🤎🖤🐪The Happenings On Hump Day 🐪🖤🤎

Evenings my Warriors I hope y’all been making the day count and not setting it on Voids I hope today have been successful for you I spent today Updating the site and in the midst of it all I’ve self cared for my hair in which is growing like a weed out of control I put some leave in conditioner in when it dries up I’ll grease my scalp up. I have enough hair to put in a single top ponytail I can wear a drawstring Puff or tail. I need a trim possibly but I should be okay for awhile.

I’m giving away Tshirts for group members I can see who my members are and I wanna try this out so work with me. I miss my meet ups and I don’t think I’ll do them again I miss interaction with people that share my same interest I want to know what your working on what your reading the whole shabang.

⭐️🐲Dragon Breathe Pages🐲⭐️: when I start back reading I’ll be in Chapter 9 I read kind of slow But what my Auntie say take one bite at a time to finish eating a Elephant 🐘 Now don’t go out trying to eat Elephants 🙄 It’s a figure of speech . Elephants is my grandma spirit animal she loved Elephants and she had them around her house always. She also kept romance novels(Harelquins) around the house at her disposal they were everywhere she would read atleast 1 -2 a day she always had a different one in hand. she had Harelquins like I got Urban Fiction she might of had a worst addiction than me everybody have their thing. Mines is Urban Fiction books and books On Writing🐲⭐️

I Found Material Girl 3. I had to put in a request for CashmereMafia that book is popular 50+ people looking and waiting for it. And I’m at the end of the line waiting. 🙄 hopefully by the time I read the whole series that book will show up. I read slow anyways.

Welp let me watch my Nightly news then imma stay up reading thy book and thy book is good. 🥰😍🤩 you know I ain’t lying about this series when it’s 50 readers waiting on the last book to the series. That’s a lot of people. Well imma let y’all start y’all’s evening things Oh and RIP to the Queen of Rock and Roll Queen Tina Turner Love her❤️🥰Alright I’m gone y’all talk to y’all tomorrow.

❤️💚🖤💛Ennea Ennea/ Ninth💛🖤💚❤️

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