🖤🎭 Right Now Wednesday’s🎭🖤

Good morning my Kings 👑 and Queens 👑 this morning I don’t feel good. Migraine again medicine got me drowsy. Im fighting to keep my eyes open. Today is Hump Day🐫what y’all doing for today. Im depressed and unmotivated in every aspect. Bless It. I need a change. Imma comeback and refresh this post later today my loves. I love y’all right now imma go to sleep and catch a couple winks

I’m back. I want to talk about my depression. I miss my mom so much. She was a force in my life like nothing else on earth and she would be putting her foot in my tail for making a fuss over her.🙄😩migraine got me down and out too. Don’t know why I get them so much. And I’m having a hard time focusing on things because of my depression and I’m trying to sleep it away which makes me more depressed nothing gets done 500’s helping the migraine but makes me sleep in which depresses me it a vicious cycle I can’t cope. 😩😡I’m finally getting use to my bum ankle but that could be the arthritis cream & pain pill talking.🙄😩

🎭Ennea Ennea 🎭

Been reading this early morning I feel official.😃 I’m reading this novel and I’m sitting here thinking to myself D⭐️⭐️⭐️ Asim must be a gorgeous brother . The women throw themselves at him. He’s refraining from doing the do. That’s where I am in the story. And those who’ve read In The Days Of Dread say “Keep Reading !” I’m getting there I have 13-15 chapters to go I think. I’m telling myself Read On Reader ! Read On! I gotta be my own cheering section . Always🤷🏽.

Welp let me chill on out imma watch The Writing Gals for a spell before the Archangels cut the lights on. I’m up up . I’m still scared about the creature that may be dwelling in my living space 😩🥹😬😭 my nerves bad it has my sleep in a uproar I can’t cope.

Imma TTYL I love y’all . Pray we get the Unwanteds (vermin, bats) out of my House. It or they have to go. Prayers and thoughts are appreciated.

🖤Ennea Ennea 🖤

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