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Good Afternoon my Warriors I hope your enjoying your Mothers Day weekend Happy Mother’s Day everyone Love y’all 😭I created NOW Group in honor of my Moms and Grandmother they both loved books and writing a like so do they both passed it down to me. If you still have your moma amongst the living count yourself richer than Gold Platinum and Diamonds And the value of a dollar bill. Your richer than most. What you have is priceless hug and kiss on your moma all day like it’s the last day your gonna see her today. Appreciate her existence.

I apologize for not posting yesterday I had a wonderful day yesterday Top Notch I got inspired watching a Netflix Series called “ The Brave Ones” when I tell you this movie was so Dope it was doper than a scope I’m waiting on the next season if it’s one. It ended on a cliff hanger enough to make u mad. It was really good.🤩

Room Update: my room is coming along getting my things in their forever spots is therapeutic did y’all ever get to be in Art classes in school I’ve made some African Mask that I can’t find a place for me to hang on the wall so it’s on a shelf Ive also made a decor set of a tea/drink set it looks Ancient or African or Native American tribal descended. It’s very beautiful my grandmother and mother was very fond of my work. These days Pottery is super expensive Craft to get into unless you have access to your own home studio and a outdoors Kiln only thing you’ll pay for is the clay. Working a kiln is complexed gotta know what your doing a skill I do not know and can be dangerous possibly illegal if you have burn bans. Leasing studios to work with pottery is astronomical something I can never consider picking the Craft up again. High School was the good Ol days. I’m giving my relative shoes and clothes I can’t wear but she possibly can’t wear them either being that she too small she had bariatric surgery . She’s a brave one like The Brave One alright. I need the damn surgery myself I’m too chicken I don’t like going under I’ve had 2 procedures done I’ve had a a LEAP procedure done on my Cervix they found cancer cells maybe 20 years ago then maybe 15 years ago they took out 20 pounds of fibroid tumors out my stomach and they took my cervix tumors ruined any chances of me possibly carrying a baby they grew through my cervix. I was horrified when I woke up whole Reason why I was having the surgery was to get pregnant one day it broke my heart. I have been through a ton of hellish things I am still here though with my moma and grandma watching over me. Bless It.🥰🙏🏽

Right now I’m watching Unseen another African series pretty good it’s a mystery thriller and it’s Dope just finished watching it I just told myself I wouldn’t get hooked into Netflix today it’s okay though I enjoyed watching it. It inspired me so much🤩🥰

Medic At Ninth’s: not feeling the greatest but I’m still piddling about ankle swollen still taking IB Proffens

Menu At Ninth’s:I had breakfast this morning a possible waffle or 2. Tonight hopefully I get some KFC my aunts kids took her to a buffet for her special day Mothers Day I really should have went but I feel so embarrassed and bad about my ankle I get around like I’m Elderly.

Tonight I plan on reading a book on finding my voice in Craft if I can stay off the Picture Tube as the Ol folks say the Picture box. I wanna see if the book will actually work and give me ideas. Maybe it will be life changing .

Welp my Warriors I want y’all to enjoy this beautiful day today eat good and enjoy your moms and grand moms and aunts . Love on them. I love y’all. 🥰🤩💛🖤🤍🥷📓

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

Stay in the Mix

💛🖤🌻Ennea Ennea/Ninth🌻🖤💛

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