✈️🌎🌍Inspired & Inspiring the World Saturday 🌍🌎✈️

Good mornings my Warriors I haveso much fuel in my tank it’s dangerous right now I can’t cope or keep up. Yesterday was Epic I had a follower a Warrior tell me to keep going that hit my soul a different way. I do need to keep going I’m inspired by y’all y’all are inspired by me and that is special .

My ankle be throwing me for a fit yesterdays I almost fell on my butt after standing up thankfully I was in front of my aunt I didn’t fall I rather sat back down in the chair. I told my aunt I’m getting old she said she take my age any day. I’m just very out of shape I need to revamp remodel re due my body. Imma start with seat exercises I know those are the minimum anyone can do. But guess what it works it promotes longevity of life it’s what elderly people do and they still here healthy and alive. Right now is a grand time to work on my weight and mobility I just need to keep the juices flowing.

Honestly I think my medication is making me sleep alot I need to get it addressed plus my new bed ain’t helping the situation

I want to start on my outline to my Recycled WIP Earth Day inspired a series of stories out of me I think that will shake the world off its axis and send us into the cosmos. It gonna be fire 🔥 imma make trash and Landfills look sexy and interesting it needs to be addressed in every aspect ( recycling)making the world a better and cleaner place. Maybe even futuristic remedies to how to mend the Ozone Layer through recycling I’ve probably said too much. This series gonna be for everyone especially for the earth’s activist around the world and people who recycle and interested in where there recycled goods can go. How exciting is that🤩🥰🤓? ??

Welp it took me five hours to post this I’m trying my best to stay up but imma mess around and go back to sleep in a minute my loves. My medication is strong as heck it knocks me on my butt every time imma try and head over to Twitter if I can stay up long enough I may not tweet this morning maybe later tonight who knows I have brain fog 😶‍🌫️ bless it . Somebody help me please help me I can’t cope.

Imma TTYL I want y’all to utilize the last couple days of camp nano for your benefit

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

Stay in the Mix

🌷👚Ennea Ennea 👚🌷

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