⭐️🍒📓Take Away Tuesday 📓🍒⭐️

Good morning my warriors 🥷🖤 I tired before I even get my day started today. Bless it on Earth and in the Cosmos.I don’t have much to say this morning I’m tired later on I’ll post more here so check back later I about to take a nap my loves

Took my nap and went to get my new bed won’t get it till next week it’s Tuesday isn’t it? I have to stay a little long where I am for them to deliver my bed gotta get rid of my old bed they don’t get rid of the old ones for free no more 😭😩🥺🤯

I told y’all I’ll be back. 🤩🥳Celebrate National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day 30 poems is a chapbook draw a picture to go with each poem upload your picture to attach to the poem that’s the spill

Medic At Ninths: I’m tired and sleepy Fam imma be out like a light in a few winks for the people. 😩🥺🥱😴😵‍💫😵🥴😴 may y’all be blessed and ready to work on y’all WIP

Menu At Ninths: Wendy’s and it was made to order it was D⭐️⭐️⭐️ good 👍 I need some grocery’s Fastfood ain’t healthy.

My family is Love Over Flowing their boxing up my things from my old room so they can get my things upstairs so I don’t have to go down stairs they love me I love them a whole lot. My bum ankle still throws me for a loop. I had to use my walker today walking in the bed store. Proffens take me to my happy place Amen I’m getting sleepy I’m check out if existence for a few hours and I’ll meditate and wake up later rejuvenated oh I’m staying on Staycation til next week sometime so y’all know I’m happy 😃.

Stay in the mix and get it started on a WIP

Love you

💚🥷🖤Ennea Ennea 🖤🥷💚

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