🌈💚Take Away Tuesdays🌈💚

I’m Green🧑🏽‍🎤 and Brand New today Good-morning Writerly Warriors & Friends Early this morning I learnt something new about Twitter. As of April15th Everyone on Twitter will be subjected to get Twitter Blue to have full access of all of its functions and things. This means to us poor folk who can’t afford it, we lose access to who we follow if their Twitter Blue We lose access to our Members if their Twitter Blue. They can see you you can’t see them. Just another way to keep poor people down. Twitter Blue has a hearty cost for what it’s worth. You definitely have to weigh your options. I’m already invested with WordPress and my decision was worth it in the long run. Twitter is taking away freedoms and want us to buy into its propaganda. I see no reasoning in that.

I’ve been up all night and early morning . I’m not even gonna worry about my backward sleeping backwards is the norm🙄🥱😴☀️

Tuesdays Talking Bout A WIP: Well I’ve been brainstorming new WIPS and I’m trying not too. I need to focus on the ones already started. The new ideas are shiny interesting and new and tempting but I need to stay the course. The Groups Writing Prompts is a Vibe y’all have to check out the writing prompt Archives on our site. It’s impressive.

Medic At Ninth’s: swelling and pain is back or it never left. I can feel every plate and screw click and clack. Allergies 🤧is starting to kick my butt. My anxiety terrorizes 😬me on a daily and nightly basis. All My Medication knocks me out 😵‍💫😴😵I can’t cope😭.

Menu At Ninths: I may have doctored up ribs if I can breathe life back into them at that point I really should let them go and invest in some fresh rib tips. Honestly.🙄

Welp my Writerly Warriors I’m diving into a WIP before I dive into Slumber the Sandman not going to win today I have His A⭐️⭐️ on the Run today. I feel aight this morning not too drowsy today. That’s a blessing

I want y’all to Crank out that Dope Ish

Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out

Stay in the Mix

PS Remember to Reread your WIPS Their smoking hot entertain yourself and your loved ones with your masterpieces. Use the feedback bounce ideas off your loved ones and friends you trust.

📚 💨Ennea Ennea 📚💨

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