🌈🖤The Writerly Life🌈🖤

Top of the morning my warriors.🥰🤩 I feel good this morning but that’s gonna change during the day I know it. 😭 Maybe I Have a Black heart. 🖤 I can’t live in a house with vermin and I won’t make it believable. Who honestly would. I ain’t . I ain’t too good. It’s dangerous. And imma be honest with my warrior’s I’m sitting there going to sleep everyday thinking the freaking things living in my mattress. I’m sleeping on top of pillows hoping if I should feel it come through the mattress I have time to get up and away.😭🥹 I was living miserable in the house it needs a revamp and quick and I ain’t going back till it’s done Im on staycation. Would do it myself but im not in position too. It just needs to be done Period. In real life. Do I have a Black Heart 🖤 y’all . I ain’t even being selfish. My aunt could be out here with me she feels safe im not convinced until I am I’ll be where I’ll be. So changes need to happen quick. It ain’t free where Im at. I wish I could focus on writing and don’t have to deal with irate family. It just needs to be done. That’s all I can say it is my Writerly Life Right Now Things on it’s way to getting better through the fire 🔥 on the other side is a better life hopefully 🙏🏽

Bless y’all on this beautiful Easter Saturday have a wonderful day Imma try as well Dive in y’all’s WIPS Warriors try not to worry about me I will be okay until the Wednesday after next then I figure out my life then. I’m not worrying no more about it imma sit back and get comfortable because my psyche can’t take too much

I love y’all my dears🥰🖤

Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count ,Don’t Count It Out


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