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March 5,2022

Go to a free image database/ website example… Pick a picture that drives you into song. Let the image be your Muse. Use this exercise to help yoiu create a portfolio of different songs from every genre, rock, rap, reggae, R&B, Pop, Gospel etc….

Always Have Fun

-The Ninth Poetess,LLC-

March 12,2022

Saving the World From Us

These days are fragile and need healing and love and to put the issues, answers, and frustrations into song is a step forward in trying to heal. All the great Artist that is living and has passed on sang about politics and the world issues that we all deal with. Here a few issues to sing about but you choose and pick what you like to sing about and give awareness on.

  1. Save the Oceans (Pollution – Over Fishing , Save the Corral Reefs))
  2. Save the Animals(All Animals)
  3. Pollution(Recycling)(Air-Ozone Layers) (Innovators- the ones fighting and combating the world’s pollution)
  4. World Peace (Love-No War)
  5. World- Nation Crime Rates
  6. Breast Cancer Awareness
  7. LGBTQ Rights
  8. BLM Rights
  9. Police Brutality
  10. Any and All Racism
  11. Genocide
  12. Etc………..

And these are several issues that may be turned into a beautiful piece of music. Just like taking something negative and turning it into a treasure. I think about this exercise and the first artist I think about that had songs that everybody could resonate with is James Brown and Bob Marley. They sang songs that made a difference. When writing your new lyrics have them in mind. they were Original and had their own style. Everyone took each word they sang to heart and soul. When you can apply a song to your lifestyle you know you have a great piece of art and their songs are truly that.


March 19,2022

Penning The Pain Series: Episode 1

The Ukraine War:

Write a song for Ukraine to show your love and support. Think about actually being in their shoes getting Bombed on, Losing family members and babies/elderly/poor being killed. Think about all the terrible things happening there. Make those things shine through so we the listeners can feel the emotion and feel the pain of it all. Bless It to God himself -AMEN-


March 26,2022

Penning The Pain Series: Episode 2

Your’s or Someone Else’s Woes:

Create a song that has some of your or someone else’s Problems or issues that are causing you or someone else distress. Keep it descriptive. Listen to an instrumental Jazz instrumental while writing to put your works to music This is a site you can get instrumental music from. this could be any genre of music you want.

Always have fun.


April 2,2022

🖤🎶Lyrics 4 You Writing Prompts🎶🖤

Penning The Pain Series/Episode 3:

Write a song to celebrate a loved one life that was lost to Covid or War or Street Violence Etc… any lost this year let it be your Muse and Fuel for your creative Mind. This could be Rap, Country, Gospel, R&B etc any genre.

Always Have Fun 🤩


April 9,2022

This is the start of the ❤️‍🩹LOVE Series❤️‍🩹From Pop to Country, From R&B to Gospel, Even Rap to Reggae, can be love songs. Think of your potential mate, Think of your Wife or Husband, or think of GOD. Write out that Love potion that Hooked them in your grasp. Write out your appreciation. Mention your first kiss/ encounter and don’t leave anything out. This can be as real(clean to X-Rated) as you want it to be. Whatever you prefer whatever is on your heart. Vomit it out on a music sheet. Hold nothing back. Use the tools on the site page. Go to YouTube and find an instrumental that will suit your lyrics Have someone Sing or Rap the Lyrics to the instrumental. Or do it yourself. Tape them or tape yourself doing so.

⭐️Always Have Fun⭐️

🎵Ninth 🎵

April 16,2022

The Love Series#2:

Love The World We’re In❤️‍🩹🌍🌎🌏❤️‍🩹:

Write a song in honor of the World and Mother Nature. Talk about healing the Rock that we all live on talk about healing the relationships that we all share with each other. Share resolutions of the earths issues by sharing heartfelt words like the Romance of Saving The Honey Bee or ridding trash and plastics in the Ocean or clean water in our cities and states and or abroad ( countries villages, towns cities etc.) these are examples but you can choose any world issue and resolve it in song. Take it and solve it and make it beautiful. example; Like We Are The World. I’m showing my age I’ll find a video of the song if it’s available on YouTube. I feel it’s long over due for a song with multiple artist on the song showing love and resolution I think a new song video out would be extraordinary.We Are The World Link:

I hope the Blast from the Past resonate with your creative spirit to create something Priceless. Something touching to the soul. Something that’s Timeless and makes a mark in History of the world. Make the multiple verses for different vocalist just like in We Are The World . Use all genres to sing even Opera , reggae and Rap I think that would be updated with the times

❤️‍🩹Always Have Fun❤️‍🩹


April 23,2022

Write a Song expressing the love for who raised you. Lots of the greats have catchy hit songs expressing the love and the relationships with their parents. Basically who they know the best. Make sure your emotions are felt. Keep it catchy. 

Always Have Fun


April 30,2022 

Theme Music

Write a song that represent who you are. Make it a description as to who you are and what your dealing with in life.

Make people say, “That’s Such an Such”

Keep it Lovable and Positive🥰

Always Have Fun


May 14,2022 

A Link To Help You Write/Sell your own Jingles


Heres a link to put yourself out there and sell your craft/ gift to others Check It Out. 

Jingles Ideas : Write a Jingle for all Makes of Vehicles and or Auto Dealerships Distant/ or Local to you. 

This could be in any genre for any vehicle or dealership. Record and and put it in your stash of Creations. Have them ready to rock and roll for a prospect to sample.

Always Have Fun


May 21, 2022

Write a song in any genre Forecasting how you want your future to go. Write it like your living it, keep it positive keep it colorful Always Have Fun


May 28,2022

The Family BBQ

Celebrate the Holiday(Memorial Day) with a song You’ve come up with about the food being served and the Loved ones who cooked and a bought it, Talk about the whole day being spent with your Relatives you may not see on a regular. This can be any Genre you like. Dont forget to celebrate the life of the relatives you have who arent here. Maybe reminisce about them in the song you plan on writing Keep it upbeat and Fun.

Alway Have Fun


June 5, 2022

Lyrics Topic: The Feelings of Weather

Write a song Summertime Sunshine or Winter Snowy Days or Falls Rainy Cold Days. Be creative Keep it Fun and Loving.

Always Have Fun



Topic: Narrators-Voice Overs


This is a way to showcase your skills in a beautiful/ creative way. Voices has some dope Narrators and I actually found some one Im interested in using on thereexplore the site and see how you can be the next Voice of the Voice.

Always Be Inspired


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