💚🧑🏽‍🎤When Your Built Different People Don’t Understand 🧑🏽‍🎤💚

The Higher Ups in my life don’t understand me and how I want to move in my life. I need safety if safety and being breezy ain’t the plan I don’t want it. I need my comfortable safe place worry free. Period . Not worried bout vermin or other pest. Not being in a over full house jammed packed not really hoard but full. Down size to a certain degree. I feel people don’t understand me because I’m timid and soft and sensitive I tend to shutdown unless I’m pushed. Others are hardcore than I am. It’s like having a surgery your healed but people still think you can move like the old you. And get mad at you about it. Something you can’t control. That’s how I feel real life. It’s time for understanding 🥰😭🥹. I’ve been this way all my life I ain’t changing please don’t make me.🥹😭

I’m freezing almost frozen I have it on74 heat like it’s snowing it’s 68 outside I’m freezing 🥶 literally I got goosebumps 

I turned the heat up to 79 I have a feeling that’s not hot enough. Yesterday I was having hot flashes I slept with the cold air on. Bless it.

Bless y’all I just felt like venting a little. I’m about to take a nap my Warrior’s if they can stay quiet over my head hopefully it won’t be all day with the noise.

Love y’all 🖤🥷📓 blessings


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