🖤📦🧹💛Taming a Tuesday on a Wednesday 💛🧹📦🖤

Hey my Loves🥰💛🧹📦 I’m moving my things upstairs and I’ve been packing things up to put in plastic totes out of the cardboard boxes cardboard boxes gotta go it’s a fire hazard we getting them out I still have a lot of stuff that needs to be packed like the rest of my books. I emptied out a dresser and repacked in plastic totes ten boxes and a basket and two buckets I did a lot I gave my aunt some things she might use like some thermo lotion that firms the skin and helps in weight loss I know why didn’t I keep it right now I don’t care where my weight at my aunt is super serious about hers she’s walking every morning and exercising eating right Imma let her have it.

Menu At Ninths: left over pizza it was old it wasn’t no GodFathers on the day after that’s for sure. Godfathers bangs it has moisture my leftovers with this subpar pizza joint was dry as the Sahara desert and the Sahara desert may have more moisture these days than my pizza. Had me choking.🥱

Medic At Ninths: I had to get some sleep earlier I’m still sleepy though I went to sleep early I got up maybe around 2 am my daily medication knocks me out and the Proffens helps keep my swelling down in my ankle and keeps the pain away yesterday I did a lot and if I didn’t have my pain pills I would be absolutely miserable. Wish it was something stronger they had me on some Trams in the Rehab I was in I loved those cant get the legal narcs outside of Dr care. Oh well. Proffens it is then.

I’ve been working on this post since yesterday afternoon I passed out like a light. One minute I was up and about the next I was in slumber like I was narcoleptic . I did a lot. I wish I had a better dinner yesterday though. The pizza was disgusting. How can pizza be nasty? It was. And it was takeout. My frozen dollar 1.68 pizzas better than what I had yesterday that’s what I should of ate. Today I’m going to have a regular whopper with cheese and onion rings and a orange Fanta. At this point Burger King been surviving because of me and my aunt. We love us some Burger King. 

Welp Let me skip on over to Twitter and see what goes on over there I may be back later today with some Updates and the Happenings On Hump Day 🐪 on the Updates the Writing Prompts will be brand new it just breaks my heart because in politics in my state women always get the short end of the stick and take the freedoms away from us. Not only women but LGBTQIA freedoms as well . It tears my heart in a million pieces my mother wouldn’t be happy about any of the decisions they have made in the state and I’m unhappy and my aunt is unhappy as well. 🤬🤬🤬

Welp let me start my day I love y’all stay in the mix and get ready for the new content coming even though I don’t want to change a thing this week but I got too. Head on over to Twitters in a few. Check us out. 😍🤩💛

📦🖤Ennea Ennea/ Ninth🖤📦

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