💜💚🧡🐣Happy Easter My Warriors 🐣🧡💚💜

Happy Easter Everyone I’m in deep thought and I hate to be in that place. It’s a wonderful day but I need a edible or something. Wishful thinking. I need something to block my thoughts and I need to meditate today I see. It’s just too much with life. I’m really in a fragile place. Just know I love y’all if you don’t hear from me anymore. I would go into detail but I’ve probably said enough. I hate my life I wish I could trade for a clean brand new life maybe I’ll come back after death in a new human body. I’m very unhappy and I don’t think it’s gonna get better . Bless me Lord and receive me if I shall transition Amen. Why is it that when people want to end their life the bring up the Bible and say don’t kill yourself you can’t fix it in the afterlife with God. Hell you can’t fix life on Earth while Alive. I love God but the unrest that a person goes through will have you searching for extra help from elsewhere and if I’ve sold my soul I’ve sold my soul. And my soul still not Black. I’ve had my life threatened. I’ve been to H⭐️⭐️⭐️. I’ve dealt with physical and verbal abuse. I’ve lived in squalor. I deal with mental ailments dealing death of parent/ grandparent And some may say hush up you just living the life of a Black person get over it and I’m black saying that. It’s a lot more inside of me I push down to my feet and ankles. I live with it. And it’s hard on me. My stories take me to another world. Anywhere I go. I can escape. I had to vent this out off my chest because I couldn’t breathe. I love my followers y’all get me. You all support my cause, my life and I absolutely love all of you. I’m too hurt to cry about it . It cut down past the nerve endings to the whit meat I’m numb. And I’m feeling this way on Easter. What ever happen with the rest of my life I pray it’s positive and God gives me Grace till the day I die. Don’t we all need that till the end of our time Amen.

I want y’all to journal today Get closer to your Higher Up The Almighty get some things out your system so you can function. Doing this is okay.

Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out

🚨If your dealing with suicidal thoughts please gets some help I love y’all 988 if you have it or talk with a good friend or family member🚨

🖤Ennea Ennea 🖤

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