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Hey my Warriors your my loves your my Heartbeat 💗 I wanna talk about this book I’m reading. It’s more drama and Flaming Hot Sex than the law allows I’m reading Material Girl by Keisha Ervin and when I tell you it’s a Classic that need to be on your shelves in your library collection I mean just that . I just finished chapter 6. And I’ve just fell in love with Tee Tee and Dylan’s mother Candy🥰. Those two are uncut raw you gotta checkout this novel. And the boyfriends and husband’s in this book is trifling as H⭐️⭐️⭐️ so far making my girls look bad. Can’t stand a lowdown dirty Dog 🐕 that’s always chasing Cat 🐈‍⬛ don’t even need to be the same species to get what they want . Can be a stuffed animal even. Like a dog toy getting humped on. I’m taking this book too seriously that means it good I’m acting like I knows these characters as human beings not only fiction. I’m definitely forgetting who I am and Where I Am reading this novel. The novel setting is in St.Louis, Missouri . Love that

I didn’t finish Anton Marks Novel In The Days Of Dread, I need Too just to get closure the book was getting good. It’s a lot I need to get read and done with. it had alot of historical events in it I didn’t understand if the events where true or all fiction which flat out intrigued Me. I gotta dive back in.

Welp my dearest lovesI want y’all to dive into your choice World/Novel have Fun my Warriors Love Yall.

What ever you do that’s Writing Craft Related is Gravy 🤩🥰🔥⭐️

Stay in the Mix

⭐️💚Ennea Ennea/Ninth 💚⭐️

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