🥵💙Sweating Out on a Thursday 🥵💙

Good afternoon everyone I’m hotter than a oven our HVAC system is not working. It’s on heat woke up sticky and wet I hate that but the day must go on. Beautiful Hot day again May rain tonight we been getting subtropical weather since spring started and missing the bad storms thankfully. Hopefully I can cool down today somehow.

Today I plan on staying in Craft if I can. I’m trying not to cast this Thursday on Voids. If my Aunt is up for it I’ll start packing my Dressers up and sorting for Goodwill. I just have too much stuff honestly I hate to give my stuff away but I love Goodwill and their programs they have a good cause. I wish my aunt would give to Women shelters the ones my relative goes to to donate is far out away from the Northside. And my aunt the one driving now I’ve given up driving for the time being . Not to be telling all thy business. But that’s the spill. Driving gives me anxiety really bad. I guess I’ll work in getting my room straight getting these books up here today I put one of the four baskets away. My aunt washed them for me and brought them upstairs. My bum ankle been getting in the way of my rotation😭🥹. I’ll do what I can when I can. The yard got cut today my uncle came by and handled and made pretty of the outside space. I had bought mulch one year and it’s just been sitting he put it around the house to make the house attractive. I was gonna use it for a garden I was gonna start up. My relative coming by to help me move my things once packed up I have plenty bookshelves for my books and notebooks. I hope I find my story creations where I’ve lost amongst everything else in my life. I have too much to go through I’m overwhelmed and the only thing to cure that is jump in head first. I’ve put my personals on one bookshelf then imma use the other bookshelves I have for books the shelves makes my room bigger than it truly is. I have a nice closet as well too I haven’t put a thing in. I need hangers and they’re in the garage.

Welp imma sit here for the next ten minutes gonna get back into sorting Don’t let this beautiful day be cast on Voids dive in all you have to do Writing WIPS or Whatever WIPS your working on dive in Head First

Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

📦🧹🧺Ennea Ennea 🧺🧹📦

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