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Hello my name is The Ninth Poetess This Group was created December 2018. It was created for Mature Adults 19 years old and up who love the writing craft and they are looking for support and or motivation to get that W.I.P. (Work In Progress) Published or done. I’m here for those that write as a hobby and or business. If you are interested in joining the Group please go to this websites Blog page and subscribe/join and like the site. You will get all new updates. Thank you so much. Everyone is welcomed in NOW GROUP home. Joining NORTH OMAHA WRITERS GROUP IS FREE.

Due to COVID-19 Group meetings have been postponed indefinitely. I hope all of you are enjoying the website. Stay Safe, Stay Inspired, Stay Cool,Stay Dope & Keep Writing. 🙂

I will be posting Exercises every week right here. I’m happy to be Back. Do enjoy 🙂

It’s A Whole Lotta Writing 🙂

Im Back

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May 31,2023 🙂

Happy Summer !!!!!!

Happy Summer Showers,Summer Flowers Month

Stay Inspired, Stay In The Mix

Stay Cool My Friends

Always Be Inspired

Poetry: Poly wants 3 Men and 2 women(Polyamorous Relationship Woes)

Write a poem about how you feel about Poly relationships . Kick Science Be colorful and blunt.

Keep it fresh and new.

Be Creative

Use any Form. & As long as you want it.

Any rhyme scheme

Always Be Inspired


The Dealings With Dating Multiple Mates

Write a Series of Novels or novel on Protagonist having a Polyamorous relationships. This is a Wide range you can take this. Take it anywhere on the planet or galaxy.Historical or Futuristic This could be anything, Romance,(Erotica), Sci Fi, Crime , Urban Anything your hearts desire.

Keep it dope.

This can be any genre

Always Be Inspired

* Ex. Sub Genre: Romance, Sweet Romance, Erotica, Horror, Sci-Fi, Historical, YA, Crime,Urban, Thriller, Paranormal, Mystery, Christian/Religious/Spiritual etc…

Screen Play(Screen Writing)

The Leader of Activism

Write a screenplay or movie script where your MC is either the LGBTQIA Activist or becomes friends/lovers to the activist. Pull out the art of public speaking and incorporate dynamic speeches that will move most. Keep the Content Hot and interesting

Keep it Dope

Always Have Fun

Here’s some Tools to help you out on your journey from Movie Outline.com: https://www.movieoutline.com/articles/a-glossary-of-screenwriting-terms-and-filmmaking-definitions.html

Non-Fiction (Memoir)

A Legacy Cookbook

If you love cooking and being with family and telling family stories while cooking And stories of cooking start a Family Legacy Cookbook. Stories passed down from generation to generation put in your Cookbook along with that Golden Recipe. Even add poems if you like.

Keep it Fresh and New.

Always Be Inspired 🤩

🌷The Ninth Poetess/ Ennea Ennea🌷

Always Be Inspired 🙂

Stay Safe, Stay Cool & Keep Writing 🙂

I’m bringing back Retro Word Prompts from the past year and archiving them on a new page. Be on the lookout. Its okay to do, do overs with prompts. Content can still be fresh and new.

📕The Ninth Poetess📕

“This is your time to start your craft” 3/31/2020

“A Positive Change is Good . It’s Good for Your Spirit” 1/23/2021

Capture the day, Bask in it and Rub it in like lotion” 3/25/2021

“Make Today Count, Dont Count It Out”5/1/2023

“Dont Count Today on Voids”5/1/2023

-The Ninth Poetess/ Ennea Ennea-

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