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Grand Rising my Warriors & Friends I got a taste of reality this morning Twitter bumped me out of my account that’s all imma say. An I’m pissed but I knew something like this was coming I hope everyone that followed me on Twitter knows how to contact me I feel violated like Cyber Rape if that’s a thing I invested a lot of content on Twitter I don’t even know how to cope can’t even say what I want being that I’m afraid of Elon Musk😭🤯🤬😩😭🥺😳Enough of Depressing Twitter News

Welcome to the Website if this is your first time here tell me where you heard of us from? Was it Twitter was it the WordPress Blogs did you find a card from a store or library or was it word of mouth? We have fun here. I may be bringing back the Writer Prompt Real soon. We will see. Please leave comments of the experience you’ve had on our site I know my site is busy boots but we not gonna lock you out and we not gonna charge you to be on my site you can meet others on my site please join us we are family here anyone who likes my site I will follow your page and like majority of your post if not all of your post will be liked. This just my respect for you and your content .Come Join Follow us I feel like a parent who lost her children with what happened with Twitter I feel robbed and violated. Dear Almighty bless NOW Group.

It’s super early I’m sleepy 🥱 I want y’all to kickstart y’all Craft I know it last day of Camp Nanowrimo writing doesn’t stop there we writing everyday like we breathing everyday. Imma TTYL Lovies🌷🥰🤩🤓📓 start with Journaling tell your journal what your doing this Sunday this coming week tell your journal your plans vent a little even I need to do all of the above yo have a wonderful morning eat a waffle or two Subscribe get ready for new prompts and content something other sites not giving I’m only throwing shade to one site not my Warriors or Friends. I love y’all

Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

⭐️🌷Ennea Ennea🌷⭐️

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