💛🐯Cool Moods Monday🐯💛

Afternoons everyone 🥰 I’m trying, trying hard to have a good day. I’m not going to be happy until something dies and has to be carried out of here I’m talking vermin droppin. I don’t do rodents rodenticide it is the Poison biscuits will be here tomorrow I’m flooding the block. The snap traps next week hopefully still too long to wait. They had six for 10 bucks they probably had to make to make more. I just hope they work for being so cheap.

Menu At Ninths: Fastfood DQ burger 🍔 🍟 🥤 I don’t feel the greatest cooking right now. I’ll eat out every night if I can. To avoid the Unwanteds

Everything is surrounded by these blasted rodent’s tomorrow can’t get here quick enough my uncle not coming by today that pissed me off. When he comes by he puts my mind at ease. That’s 2 days in a row. He need to hurry and come by or imma have to call another family member to put these poison biscuits down tomorrow.

What’s your favorite takeout meal? Mines is gourmet bbq chicken wings from my little Keno Hall I like to go too. They not quite fast for Fastfood. But I don’t have to cook when I eat out.

Speaking of Keno maybe me and my aunt should go out one day the weather getting nice. Not much of a winter this year anyways..

Welp imma sit here and watch the News although maybe not trying to stay positive today under the dire circumstances tomorrow ain’t coming fast enough. Delivery better be fast. Early in the day I hope.

Stay in the Mix my loves

🖤🧞‍♀️Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out🧞‍♀️🖤

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