⚪️🎙️ Open Book, Open Mic Monday Mornings 🎙️⚪️

Good morning ☀️ my Kings👑and Queens 👑 it’s a Brand new Week what do y’all have planned for it? I hope your rested and chill. It’s Prep month for Camp Nanowrimo. What do y’all do for Prepping for Camp Nano? I would love to know. If your a Outliner this is the time to start plotting and getting deep into your story. Imma pantser but even pantsers have to note stuff down. Last night I went to sleep onCreative Penn late last night imma watch something else today possibly The Writing Gals. They are a entertaining group of ladies and very knowledgeable.

Menu At Ennea’s: imma possibly have a can of peaches for breakfast the last of my pasta for lunch and that’s the Spill. I’ve had my coffee this morning. How do you drink your caffeine beans? I drink instant coffee in chocolate Almond milk sometimes I add cinnamon it depends. The cinnamon acts as a supplement to lower blood sugars I should add it to all my coffee drinks. Look up medical properties of cinnamon. Don’t go by my word.I think the next thing I’ll cook is Faux Mexi- Tacos and Burritos with any meatless crumbles you may have. Now if you don’t have meatless crumbles but you have meatless meatballs you can thaw your meatballs and smash / cut them where they look like ground meat and a taco packet a little water and cook them down like that but you can find crumbles anywhere even ALDIs I think. Recipe in cookbook.

Medic At Ninths:my foot has a deep itch down past the meat and when I walk on it, It get worse. But I have to train myself to walk barefoot. It hurts like H⭐️⭐️⭐️. But the Shenanigans must go on. Arthritis cream knocks me out like the Tylenol I can’t cope.🙄

Bless y’all’s new Reading, Watching&Writing Week. Love Y’all Don’t start yalls Week on Voids kick the Sandman’s A⭐️⭐️. Make time for your Craft.

Imma TTYL Make this Week Count Don’t Count It Out🤩🥰🤓☀️🌼💛

⚪️Ninth/Ennea Ennea ⚪️

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