💚🥬🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🥬🐫💚

Good afternoon Kings 👑& Queens👑 how was y’all’s night mines was safe and quiet. Yesterday my uncle didn’t find a single carcass. I’m a little disappointed. I need proof the vermin is either dead or gone. This is the life that I live now. Until all of these vermin gone I can’t cope it’s causing a riff in my relationship with my aunt but really it’s deeper than vermin I think🥹😭😭😭. To be all the way 💯percent right now I hate my life. I wouldn’t say I’m suicidal I’m just very very very Unhappy. This is a very emotional time for me. Also a scary time for me. I need to be expressing myself in a positive and productive way. I’m still hurting from my ankle being broken not taking the pain pills because I’m trying to be alert all day and night. I’m grieving my moms death everyday life is rough everyday and all I need is someone to understand how I Feel. My aunt old school nothing affects her she’s Hardcore and to think my moms was Harder than her .Imma a softer breed. I just don’t want how I feel to hurt my Aunt. I don’t want to upset her. She’s all I have. My life right now is a horror and drama. If only y’all knew where this vermin is living inside my home you would be sick to your stomachs. I can’t cope. And I’m trying. It just hurts my being. This is what’s going on in my hump day. And even these rough days will pass like the wind blowing leaves down the street like cars passing when you walking like the sun passes the earth everyday bringing forth a new day. Just make the day a Good day Almighty. I’m always in survival mode even much so since the shooting but now since these vermin my Anxiety ain’t even on planet Earth anymore it’s way pass outer space and the Cosmos my anxiety is in a place in space that hasn’t been discovered yet.

I need to get over this Hump in a positive way. Hopefully my day will be better once my uncle comes set these traps and bait hopefully he caught something already. I pray🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

I apologize more vermin talk. And I also apologize for skipping a day or two posting. If I don’t post on http://theninthpoetess.com check NinthPoetess Twitter Page and Join me there too. Would love to have you.🥰

Stay in The Mix and Don’t Count Me Out Bless Y’all Love Yall Y’all Keep Me Going🥰🤩🤓

💚🐫Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🐫💚

2 thoughts on “💚🥬🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🥬🐫💚

    1. Tanmay as always your on point. I’ve just woke up 30 minutes ago. Rest was the only thing that closed my wound and healed my stitches along with keeping my sugar levels balanced . I appreciate your caring words. And yes my anxiety and the rest of my mental health woes are being tested I’m doing the best I can to hold on to my sanity. All this vermin talk has to be depressing all my Members. It’s just a Snagfu in the Cosmos. I’ll get back on track soon enough. I have some business moves I need to make with the site I must snap into gear and wake up. My uncle came by and set my traps and bait today. He’s a Angel with Wings he’s a hero. He’s keeping my aunt and I level headed we would be in a hotel room somewhere letting the vermin have there way to die off snap traps and Poison biscuits. I got alot of hits on a Tweet I made about the vermin. It must be a real epidemic out in the streets. I had no Idea this is all brand new. Now I Know Why that huge Owl was hanging around the house🦉🦉🦉 Where is he?

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