⭐️🧙🏽🪄Make It Move Magical Mondays🪄🧙🏽⭐️

Good afternoon my Warriors Let’s Make It Move be Magical 🧙🏽 On a Monday . I believe in the Power of gems and oils wands and written drawn and spoken spells basically be careful of what your heart wish for it just may come true if you want it and your soul is tied to it you better get ready and make room for it because Poof💨💨💨 it will be in existence in your grasp.

It’s hotter than Hades today I hope y’all enjoyed Dragons Breath Pages yesterday. It’s hotter than a inferno the content I’m talking about is hot but it’s physically hot too our HVAC system on the fritz. I’m stripped down today to nothing almost trying to stay cool thankfully I have a room now I can close my door nobody gotta see me burning up👀🔥🤩😂🧈🥵 butter me up and sauté me Lmfao The f is for FAT 😳🤪🤣

Menu At Ninths: leftover ribs I don’t have anymore I’m sad about it. They kind of pricey to get all the time next time I get ribs is my birthday coming up in several winks. Along with homemade strawberry cake freaking amaze balls 🎂🍰😋😛😝😜😍🥰🍰🎂 I’m lucky to have a emoji for my favorite 🎂 cake

Medic At Ninths: my stomach is tore up it gotta be the ribs and coffee I’m drinking what a fabulous combo🤪😳🤣 don’t know if it the tenderizer on the ribs tearing my stomach up or the chocolate almond milk bubbling it up. The Proffens keeping my swelling down and pain at bay I need to know will CBD work like a Proffens? I don’t want to tear my organs up trying to keep my ankle feeling normal.

Beautispa At Ninths: beautispa like beautiful tomorrow imma do my Hair I need to find some rubber bands it needs moisture and a conditioning mask and I have one and ol school TCB hair grease who knows about that? My mom use to hot comb my hair with that grease burn the ish outta me🤪😳🤣😂 hair looked good though with my scalp sizzling and throbbing imma also spa time my feet sometime this week they don’t look too bad though they could be worse. I gotta a good working pumice stone you know some brands don’t work the way they should to get the dead skin to come off. Sometimes depending on how rough your feet are metal scrubbers don’t even work gotta soak soak soak them jawns till they wrinkle up good and soften the meat up some🦶🏽🦶🏽🦶🏽🦶🏽.

I want y’all to make a Magical Monday Move and work on Craft reading a novel or book on writing or writing your own novel or screenplay. Keep it doper than a scope my loves I’m about to dive into Voice& Style then Material Girl 💃💃💃 the hot ish🔥🔥🔥 what are y’all reading what is it about is it hot and steamy is it your masterpieces or someone else’s? Answer down in the comments I would love to hear about your writing craft journey .

Stay in the Mix

🤎💚🧙🏽Make Mondays Count Don’t Count Them Out🧙🏽💚🤎

💚Ennea Ennea/Ninth💚

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