🖤⛓️💚The Writerly Word💚⛓️🖤

Evenings my Warriors I’ve finally got a horoscope I like it’s giving me so much energy I love it. It’s my time to leave behind dead weight and move forward no more baggage just blessings to live life. I needed to see this today I normally skip my horoscope because my sign gets it rough I like others horoscopes more than mines but mines came through today boy did it!🥰🤩🤓

I’m on a new WIP I Know I got WIPS that’s Already Started why not finish those first? Somehow my system not Working. My mainframe got a glitch on the board( my brain) Welp, my new masterpiece is Called “ Can’t Get Right With GOD” I might write this novel I might not because I think someone may steal my Idea someone asked the question what are you working on and wanted a small description of what someone may be working on I had someone steal my ideas once before pissed me off. I think people get pleasured in steal someone’s WIPS. You may steal it but you can’t write like I can good luck. I guess I’ll work on something else I have going on. I have some fire spiritual books I want to start I’ll finish my WIPS I started first before I start anymore.

Bless y’all’s night love y’all. Work on y’all’s journaling or WIPS get over the Hump don’t be like me and give up the ghost( WIP) when anyone ask on Twitter or on your pages ask you what your working on be prepared to get robbed of your WIP or encouraged or inspired imma encourage you if you talk to me. I don’t need to steal anything from anybody your thoughts are safe with me.

Welp my dear Warriors have a blessed night find inspiration in everything my Kings🤴🏼 & Queens 👸🏼 I’ll be back in the Morning love all of you. Like I’ve been saying if you have been struggling with your emotions and or mental health or just need someone to talk too call 988 Talk to somebody get help your life is precious love on you 👑King & 👑Queen Love on you.

🖤⛓️💚Ennea Ennea 💚⛓️🖤

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