🤺⚔️Attention: NOW Group Warriors& Friends 🤺⚔️

Top of the morning warriors and friends. Twitter is gonna be going under some changes. Some costly changes you may lose access to people your following if your not buying into its subscription for full access. You may lose access to followers but they may access you if their Twitter Blue. It’s Not a WordPress where you have freedom to build and create a site/blog the way you want it. Is it worth the money they asking for to have 💯 % access to their site it’s Non Profits and people who don’t make money with their pages who is the Heart of Twitter. And to ask for a fee and to separate members by Richer or Poorer caste systems is despicable. What do you all think about the changes at Twitter? The Switch will be April 15th. I’ll be promoting WordPress and theninthpoetess.com site/pages and blog until I can’t no more. I want all my members on Twitter to follow me on theninthpoetess.com we have 97 that I know of 2 that’s already following we need to get a flood of members to transition it’s nothing but benefits coming to WordPress and joining NOW Group.

⚔️💜Stay In The Mix My Warriors and Loves⚔️💜

🤺⚔️Ninth/ Ennea Ennea 🤺💜

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