Bless y’all have a awesome day😁🎉🙏🏾☀️TTYL🥰

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June 7,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #1 📖✍🏾

Good morning I’m up because I had a nap yesterday imma be off schedule. Bless y’all tonight. I hope it’s quiet and safe where you are at. So far my night has been quiet. It’s always that urge in me after a certain hour pray the shooters don’t come back or imma have to stay on the floor again. Things have been changed in my life for the time being. Till I can cope. I’m dealing with grieving my moms which is still fresh after 2 years and dealing with this shooting that got me going through something as heavy as PTSD. I’ve been through a lot in life but the shooting I checked out. I’m not the same person and I’ve withdrawn from a lot of normal day to day things. My writing craft and this website /blog has been keeping me going with Almightys Angels protecting me. It’s hard to deal most days just happy to try again another day it gives me hope. My life is not over but it’s difficult.? They was shooting they didn’t shoot me but something inside me died. That’s the beginning of a powerful poem I need to write today. It’s so true in my life. Maybe someone else can relate.bless y’all for listening. Reach out to your friends and family you never know how their journey through life is treating them. Swap stories vent maybe help each other. Love hard on your loved ones. Y’all are all y’all got in this world cherish that hold it close to heart. TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓

🐫Store knowledge like the Camel stores fat in his back, use it in famine( hard days) it will feed you till your next meal( idea,meal ticket) ride him in hard hot terrain take care of him till u can feed him again. Riding a Camel is like pushing a pen 🖊🐫

☯️Write On Writers☯️

🐫The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐫

June 6,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Bless y’all this evening🥰 I’m happy because I’m seeing a little progress this evening even though I may not be happy about anything else. I made my one pot rotini and meatballs and it was delicious. I had to eat twice today felt like I was starving. My appetite has been acting a fool.I normally intermittent fast but I have bigger meals to get me through the day. Lately I can’t hold much. I know it’s the medication and maybe even the change in seasons too. I also binged Vanessa Lau channel and downloaded her downloadable freebies I hope they walk me through step by step on what to do. Tomorrow imma ask my formatter if she formats Pinterest pins and does she format downloadables for pop ups emailing list maybe she can walk me through it too I’m hands on. My formatter is pretty dope. I’m sure she help or point me in the right direction. I been fighting to keep my positive vibes going all day since it got off to a rocky start. Anxiety still high. Nerves still bad. Still wanting to leave. To go where ? Somewhere away from the Unwanteds. Because this morning was a fool. Booming music systems too dang early in the morning making me a nervous wreck because I experienced a shooting less than 10 yards from my front door. And I’m still a wreck every night. Hard to pick up at a drop of a dime and move. But I know one day I will and where I’ll go it will be nicer and safer than this. I’m even thinking about skipping states. Maybe one day. If I do that I may need to change the Site name. I’m saying this because this Summer is Hot more ways than one. People are dying in the streets everyday. Or assaulted. It’s a mess. I ask the question what and where is true safety? These days people arent safe doing nothing. More people minding they own business get assaulted shot attacked killed on a daily basis than people looking and getting a position at a job or job fair. It’s a sickness it really is that these shooters have. Medication and other stimulants can’t cure. This fact I know is crippling people (the rest of us) . Enough of my rant and soapbox this evening this is just a small tip of what I’m going through . Its livable what I’m dealing with as long as I keep living. Just gotta make it to tomorrow. Well imma take a pause my friends and HeartBeats 💓. I hope y’all’s day was knock out out of sight (the dang Unwanteds) We’ll try again tomorrow on getting some progress. I think contacting my formatter is Number 1 on my agenda tomorrow . TTYL everyone get your rest don’t let Booming systems bother you be patient they will pass through .

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💜 The Ninth Poetess,LLC💜

June 6,2021 The HeartBeats#2💓💓🥰🥱🫖🍌📖✍🏾❌

Good afternoon 🥰Do your best to keep yourself safe and block out the Unwanteds that feed on your spirit ❌. Just a word on this Sunday. Today I updated the Writing Prompts and Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. I hope y’all enjoy them. Spoke to a friend of mines that’s an Author and she gave me some reassurance today. I needed something like that today it gave my spirit a hug. 🥰 it’s always good to have someone liked minded you can bounce questions off of and vent. I had soup today didn’t want to cook again this rotini never gonna get made. 🙄😁 today I slept too long and didn’t get to Vanessa Lau yet but I will tonight. Well imma take a pause and try to enjoy the rest of my day. Bless y’all.

☯️write on writers☯️

💜The Ninth Poetess,LLC💜

June 6,2021 The HeartBeats #1 💓☯️🥰🤗🌎🌍🌏🥾☀️🌈🍋📖✍🏾💛

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I’ve been up messaging The Higher Ups about my idea . My writing sprints timer is put on hold. They said I would have to change my plan to get a plug in for that. I’m still sleepy I’ve been up since 2:30 am I may take a nap get up at 11 am then get dinner ready I don’t feel the greatest today but imma push through like I always do. But first imma take my nap or I ain’t gonna be good for anyone I have some updates for the day today Stay Tuned. well imma take a pause might be another HeartBeats I have to update writing prompts and Possibly Poetry Or Short Story today I’ll be back in a few.

🥾Stomp on the head of a Unwanted🥾

(Not literally but figuratively)

Start this Holy day with joy blasting from your systems. start that new project or finish strong today and plan your next journey. Make today count.

Imma TTYL Bless Y’all🙏🏾 ease into y’all’s day it’s just Sunday. Time to Relax🥱 I will be back in 3 or 4 hours.

🍝The Ninth Poetess,LLC🍝

(rotini meatballs today) it’s a must.

June 5, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening friends and HeartBeats 💓 how is everyone doing? I hope y’all’s day was Epic. I’ve done a few things. I journaled because I missed a day or two. I had a lot to say. After that I edited Bossie “ A Omaha Love Story” for Possibly Poetry Or Short Story tomorrow. I’ll also post the writing prompts . I did some research after the edits on emailing list sites and come across one Imma use http://mailerlite.com they are reasonable since I am on a budget. Then I messaged The Higher Ups on starting a Emailing list on the website. Gonna binge watch Vanessa Lau and get her downloadable freebie on how to start a emailing list. Now I’ve came up with some ideas so far freebies one of them I need to research more ( writing sprints clock ⏰) Imma share never seen before poems brand new and fresh. And a chapter from Enaji-O and Bossie that’s brand new and fun. I hope that’s interesting enough to get people to sign up . If anyone have seen Abbie Emmons or Sarra Cannons emails from her emailing list you would be in Awe. It’s A-1 Top Notch Quality. I want the same. Thinking about a podcast on YouTube but I’m so shy. I’ll figure it out. I say YouTube because that’s a way to gain subscribers and gain emails from people for your other platforms. Imma think about it some more y’all will be the first to know if and when I do start a channel. My dinner was delicious tomorrow it’s rotini meatballs. It was nice to have a soda Shh! Don’t tell my dr. 🤣 I can get cheat days, plus it’s was my most decent meal of the week. Appetite has been at a crawl. Lemon 🍋water is life. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 I hope y’all have a beautiful blessed night.

☯️write on writers☯️

💜The Ninth Poetess,LLC💜

June 5,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾🍏🍋☀️🌎🌏🌍☕️

Top of the morning everyone. 🥰 Today. This morning is beautiful 🤩. Today I have to cook I haven’t made rotini yet I haven’t been eating much I’m under stress. But I feel refreshed today it’s brand new. I talked myself into a new project for the weekend this morning. I’ll be brainstorming ideas for my freebie I’ve thought about doing a 3 for 1 deal a full chapter of each book I’m working on including cookbook. I’m not sure if y’all would be interested in that freebie idea imma brainstorm some other stuff too I was wondering about if I could have people sign up for writing sprints some kind of way. I don’t know if that possible I have research and jotting to do. I need to figure out so much,generating traffic, imma use Pinterest pins I need to learn how to do that as well . But first I need my freebie. I did my weights this morning I do a little. Something better than nothing. It get oxygen moving in my system. My sugars it’s a little elevated but I haven’t been eating much each day this week. So I’m not understanding is should be lower. The medication has my appetite on a crawl so I haven’t been cooking. I would cook today but imma save it for Sunday meal rotini and meatballs today imma have something exciting from Burger King they Impossible Whoppers Slam and Onion Rings I’m hungry now only because I haven’t eaten a decent meal for 3-4 days as long as I been on this new dosage. I didn’t believe that this medication could stunt my urges to eat but it did. I haven’t been feeling the greatest but what’s new? Any day above ground is a good day. I’ll take my ailments and own them. Well I’ll start my day I know it’s kind of late I woke up late this morning hopefully that is not a trend. Imma TTYL🥰 I’ll be back later with the Writers Journey have a wonderful afternoon get some sun and some heat todayBless y’all

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June 4, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2 📖✍🏾

Hello friends and HeartBeats 💓 I’m back to let you guys and gals know who I’ve watched today on YouTube for the book launch info I went to the source over to Julie Broad channel Book Launchers. This channel is amazing and it also have a website http://booklaunchers.com they have tons of support and info for your journey. Then I took a tip/step from the clip I watched and found Vanessa Lau and she breaks down the bones of building a Emailing List. She even has a Downloadable to instruct you on getting one. It’s amazing what she was teaching. I found out from Vanessa Lau that WordPress can be used in helping a emailing list ( I call them The Higher Ups) (anyone in charge of my growth business wise or processes The Higher Ups) I need to contact them and see what’s all the steps involved but first I need to come up with a idea for a downloadable freebie and or contest a service something interesting y’all want to see. It’s so much out there to do. I’m excited for this. Next is to find out about beta readers that would be awesome if I could use my emailing list as my beta reader I’m just thinking out loud to self. Don’t know if that’s possible will find out tomorrow. So excited for what tomorrow will bring feel like kid at Christmas 🎄. I feel like I’m taking too much in. Imma focus on coming up with a freebie idea to generate subscribers for emailing list. From the looks of things how to build it it’s intricate. But I’ve gotten this far I’ll will figure it out. First I need to focus on the idea.

🚨Lifted Moon is pushed back it’s all ready and set to rock and roll my Launch Knowledge isn’t when I feel confident y’all will be the first to know I need to do this properly so I don’t waste my resources and my work. I do Apologize.🚨Content from Bossie Will be posted to keep Possibly Poetry Or Short Story going. Other content on website and blog will be posted. More Positive and Productive days ahead.

Imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 imma TTYL 🥰

🐝Bee nice to someone never know how they doing in their emotions in their heart and soul and in their mental. I said it yesterday it may still be up I don’t know. You gain more bees with honey 🍯 than the ish (cow chips) that bulls and cows gives. 🐝

I hope I haven’t ran my followers and friends away with my rant. I know negative vibes don’t do well with peoples spirit. Positivity can heal a nation.

Imma TTYL friend’s and HeartBeats 💓

🐝Write On Writers🐝

☯️The Ninth Poetess, LLC☯️

June 4,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers#1📖✍🏾

Hello everyone.🥰 I have some explaining to do. Now last night I posted a post explaining and listing the steps on publishing and starting your Authors business/brand I had disclaimers up and everything to protect me legally because I definitely didn’t want to come off as giving legal advice. But last night I spooked myself and I took that post down. Spoke to my Registered Agent I used to get my LLC and they reassured me I would have been perfectly okay keeping the post . They said Google will tell you the steps and what it takes to start a business. So I was approached with a comment this morning that pissed me off and I’m fairly humble. They said along the lines of “ I don’t know the Purpose of your blogging or site” Or “ or the purpose of the post” with heart emojis and well wishes to lessen the sting because I deleted my post. And I had a disclaimer on the reasons why I took it down. I deleted everything because it’s negativity I deal with enough on a given day. I took the post down for my protection shouldn’t be no questioning that. Or Belittling. And they said you haven’t been coming to my site in so many words. Now I’m not holding no one accountable for not coming to my site you are free to visit anytime you can take a break anytime I’m not stopping and I’m not begging and I support all my followers and I hope they give me the same freedoms I’m giving. But if any of you want to know how to get a LLC you can go to Google search and I will be getting into to how to Launch a book real soon. And I may share my process when I come to it. I had to get this out because I talk good saying this ain’t bothering me but it is. I wish this person the best they have a banging blog I’m mad still I went to their blog today anyways after the fact they are amazing but they should have left me alone. I question no ones moves give people that respect to make their own decisions. It just pissed me off. I got enough to deal with. I personally feel terrorized. From this woman this morning. That’s how I honestly feel.

To All my HeartBeats and friends today was hard to hold in. Please excuse me. It will be better days and better post to come. We’ll try it again tomorrow. 🙏🏾

I may comeback with another evening post to let y’all know which YouTuber I watched for book launch info.

Imma take a pause and comeback later maybe this evening if not I’ll post in the morning the HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful evening don’t let my ish. Affect you tomorrow brand new. Love y’all

☯️Write On Writers☯️

🐝The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐝

June 4,2021 The HeartBeats💓

Top of the morning everyone💓 Today is gonna be Epic. I have a couple things on my plate today😁 I’mma eat this knowledge up like it’s Rotini and Meatballs Speaking of that dish Imma finally fix it today. But Udemy is on the agenda then book launch tutorials I know I can find some. That’s what’s in my world. I hope y’all enjoy this hot hot hot Friday☀️ start a new project for the weekend. Have Fun working on your WIPS today .

TIPS in World Building: There is a many ways to world build but imma share a few.

1. You can purchase interesting book in covers or make them yourself. Build your story around the cover art. So it looks like you had it custom made to match your content.

2. You can use Photo Albums. Look into your collection of photos as inspiration .

3. You can use magazines photos as inspiration.

4. You can use stock photo sites as inspiration then you could use the photo as a book cover to match your content.

Well thats a lot before Noon 🕛 imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓 enjoy this beautiful day.

🚨Don’t let nothing get you down or take your Joy. 🚨

God Bless Y’all

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June 3,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey📖✍🏾

Good evening everyone 🥰how’s y’all’s day been today. Today was full of snagfuse . First off I need to get my business paperwork and set up together before publishing and monetizing so that is my snagfuse hopefully by the end of the month hopefully. A good thing for the Website/Blog I plan to just have Ads and sell my book on my Authors Home Page No subscription dues needed from my followers I don’t have enough followers or services to give for subscriptions if I had that I would really want to be a great benefit. I hope I’m a benefit now but y’all know what I mean. I would want to be on Kimberly Grabas level or Sarra Cannons level they are A-1Top Notch. It’s taken me 3 hours to post this post . I’ve reached out to a friend and vomited my burdens. Hopefully I haven’t scared her off. Have anyone ever felt that way? I try not too. Try to keep convo light and airy. Another way to put it you attract more bees to the hive with honey not the ish that cows and bulls give. What I’ve been through that I’m dealing with is the ish cows and bulls gives and I’m trying to stay focused on positivity and NOW Group and HeartBeats y’all are my happy place😁. So I gotta stay focused and this platform is my lifeline it’s everything right now. Y’all are keeping me positive with the Love of God Almighty I’m not giving up. I think Udemy class I got is gonna walk me through getting Monetized I hope that’s what this class is for I got. And if not WordPress have classes I found out today I will ask the higher ups about them. But before all the fun stuff I have business to handle I’ll try and see if I can take care of it tomorrow some. Starting a brand getting published starting a business is complicated I need to write out my steps tomorrow and not go from the top of my dome on this stuff. Stuff get left out. Can’t deal with that. I have a week or so to wait for some paperwork before I start anything I’ll use this time to educate myself. Udemy may be in my near future I’m excited for that🎉🥳 well my dearest favorite people imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 refreshed and new day tomorrow told myself today don’t succeed try again we will work on Udemy tomorrow. That’s the plan have a beautiful night and fantastic beginning to the weekend. TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓

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June3,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📙🗃📖✍🏾☀️🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 imma start saying Happy Birthday to y’all guys and gals each month probably within the first week I’ll say it. I have a friend who’s Birthday is today Happy Birthday to everyone born in June May all of you be Blessed Not Stressed and Grow younger with your family and friends. They say being in love keeps you young. If you single be in love with yourself . And love and adore your own lifeGod Bless enjoy y’all’s special day.

Today imma pants it. It’s whatever today. imma attempt to submit Lifted Moon today woke up and someone mowing and the sun hasn’t even got up yet. What is wrong with folks and the invasion of the hot rods was last night I had to go to sleep on them I swear I’m on the noisiest block ever was. Between planes trains automobiles it’s everything in between. A year ago even had a shooting on the block. That was brand new to me. And I’ve haven’t been the same and I’ve been trying to find my way back. Like I’m shellshocked. It’s been dang near purgatory. I wish I could pick up and relocate to stop some of my anxiety. Move anywhere far away from the Unwanteds. I hold a lot in and just deal. Some people go through more and able to deal I can’t handle much and I know this. So if I seem frazzled or off in post it’s a reason I am don’t worry I’ll get over it. I always do. But the feeling lingers.

Imma attempt to edit today. I know imma journal . My journal is my therapist and my best friend. Speaking of friends imma probably reach out to a friend of mines today. She also a writer. It’s good to have like minded people surrounding you on your journey.

Well friends and HeartBeats imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey Stay Tuned🥰

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June 2, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 Today has been Successful in fighting the Unwanteds. I used today to recharge my battery for my spirit and space. Sarra Cannon channel over on YouTube has pumped me up I may need another day to kick my🦵🏽 🥾 butt in gear. I have been learning publishing Tips and Rules today so it may not have been productive in edits or writing but it’s productive on the recharge aspect. Plus I’ve been talking with drs today, gotta stay healthy. Today I had wings boiled in seasonings then drained then sauced up. Tomorrow imma have rotini I didn’t have rotini the other day I had vegan hotdogs and chili but imma have vegan meatballs and rotini noodles I might even have a piece of garlic bread we’ll see. I corrected WOW Wednesday post I put the link to Sarra Cannons Channel /Clip up. I do apologize a lot has been on my mind. I’m just happy I remembered WOW Wednesday’s this week. 🥰🥳🙏🏾 don’t know what tomorrow will bring imma pants it. I make plans and it’s comedy for The Most High. I plan on setting up my publishing for Lifted Moon tomorrow we will see what happens. I’m praying I don’t run into any snags. Snagfuse is an Unwanted I’m trying to get rid of. Well imma take a pause before I’m on here telling my whole life and the issues in it. I sure don’t want to bore you. Let me stick with the positive and uplifting aspects of my life and let me keep pushing my pen 🖊 and let me keep turn the wheels in my brain on the fantastic knowledge I’m learning from these awesome influencers and bloggers. Let me keep pushing for my friends and HeartBeats 💓 well imma TTYL Everyone ✌🏽🥰🙏🏾

🐸If a frog had faith of a mustard seed he would believe he could leap over mountains,and he could,Because his God Has set forth his path just like God gave forth that mission/dream. When it’s seems impossible keep going. To the very end, don’t succeed try again. Leap over negative vibes. Tomorrow Brand New Sleep on it wake up refreshed. Ready to capture the day. Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴 Make the day count. Exercise. Read a book. Watch a influencer. Start a new project try new things in your writing craft. Start a new platform Get excited for the day. You have too these days to function in reality of things. It’s always gonna be something to bring you down tear you down you have to survive that because it’s capable to be something faced everyday. Sometimes the fight isn’t with people but within and you win to live to see another day and try again. And the worst fights is with self. We are our worst critiques. So when you feel depressed about something be easy on you. And give yourself care your wounded. And need healing. It’s okay to take breaks. I don’t like deadlines or schedules. And I know because I’m dealing with grieving and more emotional than some my days aren’t gonna give a straight line all the time. I’m doing whatever to keep my mind off my emotions at a given time. And that shall suffice. Waking up alone is productive to me anything after that in the day is Gravy. To some of y’all it may be more in a day that would make it productive. I’m dealing with something that’s hard to cope. But I’m doing my best. Sorry this a long post imma end it here My friends and HeartBeats thank you for your listening ear tonight may God Bless y’all’s Steps to greatness. Amen🙏🏾

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June 2, 2021 WOW Wednesday’s🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉

Topic: Having Self Doubt In Your Writing Craft


Sarra Cannon has a great YouTube clip on Self Doubt and she breaks down what your feeling and gives Tips on overcoming what your feeling(Self Doubt). You could probably use this info to carry you through your writing journey in your craft and other things in your life. Take notes and Enjoy Sarra Cannon’s Heartbreathings.

Always Have Fun

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June 2, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☀️🐌🐑🦌🐐🐂🦝🐇🦑🐙🐸✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I have about half of every animal under the sun posted today because my grandmother is on my mind this morning and I have a funny story. Now my grandmother was a foodie. And she was a adventurous eater. She was Game for Game Meat. And she was a chef in her younger years so she new how to cook everything and anything under the sun. She also use to work at a packing house so she new full spectrum from how and what it takes to bring food to the table. I woke up thinking about this because one day when I was little she tried to introduce my tastebuds to fried frog legs. She explained the process how the legs gonna jump and thump in the pot from nerves and I kept asking if it was still alive she said no. I was still confused. I tried them when they was finished and I knew then Game meat ain’t for me because she said it would taste like chicken and it didn’t it totally different from chicken don’t let nobody lie to you only thing chicken about it is the flour and seasonings and grease it’s cooked in. My grandma ate everything and introduced all of us to everything she ate. Now my tastebuds ain’t built like everybody else’s in the family it took me to get half way a adult to eat greens and cornbread and was kicking myself because my grandma made the best. Those icons is animals I know for sure my grandma know how to cook and I know she would eat. It’s just funny to me. But I’m realizing how knowledgeable she was in the kitchen she was powerful and she taught all of us what she could teach. She tried to share her experiences with food with us the best she knew how. I miss her a lot she passed 7 years ago Bless her in Heaven Today Lord.

Today imma journal then imma do edits imma try not to get caught up in journaling because I will and my day will be gone nothing will be done. Then I’ll be kicking myself stressed out because I’ve had an unproductive day. I don’t need that so imma do my workout try to finish cooking my lunch and start working. I hope you have a blessed day I hope y’all are enjoying y’all’s WIPS. I hope y’all are enjoying the content on this Blog/Website. Bless Y’all

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June 1, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 through what may seem like a devilish time of a day something did come of it. I’ve decided that this week I’m submitting Lifted Moon and set it up where it’s available in September it gives publishers time to do what they need too and everyone is happy. ☺️ Today hasn’t been the greatest but atleast I got the info I needed. plus any day above ground is a good atleast it should be. These past several days I beg to differ. Gotta keep pushing on though in hope of better days. You never know what someone is going through or how they feel be a listening ear sometimes people just need to let it out and release and vomit the situation and feeling out to someone. In which I won’t because to tell the truth what I’m going through is nothing compared to most and it’s comical it’s livable compared to most I have no issues so there for I’ll deal will it it still brings me down though. I will be trying to monetize this blog and website real soon so stay tuned for that don’t know how imma go about it. I hope all my followers follow me. I hope you’ve had a fantastic first day of June. What a blessing to start anew again. I hope y’all have been busy with you WIPS. It’s such a fantastic feeling to see what’s accomplished at the end of the day. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 thank the Almighty for this day and this evening Amen. TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓✌🏽

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June 1,2021 The HeartBeats💓🥰📞🗓☀️📖✍🏾✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone.🥰 This morning is the start of something Fresh and New for me. I woke up and I told myself enough is enough. What ever that has coated my being has got to go on somewhere. I feel better that I have took the reigns back. This morning I watched one of my favorite go to YouTubers and her name is Sarra Cannon over at Heartbreathings and I watched How to Get Back On Track With Your Goals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG3ZV7LJHsc&list=WL&index=3. She is so Dope. I have some prioritizing to do. Today i have some important phone calls to make. Imma try not to have the calls consume my day. Its a new month. Its time to set new goals. I apologize for the shortness over the holiday I was just not myself. I grieve everyday and over the weekend it just consumed me. I slept mostly. But, Im in better spirits today and Im going to take advantage of that today. I have edits today. I need to get into it. I believe Enaji-O ” The Adventures of Enaji” has the chance of being something great. But I’ll never know if I dont finish the story. And to do that I have to edit what I have. Why edit now? Because it’s going to be the most taxing thing to do in the whole process of the book to Edit now. If I get this done now, it’s smooth sailing later. This is the same with Bossie. Ive had my Iced Coffee this morning with my few pieces of dried fruit for breakfast. I eat light and that was my sweet treat for the day to get me going. I need to make a daily schedule just like I did with the process of writing Lifted Moon. I want to get back to learning my French. But I feel my days are overloaded at the tail end of my day or unfulfilled. Basically I start too late in my day then be kicking myself all night. I just get up the next day and try again. Well friends and HeartBeats Imma take a pause and start my day. Take time out today to schedule your month and or summer out. Make realistic goals that you know that you can meet. Get excited for this New Journey. Keep it Fresh and New.

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

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May 31,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 another day off because I’m having a hard time today. I do plan on handling business tomorrow on the phone. Hopefully I get answers I need. imma be playing make up all week. I need to snap out of it. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 and TTYL ✌🏽 Bless y’all🙏🏾.

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May 31, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾🪖🇺🇸📗

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Happy Memorial Day 🪖🇺🇸 I hope y’all enjoy your gatherings today🥰. Today I need to work but truthfully I’m depressed I miss my mom and grandmother I feel their spirit on me heavy. So I don’t know how much work gonna get done. Tomorrow I have phone calls. Book business. Today I’m not feeling the greatest I wish I was. It’s mostly my mood and emotions. I’ve had coffee and fruit cocktail early this morning I’ve been up since 2 am well let me take a pause I’ll be back later with the Writers Journey. I’m gonna TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓. ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

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May 30,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today I spent journaling and not much else it’s been a slow day. I watch YouTube a little today I’m just resting today like I’m worn down. Tomorrow imma get back to work I need to fix Enaji -O or I’m not gonna be able to function. I need to learn about emailing list. And Pinterest. So much to do so little time. That’s how I feel time slips away . It’s already the tail end of May gonna be in the middle of summer next month. Geesh.🙄 what do y’all have planned for these summer months? They gonna go so fast what ever you do you gotta savor the moments or they will slip away. Start a new project give it a 2-3 month deadline. See how far you get with it. I’m excited to see how far I get with Enaji -O by September I may be ready to start writing new content for it instead of edits I got my fingers crossed 🤞🏾 . I’ll continue to post Excerpts from Bossie along the way. I hope y’all are enjoying the content. Not everything gonna be in a post you have to check the website out too. I updated the Authors Home Page today added a new Possibly Poetry Or Short Story Bossie “ A Omaha Love Story” Chapter 1 Excerpt you have to go to the website and check it out. Also The HeartBeats and Writers Journey is just names I give for AM and PM Post Both have great info check out both post. Had my bbq chicken wings they were amazing. Tomorrow imma have colorful rotini with vegan meatballs that’s my holiday meal . Today I’ve been wanting to leave this earth and go somewhere else. I’m irritated. I need a break from my reality. I sleep to escape . this is no way to live. I pray my gift change my life so I don’t feel this way. This platform is keeping me alive my Gift is keeping me alive. Or I wouldn’t want to be here no more. I go through a lot emotionally each day. It’s just too much . Today is not one of my best days. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL✌🏽

⭐️Hold on to what’s good in your life allow it to carry through the rough times so you can use your wings and soar through the bad days⭐️ Find Patience even when your on your last drop. It’s hard to do.Just do it. It will save you from heartache and pain . ( this is for me too)⭐️

🐯The Ninth Poetess,LLC🐯

May 30,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 🥰☕️✌🏽🌍🌎🌏🐯⭐️🌼

Top of the morning 🥰 It’s mind blowing what the rest of the world is able to do. Peoples exotic pets I’ve seen someone own Bison let it roam around inside their home. I would be the first to pee. 😫☹️I couldnt be there. The I’ve seen someone with a mountain lion this mountain lion 🐯treated as a house cat or dog I would be scared every night in fear of when it’s gonna eat me? I’ve seen people who have pet grizzly bears 🐻 I would be too scared to feed it It may forget about the food I’m trying to give and eat me instead. These animals are bizarre to own if you don’t have a animal reserve or something the rest of the world is scared out their witts. Well today I’m Burnt out from inner city Stressors. I need a vacation but I can’t get past my anxiety. What gets worked on will suffice because I’m having a hard time today I’ll update the Authors Home Page a new Possibly Poetry Or Short Story will be up this morning my body hurts and I’m still sleepy 💤 I took a nap this morning can you believe that it’s only 9 am . Well imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey .TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴🌼

🐯Instead of getting dangerous pets just be aware of your Spirit Animal and study the meanings and apply it to your life in different ways it’s more beneficial and safe. 🐯

⭐️The Ninth Poetess,LLC⭐️

May 29,2021 📖✍🏾 The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today was a success I finished the Authors Plan today I just need to file it and give it a make over one day. I’m happy about it. It’s some spaces I haven’t been through in my journey yet I’ll just answer the questions later. I have a lot of work to do . I think emailing list is important I need to figure it out. The Authors Plan gave me so many ideas. I posted Possibly Poetry Or Short Story Bossie “ A Omaha Love Story” Preface tomorrow I will post excerpts from Chapter 1 I also edited what I’m showcasing Tomorrow I’m back on to edits on Enaji-O and I mean serious business🧐 I did a lot today. I hope y’all’s day have been productive or relaxing if it’s your day off. I can’t be off I got work to do. I got done 2 hours ago early. Tomorrow imma work on filing and edits about to have my dinner My Shrimp Poppers and fries better than the restaurants. Enjoy y’all night imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

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May 29,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️📒📎🖇💛🌤☀️

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 it’s National Paperclip Day📎🖇 I’m thankful for these little contraptions I use them often. I hope y’all had a safe and quiet night and all is well. It’s gonna be a productive epic weekend 🤩 🪖🇺🇸Happy Memorial Day Weekend 🪖 🇺🇸everyone clamp onto your loved ones this weekend and don’t let go. God Bless all of those who have served lived and died for this country. Amen 🙏🏾

Today I’ll update Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. I’ll post Bossie “ A Omaha Love Story” probably only the Preface today and a little of Chapter 1 tomorrow please let me know if your into the story by likes or comments made in my contacts. I would love feedback from all of you. I will be working on Authors Plan today. And editing tomorrow Possibly Poetry Or Short Story entry I’m in the middle of having my coffee. This pill has curbed my appetite so much. Today I’ll be eating vegan chili cheese dogs , tomorrow is BBQ chicken wings but only I’m boiling mines. That may seem different and strange to most. Gotta do my weight training before I start anything, it gets the fluids moving oxygen to my brain. I do what I can. Then imma journal and try my best not to be long doing that then imma update Possibly Poetry Or Short Story then Authors Plan then Edits when I feel I’ve completed enough Sections of the Authors Plan Today then by that time it is time to shut it down for the day. Well friends and HeartBeats imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey Imma TTYL🥰 ✌🏽

🏋🏽‍♂️Exercise is a great stress reliever for writers who suffer from writers block you can lift weights walk in place do squats sit ups push ups just until you feel a burn then try writing again, you may find a new muse.🏋🏽‍♂️ and also shed some unwanted pounds if you make it a part of your daily routine.

☀️🌴Capture The Day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

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May28,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 Support is important if you have people in your corner let them know u care. I appreciate everyone that comes to the blog an website y’all are Rockstars. 🤩

I have something different to present for Possibly Poetry Or Short Story this week while Enaji-O is under construction 🦺 🚧 Enaji-O is actually my first baby I produced and didn’t finish back in 2007-2008 it needs a lot of work and I was overwhelmed about diving in to it for a long time and I started other projects. One of which I’m showcasing this week it needs work too. But I can work on both. Today I just handled some emails and phone business and time flew by. But the novel I’m showcasing is called Bossie “An Omaha Love Story” its addictive characters and interesting scenes throughout what I have so far. And there’s poems in this novel as well. My novels will probably always have poems in them . So it’s like a 2 for 1 deal. I may post tomorrow to introduce Bossie if not tomorrow definitely Sunday.I need to finish the Authors Plan atleast get it written out so I can get back to my Edits and Udemy. If y’all haven’t noticed Post Archives is kind of different I had lost the content for it updating something else different so I had to go about it different to get my content back. So it looks different a little. Well as you know I shuts it down around this time. I hope you enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend eat good love hard Have Fun . I’m working this weekend even Sunday I have a lot on my plate. I want to get through this Authors Plan with no interruptions. That includes from myself too. I struggle most days. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽Stay tuned for Bossie “ An Omaha Love Story”

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May 28,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰☕️📖✍🏾💧🌧🦕🦖

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 yesterday I was reading a article and They have found a new species of Dinosaur in Australia I think. It’s a wonder why more dinosaurs haven’t been discovered. They covered the planet once upon a time. Like there fossils are scarce these days. In another life I would have been an archeologist I loved to dig when I was little see the different bugs and worms some would make me run 🏃🏽‍♀️ inside tell my grandma she would make me stay inside. I be mad at myself that I told her the rest of the day 🙄😁 I find dinosaurs fascinating. They use to show scientists digging on PBS years ago all the time. They don’t anymore i use to love watching their digs. They use to have a show on that had people digging for gems. I loved that show. Anything digging finding treasure I love it. Then The Curse of Oak Island came out I love that show. Always on the edge of my seat when they find a clue. It’s suspenseful I love it. Today I’m working on Authors Plan But I’m journaling first I need journaling like I need my medication. I’ve been slacking on my journaling though. Woke up had my pill around4 am around 5 am I had some fruit cocktail my sweet treat for the day then I made coffee. Today for lunch I’m having My Famous Fried Shrimp recipe in my cookbook. Oh before I forget I wanted to apologize I forgot all about WOW Wednesday’s post this week so much been going on in my world🌎 🌍 . Blog2 is updated Check it Out. well imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey. Imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓 Enjoy this beautiful day.✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴☀️🌴

🦕Be an archeologist today, uncover a story hidden inside you Write it out let it be known and seen. May it be Grand like the dinosaurs 🦕

🦕The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🦕

May 27,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I received some great news my A1C is normal range 🤩🎉🎉🎉 . It was pretty high before. My weight training is helping and this new medication. This is motivating me so much .

I got what I wanted done today tomorrow will be a better day I won’t nap unless I’ve worked some I’ve updated Blog 2 today so check it out on the website.

I worked on The Authors Plan I’m Still on Section C. Tomorrow imma work on comparable price points in my genre Today I worked on strengths and weakness in Book Publishing and Blogging. Then 5 pm hit thats when I stop for the day the latest I’ll stop is 5pm so I feel today went so fast. But I still got things done. No more naps. Well imma TTYL dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful evening 🥰

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May 27,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I received some great news my A1C is normal range 🤩🎉🎉🎉 . It was pretty high before. My weight training is helping and this new medication. This is motivating me so much .

I got what I wanted done today tomorrow will be a better day I won’t nap unless I’ve worked some I’ve updated Blog 2 today so check it out on the website.

I worked on The Authors Plan I’m Still on Section C. Tomorrow imma work on comparable price points in my genre Today I worked on strengths and weakness in Book Publishing and Blogging. Then 5 pm hit thats when I stop for the day the latest I’ll stop is 5pm so I feel today went so fast. But I still got things done. No more naps. Well imma TTYL dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful evening 🥰

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🖤The Ninth Poetess, LLC🖤

May 27,2021 The HeartBeats #2 💓💓☕️🥱🥣📖✍🏾

Afternoon everyone 🥰 I’ve had my lunch chicken noodle soup that I need to get more even some tomato soup for grilled cheese sandwiches. I love to eat light these days went to my doctor the other day lost 2 pounds and I feel any lost is a blessing

Sunday Menu gonna be BBQ ChickenWings but how I’m Cooking mines isn’t how you may cook yours. I’m boiling my wings to get them tender then I’m taking the wings out the chicken juice and lathering on BBQ Sauce something light and I may have air fried Fries and ranch dressing. Bangs it’s a cheap light healthy meal. make you feel like you cheating on your weight lost Journey. Recipe will be in my cookbook. Stay Tuned for that. I really should be taking picture of these meals for the book I’ll figure it out.🥰

I’m drinking coffee late in the day. I woke up early but went back to sleep around 8 am I just woke up maybe 12-12:30 got up made my soup and washed dishes. I’m starting late. That seems to be the story of my life these days. Just as long something gets done. I will journal before I start working today I haven’t journaled for a couple days I feel lost. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓🤎🖤🙏🏾 imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey stay tuned. TTYL ✌🏽

Blog 2 will be updated before I start on The Authors Plan this afternoon. Stay Tuned🤩

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May 27,2021 The HeartBeats 💓☕️🥰🙏🏾⛈🌧💧📖✍🏾🦉🦅 🤎🖤✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 it is calling them outside rain cutting up lighting thunder wind gonna be humid again. Yucks🥵 I have a story again today I told y’all how me and my mom walked upon the Owl that day the other day well I watched something on YouTube this morning that showed an Owl A Wise Owl attacking a Bald Eagle 🦅 to eat him from the Eagles Nest at night how cold blooded is that? And Owl is at the top of the food chain. Atleast here in the states it is I’m mind blown 🤯 I blacked out that day we saw the Owl but we was in more danger than I realized even knowing what I knew then and now. Them Owls eat like wolves and dogs they eat bones. Almighty Bless it. Today is Authors plan and probably research for Blog2 I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated that maybe I’ll post the YouTube clip of the owl attacking the eagle at night it had other animals in the clip it showed how the killer whales Orcas can kill a blue whale and even sharks that have a zillion sharp teeth to protect itself it’s no match up against the Orcas it’s mind blowing in another life I would have studied animals. In real life I fear majority of them 🙄 well imma take a pause wait till I get my coffee and comeback later with the Writers Journey. Sorry last night Writers Journey was Short. I was really tired last night. Imma TTYL in the day. 🤎🖤✌🏽

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May 26,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰I shut it down early today I had an eventful day. I did some business. Hopefully I can’t take a break until I can grasp my thought on what to do next. I’m spent . Gonna to take a nap or something soon. Today I didn’t get to my authors plan tomorrow I will dive in I’m on Section C. I need to take a pause I’ll be back tomorrow with the HeartBeats in the morning💓 TTYL dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓

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May 26,2021The HeartBeats 💓🥰🙏🏾📖✍🏾☕️🐔

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I woke up thinking about the chicken that killed a man. I feel bad that that man died from his injuries. The chicken was armed with blades from a cock fight. animals are powerful creatures none of them should be misplaced and mistreated like that. I just thought that was mind blowing when I heard that story. I just had to say that it was heavy on my heart this morning. Today I’m starting late again this is a busy week. But later I will dive into The Author Plan yesterday it asked me to plug in comparable Authors books and price points this was an valuable and interesting exercise. I’ve done this before a few years ago prices have gone up on books since then not much but it really have. I will let y’all know how much Lifted Moon gonna be when the time gets closer to Release. Well let me start my day today I’ve had my coffee concoction and Ready for the new adventure today. Stomach hurts this morning but it probably from my medication I hope it goes away soon. I’ll TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓

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May 25,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰Today has been a success for more than anyone knows. I started late but it was a big reward plus I did some daily’s I’ve been busy. But first I updated the writers prompts. I hope you guys and gals enjoy and start a new project. Second later in the afternoon I started Authors Plan I’m on Section C. It Goes up to Section I i fast forward ahead to see how long it is. I’m learning so much from the process of this Authors Plan I highly suggest anyone who has a platform or is a Author or writer and has platforms social media to create a Business/ Author Plan it’s a game changer 5 pm came around and I shuts it down but not before I received a special form that was needed to seal my deal. I want to let you know The Ninth Poetess is a working LLC 🙏🏾🎉🙏🏾🎉🌴🎉🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾and I’ll be contacting publishers for Lifted Moon really soon September just needs to get here🥰. That’s going to be the Release Month. These moves I had to make and still have to make is Scary AF. But I have had the best service from everyone in my path. I’m going forward no turning back I can’t My Soul is invested that’s how deep this is. Today has been a blessing I’ve been dreaming about . Soon all I have to do and worry about it just write and Blog. The good stuff. The stuff that I enjoy🤩 well friends and HeartBeats imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

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May 25,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🦉🤎

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I woke up thinking about when me and my mom saw the biggest dang Owl we have ever seen sitting on our gutter on the house nesting watching us we both backed up so fast scared as Hell I blacked out can’t remember how I got back in the house. My mom had to put a fake Owl up there to deter the real one from coming back. Them Owls eat everything rabbits rats birds you if you not nailed down and this Owl looked like it’s eaten a couple of people. Today I’m working on Author Plan. I’m excited to see what there gonna ask me next. What are y’all working on this Marvelous Tuesday? I hope y’all have started some new projects. Well I’ve had my coffee today and I’m ready for what the day is gonna bring . I’ve started watching this dope series on Netflix called “ Zero” it’s based in Milan I think. It’s a Superb Sci Fi It’s refreshing. Imma try not to get caught up watching it today I may binge it Sunday my day off this weekend. I’ve got my Authors Plan to get through this week. Well let me start this beautiful day. Don’t know what I’m having for lunch I don’t feel like cooking and to be honest I’m not that hungry. But that’s from my medication I take. I’ll be back with the Writers Journey later on today. Check back in later . Also I know I need to come up with new prompts. Stay tuned for that this week.TTYL ✌🏽🙏🏾

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May24,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today was a success I started kind of late . went on a journey to handle some business. One reason why I had tons of anxiety today I’ll be like this for a while. My heart been racing for 2 or 3 days and it’s still racing. I wish it was more hours I a day. Came home started the Author’s Plan it’s interesting and I find it therapeutic getting my vision down. Im on Section B. I think it goes up to F or G it may be longer and that’s ok. I hope all of you are cranking out dope projects. Take a minute and seriously think about making Writing a Career move. It’s so rewarding. One place to start is making a Authors Plan it will let you know where you are in your Writers Journey and where you need to go next in the process plus it gives a professional view of your vision to explain to someone else Bankers to loves ones what you are up too. Because not everybody gonna think your vision is believable or reachable or something someone want to invest in. Authors Plans and Business Plans means your serious Foot to Tail about your business. You can add photos to your Authors Plan Charts on your loss/gains anything to explain or jazz it up to make it attractive. Make it how you want with all the information you can stuff inside it about you and your Company/Brand. If you are a Author or have a Brand your a company and a entrepreneur. Preserve your vision in a Author/Business Plan it will put a fire 🔥 to your backside to follow through and create something Special and Grand. Well let me TTYL Dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 it’s been a eventful day it flew by like seconds tomorrow I’m Ready for Bring it on!!!!🥰 have a wonderful night Everyone 🤎

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May 24,2021 The HeartBeats💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🐶📔 ✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I have come to the conclusion I need a support animal. I deal with a lot of anxiety and depression among other things . And I just need the comfort factor and distractor to have my thought to come off what’s bothering me . Plus I’m grieving and feel it will never go away maybe a little doggie would help. Maybe a Corgi or mini poodle I’m sitting here voicing different breeds like I’m getting one today I have One big issue. My aunt don’t want to live with any animals. I have never had a pet other than some fish maybe the Cosmos and the Stars will align in my favor one of these days. I’m busy today no telling what the day holds business will be handled though. I will work on Enaji-O and or my Author Plan I feel is most important Kimberly Grabas walks you through step by step. On YouTube . So I may embrace the Author Plan until I finish It then go back to Edits. I feel like I’m playing hot potato I need to finish a project before moving around. Anxiety out of control today. Have you ever had anxiety so bad you mentally prepare yourself for the worst of the worst(Death) not actually suicide but thinking the act of doing something could kill me? I’m beginning to feel this is the outcomes of inner city living .I feel like this a lot. I need to travel if I can get past the anxiety to see how other places is. I get frazzled a lot and coffee probably don’t help but I love my iced coffee. I posted The Writers Journey late last night around 11 pm I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s post I have posted new content for Possibly Poetry Or Short Story I think I left out Word Prompts this week I need to check the dates I have had so much going on. I know one day imma need a personal assistant but today I think I’m doing fine without one I just personally need to step my memory game up. Well dearest friends and HeartBeats imma TTYL imma get my coffee and start the day Bust down some dope content today.✌🏽

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May 23,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I have posted a new Possibly Poetry Or Short Story today on the Authors page I may post on a blog post to make it easier just finished posting on blog post too Possibly Poetry Or Short Story I want everyone to know my stories are all fictitious not real my imagination. So today was super dope. Spoke to a good friend of mines and that’s so recharging to the spirit to get human interactions as far as I’m concerned I’m still in Quarantine fully vaccinated and all it just dont seem natural that Covid just disappear overnight and totally immune I still don’t trust the process. But that’s me. People still getting sick after fully vaccinated that is it for me. My health is challenged I’m fighting Sugar Diabetes And High Blood Pressure I catch the Unwanteds imma have some problems. Real Talk. I posted a new Possibly Poetry Or Short Story and I think 2 different The HeartBeats💓 today. I cooked and cleaned today, you know the daily’s . I was telling a close friend of mines this afternoon I have a dream of opening a bookstore with some add ins I won’t name now because I want a advantage. I think my idea will be Superior and Different. I don’t think it’s ever been done where I am. Maybe bigger cities or maybe never. Don’t know but I think my Author Plan may be a little thick when finished and that’s okay with me. I just wished I knew to write one years ago They say to update the plan every year. Imma update it whenever something happen that could be everyday. My Author Plan gonna be smoking📄 💨😂 All of y’all likes and interactions on my site don’t go unnoticed it’s makes my soul happy that’s how deep it is. I’m happy y’all are enjoying it. It’s gonna be some changes coming so stay tuned. Bless y’all imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

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May 23,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🎉🎉🎉

Enaji-O :”The Adventures of Enaji” Chapter 7 Excerpt

Enaji pulls off and decides to get her oil changed first. She has to go all the way out to 143rd. Dalosso does a U-turn in the middle of the street to get behind Enaji. Enaji was listening to Gospel Hip Hop while going down Saddle Creek heading south when she decided to stop and get some gas. Dalosso pulled in and decided to get gas himself. He used his credit card to get his gas because he didn’t want to run into Enaji. Little that he knew, Enaji saw him pumping his gas when she went to pay for hers. Enaji didn’t think anything of it. Omaha so small, gas stations are Omaha’s social meeting areas anyway. One of DaLosso’s mother’s friends screamed over from her car that was parked a few stalls over from his and said,

 “Losso, where is your momma at?” 

“She’s at home Ms. Cheryl,” DaLosso said with his eyes on Enaji the whole time.

DaLosso gets into his car and he doesn’t give Cheryl anytime for rebuttal. He gets behind Enaji once again at the lights of Hamilton and Saddle Creek.Enaji is pushing her father’s all black Mercedes through lights and traffic, DaLosso had a hell of a time keeping up. When they got to 144th and West Center Rd and made a left hand turn at the lights, DaLosso thought to his self out loud,

“Where the hell she taking me?” 

Enaji let loose on 144th like she was on North freeway. DaLosso found himself going 75 in a 45 zone trying to keep up with Enaji without catching the lights behind her. They both made it to 144th & L streets and Enaji keeps straight. Losso is really confused as to where she is going because he has never been so deep into Omaha before. Plus, even with all the money he makes he is unfamiliar to the Mercedes-Benz dealership. Enaji went straight on 144th street. They both went down some ways and ran right into the dealership.

DaLosso went straight then he came back around and pulled into the dealership so he didn’t make himself so obvious.

DaLosso phone rings and he answers,


DaLosso where is Enaji at now?” Bryan asked in the drive thru at Popeyes..

“Man, we on 144th & Nowhere at the Mercedes dealership. She be pushing Monster’s Benz like she’s trying to get away from the cops. I got some things to tell you when I see you, I know you don’t have time to talk,” DaLosso said while driving around to the maintenance garage of the dealership.

“Yeah man, I’m trying to get some real food in my system before I go to work. Don’t forget to find out who else Enaji knows that knows me. Ask Jazie who she hangs with. Also I’ll reimburse you on the money you dishing out on the next re-up. 

“Thanks man, well I need to get in here and see what she’s doing. I’ll try not to be so obvious,”

“Alright man, I appreciate this. I’ll see you later, One.” Bryan said, opening his Popeyes box to eat his meal while driving. 

“One,” DaLosso said, parking and getting out his car.

Enaji parks her dad’s Benz near the garage and goes in to see the receptionist. 

“ Hello, May I help you?” 

“Yes, Cindy I have a 12 o’ clock appointment to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Also, is Charles here today? I need to talk to him,”Enaji said without looking at Cindy. 

“Yeah he’s here. Let me go get him. “

Charles is a biker who loved to hang out with Monster in his free time. He even went out of town with Monster on a few runs. Charles and Monster together, a pair to be reckoned with. Charles is 40 something, very handsome with muscles on top of muscles and tribal tattoos. Charles comes into the office and his eyes lit up from the sight of Enaji. 

“Enaji! You’re a sight for sore eyes! Wow!  Look at you, you’re beautiful. What are you here for kid?”Charles asked, getting straight to the point.

“I’m bringing dad’s car in for an oil change and to get the tires rotated,”

“I’ll take care of it and your money’s no good here, your uncle Charles is here to the rescue!” Charles said in a playful voice.

“Thanks Uncle Charlie,” Enaji said, appreciating the fact she do not have to come out of pocket for the bill.

“”It will take an hour or so to get your car back. Can I have the keys please Ms. Naji?”

Enaji gave Charles the keys and sat down in the waiting room and pulled out a pen and pad and started to write a poem she had on her mind. DaLosso was on the lot looking around wondering if he should make himself known or not. He looks toward the garage and he sees a buffed man get into Enaji’s car. Dalosso thought to himself,

“Maybe she is getting some service work done on her car?”

DaLosso decides to keep his space and actually looks around and she if he can get Jazie a new car.

“Hello, may I help you?” The car salesman said to DaLosso

“Hector, I’m just looking,”DaLosso said looking at Hector’s name tag. “

Who are you buying for?” Hector asked knowing DaLosso has some money by looking at the whip he got out of.

“My family,” DaLosso said thinking of Jazie and the baby.

“Okay, there’s a brand new SUV down this aisle here, follow me,” Hector said with dollar signs in his eyes. 

“Hope this won’t cost me and 2 arms and 2 legs. I will be paying cash,” DaLosso said for certain.

“Here we are, the all black 2015 Mercedes- Benz M-Class Hybrid. The MSRP is $65,000, but if you pay cash I can let it go for $51,150. Anything less than that you robbing me, papa,”Hector said with a hand gesture. 

“I’ll take it! Do you guys deliver? It’s a present to my fiancé,” DaLosso asked grinning ear to ear.

“Yes we do. We’ll even put a bow on top of it. What time do you want it delivered?” Hector asked. 

“Around 7p.m. can your guy do that?”

“Yes, we can. I want to show you something else we got in before you sign these papers,” Hector said walking him toward a boxy SUV. 

“This is a 2015 Mercedes –Benz G Class. The MSRP is $114,000, but if you pay in cash I can let it go for $96,720. I know you want it,” Hector said grinning from ear to ear.

DaLosso was hypnotized by the quality and wood grain and leather interior. It was fierce.

“Man, I’ll be back for this Spaceship later man. It’s the business.”

DaLosso did the math in head over his finances. With spending $51,150 dollars on Jazie’s SUV he’s left with a little bit over $150,000. He has to re-up and save for their future house. He wants to stay out in Elkhorn close to Bryan and The Big Man. Nothing too fancy, but something like a starter home. He says to himself that he needs $200,000 more and they can move out his mother’s house. Hector and DaLosso walks into the office close to where Enaji is waiting. DaLosso saw Enaji, but Enaji didn’t see him. DaLosso thought to himself,

“What is she writing on her pad?” 

DaLosso and Hector fill out forms and DaLosso pulls out his Black card and Hector’s eyes got big. “Aren’t you a little young to have a black card. Only senior citizens come in here with black cards with their entire pension and 401K plans on them.

“No, man it’s mine. Don’t trip. I’m an entrepreneur,”

“What do you do?” Hector said knowing that DaLosso is going to say something along the lines of street pharmacist.

“I’m a bodyguard for an important man that I can’t say his name for his protection,” DaLosso said halfway telling the truth. 

“Must be a nice job if it’s paying you good enough to have a Black card. You’re a lucky man,” Hector said stapling some forms together.

“Yeah, more than you know,”

DaLosso and Hector finished up the paper work on the car.

DaLosso also put the SUV on his insurance policy as he was sitting there filling out forms. As he was leaving from Hector’s office he decides to make himself known to Enaji. DaLosso walks toward the waiting room and peaked his head in and said,

“Enaji, girl you following me or what? Let me know now!” DaLosso said in a playful voice.

 Enaji head popped up from her pad in amazement. 

“Boy! What the hell you doing here? You following me fool. I’m telling Jazie!” Enaji said taking out her phone to call Jazielle. 

“Ooh, please dont! I just bought Jaz a truck for graduation, that’s why I’m here. You tell her and she won’t be surprised,” DaLosso pleaded.

“Okay, this time I won’t. But let me find out you are stalking me,” Enaji said, giving him a half threat.

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May23,2021 The HeartBeats #2💓💓 🥰🙏🏾✌🏽

Hello everyone I’ve made my lunch I changed it up I had a long grain wild rice mix I added that in with the chicken peppers onions and it turned out fantastic I didn’t have my potatoes. Like having koolaid and no sugar.LOL it was really good I put diced sweet potatoes the frozen ones it was really good. Different and light made some cornbread to go with now I can concentrate on edits I wrote out my recipes well half of them I wrote the chicken and potato peppers and now I got to write the one I actually cooked. Lunch was so good today I feel emotional. Missing my mom and grandma. Sometimes a smell can trigger a memory or a taste. And I feel that today. God Bless them in Heaven today. Well let me hop to half this recipe I’m just gonna put the ingredients an comeback later to put the instructions. I have other stuff to do. How is y’all Sunday going? I hope it quiet and comfortable. It’s so doggone humid out air so thick you need a jack hammer to get through it. Geesh🙄 I hope your having fun with your projects. Let me get started or my day will absolutely slip away from me and I’ll be upset. I’m already emotional. I can feel tears forming in my eyes. I go through this from time to time. I’m just grieving. I try to stay busy mind on other stuff.. I’ll journal later if I even get to journaling today journaling sidetracks me and time is lost I have to do journaling when I’m absolutely doing nothing else. Even though my heart is heavy and need to get my feelings out I’m still debating whether or not to journal right now. I just might to get it over with. I need it like medicine today and feel like I’m avoiding it I’ll just keep it short and move on to the next. Speaking of smells that take me back to when my mom or my grandmother was alive my aunt roasted some garlic one day had me thinking my mom’s was in the kitchen I had to tell her how I felt that day. Well that’s enough of my soapbox. I’ll be back with the Writer’s Journey after while. I have a lot on my plate. TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓 💓

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May 23,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🎉🎉🎉🙏🏾🐢🐰💚✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today is the Holy Day in my Household really everyday is like that. But today I’m working instead of resting I need to because Monday is gonna be hectic and I’m starting late on Monday if I Start at all but imma do my best to stay focused. This is a busy week for me. So imma work on what I can. I have the tortoise and the hare up this morning this story has lasted before Christ I Think don’t quote me on this . But We all can take notes from Aesop. His Fables lasted many millennia even from before Christ. He’s the Ultimate Marketer for his creations .🤩It’s mind blowing 🤯🚨Don’t quote me do your research 🚨. And it’s so much truth and fact In the story of the tortoise and the hare we all need to live by. And I’ve been constantly reminding myself dont rush slow down there’s no rush in all I do. I love working on my own schedule and not only does the tortoise win the race the tortoise win the race of life out living the hare in real life dang tortoise can live over 100 years old I would say that’s a big win🤩 today is Edits Edits Edits. Lunch is my Famous Chicken & Potatoes Peppers Soup everything I cook is Famous in me and my Household. One day I could be Famous in your household when I finish my cookbook and you purchase it. I have a lot on my plate today imma do what I can. I need to get my coffee concoction everyone imma take a pause oh there’s not a shortage on Almond Milk anymore I have what I need to make a great Iced Coffee. That recipe will be in my cookbook as well. Well TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓 Love Y’all this Sunday 🙏🏾 if this your day off enjoy your day if you gonna be working like me stay focused be the tortoise it’s Sunday no need to rush. Keep pushing along you will get there. 🐢💚

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May 22,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2 📖✍🏾

Good Evening 🥰 Today was Amazing even though I started late, I just got this burst of energy and did so much today. I journaled, I posted a new Writers Journey post. posted The HeartBeats1,2 I edited 6 pages of Enaji-O I have 20 pages left of chapter 7. I know I’m going slow editing I just want to make sure it’s perfect a little at a time. And hopefully tomorrow I get to a place in the story I want to showcase. It’s going to be a jump from the last post in Possibly Poetry Or Short Story so don’t be alarmed. Imma figure out Watt Pad as well. I think Watt Pad is super dope. I need to figure out Good Reads as well and know the difference between the two. I dive in so much I should already know this . I know on Good Reads you can purchase books and read excerpts and bio of authors I’m unsure what Watt Pad offers tonight I’m spent to even research right now. Maybe tomorrow or Monday. I have a friend who’s creations are on GoodReads maybe I can use both somehow who knows that’s why I’ll research it this coming week. I read a excerpt to a urban fiction novel on Watt Pad and it was really good I forget the name of the book and author. They was very talented too. That’s how I know of Watt Pad. I want to continue on what else I did today. I did a spa day with epsom salt with healing charcoal in it and smell goods. I washed my curly top in which I’m proud of it’s getting long as weeks go by. I’m so happy I went natural my hair was so unhealthy breaking and coming out now it’s full and thick and curly. It still feel unbelievable I chopped my hair off I’ve had chemicals in my hair a long time and long hair a long time. It’s just different. Well imma shut it down for the night tomorrow is chicken and potatoes and onions and peppers soup. Writing in my recipe book I’m working on here and there Edits edits edits. Possibly Poetry Or Short Story if I get to that place I want to showcase in the story, I’m not going to add too much to my schedule it’s the weekend and should be a day off but I’ve been off a couple days already time for make up , if I have time tomorrow imma start my Authors Plan. I might have to block out a whole day for that and not a piece of one. I’ll think about it. Well imma take a pause my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL✌🏽

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May22,2021 The HeartBeats #2💓💓☕️📖✍🏾🙏🏾🎉🎉🎉🌼🐲

Afternoon everyone 🥰🤩I feel I’m on a roll imma have my lunch my imitation crab which is really fish shh!!!! Don’t tell nobody🙄😂 thinking about adding Ramen noodles but when I eat ramen my pressure goes up and my appetite is small lately it fills me up too much. I may just have veggies and imitation crab . Do you guys add Parmesan cheese on your crab meat with butter and seasonings it is so good. It’s different. Tomorrow imma make homemade chicken noodles soup. Only thing I’m missing is celery and carrots it may be good without I don’t know I have plenty of onions then I thought I could make chicken and potatoes soup bangs recipes will be in my cook book oh I have sweet peppers that might set it off for some one that appetite has dwindled I sure do have a taste for food like my eyes bigger than my stomach literally after lunch imma start on edits then imma research on PicMonkey that will be on a new Blog2 post probably YouTube Finds if I can find Some Tutorials I know of one Kimberly Grabas has a fantastic example I watched today. Well let me get something to eat so I can focus on edits and guess what y’all I even journaled today that I feel slowed me down more I had to cuss myself out putting foot to tail today to get moving thus the new updated Writers Journey. Bless Y’all enjoy this beautiful sunny warm SaturYAY 🥰🎉🎉🎉 I’ll be back later with The Writer’s Journey 2 TTYL Bless y’all Love Y’all 🥰

🚨this needs to be in The Writers Journey but Kimberly Grabas has a YouTube clip called The Indie Author Business Plan : The Basics and she lays it out in PowerPoint form and breaks down the bones of a Authors Plan. I think God and his angels are guiding me on this journey. This is such a blessing I found this Amazing woman. 🥰 Absolutely adore her craft and platform.A1 Top Notch Info

🌼The Ninth Poetess🌼

May 22,2021 The Writers Journey #1🎉🎉🎉

Topic: The Writer’s Tools Guru’s

The Authorprenuers :

Kimberly Grabas 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/KimberleyGrabas/videos


Molly Greene:


First off I found Kimberly Grabas looking for a template or an example of an Author’s Business Plan aka Authors Plan and I found her site by doing a search. She’s absolutely Amazeballs. So knowledgeable and she also has a free guide to a business plan on Teachable i think If I’m not mistaken. I haven’t gone through the course yet to see. But I will. I’m so busy as it is and it seems Im adding more on my plate and I haven’t finished what I have already. Then I found a page on her site and found Molly Greene’s Page for instructions how to use WattPad for Writers/ Authors. I was just wondering how to use WattPad and found this gem. And Kimberly Grabas is also on her page as well. And they both have so much Jewel worthy info I can take and use the rest of my life. . Now I’ve been watching Kimberly’s YouTube channel. She has changed my overall life. Literally. She goes step by step giving all details on how to use different writers tools. Mind Blowing. Enjoy and have your pen and pad handy. She’s a wonderful teacher Easy to follow.

Always Have Fun

🌼The Ninth Poetess🌼

May22,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾🤩☕️🐲🐉 ✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰I woke up a little later than usual Bless my Life. Amen. I’ve been curious on the outcome of this work I’m putting in and turned to the Chinese Calendar it was encouraging although I’m making supplements to what the actual meanings of the words gonna mean because it says encoffining I have situations I need and want encoffined not people no one else is gonna die in my life no more for a long while🙏🏾 if God’s willing. Not me or no one else. So that kind of scared me a bit. Today is SaturYAY!!!!!🎉🎉🎉 I’m going to crank out some content today or edit. I may make a special blog post for the Writers Journey not just Journal Entry. But something better yet someone I’ve came across yesterday that is full of mind blowing info. So imma work on that today then edits so I can have something for this Sunday’s Possibly Poetry Or Short Story I know y’all miss that. So imma do my due diligence on getting that done today no messing around . So The Writers Journey will be up early today and may have 2 Entries. I haven’t even had my morning coffee my HeartBeats 💓 you know I’m frazzled this morning debating if I want firecrackered potatoes or seafood and eggs or all three that’s a full blown meal I have no energy making might have cereal and think about that other meal for lunch. Let me start my day friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽 Start on your new projects today stay focused make a realistic goal and follow through.You can do it🤩Write on Writers🤩

☀️🌴Capture the Day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🐲The Ninth Poetess🐲

May 21,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today was a blessed day. If I spoke to you today many blessings and love your way. 💓🥰🤗 Today I spent my day handling a little business unfortunately it took up my day then I thought about writing a Authors Plan today instead of Edits and I couldn’t find any examples online but I’ve found another way to research writers information so much stuff popped up and you know imma share🥰 I apologize my days have been all over the place and off course I need to dive in earlier. I’ve journaled today that’s about all the writing I’ve Done. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed. I’m going to make my own Personal Authors Plan at this point in my career I will not need it Professional Although the Professional ones are pretty dope and what I saw may have been a different kind of plan I don’t know.🙄 I feel this day has went on for ever an a day I have been up since 1 am woke up from migraine wake up migraine goes away but have to rest well imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 I’m going to TTYL ✌🏽

🌼write on writers🌼

💛The Ninth Poetess💛

May 21,2021 The HeartBeats💓🥰📖✍🏾🙄☕️💨

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Unfortunately before I shut things down yesterday I got an red fishing hook alert on a post. I have no clue as to why I’m getting these Alerts but I’ve been getting them close to a year now. And I’m not savvy to send a picture to WordPress so if anyone is getting these alerts on there notifications in their email send WordPress a buzz then let me know what they say I’ve tried to copy paste it doesn’t work you have to screen shot or take a picture and I’m not savvy. And I wish I was. We need to smoke 💨 out the Unwanteds so they can get off this platform with their foolery and menacing ways . And I’m Spiritual I love the Lord thats what counts for me. Every time I get a alert like the red fishing hooks I feel like spiritually cleansing my area because my platform is more to me than just a site or business it’s my lifeline it keeps me going my HeartBeats 💓 keep me going. And to think someone attempting to do something devious or menacing to me on my site is personal to me it really is. So any information is helpful just go to my contacts and give me a buzz on the website Thank you so much. Today is edits I would say Udemy but I’ve had my break kind of 🙄from editing. Though I’ve been working in a different way. I may work on getting new updates for Blog2 that needs a refresher. I probably would post it today if I research today. Well imma take a pause a comeback later today with the Writers Journey. It’s early yet and I need my coffee☕️ imma TTYL my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 enjoy y’all’s day today it’s the Weekend!!!!🤩🎉 Outline some new Projects-to work on for Saturday and Sunday come up with a dope life changing Book Series you wouldn’t mind marrying and becoming one with. Keep it Light and Airy this weekend Have Fun ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

💨The Ninth Poetess💨

*To the people I contacted today. I know it wasn’t you it something I don’t want to say virus because WordPress says they are virus free. It’s something and someone controlling it. And then again it could just be me targeted. And nothing to do with WordPress I do not know. It’s nerve wrecking and I’m not gonna allow it to ruin my wonderful weekend so Bless it. Have a wonderful weekend my loves💓✌🏽

May 20,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone 🥰 my day has been eventful. Handling business and I’m stressed out and spent. Thought I would edit today but the cosmos didn’t have it in its plans today. Hopefully this weekend will be a success. Hopefully. Follow through the process it will pay off. It should anyways. 🙏🏾 I’m not gonna keep y’all tonight tomorrow I hope to start page 74 chapter 7 Enaji-O right now I need to try and detox and process all my moves today in which got me a few steps closer to my dreams. It’s just a scary process. All of it. But people are telling me it’s worth it so I’m reassured the process works. Well let me get to my nightly snack ( cereal) it’s a full meal for me. My new pill I take has me full and I haven’t had much today . Almost scary full so I know this cereal gonna make me pop. Shouldn’t have it no ways. But I have a taste for it. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 Follow your dreams and don’t let Nobody Nothing Nada tear you down or get in your way. Go For It. Give it ALL YOU GOT. TTYL ✌🏽

📔write on writers📔

🦬The Ninth Poetess🦬

May 20,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🦬📔🎉

Top of the morning Everyone 🥰☀️I’m back in the land of the living I had to remember that sleeping too much can also give me migraines so when I finally woke up this early morning I decided to stay up the migraine is actually going away YES !!! no more Vertigo and imma try not to eat so much salty foods that make my pressure go out of wack. I believe that triggered my vertigo and migraines. I’m not going to say what imma do today but y’all know I got edits to do. I got the Bison 🦬 up today I feel like when I’m writing or in the zone and I interrupted I turning into a Bucking Bison in my spirit. But at the same time they are peaceful gentle giants when left alone. I would probably pee if I saw one in real life LOL 😂 🙄 . Today is my beautiful aunt birthday she aging backwards and healthy as an ox. Thanking God everyday I have her in my life. Love my auntie very much she’s my second moma. 🎉🎂 well imma lay here and let this menthol rub not quite name brand kick in I slept so hard my shoulder blade is stiff. Imma take a pause my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🦬The Ninth Poetess🦬

🦋 Try not to be a Bison 🦬 today be a butterfly 🦋 unless you get pushed up against a wall then make some moves just like the Bison show them who’s boss. The Bison is always in charge. Because they can Charge.🦬 Charge on Writers in Spirit

May 19,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello good morning ( it’s really evening) 🙄 this will let u know how my day went. Migraine City today I have been underneath the weather way down under. Y’all need to come find me (not really). Haven’t done nothing today but take pain pills and sleep to curb pain and vertigo. I hope tomorrow is a better day bless it I’m not gonna be long on here tonight I’ll post in the morning everyone Y’all stay safe and healthy my loves. 🥰TTYL ✌🏽

📗write on writers📗

🦖The Ninth Poetess🦖

May 19,2021 The HeartBeats💓🥰☕️📖✍🏾🦋📘✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today gonna be relaxing but not too much. Got work to do. Not feeling the greatest but imma push through, I’m go back to sleep it early yet I’m under the weather 🤧 D*** allergies Today imma work on Chapter 7 Edits Chapter 7 got dang near 30 pages so it’s gonna take a minute to get through it’s gonna have more than 30 when my edits are done on it. I need to get up an get my coffee coffee is life dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 just letting y’all know. 🥰 well imma TTYL everyone be safe today stay productive crank out some dope content Always Have Fun 🤩

☀️🌴Capture the Day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🐛Build your own cocoon( safe quiet place), create something beautiful, then emerge like the magnificent Butterfly your are and fly far away🦋.

🦋The Ninth Poetess🦋

May 18,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey ✍🏾

Hello everyone🥰 today has been successful I got a lot done today . I cut it short early today . But today Rocked. Even edited Chapter 7 my nerves Bad right now . A nap is definitely in my future. . I hope y’all are having a better day than I am. I’m not feeling the greatest and I’m frazzled. A nap will cancel that out. Imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 TTYL dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 bless y’all’s night be safe.

📙It’s Alright To Write📙

🦁The Ninth Poetess🦁

May18,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🙏🏾🦁📙🎧🎼🎺🎷🎻

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today I’m starting late I have an errand to do. I woke up late I’m upset about it . I done rolled over on the wrong side of the bed this morning normally I would go back to sleep but it’s too late in the morning for that. I’m just gonna have to bare with it. And that’s gonna have to be okay. After my dealings this morning I’ll be doing edits if I can settle myself down. I hope y’all’s night was quiet and safe night. Make this Day Epic 🤩 don’t set your day up like mines I have to do a daily errand this morning I don’t want to do but need too You make this day Epic put your energy in your projects make Tuesday count imma try myself to make it count as well. Imma take a pause my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL start your day friends, Be Engaged. 🤩🤓

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴 🌴☀️

*Don’t forget to write in those journals everyday make a small entry AM or PM or both may be the start of something bigger than you.🤩

🦁The Ninth Poetess🦁

May 17,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰Today was a success. I burned through chapter 6 now I’m on chapter 7 . Chapter 7 is long. Gonna be fun plugging through chapter 7 tomorrow 🥳 I love it 😻. I have to start tomorrow kind of late but a lot will be done. Today I updated the site there’s a weekly writing prompts archive page I thought about adding past prompts but I’ll just post past prompts like new not everyone has seen them over the course of a year. Just recycling them to archive them. I’m making some changes in the background. I let y’all in later on what’s happening. May be a few changes for the website too. I had vegan chkn sandwich today this new pill I’m on has my appetite curbed. Don’t take much to fill me up anymore I guess that’s a good thing. Allergies got me feeling yucky. I ended early today I probably could have started chapter 7 today but don’t feel the greatest tomorrow I’m starting late too I’m not really counting tomorrow as a work day unless my muse takes over and make a way for some progress. I’m praying for that. My tv program comes on tonight . Imma be in the edge of my seat with my snacks. This is my sweet treat to myself for getting so far into Enaji-O. Got freeze pops that I don’t need but imma indulge in when my program comes on. My sweet treat. 🥰 well imma take a pause my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful night imma TTYL ✌🏽

📕 write on writers📕

🐞The Ninth Poetess🐞

May 17,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 ☕️🥰📖✍🏾🐞📕✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today is Ladybugs so beautiful so cute and lucky and gentle. They say if one lands on you blow it off of you and make a wish. Maybe it will come true. Don’t kill them. They special like the butterflies. You kill a Ladybug 🐞 you a savage.😭🙄 I heard somewhere ladybugs are really males the irony a great poem for sure. That’s just like seahorses the males are the ones that get pregnant and have the babies. Mother Nature and her mysterious wonders. I could be mistaken on this info do your research 🧐. Today I will be updating the writing prompts and bringing about a new archive page for writing prompts. I’ll be editing today for sure it’s Monday Workday perfect day to dive into a project it’s gloomy and wet outside curl up in your robes and crank out some dope content. Try not to get hung up on a tv program. Cut some music ( jazz or classical) on low so you can grasp your thoughts. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 bless y’all have a beautiful day. This is your time to start a brand new project Dive in. TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🐞The Ninth Poetess🐞

May 16,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 Guess what my dear friends and HeartBeats 💓 I took a day off today. It’s been cold and rainy I needed to recharge my battery. And that’s okay I was saying to myself yesterday Sunday is day off and just that quick this morning I forgot when I was posting. Tomorrow I’ll post new writer prompts and start a archive page. Sometimes I hate days off. Feel like your behind unproductive and lazy. But if I ain’t here for me I ain’t no good for nothing at all. Well everyone imma take a pause TTYL ✌🏽 have a blessed quiet night tonight🥰

📓write on writers📓

🐘The Ninth Poetess🐘

May 16,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 🥰☕️🙏🏾🐘📓🖊

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today is gonna be epic . I’m trying tochannel the powers of the Mighty Elephant they are mystical magical creatures . Elephants are me and my grandmas favorite. Elephants symbolizes so much. Wisdom, having tough skin, Power, Good memory, Strength, some countries even worship elephants. today gonna be edits even though I’m thinking about Udemy but edits are more beneficial right now. I’ll be finishing chapter 5 starting chapter 6 of Enaji-O . I’ve had my coffee concoction. Watching my news program . It’s about that time I start watching other things sometimes the news can take my spirit down a hole to Hell. And I be depressed for a month or more. In my position I can’t handle or afford that. So I’ll be watching something positive or listening to music today . Y’all get off them news programs too sometimes it’s good to detox from reality if your not in the middle of a news crises and need a new update for life or death reasons take a break from it. It will change your life. I’m sensitive to everything anyways. Take care of your spirit. Know what you can handle and when you’ve had enough. It’s okay to back off and say no. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful day today imma take a pause and comeback later with The Writers Journey TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

💓Its The HeartBeats because y’all keep me going💓

🐘The Ninth Poetess🐘

May 15,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today was Grand. I ended early but I got a lot done. I have 3 pages left for Chapter 5 . The noise level got unruly and I was ready to jump out my skin again. Tomorrow hopefully its quieter. Everyday it’s seems like it’s some type of interference but I’ve pushed through and got some things done. I hope y’all’s day have been a success. Imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 . Bless y’all. Have a safe night my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓. TTYL ✌🏽

📙write on writers📙

🦊The Ninth Poetess🦊

May 15,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾🦊☕️🧡✌🏽

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 woke up later than normal woke up at 6:30 am normally I wake up around 4-4:30 am I got my coffee concoction imma get started in an hour around9:30 -9:45 because my device didn’t charge crazy plugs do what they want to do. Gotta wait till it charges up. What a beautiful morning. What a blessing to be in it. Sometimes you just got to slow down an be thankful and grateful for the day to gain creative inspiration. Today gonna be Grand. 🤩 Today I’m working on Chapter 5. It’s called “Fish and Spaghetti” it’s a colorful fun chapter. Where the romancing begins. Enaji-O “The Adventures of Enaji” is my first book I started writing years ago and never got around to finishing BUT all that’s gonna change. The world gonna know about Enaji and her craziness. 🤪😜🤓 😂 Think of something to create that you can write about over years and it could be a series. Bang out some dope content today start early so you can finish the day strong 💪 well let me finish watching my news program my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 Enjoy y’all’s day. Be inspired by the beauty in it. TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🦊The Ninth Poetess🦊

May 14,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I’ve been working and I shut it down early did some calls some editing and some shredding praying I don’t need the forms I just destroyed made me stop shredding fingers crossed 🤞🏾 I don’t need them papers🙏🏾 I’m relaxing now. Tomorrow imma start chapter 5. I also started plugging in a table of contents as I go along. How has y’all projects been coming along? I hope they are everything you want them to be and more. I’m pooped. Tomorrow gonna be better no interrupting thoughts or things in the way. I waited too long to start my day today tomorrow imma start at 8-9 am give me time for coffee and news program. Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

🐯It’s Alright to Write🐯

📒The Ninth Poetess📒

May 14,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☀️☕️🧨💥🤩

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today is gonna be Explosive 🧨💥! I’m sitting here drinking my coffee concoction and realized I’m going to get a lot done today. I’ll be done with Chapter 4 on my way to chapter 5 and imma try to get half way into chapter five. The chapters are probably gonna get longer getting further into the story. Today imma have my famous Shrimp Poppers and some seasoned fries. Better than the restaurants. Bangs! And cheaper. Only thing is I wish I lived in a hotter climate on the coast to get better Quality seafood for cheap🦞🍤🐟 seafood prices Outrageous gotta ration portions for heavens sakes down to the nubbs.🙄 well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and comeback with The Writers Journey. Have a beautiful day. Start a new project for the weekend. Think of something you wouldn’t mind marrying so you don’t get tired quick from creating. If you get stuck on a topic in the story your writing do your research. There’s guides out there on everything imaginable. You stuck on medical or criminal terminology there’s writers guides for that. You need to know about different guns and weapons there’s writers guides for that you stuck on what words to use there’s all types of thesauruses for that. Anything under the sun is at your fingertips literally. Well let me start my day friends and HeartBeats 💓 Be Blessed today Be safe. TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🐯The Ninth Poetess🐯

May 13,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥱 I’m tired today I stopped working around 2:30 then I did some daily’s I edited alot today I have 2 pages left of Chapter 4 then the poem at the end needs edits but I’m not gonna be long tonight on here. I’m tired and gonna pass out real soon. Bless it. Imma TTYL ✌🏽

🐸write on writers🐸

💚The Ninth Poetess💚

May 13,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️☀️💚

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today is edits. And a much calmer day today hopefully. I was stressed out over the duration of Lifted Moon getting formatted. But my new friend E. Made it an easy process. Gonna sit here and drink my coffee and watch the news and wait for the sun to wake up. My pill has absorbed. And this new dose has suppressed my appetite. Today imma have my Famous Stuffed Mashed Potatoes it’s gonna be stuffed with mixed veggies and sautéed shrimp 🍤. Tons of buttery seasoned goodness. You can use instant potatoes or go all out and peel and boil some potatoes. I like it both ways you can use any type of potato even sweet potatoes. For the meat source you can use sautéed cuts of chicken or beef. Can be stuffed with anything you like . Don’t steal my names though I may be publishing a cookbook in the future. Well my dearest people all over the world imma take a pause and comeback later on with The Writers Journey I’ll let y’all know what my day is all about. Enjoy y’all WIPS become one with your projects and crank out some explosive 🧨 content💥🤯 –Always Have Fun-

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🐸Leap over All obstacles, Your a survivor🐸

🐸The Ninth Poetess🐸

May 12,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello, Hello Hello Everyone 🥰 Today has been Krazy Beans. Mostly outside my front door. Lord Bless everybody Amen 🙏🏾 especially on my block. It’s crazy locos😫 . Great News on Lifted Moon. It’s finished formatted and ready for publishing But you will have to wait till early September 2021 for its Release. Right now I’m handling business it’s no rush for me . I hope you guys are excited. I am😁. Its beautiful. Handled a phone call and did edits. I’m having a little dejavu don’t know if that’s a good sign. I hope y’all are having a ball with y’all’s Wonderful WIPS. I hope y’all enjoying WOW Wednesday’s this week. It’s something fresh and new. Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

📙write on writers📙

🧡The Ninth Poetess🧡

May 12,2021 WOW Wednesday’s🥳🥳🥳

Book: So You Wanna Write Urban Fiction?

Author: Monica Lavelle


Here is an introduction to the Urban Fiction Genre. Dive in and learn something new. Crank out some new projects that will have all of us on the edge of our seats clutching our invisible pearls.

🧡Enjoy and Always Have Fun🧡

📙The Ninth Poetess📙

May 12,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 🥰📖✍🏾📞☀️💪💊🙏🏾☕️🧩

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Its God awful early yet are y’all up? I’m probably going to go back to sleep and catch a few more winks of sleep myself.

But I just wanted to give y’all an idea on how my day is going edits for a little while then formatting with my higher ups . And Im so thankful I have this person in my world now She Rocks 🤩Thank you E your an awesome amazing person and you have the patience of a Saint dealing with me🙄Thank you for all you do you’ve made my first baby look beautifully professional, your gifted.

After formatting if it’s time I’ll edit some more if I’m not too frazzled. Yesterday the noise levels were high and I wanted to leave my skin but that wouldn’t of done a thing for me I still would be trapped, it was driving me bananas locos. 🙄💀

Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and debate on getting up to get my coffee concoction. I’m finally comfortable laying down. Just being a grump. Coffee might could cure that🥰🙄 coffee cures everything( it really doesn’t but let’s believe that today)🙄well imma TTYL even though I could talk for hours I’ll comeback later with The Writer’s Journey and fill y’all in on how my day went bless y’all enjoy your day✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🚨Many pieces to the puzzle of life. Be patient keep working it, it will all come together- Blessings-🚨

🧩The Ninth Poetess🧩

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May 11,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today had been successful I’ve done some filing some edits and phone calls and emails main thing I’m happy about is edits. Tomorrow I’m do edits early before my formatter needs me hopefully everything gets rolling and on the ball I seen the insides of Lifted Moon and I’m impressed. It’s gonna be nice. This is enough to pull out hair and teeth though it’s stressful and I’m surprised I did so much today even on the phone with doctor. A lot happened. I’m very pleased with today. Even though I feel like I’ve walked 10 miles that’s how stressed out I feel I’m stressed 😩. But my day is done I shuts it down at 4-5 pm anyways. I’ve been up since 1 am but I slept the evening away early. And that’s fine with me if I call the Hogs ( go to sleep) early tonight. Bless y’all I hope y’all are enjoying and marrying y’all’s WIPS. It’s a Marriage by the time you finish your project. Y’all are one. Or many. Well imma TTYL Friends and HeartBeats 💓 Bless y’all tonight be safe

💚write on writers💚

📗The Ninth Poetess📗

🚨PS Check out Possibly Poetry Or Short Story on the Authors Home Page tonight Enaji-O Chapter 4: Excerpt was added today. Hope y’all like it.🥰🚨

May 11,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾💊☕️📞🗂💛

Top of the morning everyone 🥰Today is gonna be a sweet treat😁. I will be posting another Possibly Poetry Or Short Story today when the sun wakes up and I got my coffee. I got a lot going on today. Important calls that I pray don’t consume my day. I got filing in a new system today I have edits. I’m doing edits today because thats what my brain can handle today. Today gonna be Epic.🥰 where exactly am I in Edits I’m in the first half of Chapter 5 I have nine pages to go it was a fairly long chapter but I have chapters that are longer. Did I tell y’all Enaji-O “ The Adventure’s of Enaji” is part of a series. Right now I have three books in mind but it could grow to be longer. Second book will be close to being historical. And it will be about the parents of Enaji and her love interest. And I feel I’ve said too much. But the story is crazy so stay tuned in for it. 🚨There’s gonna be some changes to the site coming up so stay tuned for it All positive.🚨Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and comeback later with The Writers Journey Imma TTYL ✌🏽 have a Beautiful Fantastic Amazing Day Today 😁🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴 🌴☀️

💛The Ninth Poetess💛

May 10, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Hello Again🥰 I’m stopping for the day. I think I’ve done a lot today. Phone calls, Filing, Edits and posting Possibly Poetry Or Short Story a lot happened today. I hope y’all enjoying Possibly Poetry Or Short Story on the Authors Home Page. I hope y’all are having fun with y’all WIPS. Bless y’all have a beautiful evening imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

🛫write on writers🛫

✈️The Ninth Poetess✈️

🙏🏾(Whenever possible, get away whether you take a trip somewhere or meditate it’s good to take a break from reality most of us cant handle no ways. Come back to the issue with a new perspective. Time heals all wounds, it suppose to anyways. Give me patience Almighty Amen)🙏🏾

May 10,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I’ve been doing a little bit here and there today. My migraine is gone thankfully. I’m still out of it like my sleep haven’t been slept through all the way. I’m not drinking another cup of coffee although that sounds yummy. I just might so I can get a second wind I’ve been making some important moves and I can’t let y’all in on it till it’s finished I’m just praying right now about it. Bless it. Edits here I come! UPDATES Possibly Poetry Or Short Story is up on the site. Now, it’s not what y’all think 🤔 . But it’s a clue as to what happens next in the story next week I’ll post some of the following chapter but not much. I still need to figure out how to get Beta Readers I need to look into Watt Pad I’m unsure as to what their website does or even GoodReads I’ll figure it out this week. Also I need a emailing list I need to figure that out soon. So many pieces to the puzzle 🧩. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma start the second half of my day I’ll be back with a second Writer’s Journey later on. Crank out your projects and enjoy your beautiful day. TTYL ✌🏽

✈️ The Ninth Poetess ✈️

May 10,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾💊😫💪

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I have a migraine this morning so whatever I accomplish today is okay because I’ll be nursing my migraine my nerves bad already and I haven’t been up but 20 minutes Bless it. Today I have phone calls and edits Lifted Moon is coming out in a few months I have someone working on formatting now the date released on is special to me that’s why it’s a longer wait. I could do Beta Readers for this book but I’ve published so many already y’all seen a good chunky of it already. Enaji-O will be different. Hopefully I can handle the comments if any from Beta Readers. Well friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma nurse this migraine and start this beautiful sunny ☀️ day. And imma try and calm my nerves because I feel like jumping out my skin right now.😫 Bless it. TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🛫The Ninth Poetess🛫

(I want to take off and go to some far off beautiful land and never come back🛫)

May 9,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone🥰🌺 Today is an awesome Mother’s Day I seen my beautiful cousin and gave her the biggest hug I cooked my fish dinner. Washed up dishes took a nap getting ready to wash thy curly top. Today I picked as an off day even though I did do some emailing this morning. I’m off today. Tomorrow maybe edits and Possibly Poetry Or Short Story I have some phone calls tomorrow as well . Hopefully the calls don’t consume my day I want to get some edits done. I hope you guys and gals are cranking out some dope projects🤩 imma take a pause and start working on my hair Bless all of you enjoy your evening friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

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May 9,2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾🥰🙏🏾💐😭😭😭

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Happy Mothers Day everyone 🥰💐😭 this is a sad time for me. The anniversary of my moms transition is coming up soon and plus my mom and grandmother not here to celebrate Mother’s Day. My soul is heavy Bless it. Missing them ain’t even enough explanation on how I feel it’s a void in my life that haven’t been filled a long time. 😭

Today is Udemy although I think edits would be more beneficial today and that task would be lighter on my brain today. So edits will keep me busy today plus I have to change something in it before I forget I have to change dates in the book around trying to make it believable and timeless as possible. If I can. I’ve just came up with an idea 💡 what a awesome decision y’all will just have to find out when y’all read it. 😁👀 thought about writing Enaji- O Historical I thought that would be a dope book but I’m just gonna make it past tense which most fiction is anyways. So it won’t be based in 2021. You gotta guess what year Enaji is in?😁👀 I’m having so much fun editing this book and I think it’s the perfect time to get it ready. It’s a fun book. I have 21 chapters written so I need to edit 21 chapters before I continue. It’s overwhelming but baby steps each day will pay off.

Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 I need to charge my phone or it’s gonna cut out on me mid sentence. Enjoy your day today🤩

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🌺The Ninth Poetess🌺

May8,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 Nonstop Daily’s this week. Might be the new norm. The deeper I get into this publishing stuff it’s scarier and scarier but imma follow through . It’s the land of the unknown and the uncertainty and the lack of knowledge and being protected it’s too much everyone just push through and don’t give up if it’s your dream to be published go for it. Follow through next book will be better. Well, it should be better. Well I’m gonna shut it down for the day have a beautiful safe night tonight 🥰TTYL✌🏽

🙏🏾The Ninth Poetess🙏🏾

May 8,2021 📖✍🏾The Write Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone I know it’s early but I’ve actually did edits and handled some daily’s this morning. I edited 2 Chapters I’m on chapter 4 . It’s coming along pretty well. I had chicken noodle soup and garlic bread I may have a snack later I don’t know right now I’m spent. I hope y’all’s day have been productive tomorrow I may come up with Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. I’m debating on what to showcase. I may just post the poem inside one of the chapters imma think about what I want tonight. Well imma take a pause dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 enjoy y’all’s evening be safe TTYL ✌🏽

🥊The Ninth Poetess🥊

May 8,2021 🚨Updates🚨

Writing Prompts are up on the site. Some cool projects can be started from this week’s Prompts. Be creative and keep it fresh and new. I may even start a project in the future based on these topics Imma figure out how to archive the writing prompts I know y’all would enjoy that I’ll probably make another page for that and keep the front page for most recent I’ll be looking into that. So be on the look out I even have a notebook of the past year writing Prompts I may throw some of those up or just repost on the front page not everybody have seen them. Well imma TTYL and finish my coffee it’s so cold 🥶 this morning. Enjoy your day. Start these beautiful projects today try and stay off the TV Tube. ✌🏽🥰

May 8,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 💊🥰☕️📖✍🏾🙏🏾🎥🍿🥤🎉

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today I have a lot to do in a short amount of time. But that’s okay it will get done. Half of the Updates will be up so don’t be surprised Writing Prompts will be up today I know how much y’all like doing the Writing Prompts. Blog 1-2 is jam packed not saying I have everything but today I think imma post Blog 2 at the end of the month gives me time to get great content and anything I need to let y’all know I’ll just showcase it . My body hurts this morning I will be taking pain pills after this sugar pill 💊 absorbs can’t take nothing with it the agony I’m hurting bad. How am I to have a great day and I roll out of bed achy this is old people’s problems I could be 80 something and I would still be saying I’m not old and I’m too young for these problems these days age is just a number. People living past 100 and still able to take care of themselves. More time on this earth for all of us to succeed our long list of goals throughout our lives. We just gotta be healthy enough to make it there and believe we can make it there. I think a lot about this topic fighting to live since my mom was diagnosed with her Cancer and then my Diabetes I constantly put my life in a different perspective every time I have to put a pill in my mouth or every time I eat something. Most times it’s a drag but I’m blessed to still be here. Enough of my soapbox or it will be a book of my life in this post 🚨Spoiler Alert: Today I will Update Writing Prompts Writing Prompts may be about Health of us all and using Poetry Fiction and Nonfiction to vent about it. We all have something wrong with us or have someone we love battling a ailment . Write about it. In Fiction you can write a series of novels or series of short stories with protagonist battling an ailment or someone they love is battling it. Be creative. and Have Fun 🤩 🚨 this will be posted as soon as I get up I’m half up and hurting. Well my juice on my device is gonna fizzle out I’ll be back later with The Writers Journey. Have a blessed and far out day today be safe🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🏋🏽‍♀️The Ninth Poetess🏋🏽‍♀️

PS: These upper aged Adults out here be running circles around us teenie boppers and they show no mercy. It’s time we get it together now or we won’t be here at their age. This is a message to myself also. Coffee and a juicy orange this morning gotta get your fruits in too. Enjoy your Day HeartBeats and friends 💓TTYL

May 7,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey #2📖✍🏾

Updates,Updates,Updates hopefully I will post fresh updates early morning before I start edits I’m coming up with content right now . Possibly Poetry Or Short Story I’ll post that Sunday or Monday I’m trying to spread the content out with that because I want some of it mysterious to where y’all want to purchase it one day I keep posting spoilers no need to publish the book. I probably won’t post as much content as I did with the first post of Enaji-O either. I’m wired I’ve had a couple zero calorie energy drinks today my eyes are heavy and burning but I’m still going strong hopefully I’ll wine down. Energy drinks still didn’t help what mood I’m in today. Everything is too much right now I just hope everything falls in place. Or imma be an unhappy camper. More like miserable. But imma work early morning till noon then it’s lunch then I’m binging on my show and I’m behind a whole season. Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma wine down for the day bless y’all have a beautiful relaxed laid back safe quiet night. That’s a lot🙄 might not be enough for me though I’ve had a trying day. I’ll be back in the morning HeartBeat y’all keep me going strong enough when frustrated and I can even say scared this Blogging&Book Publishing is not for thin skinned individuals you have to be sharp and firm and not afraid to ask Questions you have to be humble and willing to let someone teach you and be willing to learn. And patient. Something I barely have I felt my patience leave my body today I shut it down at 2:30 today. It’s too much to it. My brain be on overload But Im Down for what ever it Brings. 🥰 TTYL ✌🏽

🚨Invisible things we need to survive that’s older than us :1.Air 2. Time 3. Love 4.Patience – Seize the moments and push through any task attempted is success and any knowledge and experience learned is a dollar in the bank. Push Through and follow through and be patient Pray that the Process works. Here’s my funny for the day. They say all you need is a mustard seed for your faith well I got a half a bottle of mustard powder in my kitchen cabinet so I know the Almighty has me Covered🙄🤪🤣 I’m kind of wacky tonight too much caffeine probably coming down off it. I love my caffeine. Well let me end my day HeartBeats and Friends 💓 I hope y’all enjoying the content. TTYL ✌🏽

💛The Ninth Poetess💛

May 7,2021📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I’m tired like I’ve been on my feet all day. On thy phone is where I’ve been and email and different websites I’m spent but this business I’m handling I know it will pay off . Hopefully 🙏🏾 I’m spent and didn’t get a chance to edit thats early morning duties for a few hours. 9-12 tomorrow then make lunch don’t know what imma have tomorrow. I may just have canned chicken noodle soup and garlic bread something light since I’m have a big meal Sunday. That sounds pretty good. Had my shrimp today. delicious 😋 Im shutting it down early because my brain is mashed potatoes. Maybe oatmeal I feel beat up. My spirit is tired. I just need to recharge. Bless it.🙏🏾 imma take a pause and come back with The HeartBeats in the morning imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats family 💓

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💛The Ninth Poetess💛

May 7,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰🎧🎶📖✍🏾☕️🤩📞

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Wow where did this week go? Days zooming by like seconds . I have some book calls to make and emailing today but imma try not to let that consume my day . Smooth Jazz will be played in my household today. No more shows today however I can’t wait to binge watch my show this weekend. I’ll be doing book business and edits today I’m trying to have the book released by the end of the month or early June. Lifted Moon is in the works right now. I’m debating on whether or not to have Beta Readers I figured since I’ve been posting poems on the site that’s good enough. All of you have been my Beta Readers good enough for you good enough for me. If not I’ll know next time around to get Beta Readers. I may have to next time Enaji-O is longer and I’m not putting a lot of its content up on the site, just excerpts. Today my meal gonna be my famous fried shrimp . My aunt loves my fried shrimp too. Recipe is in my cookbook I’m coming up with. This book may be published as well in the future. Still working on it. May take a lifetime🙄 I’ve had my coffee just waiting on the sun to wake up. I was up at 3am took my pill I was so thirsty this morning lemon water is life literally. Well imma take a pause I’ll be back later on with The Writers Journey Have a beautiful day today Dive into those precious projects. TTYL✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🍋The Ninth Poetess🍋

🚨Change in Sunday’s Menu store Out of Swai and Catfish so I will be cooking Fried Talapia any white meaty fish will do.🚨

May 6,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone🥰 I’ve been on the phone and emails all day Two great things happening what an blessing I’m spent today so I’m not gonna to keep y’all tonight. I spoke to my formatter and my other higher ups/ go to people today on book business learned a lot. Tomorrow is edits I didn’t make it to edits today this morning I got caught up on this new show actually this is the second season I’m binge watching this weekend . Well I need to shut it down imma TTYL I hope y’all’s day was rewarding. Stay safe stay warm and Keep Writing.

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May 6,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥰📖✍🏾☕️🎧🎶

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today is soft jazz and Enaji-O edits I need to stay focused that’s important I’ll be working on chapter 2. Today I’m cooking Firecracker potatoes and fried eggs lemon water. I hope y’all utilized the Udemy sale they had going on. Keep checking to see when the sale come back and if I find out I’ll post it too. It’s so many different courses they teach on there it’s really life changing. Well let me save my battery life it’s gonna shut off in a second have a beautiful day today and I’ll be back later on with The Writers Journey 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

🔮The Ninth Poetess🔮

May 5,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone 🥰 today was very productive and you may already see changes on the site from what I learned on Udemy. One of the classes I have is WordPress course. Taught me how to change my menu and pages around. Very important day I’ll always have access to my courses I take so I can go back to the tutorial. I’m a third of a way in the course tomorrow imma edit Enaji-O my brain is mashed potatoes. I was was on Udemy about 3 hours pausing and making changes to the website as I learned new things. New on the menu tab Authors Home Page, Blog# 2 Post Archives, Writing Prompts. I hope this will help to navigate the site better. I felt like I was in school all over again and it’s gonna be like this for awhile . I have courses on social media marketing copyrighting and more good thing I utilized the sale they have going. And they have a sale today for all of those interested. I’m not getting paid to promote or shoutout to Udemy I’m just a fan of what they offer. Today I had Vegan chicken patty sandwich with bbq sauce and mozzarella sticks and lemon water bomb 😋 today was very interesting and rewarding once I was able to fix the site. What a blessing? Well imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 I hope y’all enjoyed y’all’s day and it’s been blessed like I said I shuts it down around 4:30-5:00pm and today I’m spent. Imma TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful and safe night✌🏽

📔It’s Alright to Write 📔

🤎The Ninth Poetess🤎

May 5,2021 The HeartBeat 💓🥰☕️📖✍🏾☁️⛅️

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 🇲🇽Happy Cinco de Mayo 🇲🇽 WOW Wednesday’s is posted it’s on Book Marketing Strategies go on over and check it out have your pen and notebook handy. Yesterday I gave my Sunday Meal Menu in The Writers Journey check it out I can’t wait till Sunday😋 today I’m start the day off with Udemy. I’ll let you know about it later on today. I may get some edits in if I prioritize my time right if not tomorrow I have set up for edits. Well imma go get my coffee concoction and start my day. I’ve figured out that oat milk kind of taste like the milk in (One of the coffee chains) ice mocha coffee it’s not half bad just have to put sugar a teaspoon or two in it and instant coffee. If I had the correct ice I would be blending it to make a frosty bomb. That my sweet treat I probably could do without but I need my caffeine and this is how I get my fix. Imma talk with y’all a little later. Have a beautiful and blessed productive day. TTYL🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🤎The Ninth Poetess🤎

May 4,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello Everyone🥰 how is everyone this beautiful evening? Today was productive I finished chapter 1 to Enaji-O. It’s coming along just fine better than expected imma try to take atleast 2-4 days on a chapter depending on how long it is. Did not get to Udemy today I spent time handling some business and I also helped my aunt with something separately that trumps everything. But since I finished a chapter I was thinking maybe I should do the Udemy first tomorrow then if I have time left edit some do it back and forth so I don’t get burnt out and I see progress . That’s a great idea 💡 . I want to add that Enaji-O “ The Adventures of Enaji” has poems in it. Poems that may be in Lifted Moon. Not many, maybe only one that I see so far. The first poem I see is The poem called “Undecided” I’ve posted “ Undecided” on the website it’s either on the Authors Homepage or Blog1-2 Right now my brain is mashed potatoes and I’m spent🙄

Speaking of food. I know I said Saturday would be the day I tell you what Im cooking for Sunday Meal gonna be, Well I know now what I’m cooking you might want to shop early in the week for the items.


Fried Cornmeal crusted Swai Fish

Sautéed California Blend Veggies(cauliflower,broccoli,carrots) with sliced onions garlic

Rice with butter and garlic

Zero calorie sparkling water

This will be me and my aunts Sunday meal

Something light and simple

Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats family 💓 imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with The HeartBeats in the morning. Have a beautiful night be safe everyone.

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💛The Ninth Poetess💛

May 4,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 💊😍☕️📖✍🏾📒

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 the night is and was quiet and safe . I hope all of you enjoying this weeks content . Today I will be editing for a couple hours then Udemy today . I cut edits down an hour because I need to stay focused so I plan on starting Udemy today. I feel like new kid on campus. But no need to leave your home. Took this pill around 3:30am I guess I can get my coffee imma wait till 5:00am for good measure I’m using oat milk instead of my almond milk. People catching on to my sweet treat. How is a whole store out of chocolate and vanilla 30, 80 ? That’s like being out of cows milk and shredded cheese or butter very rare so something going on in the cosmos. Imma get my day started early morning I almost want to switch my schedule around and do Udemy first but I know I wouldn’t do edits after imma start with edits and go from there. Well imma take a pause and start my day I’ll be back later with The Writers Journey get started on them projects today and be the most creative you you can be🥰bless y’all today enjoy the moments today friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL ✌🏽

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

📒The Ninth Poetess 📒

May 3,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today I gave a treat to y’all today Possibly Poetry Or Short Story is posted on Blog Post and Authors Home Page and it’s a Special Surprise. Enaji-O “ The Adventures of Enaji” excerpt from Prelude and Parts of Chapter 1. I hope y’all enjoyed it. This is my second baby. Tomorrow I will check my email to see if my Formatter returned my message. I have so many questions. I didn’t get into Udemy today maybe tomorrow I got caught up in a movie. I know I should have been working but I did do a little. And it’s still not perfect. I got work to do. Well tomorrow schedule is the same few hours to edit then Udemy for real tomorrow. By 5 I shuts it down. So I’ll be up early friends and family for The HeartBeats. Don’t be afraid to check in on The HeartBeats too. I show Love to both post. If you don’t check but one or the other out you missing good info. Bless y’all tonight have a quiet and safe night tonight. I hope all your endeavors and projects are coming along. I will TTYL my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓

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🧡The Ninth Poetess🧡

May 3,2021 Possibly Poetry Or Short Story🥳🥳🥳

Hello Friends and HeartBeats Family. I have a treat this beautiful Monday morning. I have been working on edits and I thought it would be a treat to share a piece of Enaji-O ” The Adventures of Enaji” so you can get a feel of where my head is at these coming up days. I will keep you posted as I go through out this process ever so often. This is all Fictional. This is my Second Baby.

So This is:

Enaji-O ” The Adventure’s of Enaji”


I woke up Saturday to cigarette smoke and bacon cooking. What a lovely combination. If the smoking didn’t kill my grandmother, the bacon would clog her arteries and give her a heart attack or stroke, whichever one come first. I know, not a very nice thing to say about my grandmother, but it’s the truth. My name is Enaji Benson the granddaughter of Wilamena Benson and daughter of Alondra and Marcus Benson. Sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother, and waiting on her to finish cooking my eggs made me realize that my entire life was a blessing. I am skilled in a few things I do. I’m graduating from high school. I’m going to college. I have no children. I don’t even have a boyfriend, and this is something I choose not to have. I’m just preparing myself for a fun and exciting future and unseen adventure right here in the O.

Chapter One: Graduation Blues

After eating her  breakfast, Enaji and her grandmother talk about what she’s gonna do after she gets her diploma.

 “Naji, how many schools have you applied for?”  

  “Just one, the Liberal Arts College in Canada. They denied me a scholarship because of my grade point average,” 

“Well, you need to go to Community College until you have raised your G.P.A. Do you think you could go to Metro today? I will be willing to go with you. We could have lunch and go shopping, would you like that?,” Wilamena said while smiling and bating her eyes. 

“Sure,”  “I ain’t missing a chance to go shopping and out to eat,” Enaji said to herself. 

Enaji hasn’t really decided on what she wants to do yet. Her dream is to become a big time author of poetry and short stories, but no one could live off of that type of salary alone. She needs to have something to fall back on. She does hair and nails, but that’s not guaranteed work to be working here and there and now and again doing friends and family hair and nails charging what she charges. She normally charges thirty-five dollars for hair and forty for nails. Nails are so much more because the product cost money. Thirty-five dollars for a wash and flat iron. Thirty-five to Seventy-five dollars depending on what kind of style. Lots of customers get sewed in weaves, and then they want their weaves cut into a style. It seems that’s all she does now. She even has two men by the name of Pain and Knoxx. Pain gets his locks tightened and Knoxx gets his hair braided. When her grandmother is around Pain is known as Paris and Knoxx is known as Kenez.

Enaji finished her breakfast and now she’s getting dressed to go on an outing with her grandmother to Metro Community College. Enaji didn’t know they were open on Saturday. Sliding on her K-Swiss Classics Grandma hollered, 

“You ready Naji?”

  “Yes ma’am!” Enaji hollered back while walking toward the back door.

 They headed out.

As Wilamena drove down Ames Avenue, Enaji wondered what she should take up. Should she take English first or should she take something else that she has no clue on? “I hope they have counselors to help me focus on what I want to do,” Enaji said. When she arrived at Metro campus she was in awe. It’s a community inside of a community. It all looked historical. The buildings were old but kept up to look new. When they parked she noticed the landscaping of the campus was immaculate. They have all kinds of different plants. Some she has never seen before. Wilamena said she was going to take a piece of one of the plants on the way out. Enaji told her don’t, she was going to embarrass her. Can you  see her out there digging up a piece of a plant and groundskeepers coming and bust her on her hands and knees, dirty, talking about , “I just wanted a piece.” When they entered the campus doors she couldn’t believe how many students she saw in there on a Saturday. You must have a passion for whatever it is you are trying to do in school on a Saturday.

They went into the counselor center, and the lady behind the desk asked,

“May I help you?”

“Yes.” I’m interested in coming to school here after I graduate. I need Financial Assistance to pay for classes.”

 She gave two forms to fill out and she told us to have a seat. 

“Naji, I’m so proud of you, Wilamena said.

 “I haven’t done anything yet,” 

 “I know, I’m just excited for you, that’s all.” 

Enaji whispered, “Grandma?”  

” What?” 

“Why do you have smoke all the time? Smoke is in my clothes and my hair,” Enaji said.

  Willamena said,” You won’t have to worry about my smoking when you get your own place, will you?” 

And she gave Enaji a messed up look. Wilamena could be a pistol sometimes. Their relationship is bitter-sweet. 

God sent an invisible angel down and it said to Enaji, “Peace be still.” 

Enaji joked with her and said,

 “Yeah, the basement”. 

“Girl, you must be out your rabbit  ass  mind,” and she smiled and laughed.  

“Naji, you’re getting out of my house!”

“No I aint. Me and my husband will be living with you,” Enaji said laughing.

” I will be dead and in my grave before that happens. You have many options. You can stay on campus here, Naji. Or I can take you down to OHA for housing Monday,” Wilamena said. “You need life experiences on your own, in your own place.”

Enaji is scared out of her mind to stay on her own. She’s graduating in a week.  She feels Wilamena is trying to get rid of her. Her grandmother is all she knows. 

 “Grandma, I ain’t going nowhere.”

📙The Ninth Poetess📙

May 3,2021 The HeartBeats💓 ☕️🥰📖✍🏾☔️

Top of the morning Everyone.🥰 Like I promised yesterday I have Trevor Somerville YouTube clip that explains Grandma Books and Quality Books over Quantity.


I hope you all enjoy him the clip is kind of short I wanted him to talk for hours dropping jewels like he did. He ‘s amazing🤩

Today is going to be a day of edits for a few hours and then Udemy. This will be my new schedule until I start writing then Ill be writing for a few hours then Udemy. Got to get Udemy in. Feel like Imma be back in school today. First Day Back To School. Most Reasonable priced class I’ll probably ever take. Wish I knew about Udemy before I went to College for real. No telling what I would be doing now.Udemy had a beautiful sale a week ago. Maybe they will have another sale soon you have to keep checking. I posted it As soon as I saw it.

Last night was quiet. It rained we needed it. Im feeling good. Im in good spirits. Gonna get my coffee concoction in a second. I hope all of you have a beautiful day. Try and savor today’s moments.

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in Like Lotion 🧴 🌴☀️

📙The Ninth Poetess📙

May 2,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey📖✍🏾 Entry#2

Somebody needed to tell me that YA has sex scenes and cussing in them. My brain just exploded🤯💣 . I may have to be the first Sweet Romance Urban Fiction Novel. My book may have cussing in it to offset not having sex in them. Which I’m fine with. It will be intimate moments though but no intercourses. This blew me away I’ve read something that blew me away tonight. I’m just not gutsy I need my writing half way clean. My aunt and cousins might read it they may not care I don’t know but I care about their eyeballs 👀 and what they think somewhat. I can still be creative within boundaries. Sometimes I wish I could let loose but I think that will come with time and age not now though and I’m fairly middle aged saying that. I just think it’s a respect of my aunts eyeballs mainly. I would do the same if my mom grandma was still living. I was watching a commercial on YouTube and they were explaining authors quality over quantity of books written to increase your royalties. And he went into you want a Granny Book. A quality book you wouldn’t be embarrassed to show anyone not even your elders. I thought that was perfect. I should have got his name it might be on my history on YouTube I don’t know. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause TTYL🥰

📗It’s Alright to Write📗

💚The Ninth Poetess💚

🚨His name is Trevor Somerville on YouTube he talks about making a gainful income publishing Granny Books and Quality Books🚨 I’ll post the YouTube clip tomorrow in The HeartBeat post in the morning

May 2,2021 📖✍🏾 The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 I did a few things today I was busy. I did updates and I also looked over my stash of workings. I think Im going to go with my Series book 1 of 3 could be more it’s called “Enaji-O: The Adventure’s of Enaji” this is a YA Urban Fiction or Crime Fiction. Love Story If it could be categorized. But definitely YA. This is Book 1. As of now this book has a little over 46000 words 25% of it is filler and needs to be erased And I have to edit before I can start writing again. Right now it’s a holy mess. So this will be my new project which is long over due. I have the patience for it now until that patience fizzles out and hopefully by that time it’s time to write and all my edits are manageable till after I finish writing. We will see but I’m pretty much on fire 🔥 for this task at hand. We’ll my friends and HeartBeats family 💓 imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with The HeartBeats take care have a beautiful night TTYL🥰

📗write on writers📗

💚The Ninth Poetess💚

May 2,2021 🚨Updates Are Posted🚨

The Writing Prompts and Possibly Poetry Or Short Story are posted I hope you enjoy them. Possibly Poetry Or Short Story may not be posted anymore for a while until I start working on more content. I don’t want to post the whole book and I’ve come close I think. Your gonna have to get the Release when it’s published. My day is just beginning. I cooked and it was great. Now I’m working I hope y’all enjoy the Updates. I’ll be back later with The Writers Journey TTYL🥰

💚The Ninth Poetess💚

May 2,2021 The HeartBeats💓💊☕️📖✍🏾🥰🌤

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Today I hate to list my to do’s because they become to dont’s but I will be looking into my stash of unfinished stories and choosing one to make my next project . I may even start Udemy . But right now to be honest Im feeling like going back to sleep waking up and trying it again my sleep feels like it wasn’t slept through all the way. I started a new dosage of my new medication today so far so good these medications got more issues than the problems you already have. Gotta weigh out your options do I want to die today or die tomorrow which one take your pick? Scary. 😬😳🙄 today Sunday meal is Vegan Italian sausage Rotini with spaghetti sauce that has the diced tomatoes in it and sautéed California Blend ( cauliflower carrots broccoli) Veggies with Onions can’t wait. I think I even have some Garlic Bread 🥖 yummo. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and comeback with The Writers Journey later on TTYL 🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

📗The Ninth Poetess📗

🚨 Do y’all like me telling y’all my Sunday Meals? If so I’ll post it Saturday Morning that way if you would like to join me for dinner 🍽 all across the world you have time to go grocery shopping 🛒 and prepare for the feast. I may be working on a cookbook with poems and stories of my life in them. That’s different. Might be a new market who knows? Starting next Saturday look out for the Sunday menu on The HeartBeats🚨

May 1,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥳 Contacted the Higher Ups to Format Lifted Moon. I am done with edits I thought that would take me forever but it didn’t partially because I edited as I went. I should hear from my formatter by next week. hopefully. I’m not in a rush or nothing I’m in the process of figuring out my next move. It’s either short story anthology or a novelette or another poetry book I haven’t decided. I like writing on my own terms and schedule. I washed my curly locs it’s growing back so fast I love it . I had a vegan burger tonight delicious 😋 tomorrow imma go through my to do list of stories I’ve started that needs to be finished I have many I need to dive into I will see what I can cook up. Imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the HeartBeats 💓 have a blessed and safe night everyone. 🥰

✍🏾It’s Alright to Write✍🏾

🌼The Ninth Poetess🌼

May 1,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 🌸🌼Happy May🌼🌸💓

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Happy May everyone🥳. Last night was quiet and relaxing thank goodness. 🙏🏾 Today will be Edits and maybe Udemy . Woke up sore all over. Don’t know what that is about I’m too young for that. Don’t know what imma eat today. Something veggie for sure. Maybe some Firecracker Potatoes 🌶🥔 that sounds good. Today I’m not gonna keep you guys and gals too long . Enjoy this beautiful day today and get some sun. The sun makes everything better. Imma take a pause and start my day. TTYL dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

🌸The Ninth Poetess🌸

April 30,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Howdy everyone, Today I finished Lifted Moon I have so many poems hard to choose which one to be published first. 9944 words ( may be less) 66 Poems . Now tomorrow I’ll edit still haven’t came up with a release date I was thinking the beginning or end of summer I don’t know I’ll figure it out I may release it when I have my second book ready for edits I think I will do that that will keep the carrot in front of me. I worked on vision boards and they are coming along beautifully. It’s been quiet thank goodness they are finally finished with the remodeling next door thank goodness it was under my skin. The noise was unruly. Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 Imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 I hope you all enjoyed your day today. 🥰 TTYL

☀️🌻The Ninth Poetess🌻☀️

April 30,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 🥱🥰📖✍🏾☕️

Top of the morning everyone🥰 today is the last day of National Poetry Month what are y’all’s plans to do it up right today? I plan on digging through my stash of poems and stories to see if I can finish without writing anymore. Atleast for a brief moment. I will be working on a second book after I publish Lifted Moon don’t know what exactly Imma start writing as of yet. Today is vision boards and finishing up Lifted Moon I think imma finish strong today then next month I can edit it. Then off to the formatter it goes. Then off to the publisher. It’s coming along right on time. 🥳📖✍🏾 if my mom and grandma was still here they would be proud an excited for me I know it🥰 it’s taken several months to get to this point but it has paid off. I’m humbled and I’m thankful of all of you guys and gals Im thankful for my family and writing friends in my life may all of you be blessed and succeed in all of your projects and endeavors. Amen 🙏🏾 God Bless y’all. All of you are Special People I appreciate the love given. Continue to rock out with me more Fantastic information more Possibly Poetry Or Short Story more Awesomeness on the Blog Post. Hang out anytime with us. We would love to have you. Well my lovely friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and wait till this pill to absorb before I get my coffee concoction bless all of y’all this beautiful day I can hear the birds chirping what a beautiful moment in the time of the day. 🐦🐦🐦 well imma take a pause and come back later with The Writers Journey TTYL🥰

☀️🌴 Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

🌻The Ninth Poetess🌻

April 29,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰today was productive I’ve came up with word counts I have less than a thousand words to go🥳🥳🥳 my word count is 9039. I have 61 poems in Lifted Moon as of this point it will be more coming. I think between 10-20 more poems it should be finished. Tomorrow imma work on my vision board one of my magazines came I can add some pictures from the magazine to my board. Can’t wait. Well I did some daily’s today that took up my time. Tomorrow should be an excellent day can’t wait. I have a grand plan for tomorrow imma go through poems I already have and maybe add them to Lifted Moon that way my counts go up but I don’t have to write as many poems. I can start editing quicker. Well imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful night Talk with u guys and gals in the morning. 🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

🟣The Ninth Poetess🟣

April 29,2021 The HeartBeats💓🥰📖✍🏾🥱🤠

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 Howdy got up a little late I was up extra early this morning and went back to sleep. My battery is low so this post gonna be short . I wish I had some horses I would go check on them in the morning spend time if I had some I want atleast six horses I want 2 American Draft Paint 2 Fresians and 2 Clydesdales maybe it will be in the Cosmos I would love to be a breeder and trainer on my own Ranch. Sitting here meditating like I already have them. I’m gonna start my day. I need to come up with word counts I’ve been saying that for a week to y’all and myself. Neighbors back at it hammering mowing sawing nailing cutting concrete all day long. Louder than a construction zone. I hope they almost finished. I’ve let my phone charge up with in this post. Today is work day. Yesterday I worked on conference conference was interesting I’ll dive into it more later. A lot of the conference and course I got from Udemy won’t be good to me until I’m in the final touches on Lifted Moon so I gotta work. Most the conference is for Fiction writers and now I’m not focused on fiction much. It kind of a bummer. Imma watch it all and take notes anyways to look at later. Well friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and start my day the faster I do word counts faster I can get to something else on the list. Have a beautiful day today. TTYL🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🤠The Ninth Poetess🤠

April 28,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello friends and HeartBeats 💓 I’ve been watching the conference lectures getting some excellent knowledge. I’m spent. Tomorrow I’ll spend doing word counts atleast that’s what I need to do. Right now I I feel under the weather. Bless y’all today I’ll be back tomorrow. TTYL maybe tonight or early morning. 🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

🍋The Ninth Poetess🍋

April 28,2021 WOW Wednesday’s #2🥳🥳🥳

Topic: Trailblazing Women Writers Series: PBS Books


Poet: Joy Harjo


Poet: Sonia Sanchez

This is a Powerful Series. Check these links out and listen to these legendary interviews to these Amazing Women Poets and Authors.

Always have fun.

🟣The Ninth Poetess🟣

April 28,2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾🎥☀️🍋 🥰

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I have come to the realization that Lemon Water is Life. no sugar and it still taste sweet . The sweetness must be coming from the sugars in my body already. (Probably not a good thing It’s a sign my sugar levels out of whack) Because I’m just using lemon concentrate no sugar and water. Very sweet treat. And it’s helping my dry mouth. I’m coming up with another WOW Wednesday’s today yesterday was an early WOW Wednesday’s http://Udemy.com Social media business marketing courses ( also in different languages ) good for bloggers authors businesses etc. they have so many courses it hard to pick just one and they had a sale yesterday that was mind blowing don’t know if it’s still going on you have to do your research. Today I’m not gonna say what imma do before I do it because that is gonna change. I’ll fill y’all in when I come back with The Writers Journey. But imma try and be more productive than yesterday for sure. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and come back later on with The Writer’s Journey Have Wonderful Writing Day Today🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

🚨PS Udemy.com is not paying me to showcase their site. I just love what they have to offer🚨

🍋The Ninth Poetess🍋

April 27,2021 A Early WOW Wednesday’s🥳🥳🥳

April 27,2021 A Early WOW Wednesday’s🥳🥳🥳

Topic: Udemy Courses: Social Media Marketing


I found a real inexpensive class online through Udemy.com (You can get it at an discounted price for a limited time.)Good thing about this class you’ll have lifetime access to information. Thats one of the perks. Dive in and get this knowledge. Always Have Fun.

🐝The Ninth Poetess🐝

April 27, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰📞Another day of phone calls and processing my Health. As much as I’ve been talking with Doctors and pharmacist you would think I’m getting ready to kick the bucket soon. 🪣🦶🙄 Thank goodness I’m not. Not ready to go just yet. I haven’t done nothing but I’m going over my life how my future gonna pan out and I’m mentally preparing myself. Today not over I may dive into conference and that’s just as productive as writing. I’m excited for the future but it’s also scary of the unknown. I just need to be healthy and in the land of the living to enjoy it. Imma Google Marketing on social media books and see what I can find. I know I can find something. Maybe I can find some non credited courses somewhere Imma be on the search. If I find something online I’ll post it with a link. Marketing is so expensive and complexed if someone breaks it down and teach u you can do your own marketing and start a business doing someone else’s or teaching someone else to market. It can be a income generator. You may get lucky and find free social media classes at your local library or online I will be piddling around doing that today as well. I’ll be in investigator mode today 🕵🏽‍♀️ well let me get up and do something with my day so I don’t feel like a slacker. My health issues really have me down in the dumps these days fighting to stay in good spirits. That’s enough of my soapbox. I hope everyone had a beautiful morning and afternoon and I hope y’all enjoy your evening Bless y’all TTYL🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

📞The Ninth Poetess📞

* I need to stay off the phone. It’s an Unwanted*

🚨PS I’m Working on WOW Wednesday’s right now in my head on the topic imma present. Stay Tuned🚨

April 27, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾🥱🐝🎥🍿

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 today gonna be eventful. I’ll be busy like a bumble bee . I be coming up with word count totals and possibly writing poems today and studying Canva and Pinterest and YouTube Tutorials for how to make a Pinterest pin on Canva and then how to add it to Pinterest. Imma have some of my poems on Pinterest too when I figure it all out. Overnight it was quiet it’s a quiet morning can’t complain I’m basking in it savoring the seconds. Have y’all started journaling this week? You don’t have to write much think about it as therapy. Venting because it’s better out than in. You keep it in you , you grow old faster get grey hairs at a young age and most of us don’t want that. I heard some years ago being in love with someone keeps you young. It might be true you can be in love with yourself if you don’t have no one. No one can love you like you can love you except family & God. I journal whenever I get the urge but mainly when I get up in the morning or before I end my night. Try journaling for yourself. You can use pen / diary or notebook or you can use Word or Google Drive and save it in a file. This might be a great idea for those thinking to make a memoir from their journal entries. Well my battery is low I’ll be back later on with The Writer’s Journey enjoy this beautiful sunny day☀️ TTYL

☀️🌴Capture the day,Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🌴☀️

🐝The Ninth Poetess🐝

April 26,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone how was your day?🥰 mines eventful a day of the higher ups( doctors and pharmacists ) on the phone trying to understand my discomforts that took up majority of my day. Did half of my word counts the other half I’ll do tomorrow I’m spent. Nerves bad everybody mowing they yards or cutting concrete or something. Can’t take it. I need to watch my sugars or else I won’t be here no more. I’m trying to be here. The lemon water is helping some not much. The phone took up my time and I took breaks in between to process it all. Today was a heavy day in the realization of your ailments is heavy especially knowing it’s a slim chance to reverse it and you’ve had every chance too. Might be too late. That’s my worry. So I gotta keep the faith. Keep pushing and trying. Got to fulfill these goals. well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma TTYL I hope y’all had a blessed and productive day today🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

👊🏽The Ninth Poetess👊🏽

April 26, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾🥰💧💦 🥊

Top of the morning everyone 🥰This early morning I’m fighting with my health the Unwanteds are back in full effect. My medication making my thirst for water heighten. But I need the medication to bring sugars down and the water flowing so fast through me it’s scary. Wonder if they got something to regulate these type of issues. If only all the answers and healing was in one pill or shot. Would be nice . And I have the case of dry mouth they have medicated mouthwash and creams I think for that in my case I wouldn’t feel safe I drink water to make sure my organs can function. Sorry bout the health update but this is apart of my journey too. I’ll be contacting my doctor today. Today is word counts and Pinterest study they need classes on Pinterest alone it’s so intricate but once you set it up it’s a beautiful thing to have. Might finish my binge watching (Shadow and Bone) or save it till this weekend. We will see this show is the ultimate muse to so many of my historical fiction and historical fantasy ideas. This show is Top Notch Perfect. I hope Leigh Bardugo get all her books in a TV Series. She’s an Absolute Fantastic Talent🥰 Right now I’m just trying to feel better I may go back to bed it’s still God awful early yet. I Have an Eventful Day Today Everyone enjoy your day bless y’all TTYL I’ll be back with The Writers Journey later 🥰💓

☀️🌴Capture the day , Bask in it, Rub it in like Lotion🌴☀️

👊🏽The Ninth Poetess👊🏽

🚨PS I’m too Young for these health issues Dear Friends and HeartBeats 💓 Take my words to heart and soul. If you not healthy, make a lifestyle change and get healthy you don’t want these problems. It’s Purgatory Get Healthy Stay Healthy Love y’all TTYL🥰🚨

April 25,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰today has been eventful I did updates well majority of them Tomorrow I’ll do word counts I’m spent. My counts may not be so much because I’ve written poems that will not make Lifted Moon . They were just therapeutic. Not intentionally. Plus I’m in information overload with this Pinterest information I need to study and master. There is so many tutorials on YouTube that break down the Pinterest process for business. I think Pinterest is Absolutely Lit 🔥. I probably won’t be writing tomorrow just coming up with word counts and conference or developing a Pinterest page I haven’t decided yet. It’s too much at once today right now I’m binge watching Shadow and Bone it’s pretty dope. I’m not going to spoil it you have to check it out yourself. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful evening y’all TTYL🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

🥊The Ninth Poetess🥊

April 25, 2021 The HeartBeat💓🥰🐝🙏🏾🤩📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 this beautiful Sunday morning is trying to get the best of me before I even start my day. I’m fighting with something and it must not win.👊 🥊 I have so much to do today. Possibly Poetry Or Short Story, weekly updates,word counts lots to do. I know what I’m presenting for YouTube Finds if I can find info on it if not it will be on What’s On The Radar. Last night was quiet thank the Almighty today I have to remember is a blessing even though my skin is already crawling away from my soul I need to be happy I’m alive for that. Bless it. My patience and tolerance for things is vaguely even there anymore. Most days I can’t take it. My second shot had very little side affect. Just soreness in my arm. Thankful I didn’t get sick. This is something I need to be basking in the rest of my life. The Goodness of it all. Other than that I’m good. I’m alive. And that’s all you need most days. To be in the living. Because a day above the ground is a good day. As my ancestors use to say. I need to make the best of things. I’m fighting some depression and going through something spiritual. I’m sensitive to spirit. But my journaling this morning helped me a lot. Everyone if you haven’t been journaling it’s a must you start. It will help you start a regimen for your writing. It helped me be able to write every day also writing in a daily planner / notebook helped too. It’s rewarding and therapeutic another way to reach your higher power. Well I’ve paused within this post and started making my spaghetti lunch . Can’t wait till it’s done. Kind of hungry. Let me start my day friends and HeartBeats 💓 all of you have a blessed day on this beautiful Sunday 🥰 TTYL

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion🌴☀️

🥊The Ninth Poetess🥊

🚨The Unwanteds Will Not Win🚨

April 24,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone, Today has be very productive and eventful I’ve written the just of 4 poems while doing writing sprints. They may get some tweaking when I do word counts tomorrow. A lot is happening tomorrow. Today I also jumped into conference. I can access it for a while so I will be working tomorrow. With everything going on during my week when I took breaks and was under the weather I wasted valuable time. So tomorrow I will be working on Updates and word counts and Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. Quite a eventful day tomorrow well I hope everyone is on point and up to date on there projects and not like me. Cramming tomorrow. It’s just was a difficult week for me. I want y’all to stay blessed and enjoy y’all’s night. TTYL🥰

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

☯️The Ninth Poetess☯️

April 24,2021 The HeartBeats 💓🥱🥰📖✍🏾☕️

Top of the morning HeartBeats and Friends 🥰 I want to thank God The Almighty that I got through the night quietly and safely Bless the Lord . My neighbor has a gas powered remote control hot rod and that sucker is loud fire be coming from the back sound like a semi/ muscle truck I wish he wouldn’t play with it near his home you know take that sucker to the park. The noise gets under my skin. That’s just one thing that’s apart of my inner city blues. That’s a great poem name Inner City Blues awesome 🤩 that’s my next poem today imma try and do as much as I can maybe cook some salmon croquettes I love my grandmother’s croquettes she’s no longer with us so I try my best to mimic her recipe. Just never seem to come out the same Today is poems I’m backed up. And conference. Maybe today will be productive I need it to be it’s good for the spirit. Well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma TTYL I’m about to have my coffee and start my day 🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

☯️The Ninth Poetess☯️

April 23,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone🥰🙏🏾today hasn’t panned out like I would like it. I hate the inner city. But what do I know? The inner city is all I know. I pray one day I can experience country ranch style living. My ultimate dream. So scary in the inner city. My nerves continue to stay frenzied. Bless y’all. Tomorrow I’ll get back to the grind because this passion I have for the writing craft is my way out. And I have to keep my work ethic in check. Today my spirit is weaker because of the inner city issues that come about. My nerves bad as h*** . I pray we stay safe through the night and through the rest of our lives. I feel like I have PTSD most days. Thinking the worst. Then awfully thanking God my life was spared through the day and night. I feel I’m more thankful than most these days. I just have an Appreciation over my life that’s testimonial. And I can’t get into all the ins and outs of my life. I’m just humbled and awfully thankful for my life. Bless it. Well let me get back to this nerve wrecking day. It’s so bad my skin is crawling away from my soul. I hope tomorrow is better. TTYL friends and HeartBeats 💓

✍🏾write on writers✍🏾

🦄The Ninth Poetess🦄

April 23, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾☕️🥰🙏🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 I have been through somethings in life that have gave me a deeper appreciation for waking up on a fresh new day, healthy and safely each morning it’s a spiritual moment for me. Today imma work on 2 poems My vision boards and imma dive into this conference I’m fired 🔥up 😂 ready to tackle the day wish the sun woke up earlier than it does but imma squeeze all the seconds I can get out of today. How was y’all Earth Day? Did y’all start any new Projects? People are on fire for the Earth these days. More people than ever stepping up being a voice for the planet . I find that pretty reassuring and dope. Well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma start this beautiful day today and come back with The Writers Journey later on today. TTYL🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion🌴☀️

🐝The Ninth Poetess🐝

*Be Busy as a Bee today. Have a beautiful day today everyone🥰*

April 22, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 bless the Lord even though today has been eventful I can enjoy all the goodness in it. It’s even been productive. I worked on 2 poems. Worked on vision boards. Got my second shot. That’s enough to be happy about. Imma TTYL dear friends and HeartBeats 💓 I’ll come back in the morning with the HeartBeats bright and early.🥰

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April 22, 2021 🚨Special Update🚨

Hello Everyone what an awesome day🥰☀️ I have some great news. I received my second vaccine dose today. YayyyyyMeeee!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 so far so good. My arm don’t even hurt this time what an blessing. I’ve had my lunch now it work time. I also have a virtual writers conference I’m apart of this week to view. Start checking for virtual conferences especially if you can find some for free. I just want to fill y’all in to my world. Imma hurry and do my 2 poems and get to this conference Bless y’all I’ll be back with The Writers Journey laterTTYL🥰

🥳Happy Earth Day 🥳there’s so many Earth Awareness shows on Netflix to watch Cowspiracy, A Plastic Ocean …… watch a few of these shows and get inspired to write a poem or story to celebrate Earth Day. Always Have Fun

☀️🧜🏽‍♀️The Ninth Poetess🧜🏽‍♀️☀️

April 22,2021 The HeartBeats 💓 📖✍🏾☕️🥰☀️🙏🏾🥳

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 it’s a great time to celebrate and thank the Lord you’ve come this far. Thank you for keeping it quiet and safe overnight continue to cover us and love us Amen. Sorry I just felt like thanking the Higher Powers this morning. Today is going to be eventful but atleast today I get my Popeyes fish sandwich that’s gonna slam😋 I will do my 2 poems and also work on vision boards. And possibly work on content for Saturday’s Updates. It was nice to have an off day yesterday but it’s back to the grind today.🔩🔧🛠 . I hope all of you stayed on task and didn’t follow my lead sometimes when you take breaks it’s hard to get back to the grind. That’s why it’s a must I snap out of it. Poetry is life to me so it’s not that hard for me to jump right back in. It may not be that way for everyone yet. That’s why I said don’t follow my lead. Well my HeartBeats 💓 I’ll be back later with a Special Update on how my day going and the post gonna be called just that Special Update. Have a beautiful morning my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 TTYL🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion🌴☀️

🧜🏽‍♀️The Ninth Poetess🧜🏽‍♀️

April 21, 2021📖✍🏾 The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 today I watch Abbie Emmons. Sarra cannon on HeartBreathings, 2 vloggers on writing craft. I watched a travel vlogger that went to Dubai Cairo and somewhere else I think, I also watched some shopping hauls. I also watched some horseback riders that vlogged. I’ve Also watched Rotten all day. I’ve been relaxing today tomorrow imma be fired up for my 2 poems to write. Well dear friends and HeartBeats 💓 Imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with The HeartBeats 💓 I pray tonight and the rest of the night. The rest of the week, the rest of the Month The rest of our lives is safe and quiet and positive. Amen 🙏🏾 bless the Lord. TTYL🥰

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🍋The Ninth Poetess🍋

April 21, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓☕️🍿🎥🎬 🙏🏾🥰

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 what an blessing to be giving another day to chase your dreams until you catch them. Bless the day and Bless the Lord today is gonna be a research/ off day tomorrow I’ll write 2 poems to catch up. Today is YouTube and Netflix popcorn and any other snacks I can find. It’s one of those days I hope you guys continue being productive today you don’t have to follow my lead work on a new project or chart your project on a spreadsheet program. The word counts pages, number of poems you have this is like having a carrot in front of u leading you to want more. Work on your journals I’ve been journaling every chance I get on top of my poems. You can start journaling on this beautiful sunny day. well dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and come up with The Writers Journey-later on today I’ll let you know what I’ve watched. Bless y’all. Love Life TTYL💓

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion🌴☀️

🚨PS: WOW Wednesday’s is posted I hope y’all enjoy. Have Fun 🚨

🍿The Ninth Poetess🍿

April 21,2021 WOW Wednesday’s🥳🥳🥳🥳

Topic: Chris Fox



Chris Fox is a dynamic author and teacher of the writing craft with his many books on writing. His books will absolutely change your life and get you on the path to success. When reading his books on writing take notes and see how you can apply his knowledge to your life. Explore the links above and get to know him.

Always Have Fun

☀️The Ninth Poetess☀️

April 20,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hello everyone 🥰 hope everyone’s day have been blessed and productive. Today I worked out. I worked on my poem which is called Wooden Spoon I worked on my second vision board I’m enjoying working on them. It’s relaxing my spirit. It’s a spiritual thing. 🙏🏾 tomorrow is WOW Wednesday’s gonna be off the charts or off the meat rack as the kids say 🤣 lots of great Info this person imma showcase can possibly change your writing life. Or maybe life in general. You gotta check him out tomorrow to see for yourself. well my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 imma take a pause and come back with The HeartBeats 💓 in the morning. Bless this day bless tonight to be a quiet safe night for all. Take care TTYL 🥰

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🦄The Ninth Poetess🦄

April 20, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾🙏🏾☕️🥰🥶

Top of the morning everyone 🥰🥶 it’s freezing my friends and HeartBeats. So cold. Today imma work on my poem of the day and my vision boards. Yesterday I made a seafood dish so yummy it was a new dish I was wondering why I haven’t been making my seafood like that before. Was An Enlightening moment.🧐. Quiet night bless the Lord. Thankful🙏🏾 if I can warm up to move around I’ll workout today it’s almost that time for coffee. I need to start my day y’all so I’ll be back later on with The Writers Journey enjoy this Fantastic Tuesday 🥳🥳🥳TTYL🥰

☀️🌴Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴🌴☀️

☔️The Ninth Poetess☔️

April 19, 2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Good evening friends and HeartBeats 💓 I hope your day has been blessed and productive. My day has been productive. Today I actually decided to do my workout. I wrote 2 poems and worked on my vision board. I feel good about today. It’s freezing🥶 though. My poems I wrote today were about. One I’m not gonna name in this post because the name is Matured. But here’s one I worked on—>1. Squaring yourself off poem is called Squaring the Sphere. It’s a poem that reflects that we all need to be grounded and aware of our actions and have empathy. This may be a topic for the Writing Prompts coming up Saturday or Sunday. Tonight I hope is quiet and safe for everyone including myself. Bless everyone 🙏🏾🌷 🥰TTYL🙏🏾

✍🏾It’s Alright To Write ✍🏾

🧚The Ninth Poetess🧚

April 19, 2021 The HeartBeats 💓📖✍🏾🙏🏾🌎🌍🌏🥰☀️☕️

Top of the morning everyone 🥰 bless everyone today Today is gonna be grand. Imma work on writing 2-3 poems today yesterday I filtered through my watch later list on YouTube and deleted a lot went from having a couple hundred clips down to under ten clips and I’ve found a clip either for WOW Wednesday’s or for YouTube Finds don’t know where imma showcase it yet. But it’s a Grand Find. I did updates over the weekend I hope all of you guys and gals are enjoying them. I saw that you guys are able to view Blog #2 I’m thankful for that . I’ve been wondering about that. Possibly Poetry Or Short Story is up on the Authors Home Page and this poem is going in Lifted Moon it’s mighty cold this morning I’m trying to regulate my body temperature if that’s possible. I got the chills. I already taken my pill and had coffee. So I’m happy 😊. Probably won’t workout today maybe tomorrow . Well let me start my day my dearest friends and HeartBeats 💓 have a beautiful warm productive positive safe day. Bless y’all TTYL🥰

🦄☀️Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🧴☀️🦄

🧚The Ninth Poetess🧚

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