💟🦄💜Take Away Thursday’s💜🦄💟

Goodmorning my loves🥰💟💜 I’m up and about today. It still feels like I haven’t got my sleep out today. I’ve been up since 4. I’ve been over on Twitters today y’all can go check it out. I’m trying to figure out what imma do today . I want to spend the day reading possibly a new book actually 2 new ones. Keisha Ervin’s: Material Girl is on my list to read she’s gonna be on The Showcase Lounge next week or maybe sooner if I decide to come up with more content. I probably will update the site again this weekend. I’ll possibly come up with something for Blog 2 as well this weekend.I have a question for y’all what y’all doing on this beautiful day today the sun is out it’s about to get hot and unbearable what y’all doing? Do y’all have any daily’s to do? Are you working on a Writing WIP or Non- writing WIP? The second book I want to dive into is a book my mom left me called Voice&Style by Johnny Payne. I think I have a style and voice but maybe this book can help me sharpen my craft. I absolutely love books on the writing craft I read them like novels and try the apply the information to my life.

Menu At Ninths: Burger King impossible whopper onion rings I doctored it up and added bbq sauce and I put a few onion rings on it for a vegan rodeo burger banged I be full all day. Later I’ll probably have a handful of cashews.

Medic At Ninth’s: I havent got my sleep all the way out I’ll possibly take a nap I took some Proffens they gonna knock me out so I better dive into one of these books possibly the book on craft can’t have leisure without handling business first.

Welp my Warrior’s imma start my day and start reading the quicker I read for business the quicker I can tear into Keisha Ervin’s Material Girl I have 1 &2 she’s apart of my Library I’ve read great things about her books she’s dope.💜💟🥰🤩

Explore the site/pages see what you can find fresh and new🤩🥰

Have Fun & Stay in the Mix

💟Ennea Ennea/Ninth 💟

PS I’m mainly reading leisurely because I need to be reminded how to come up with dialogue and showing not telling and only reading others work helps me with that. So I’ll be reading more until I start feeling confident in my Craft. Right now my writing feels wonky I was coming up with my outline for the Recycle Me series and I’m not happy with what I written I have the story played out in my head like a movie but it needs a lot of work. I understand it’s just the outline/first draft it still needs a revamping before the revamping.

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