🖤🍯🥷 The Weekend Link Part#2🥷🍯🖤

Afternoons all my Warriors how was y’all’s Saturday . My day went faster than a fighter Jet on Nitros Today I’m taking it easy hoping the day drags on I want to know if y’all got Roku? Pluto has some ish on it and Found out Love Hip Hop Atlanta gonna be on MTV June 13 Tuesdays now. That’s my ish.🤩🥰🔥 I’m watching Rupaul Drag Race 🥰 on Pluto Pluto has most shows on there. It’s pretty dope.🥰

Menu At Ninth’s: I’m gonna tell y’all the real yesterday my beautiful Auntie got the Ninth BBQ Ribs from the best place in town other than my favorite dive that burnt up I still don’t know if they closed or not. but my ribs was delicious like it was my first time eating smoked meat. I had bbq for brunch might have it for dinner as well maybe not if I eat something it gonna be light maybe some chicken noodles soup Progresso is the best I love the Rotini ones. Campbells is good too it’s just salty to me. But nothing is like making home cooked chicken noodle soup with chopped chicken wings in them and potatoes instead of noodles bangs. And a skillet of jiffy mix cornbread baked hot in the oven a honey 🍯 butter 🧈 topping it off man making myself salivate. 😂🥰

Medic At Ninth’s : I’ve been on the Proffens trying not to feel the pain All my meds been knocking me on my butt. I’m sleeping more than usual and my aunt says it’s because of the position of my bed . Everything aligned with the Cosmos And the Sandman has no issues coming to visit me it gets on my nerves I be having stuff to do.

Welp imma come up with Dragons Breath Pages give me a few winks love y’all explore The Ninth Poetess website .

Stay in the Mix

💛🍯🖤Ennea Ennea/Ninth🖤🍯💛

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