💙🦕The Weekend Link Day #1🦕💙

Evenings everyone. How is your Friday treating you? Your St Patty Day Weekend be careful partying down. Call a cab/AAA and don’t drive tonight if drinking. Be super safe.

Tonight imma either watch a show I’ve been wanting to see or read In The Days Of Dread. I need to finish this story . I’m invested. I need to prep my WIP and focusing has been an issue for me but I’m trying to snap back into gear. Vermin isn’t my life no evidence it’s even here now but I know better. I just hope it went somewhere dead off poison biscuits . I have to move on. My aunt scared she’s going to run up on it somewhere and she’s by herself downstairs. I haven’t been in the basement since my therapy session testing the stairs and now since the vermin invaded I have no desire to go downstairs. I’ve deserted my rooms down there since the shooting and I wish I could be down there I need to tidy up some🙄

Off topic but on topicHave y’all ever watched people gamble on slots or black jack or roulette? It’s so entertaining It makes me want to write a Novel about a family (Mafia) of Gamblers and Cat Burglars that six out the bunch wants to make enough money to have a normal life and the rest of the family will hustle till they die. It’s a dope idea for a WIP I should atleast start I have so many half written WIPS. One needs to get Finished the closest one ready to be finished is Enaji but it’s edits and it’s finally finishing it will be the hardest thing in life to do. I rather start with the first book to the Series. And I’m just starting with that WIP.

Medic At Ennea’s: truthfully I’ve been sleeping off pain and not even taking the pain pills. I’ve been taking the cream. The cream might have sleeping medication in it or maybe the cream makes it so I can rest easy.

Menu At Ennea’s: Today me and my aunt had burgers from Burger King The King Of Burgers 🍔 🍟🥤 Orange Fanta always sets it off Right😋😋😋. Large Onion Rings Honey Mustard dipping sauce takes it over the top.

Welp this is the spill. Saturday is here get into prepping y’all WIP today. Make this Weekend Count Don’t Count It Out.

🍀🦕Stay in the Mix🍀🦕

💙Ennea Ennea 💙

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