🌈🖤🥷The Writerly Life🥷🌈🖤

Good evening Warriors how was y’all’s Monday? Mines been a miracle it was peaceful and rewarding I finally know what Imma work on for Camp Nano 10 days in. Geesh!!! Where have my Muse been? Probably afraid of the rats just like I am and came back to me because I’m out of the environment and safe. Atleast I think I am🙏🏽 safest place is the hospital and I ain’t checking into no hospital just because. I’m good. I had to get rid of my beds one I still have but it’s good as gone. I want a bed that rotates to sit you up. My aunt thought I was talking about a hospital bed but they have full size beds that have adjustable frames/box spring. Honestly it don’t even have a box spring it’s just a metal adjustable frame and mattress I don’t even want the thought of something in my bed. It’s serious business nothing to mess around with. I wish I had the YouTube link to show y’all how dirtball them Rats did a Mansion. A beautiful home with beautiful things. It changed my whole mind set blew me away. They say they heard them in the ceiling. Tore they home up. I thought vermin pest was only poor people problems. I’m poor but this is the first I’ve ever experienced this in my home. My mom did her job to keep me from experiencing Rodents. Trust this ish is petrifying me like wood. Sand me down and stain me.🙄

Since my Muse has joined me he’s telling me to write some poems while waiting on my things to charge up. Imma write what I’m going through I’m passionate about it I can find alot to say. I may or may not post I don’t know Most likely I will but don’t get mad if I don’t this is my spiritual therapy session I’m giving myself to releaseHellfire. It shall not burn me it shall not touch me I fly through like a phoenix blazing survivor at all cost Amen Thank You Almighty for bringing me out of all of dangerous situations Thank You Lord continue to protect and cover me with all the Angel Wings in Heaven Amen

Welp Let me get to my poem and I failed to say it National Poetry Month. My loves my Muse is fighting the Sandman I hope my Muse Kicks his butt I’m trying to stay up.

Y’all have a beautiful morning because yes morning is here still dark but it’s here. Think about your next project your gonna work on for Camp Nano while drinking your caffeinated beverage ☕️☕️☕️ Have fun today and Dive into a WIP imma write this poem then let the Sandman’s dust lay me down. I’ve been up since 5 am yesterday .

Enjoy your morning and afternoon I’mma set my alarm I don’t want to sleep my day away like I can. I got work to do. Imma TTYL my Warriors🥷✨🥷✨ Love Yall.

Ennea Ennea

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