➖🌷Take Away Tuesdays🌷➖

Good Evenings Warriors how y’all feeling today? I’m kind of half sleep still I’ll be up up soon I’ve been brainstorming my new baby I don’t know what weakness imma give my protagonist I’m thinking about giving her a handicap and I think. It’s will give her a little sass and pizzazz it will show she’s a fighter and survivor and independent . What part of the country should I put my characters. Y’all know Nevada has the largest landfill in the world? I just. Found that out today try his blew me away today I just knew somewhere over seas was bigger. That is note the case. Right here in United States bigger trash dump in nothing to brag about just shocked . I have some brainstorming to do heavy stuff.

I wanna know is demons in Hell getting Ice water?this is why I hate watching the news the could have said King Harry Belafonte passed from natural causes news put all his business on front street he was in his late 90s he deserved that much respect. Hell got the Garden Hose out someone got it running then they been showing the Same 4-5 inmates on the news for 1.5 weeks they had to of did a really bad thing to get that much play. Also having money to where you can blow up a whole air shuttle and not do jail time must be nice you have the key to the world for life or something

Welp I guess I’ll go to sleep at a decent hour tonight my lovies 🥰🌷imma be back up lat or extra early tomorrow

Stay in the mix

🌷Ennea Ennea 🌷

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