🤎🧡❤️Merry Mixed Up Monday❤️🧡🤎

Grand Rising my Kings 👑and Queens👑 I’m feeling pretty good today I think something in my new bed it’s awful. What can I do? It’s nerve wrecking maybe it’s just me? My aunt thinks it all in my head maybe it is

I’ve did a daily today but only went to the basement I should have packed something’s I have so much to fit in my room I have to downsize

Menu At Ninths: Burger King Impossible Whopper Onion Rings Fanta I’m also sharing my onion rings with my aunt she loves onion rings I put them on my sandwich with bbq sauce like a vegan rodeo burger bangs they got 2 fish sandwiches for 7 bucks we love the fish sandwiches brioche bun tarter sauce cheese if you add it bangs on bongoes.

Medic At Ninths: walking down the stairs today in the wrong shoes made my ankle swell up and my Proffens is on Void. Dr not refilling my script on my Proffens Don’t know what imma do. I guess I’ll get over the counter pills. I’m gonna take a nap after I check my Twitter

I don’t think I’ve been successful in getting followers to follow me over to the NOW Group site/pages. I’m trying my hardest WordPress speaks for itself. Me tryna upsale WordPress doesn’t do the experience justice. But I’m trying that’s all I can do .

What are you and your Muses up too today. Stay in the Mix my lovies have Fun this Week don’t cast these days on Voids.

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

🤎🧡❤️Ennea Ennea / Ninth❤️🧡🤎

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