🖤🗞️The Weekly Run Down🗞️🖤

Good afternoon my Writing Warriors. My Weekly Quota is zero Craft days this week. I feel my days are wasted. Atleast I post and Tweet. Bless it. I’ve came to the conclusion the Sandman is trying to take my life. My sleep is way too much loves. I’m not on creams or pain pills trying to stay up and can’t. I think I’m narcoleptic a little. I can’t cope. I haven’t even read my book I’ve been reading In The Days Of Dread this week.

Have not seen anymore vermin I wish they went into the traps and lost their lives, it would be proof. 

Today is a bad day for Content. I’m out the loop. I don’t feel good might be these oils I’ve put down. Got me loopy. Head wide open nose drippy like chest rub is applied . No cold. Not sick It’s elevating my body temperature. just trying to be safe at night while I sleep I put the oils on my sheets and bed I’m scared it attacks me while I’m sleep that’s kind of extreme but it could happen

Menu At Ninth’s: Burger King combo don’t judge me.

Medic At Ninths: ankle sore and half awake hot and cold like I’m having hot flashes hopefully all of this passes and I feel better soon.

I’m trying to stay in the mix.

My life is more than counting sheep and unwritten novels someone please tell the Sandman that for me. Why he’s totally taking over my world I have no clue as to why.I would love to work on Craft at anytime I’m sleeping. We will see how it goes because I need a change I’m working on getting the Change too.

🖤Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out!🖤

🗞️Ennea Ennea 🗞️

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