🧡🍑🐫Write Out Wednesdays🍑🐫🧡

Evenings I’ve done everything but Craft this morning I’ve been trying to subscribe to authors newsletters I might lose on Twitter and some Authors that’s published on Amazon I like to be in the mix🥰 Wahida Clark is one author I subscribed to this morning. She has a lot of interesting videos on her Site. She also has a new one out go check her out. If you don’t know who Wahida Clark is you need to know. She is none other than the Queen of Street Literature to be exact. She’s Dope. Go on Amazon or Barnes &Nobles and look under your favorite genres and choose your favorite authors you would like to keep up with and see if they have a website and subscribe to their newsletters if they have one.

Today I’m not really feeling the greatest and not really focused on Craft. Today I’m doing fun interesting and rewarding activity writing my WIPS should do these things. I can’t cope. Today I’ve been looking for a new Bed. It’s a big investment imma need a payment plan. I want one that sits you upright. Fancy Right. D⭐️⭐️⭐️ Bed gonna come with a fancy price tag too. Haven’t found what I’m looking for yet but I will . First I gotta get this vermin condition at a halt we got poison down but I know better. My aunt think it’s gone and I’m crazier than my normal crazy🙄 What A Thrill? I guess I have to get ate up before she believes thy Poetess🙄😵😬😭. When y’all don’t hear from me The Vermin Got Me. She know then. What a Horror Story to be written? Scariest tale ever told.😬😵😭

Today is National Vietnam War Veterans Day🇺🇸 I’m recognizing it because the Vietnam War is gonna be in the first book to “ The O Series” Just a little inside scoop.

Menu At Ninth: I had my ready made ribs from the grocery I doctored up and they was amazing with a little Famous Dave’s sauce on it fell off the bones y’all wanted more when it was gone. I’m greedy🤣😋😛

Medic At Ninths: Yall want the truth ? Today I haven’t taken all my meds. I’m tired of sleeping my life away I been up all day since 3am Felt good to be up. Will I sleep tonight probably not. Unless I drift off unexpectedly. But I have so much to do tonight. Crafting Never Sleeps.

Welp let me start this long night. Pray I don’t get ate up. Pray my aunt gets more compassion for me I’m fragile. She’s hardcore she a Veteran she seen it all. Imma be up subscribing to Newsletters it’s a vibe. It will be more news for us to know about and possibly a new segment on the site/ pages. I would have a Newsletter but I never could figure out how to start it, I tried. So I’m hands on with mines.

I’m TTYL Love Yall Crank out those dope WIPS. Subscribe to those Newsletters of your favorite authors. Have fun exploring their sites.

🧡Ninth/ Ennea Ennea 🧡

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