🔥⛺️🧡Happy April Camp Nano Month on 1st Monday 🧡⛺️🔥

Afternoons Writerly Warriors What are y’all working on this Camp NanoWrimo. Leave Comments down below. What’s your Writerly Resolutions. What’s your new WIP ideas I would love to hear about it because I would love to talk about my WIP ideas .

Medic /Menu At Ninths: I don’t feel good I’ve been working on this post since before 10am. What’s wrong with me today? Sleepy and achy and queasy. And hungry. Don’t want to eat this garlic broccoli in this greasy sauce but I will. More Baking Soda concoction. I wanna take a nap and I probably will.

Camp Nano Notes: don’t know if I’ll write today I don’t feel up to it my word count gonna get too high to where imma have anxiety and get more overwhelmed than I’m already am. Word count now is 741 per day. Maybe I’ll have luck in the golden hour tonight

The Rodent deterrent I’m using is gonna run me outta here. Peppermint oil strong as hell if in large dosages. I want them to get a whiff and get the picture this is not the place to be and get the H⭐️⭐️⭐️ outta my House. They haven’t started tearing ish up yet I really don’t want that to happen I want them to crunch munch on the freaking poison biscuits and go outside to die That’s wishful Thinking. YouTube will have you cocking a pistol if you had one on them. I had to delete that particular clip out off my timelines. Freaking scary ish. Freaking Rodents tore a multi million dollar house up made the family move out that’s a horror story I would have put down enough poison to kill everything moving including me.freaking creatures got my life twisted in nine knots. My aunt don’t want to put down my 8 pounds of poison biscuits just a few on each floor I want to put one entire bucket out in the house and one entire bucket outside in the yard and garage. I’m killing strays rabbits squirrels raccoons possums mostly Rats don’t know where they A⭐️⭐️ES came from. They just have to go.My aunt wont let me.

Hard to focus on Craft when you have issues like I have. Hopefully this peppermint oil works. Something so simple can be so powerful I just hope it works. I got camphor oil too. To put both down I’ll be running myself out of here next🤪😬🙄.

Welp imma possibly take a nap look at some Content brainstorm on what I want to do. I have many WIPS I’ve started over the past couple years. Any of y’all remember “ Nola: An Omaha Crime Story” or “ The Black Lagoon Crew Series” and I have all the books to the O Series And Shanti: Princess of the Savannas and those the ones over the past2-3 years or more and to think I have MORE…!!!🤪🤩🥰🙄 Yeah I’m That Crazy Writerly Book Lady with tons on the brain. Imma start my day. I want y’all to head on over to Twitter and get into the mix . I’m still getting new members over there. I’ll be posting a SOS Announcement for my members to join theninthpoetess.com site as of yet not much has changed on my Twitter page but I have a feeling comes April 15th it’s gonna be enough to piss me off enough to cuss. I don’t want to lose half of my Writerly Warriors over there they family so they must it’s a must they join the site/pages of NOW Group. Welp let me gather up my life and see what’s next on my agenda. This Peppermint has me all the way up like vapor rub I can smell it through my eyeballs 👀 I got a Question for y’all? which 2 WIPS do you think I’m work on for Camp Nano because really I haven’t set it in stone. Something romantic I want to submit it to Harelquin one day. That’s just me dreaming out loud. Alright let me let y’all go. TTYL my lovies. Dive into your stash of WIPS and pick out a couple you can set the World on Fire 🔥 with.

Alway Have Fun

Stay in the Mix

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

🧡Ennea Ennea🧡

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