🍳📓What came first Bird or the Egg?🍳📓 Menu At Ninths

Good morning everyone. What has everyone been eating for breakfast? My aunt got us these dozen jumbo eggs with 2 yolks in them. Check the price Two dollars and ten cents unbelievable Right Right! I want to tell y’all these eggs was the best D⭐️⭐️⭐️ Eggs I ever had in my life. Honestly. Changed my tastebuds I only want 2 yolk eggs now. I’m on the hunt. And I’ve had fried egg and turkey bacon fried egg Turkey sausage this week bomb yesterday I didn’t eat nothing I was sick today Imma have a burger and fry from my favorite restaurant today possibly some chicken tenders as well maybe maybe not because I can barely eat all my burger 🍔 🍟my eyes is always bigger than my stomach. Eat good today why not? Sometimes that’s all what people got in a day is making a good meal or having a good meal. And that’s alright🥰🤩🍔🍟

Have a Blessed day my loves Daily post (The Writerly Word)coming up next Sometime today🥰🤩🥷📓🖤 Stay In The Mix

🖤🍳Ennea Ennea 🍳🖤

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