🖤☠️Terminator where you at?☠️🖤

I don’t even know what to say😩😫🥹😭🙄😬 I’m all the Fkd off emoji’s. It’s embarrassing but we have a Rodent issue now they coming up through the sewer system the toilet in the basement so far we know and it’s more than one that I know so far we got traps and poison bait down and getting more the stores are out of traps and bait my uncle said the guy at Home Depot said it’s going around and it’s that time of year. My 30 something odd years living in this house never have I experienced such a problem. My aunt said we need a grate in our pipe going to sewer newer houses have them she said . My house is old built in the early 1900’s they didn’t put that extra feature on homes back then I heard they gonna have to dig through concrete to get to the pipe I really don’t care what they need to do either it’s fix they gone or I go. I don’t care I don’t care All must Die. 8 pounds of poison 24 traps I don’t give no F⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I had to do it like that. Got me twisted in 9 knots.

I haven’t had time to focus on anything else in life. But I did try and get some refills of medication that went screwy the other day. New but old Dr just about ran out of my medication 💊 it’s needed bless it 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Dr don’t want me staying up all night scared to sleep damn Rat or better yet Rats. I got my series of rabies shots a while back. hopefully I won’t get bit again first time I was unsure now we have proof bout scared me and my aunt half way to shake and pee.

If y’all have a older home with a bathroom in the basement put the lid down on y’all toilet and something heavy on top D⭐️⭐️⭐️ things coming up the toilet. It’s horrible 😩😭😬😫🙄🥹 I can’t cope imma be up up all night hard to get comfortable so I’m up up Blessings my Kings& Queens I haven’t forgotten Craft it’s just on hold a minute till we get these vermin out the house. Love y’all that’s the spill

☠️Ninth/ Ennea Ennea ☠️

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