📓🥷The Writerly Warrior Word🥷📓

Evenings and Greetings my Warriors. Great Freaking Day for Craft🤩🥰. Today I typed half of what I’ve written for Nola Dupree: A Crime Story. I came close to 1000 words 946 Right now my word count is 762 I thought it would go down more but nope tomorrow it’ll be a great day as well. Hopefully. I absolutely love the story of Nola Dupree. It’s a Crime Fiction Mystery Great storyline.

What have y’all been working on.I thought I had more WIPS Written out nope just Nola Dupree. Imma have to outline in Nano and I’m alright with that.

Welp my loves I’m just coming on here spreading the word because I have to hold myself accountable and I had some Grandiose News for y’all. Bless y’all’s night my Warriors.

📓Ennea Ennea 📓

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