🤍🐈‍⬛ The Weekend Link Day:2🐈‍⬛🤍

I wish I had a hairless Savanna Cat. We have plenty work for it to do. Speaking of the Savanna’s I know y’all wondering what’s happening with Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s. It’s still around and it needs to be tended too like all my WIPS. I’m excited for Camp Nano imma work on 2 different WIPS for the month of April The Makings Of Mena and Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s 2 totally different Worlds. I will not get sidetracked or bored I have no excuses to stop or get overwhelmed. I’ve had a long enough break from Craft I need to be On The Job In The Grind In The Mix.🥰🤩🤓⭐️

Weather At Ninths: we getting a little taste of the Wet Cold Fluffy stuff. Just a dusting. We have been spoiled this year. The seasons did a big shift on the map this year. Honestly. We have never known the West Coast catching all that Snow even Tornadoes and such. Snow exploded on the West Coast like it hasn’t skipped a beat like it’s normal. And the South and EastCoast is catching H⭐️⭐️⭐️ With Tornadoes Tornado Alley. I am so sorry for all the lives lost and displaced down there. I can’t even imagine having to go through something like that and have no proper protection. No basements At least make a room in the homes being built Tornado proof. For Real. 💜🤍

Menu At Ennea’s: yesterday I had Chinese chicken and broccoli today I may have leftover Chinese. A meal for Champions. The flavors will be infused and fragrant.

Medic At Ninth’s: Doctor ordered me some I B Proffens 600s. I like to call them Proffens. I personally wanted to get some 800s but 600s will do. I’m taking them to bring down the swelling in my bum ankle thats full of plates and screws. I might have gotten off the walker too soon. Or I might need to do more therapy. This I would hate.

Welp let me Start my Sunday y’all I say that like I have something planned out for it. Last night I did read some that felt good I feel official. I need to work on Outlining. Will I? Hopefully . I need too. I want y’all to crank out that dope ish. Work on whatever you need to make April easy for you and your Craft. If you need to go shopping for office supplies the time is now. But be mindful back to school time is the best time to catch great sales on supplies. But if you carry your writing and brand as a business whatever you spend could be a write off on taxes, Maybe 🤔.

Love y’all 🖤🤍Stay in the Mix and Don’t Count Us Out !

🖤🐈‍⬛Ennea Ennea 🐈‍⬛🖤

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