💛🌼Writing Prompts Update🌼💛

May 17,2023 🙂

Happy Spring !!!!!!

Happy Spring Showers,Spring Flowers Month

Stay Inspired, Stay In The Mix

Stay Cool My Friends

Always Be Inspired

Poetry: Let’s Fight For Women’s Rights

Write a poem about how you feel about Your rights as a women or the rights of your Queens in your life. Vomit venom on the page. Womens Rights been a valid issue from the beginning of time. What’s your take on the important issues at hand? What do you want done in the nation/ world?

Keep it fresh and new.

Be Creative

Use any Form. & As long as you want it.

Any rhyme scheme

Always Be Inspired

Fiction: Let’s Activate the Activist

Write a Series of Novels or novel on Different types of Activist as protagonist all over the world. Think outside the box. This could be futuristic, Historic, Romance, Sci Fi, Crime , Urban Anything your hearts desire.

Keep it dope.

This can be any genre

Always Be Inspired

* Ex. Sub Genre: Romance, Sweet Romance, Erotica, Horror, Sci-Fi, Historical, YA, Crime,Urban, Thriller, Paranormal, Mystery, Christian/Religious/Spiritual etc…

Screen Play(Screen Writing)

The Leader of Activism

Write a screenplay or movie script where your MC is either the Activist or becomes friends/lovers to the activist. Pull out the art of public speaking and incorporate dynamic speeches that will move most. Keep the Content Hot and interesting

Keep it Dope

Always Have Fun

Here’s some Tools to help you out on your journey from Movie Outline.com: https://www.movieoutline.com/articles/a-glossary-of-screenwriting-terms-and-filmmaking-definitions.html

Non-Fiction (Memoir)

A Legacy Cookbook

If you love cooking and being with family and telling family stories while cooking And stories of cooking start a Family Legacy Cookbook. Stories passed down from generation to generation put in your Cookbook along with that Golden Recipe. Even add poems if you like.

Keep it Fresh and New.

Always Be Inspired 🤩

🌷The Ninth Poetess/ Ennea Ennea🌷

Always Be Inspired 🙂

Stay Safe, Stay Cool & Keep Writing 🙂

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