🤎💙🫐🐫The Happenings on Hump Day🫐🐫💙🤎

Hello my Warriors 🥰🖤🥷 I’ve had somewhat of a break. I’ve been working on packing and moving my room and messing around on YouTube and Netflix I ain’t gonna lie about that YouTube wasn’t inspiring but watching the Netflix it Was Super Dope African Cinema is the Dopest there is. The Brave Ones and Unseen is doper than a scope. You gotta check it out.🤩🥰

Sometime today we gonna find out who gonna be in The Showcase Lounge and what’s gonna be the Writing Prompts what are y’all wanting to know today??? I’m gonna try and keep it fresh and new.🥰🤩💛🌼🐫

I’m gonna comeback to this post later and finish my thoughts I’m sleepy my loves get y’all’s rest talk to y’all in a few hours

Hey my loves I’m back how do y’all like the updates? I’ve been watching Queen Charlotte it’s so dope. I need to get off Netflix the picture box and work on my craft. It’s easy to get caught up and work won’t get done.

Menu At Ninths: a leftovers from last week I know. It was still good I can’t complain too much either microwave or use the oven for a pizza it’s too hot to use the oven the air not working so microwaving it is. I didn’t want to cook at all today or this week tomorrow I may get delivery takeout unless my aunt go out and get my food for me in that case would be Burger King either breakfast or lunch menu that they serve during morning hours. Who knows about that?

Medic At Ninths: my ankle is sore if I stand for a long time or if I’m walking on it for a long while it reminds me I still can’t do much. It just overwhelms me when I feel the pain and breaks me down. At times I still need my walker but I returned it. I need a cane honestly I do but I’m dealing with it. ~Barely ~ if the pain takes me down it takes me down. Back to the hospital I go. Trust I don’t want that.

I want y’all to do what makes you happy tonight it’s hump day let’s get over the humps🐫 Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out 🐫

Stay in the Mix my Kings 👑and Queens👑

🫐🐫Ennea Ennea 🫐🐫

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