🌈☀️Celebrating our Ancestors 🌈☀️

I’ve decided in honor of those who’ve lost their battles to Cancer Any Cancer young old in between that I would Shave my Head and be free with them. I already have a short Afro already I’m getting sick of. Shaving it bald is gonna be liberating and freeing once again. Imma cut my hair Easter Sunday hopefully with my aunts help. She shaved my mothers hair off when it was time my mother had thick long Sisterlocks she kept them long as she could my aunt will help me if I ask her nicely and she not in the middle of crocheting.

What is something you feel strongly about to where you would cut your hair or get a tattoo or protest about? Something you would sacrifice or be all in on no matter the consequences? Me it’s Cancer and kidney failure and all the different levels of Mental Health . I feel very passionately about these things. My aunt is making me second guess cutting my hair off. Imma think about it I have till Sunday. She has Sisterlocks like my mom had. They down her back. She would think differently than me. I’ll think about it I could get started with some Sisterlocks we will see. Most likely it’s coming off. CHOP!!!

✂️Ennea Ennea✂️

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