🖤🔗The Weekend Link Pt:2🔗🖤

Grand Rising my Warriors of NOW Group how has your Craft been treating you? Has you and your Muse been getting along. There’s no need to fight your muse embrace your Muse and the musings that come. Get everything you want to get out of the day today Don’t Cast this day on Voids

Menu At Ninth’s:I may make pork Ramen Bowl with California Blend veggies no onions though onion powder minced garlic or garlic powder I wonder if we have minced garlic hmmm 🤔 recipe in the cookbook I’m working on.

Medic At Ninth’s: I’m up but up from all night being up sleepy most likely sleep all day. Imma try and stay up like normal healthy folk. No pain pills todays I’ll be dealing with ankle pain today

I want y’all to have a blessed Sunday with your MuseBe safe Stay cool Have Fun.

Imma TTYL my loves🥰🥰🥰Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

🖤🔗Ennea Ennea/Ninth🔗🖤

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