Hello my name is The Ninth Poetess (Pen Name 1/23/2021) I am the creator of N.O.W. GROUP (Dec 4, 2018.) I write poetry and fiction and I’m working on something new.

A little About N.O.W. Group is that we started December 4,2018 on the first Tuesday of the month. We use to meet at a library and it would be anywhere from 5 people or just myself most days. Oh, I wouldn’t fret those days where it was only myself. I would work on my own W.I.P.S. or study up on the writing craft. Those hours didn’t go wasted not one bit. Group lasted 4 hours. From 12-4 p.m. We would watch lectures on the writing craft from The Great Courses Series, Def Poetry Jam, Slam Nation and even Fahrenheit 451. We would network, Share our W.I.P.S,play Paint Chip Poetry game. You can find this game on Amazon. And a little critiquing went on too. We had a ball. Then Covid hit. Shut everything down and I was in search for a new platform and I found WordPress. I was using Facebook But I’m not the greatest with that platform. Nothing against it. For a long time almost a year I didn’t post on WordPress Blog/blog I was just updating the Website. Then I started to mess around with the app and try new things and learn new things about the app. And I went from having a few members to MANY. And I’m humbled by the growth and it’s gonna keep me on my toes. I will not take this position, this platform for granted. This Group has helped and still helping me through some hard times(my mom’s illness and passing) and I’m taking that passion I have and putting it into the Group and my own craft. So I hope all of you enjoy the website and follow/ join and like. Stay Warm, Stay Safe & Keep Writing 🙂 Write On TTYL

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