🌠 Miracle Making Monday🌠

Today is a blessing and I made it through my dark Easter Weekend. I really had the demons dragging me down I’m still here. And I talked to my Higher Up today no fuss it’s a miracle. I love my auntie to death and I wish she was out here with me. I believe the vermin is in the house trying to take over honestly until she sees the darn things again she’s not going to be convinced. She’s not trying to see them either and that worries me because they are there like she’s in denial. She says she doesn’t like them just like me. Well I must be petrified then because I ain’t going back until that house is strip and wiped clean like a skyscraper window downtown real talk inside and out. I want a contractor to walk around the house making sure no entry points I want my heating and air vents cleaned out everything gotta go if no emotional value to us. Honestly. All my mother things must go. She had tools and all kinds of ish ain’t been touched in 25 plus years. It’s just a lot but it has to go. And it will.

I’m probably gonna head over to Twitter and talk to the warriors over there in a bit all of you my Warriors too. Today I plan on checking over all my WIPS I’ve started and need to start imma Start with making more content for a new novel I haven’t mentioned I’ll let y’all know later

I want y’all to have a beautiful Miracle filled Monday Morning bless y’all love y’all🖤🥷 I want y’all to put the smack down on a WIP It Nano as long as your writing working on your projects your winning 🏆 even if you don’t make word counts your still a winner if your focused on Craft.

I want y’all to Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

Ennea Ennea

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