🤍💛🖤📒Totally Awesome Tuesdays 📒🖤💛🤍

Hello my lovies🥰 Have y’all been been prepping or reading and or researching your ideas for your WIPS? I would love to hear about your Writers Journey down in the Comments for Resolution WriterThon for which is year round. Prepping for Camp Nanowrimo is ideal we still have time. Plan out each day you plan on writing. Be reasonable with yourself give yourself breaks/days off.

Check out Twitter for my recent Tweets. I showcased a couple of my all time favorite authors. Twitter has the Exclusive on that so head on over there to get the inside Scoop. My Handle over there is @NinthPoetess.

Wild Kingdom At Ennea’s :I’ve been hearing traps go off and squealing my uncle hasn’t came by to check on us lately my aunt said she’ll check them. She doesn’t have the stomach for it and I’m immobile kind of. I want to put cottonballs with peppermint and Camphor down I’ve read that rids them from the home they gotta go. They freeloading not paying grocery or utilities bills got me twisted

Menu At Ennea’s : today I had left over chicken tenders from my favorite burger joint. And iced coffee concoction. Water . I normally just eat one meal a day .

Business Moves With Ninth/Ennea Ennea: Ive decided to get more space for us but it’s gonna take a second. The site might get a revamp who knows just give me time to think about it I’m keeping the Prompts and Blog1-2 we will see what’s to come.

Medic At Ennea’s: One thing I’ve been doing is getting rest even though my sleep been backwards. After we get rid of these Rodents freeloading imma need a set of rabies shots right now I think I’m fine imma get my aunt to take the shots too. Can never be too careful. The shots are awful but it is what it is.

Welp my Writing Warriors imma stay up and Journal I haven’t journaled in a few months and to be honest I feel like venting. Get y’all’s cottonballs and peppermint oil and Camphor oil and set them at all four corners of a room and near vents in cabinets kitchen bathroom it’s the time of year year round for the things be safe my lovies having this issue is Scary As H⭐️⭐️⭐️. Get you some poison biscuits/( Blocks) and Traps Starve them of a water source. Can’t wait till they start dropping.😩😳 Love Yall Kings👑& Queens 👑Stay Motivated, Stay in the Mix

🐝Ennea Ennea 🐝

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