🌈💜TakeAway Tuesdays🌈💜

Good morning my Writerly Warriors 🥷 How was y’all’s Monday? Was it everything you needed? Mines wasn’t. I had to take a pain pill it knocked me out all day. Now y’all know my word Count gonna be through the roof. Now my word count each day needs to be770. I’m wasting my days with slumber. I’m depressed anxiety filled I’m not getting overwhelmed just yet but although I could be. I freehand wrote lots of my work and I need to type them up that could jump my word counts up today. This will be what I do today. Imm sit back and get into the zone and fight through the Sandman and his shenanigans today. My headache went away so the time is now to attack a page and see how far I get. With that being said, I want y’all to start anywhere in Craft and get acquainted with your WIP. This is something I need to do today. Bless y’all and y’all have a beautiful Crafting day. Day 4 of Camp Nano get into it.

Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count,Don’t Count It Out

💜🥷Ennea Ennea🥷💜

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