🤍🐻‍❄️💈Thumping Thursday 💈🐻‍❄️🤍

Evenings my loves Guess what? We got AC and my temperature is regulated it feels so good. I can do cold heat has me miserable. This morning I read Material Girl it’s good tonight I’ll read more. I got a little fun weird fact Who knows anything about what Barbers use to do back in the day? The barber sign has a weird unbelievable meaning behind it. Back in the day they had weird cures for just about everything. The sign means they Bloodletted blood letting means they took blood out of your body to cure ailments and the sign kind of look like the machine they used to take your blood out. It’s scary stuff. I got the polar bear up because that’s how I feel finally it’s been a month or more so been in heat

Menu At Ninths: me and my auntie had Taco Bell on a Thursday Taco Thursdays Why Not? The tacos were alright they not like they use to be 25 years ago full of meat less veggie now it’s more veggie less meat 🌮 🌮 🌮 even a Vegan can eat Taco Bell and they wouldn’t be eating enough meat to Backslide and that’s saying something. {Just Kidding if vegan stay vegan} I’m just exaggerating.

Medic At Ninths: I’ve been trying to get comfortable sleep But I can’t thinking about vermin. Once something like that is in my head it’s hard to forget and move on. I purchase some safe around humans spray to get rid of the problem. I haven’t seen any since the day me and my aunt seen that one but I know they don’t leave that easily I got some spray that is StrongMint smelling and it smells like spearmint Gum but it’s real strong I’ve sprayed everywhere in my room I’ll wait to see if my aunt want to spray the rest of the house I bought 3 jugs of the stuff it better work Jack! I sound like a Old Head🙄🤣

My ankle been feeling weak at times it’s still stronger than it was when I was in the Nursing/rehab I was in.

Free Free Free:I want to add that I’m Giving Away Tshirts👚👚👚 if you Email me at nowgroup99@mail.com your name address Size you are your website link on WordPress and talk about what your writing or reading I would love to know I will answer your email with speedy reply.Right now U.S. only I need to do more research sending it overseas I do apologize.

Love y’all let me head on over to Twitter and say Hello over there I’m hurting in my body I’m about to take some pain pills real quick and get ready to dive into Material Girl by National Bestselling Author Keisha Ervin dope by all means of the word🤩🥰 Welp let me get to it Imma TTYL Don’t Let this Night be set on Voids Stay in the Mix

🤍🐻‍❄️Ennea Ennea/Ninth🐻‍❄️🤍

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