🖤🍉Wild Writerly Wednesdays🍉🖤

Yesterday wasn’t all on Voids I watched a movie called Troll it was a super dope Adventure/Sci Fi movie it sparked my creative mind It was really good. My medication doing it’s job again knocking me on my butt. My day was cast on Voids. I did watch a movie that inspired my creative mind it made me think outside the box. The movie Troll is super dope

Summer coming and watermelon gonna be in season soon me and my aunt loves Black Diamond Watermelon it’s super flavorful and sweet. My aunt eat and she juices watermelon the juices are so fresh and new we also get super sweet pineapples from SAMS and juice them with ginger you want a good juice I tell you what it’s the best D⭐️⭐️⭐️ juice you can get. Its A1 TopNotch

Menu At Ninths: fish sandwich onion rings sugar free drink.

What do y’all think about the Writers Strike? I think the picketers are Angels fighting for Fair treatment and pay for us writers. why do the writers get the short end of the stick any ways? Who’s getting the funds.? I’m clueless on how it works but I’m hoping things change for the better for us writers.

Imma try to work on craft today yesterday was on voids medication knocked me on my behind. Bless it. The day today will be light and airy and I’ll be woke Imma try and lay off pain meds today We will see what happens. I don’t have any Proffens I need to refill .

🚨I’m not going to post Thursday imma try this again and use Thursday for Craft day today imma Use Hump Day as a Brainstorming day. My recycle me series is gonna be epic I want to have it on a tropical destination just to make it interesting the destination will be surprising let’s see what I come up with today.

I want y’all too Work on your WIPS and stay in the mix my lovies Find your Muses and Rock out let your Muses take over time yourself to see how long your in Craft.

Imma TTYL my Warriors Crank out some dope ish my Lovies.

Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out

🍉Ennea Ennea🍉

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