⭐️🌈💜Checking For Ennea On A Monday 🌈💜⭐️

Good Mornings on this Grand Monday. I’ve been up since 2am. I’ve been looking at past post. I was in so much pain and agony when I broke thy ankle and still I’m dealing with pain and issues. Getting on and off the toilet seat🚽 makes me feel like imma break my ankle all over again. We have a toilet seat raiser but it feels awkward so I took it off. Plus it’s a lot of work keeping it clean and I’m Sanitary. 🧼🧽 I guess that Too Much Information… Sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️

Medic At Ninth’s:How are we supposed to cope? Sandman has taken over my Life. I want to dive into Craft but all I’ve been doing is diving into la la land. The Land in which the Sandman is from. I’ve been up since 2 am I should be up awhile hopefully. Sleeping with the lights and everything on makes you unrested. But it’s safety I’m looking for. Ive been worried about being exposed to Rabies again.- Truth be known I might already have. I need to find out for sure Real soon. I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin. I just need to lose some weight I’ll start with baby steps. Losing weight is hard as hell these days. How I lost weight before was diuretic aids. Unhealthy way. I’m older imma need some help. Have y’all heard of Laser Liposuction my dream is to get some help from getting that done. I see commercials all the time for it. I bet it cost a new shiny crisp dollar bill or two or three.🤷🏽‍♀️🤔🙄😬 I do want it though I need to save for it. When I lost my weight before I had thoughts about getting professional colon cleanse but I was way too scared. They do them with coffee and all kind of things people do them at home it’s on YouTube unless they banned it from being shown but years ago they showed people doing it. Laser Lipo should be clean and simple and safe.

Working On WIPS: I need to start outlining I wasted a Month of Mondays doing absolutely nothing but it’s been crazy these days my life been turned upside down with these Vermin that just won’t die and go away I feel like life is a Horror Story being played out. RABIES: UnCut Version. That’s the movie script that needs to be written. It would be the scariest most horrible most interesting ish Ever seen on the screen.

Menu At Ninths: It seems like I don’t have a appetite unless I’m eating Fastfood since the vermin issue. Like a restaurant is more sanitary. They have issues too.I’m just scared to be in the kitchen since that’s where me and my aunt saw it together. I saw it somewhere else but I’m still in denial it’s even there . Yesterday I had Burger King again and they screwed my order up. Pissed me off. Today I have Chinese left overs.

NOW Group News: Guess what my Warriors We got the Space for the Website Yall.🤩🥰🌐We are Ready For whatever the future brings. Be Patient for new Content Yall know Camp Nanowrimo next month if anything new is made it will be after Camp Nanowrimo I’m Brainstorming every moment I think of Craft. It will be Dope whatever it is. 🌈💜Stay in the Mix🌈💜

Since I’ve been up since 2am I’m worried if I’ll sleep most the day I have work to do Bless it. My life isn’t Sleeping & vermin it isn’t healthy if I had money I would move my aunt and I out to a beautiful Apartment or Townhome I take care of my aunt she don’t have to do nothing she has COPD and Elderly. That’s why I was so upset I broke my ankle I couldn’t do for her anymore. But I’m able to get around now some I do what I can. That’s just Respect.💯

Welp my Reading Writing Warriors imma let y’all start y’all’s day. I may skip on over to Twitter and Tweet over there for a spell I don’t know it depends I want y’all to Crank out the dope ish Focus on Craft Stay in the Mix and Don’t Count Yourselves Out. Today is a Great day for Craft. Love y’all 🥰🌈💜Start y’all day off Right with your Coffee or tea or whatever your Caffeinated treat is. Enjoy yourself today.

🌈⭐️Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🌈⭐️

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