Good evening my day consists of doing a writers retreat. I’m her till further notice Really I’m away from my house running from the rodents. It’s so embarrassing I’m throwing beds couches chairs away.I’m scared as hell. I have anxiety so bad and paranoia I think they followed me here to my vacay spot. I needed to get away. Boy my aunt was boiling over pipping hot when I decided to leave. I just couldn’t take it no more embarrassed to tell y’all how I was sleeping. I need a decent night sleep 🛌 . We have way too much stuff out it needs to come out and be gone through to make sure they gone gone someone need to clean the vents and bring whatever crawled up in there out. This is enough to write a horror story about.

Right now I’m dealing with a migraine from built up stress. It should go away I had to turn the air on my butt 🥵 hotter than Hades. I took a little nap just woke up 28 minutes ago person over my Head keep moving furniture making me nervous they need to chill out. It’s cooling off imma possibly go back to sleep I don’t know I’m discombobulated being in a new place I may stay up I don’t know 🤷🏽

I brought Nola Dupree Story with me imma work on that. Trying to keep my spirits and morale up. My aunt took me through the lows of my life I can’t cope .

Imma stay alive y’all at all cost damn thing can kill you im not the one.I want y’all to be safe by any means stay safe Imma take a Proffens I’ll be back in a few I love y’all 💜

🥷💜📓Ennea Ennea 📓🖤🥷

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