🧡🍊Freshly Squeezed Friday’s🍊🧡

Afternoons my Warriors 😍🤩🤓 I want to thank all of you that have been rocking with us I want to celebrate y’all by giving away Tshirts etc. Only shipping in the USA .I hope y’all like the gift. There’s instructions though to receive goods I need your name size your website link on WordPress your address and talk about what your reading or working on. I’m excited to share .

Menu At Ninths: Popeyes chicken legs and shrimp red beans rice strawberry soda

Medic At Ninths: I’m miserable allergy to something I’m breaking out from something around my neck. It could be the Proffens I don’t know I hope not I don’t feel good Imma take me a nap I’ll read when I get up right now I’m under the weather

I read a chapter this morning it was good too. Don’t Count me out Stay in the mix I’ll be back later love y’all

🖤💚❤️💛Ennea Ennea/ Ninth💛❤️💚🖤

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